Great Celestial Master Chapter 127

It’s a drug with three poisons. I’m afraid everyone knows what diet pills are. None of those drugs are harmless. Those who promote healthy weight loss are all gimmicks. In addition to exercise, what else can you do to lose weight healthily. However, the formation of obesity is often due to lack of exercise and craving for food. The accumulation of fat naturally leads to obesity. Even some girls are not fat themselves, but in order to pursue thinner and more beautiful, the methods used to lose weight are more and more extreme.

Modern society stresses that thin is beautiful. Slim girls wear everything beautiful and fat. Even when walking on the road, they have low self-esteem and can’t lift their heads. They even dare not look at each other, for fear of seeing ridicule and disgust in each other’s eyes.

Because of the aesthetic tendency of society, I don’t know how many girls have paid a heavy price for beauty. Conditionally, they use knives everywhere, unconditionally buy some low-quality weight-loss drugs online, and even some obviously know that the drugs contain prohibited ingredients, but run for the effect of weight loss and choose those prohibited products. They always feel that others are unlucky to have an accident, and they may not have so bad luck. Or run for the belief of being thin or dead, and all this is just to become beautiful.

Huo Suxin is a fat girl. She has been fat since childhood. Maybe it’s genetic. Her family is fat. The girl is very early, and even began to compare beauty in primary school. And what influenced her most was the head teacher of her primary school.

Huo Suxin’s primary school head teacher is a very young and beautiful woman. She is very good at dressing up. She wears exquisite makeup every day, wears beautiful clothes and walks with fragrance. Probably because the head teacher herself is beautiful, she also prefers beautiful children, and Huo Suxin’s class really has two very good-looking girls, so the head teacher has a special preference for those two little girls.

One thing Huo Suxin remembered all her life was when she was in grade two. She remembered that it was still raining that day, the classroom was full of dull moisture, and the whole sky was gloomy. The first class that day was Chinese, and their head teacher was a Chinese teacher. The head teacher came early that day. She didn’t have time to copy her unfinished homework. As a result, she was directly called when the teacher was checking in class.

Besides her, Huo Suxin always remembered that the beautiful and lovely girl didn’t finish her homework. But their head teacher just asked the girl to make up her homework, and she stood in the back of the classroom with a group of boys who also didn’t finish their homework for a whole class. She will always remember the rain, the blackboard wall at the back of the classroom, and the students in front of her looking back at her from time to time.

For others, it may not even splash their memory, but for Huo Suxin, it was the first time she realized what self-esteem is.

Unfortunately, she was born fat. Even if she wanted to lose weight, her family strictly controlled her diet for her better study and her health, and did not allow her to go on a diet at all. After going to college, she was finally independent from home, but her fat body didn’t impress her roommates. Because she was fat and sweaty, it made people feel that she had a body smell. The undisguised dislike in her eyes made Huo Suxin unable to lift her head.

During her four years in college, Huo Suxin used all kinds of methods to lose weight. She exercised hard and went on a diet. I heard that people with a bad stomach were very thin, so she abused her stomach after a full meal. She even fainted suddenly several times. However, despite her weakness, she was still fat and couldn’t get rid of her fat.

She has also tried weight-loss drugs, weight-loss tea, and even drugs containing prohibited ingredients. At first, it was effective, but when it was reduced to a bottleneck period, she would never lose weight, and even eat a little and rebound more severely.

The final result is that she can’t lose her burly body even though she is ill. After entering the workplace, she was repeatedly hit a wall. She was called fat sister’s nickname and was still a weak fat man, which made Huo Suxin have a more morbid attachment to weight loss. Until she saw a soft text advertisement on the Internet and opened it without expectation, her life was completely rewritten.

What are the side effects? People who love beauty to the extreme and reduce weight to morbid never care. They only care whether they can lose fat and whether they can become slim. So slimming pills began to spread in a small group.

These people are either word of mouth or advertisements they see online, but those who can see such advertisements are people who have a terrible obsession with weight loss.

Huo Suxin had taken so many weight-loss pills that she never said that just one pill could reduce people to a perfect figure, but when she saw the express delivery, she took it by magic.

The effect of this magic medicine is really a miracle. It has no side effects and won’t be uncomfortable. The meat on the body is visible to the naked eye. Huo Suxin couldn’t believe that a small pill could have such a magical effect when she looked at the weight she had lost day by day, the beautiful clothes she had bought to inspire her, and the accumulated facial features unfolded slowly because of the loss of fat.

Huo Suxin has become more beautiful, and her figure, which is not short, has become more and more tall. When her facial features became clear when she was fat, she turned out to be a beauty. Her beautiful figure gave her considerable confidence. The eyes of men and women made her feel happy. Although she hasn’t met a boyfriend who satisfied her, But her career success also made her a life winner in the eyes of others.

There are many people around her who are distressed by obesity. Huo Suxin introduced these slimming pills to them. Seeing Huo Suxin’s living example, who can resist the temptation to become beautiful.

Slowly, Huo Suxin changed from a weight loss fanatic to a secondary sales of slimming pills, because a pill can bring long-term effects, but the origin of such magical things is mysterious and can’t even be found on the Internet. Huo Suxin has always retained the purchase channel, and she resells them to others at a high price. Because she didn’t get the right to sell, Huo Suxin also tried to contact the shipper, but she couldn’t get in touch. Naturally, she didn’t dare to do any promotion, but fat friends who lost weight kept introducing people. She didn’t worry about sales. Instead, she made more and more money, and soon formed an underground dark line. If no one introduced it, she didn’t know the existence of this thing at all.

It was Shan Hexuan of the second group who took over the slimming Pill Case, because the first group was busy investigating the disappearance of the devil forest, and only the second group with few people and “leisure” had time. Because there were a lot of deaths this time, and it was unknown how many slimming pills were left out and how many people had taken them, the people in the second group had to put aside other unimportant things in their hands and make every effort to investigate.

Only after this investigation did they find out how widely this small pill filled with insects penetrated. In addition, there have been traces of this pill in all, and even penetrated into other provinces and cities, and the fastest spreading is the entertainment industry. The most traded are some young models, as well as online celebrities beyond the 18th line. Among them, the most famous is a third tier star who just gave birth to a child this year. Although he is a little famous, he is famous for thunder dramas and often mixes with major variety shows. However, there is no work that can be sold. Instead, he returns directly after giving birth to a child, The slim figure, the plump place, almost envied by all women, so she became a little red again.

The second group of people came to the door in the hope that the actress could cooperate with them. In addition, they also wanted to find out the contact person in the entertainment industry through her. Unfortunately, the second group of people showed their obvious identity, explained their intention, and told her the fatal effect of slimming pills, but the actress refused to cooperate, and even knew that there were fatal insects in the slimming pills she ate, It doesn’t matter.

The actress’s name is Nicole. She is smoking at this time. She looks at the so-called plainclothes policemen with impatience, which is very different from the pure appearance on the screen. After listening to those people’s words with patience, I don’t know what you’re talking about, and I haven’t taken any weight-loss pills. If you don’t believe it, I just finished my health examination two days ago, and the examination report is still there. If there is no evidence, you can’t say it in vain. You need to know how important reputation is to public figures like us

As a Heavenly Master, he is arrogant. Where can he get used to the behavior of ordinary people? Naturally, he is more impatient and said: “well, you don’t listen and don’t cooperate. We must be tough, right? As an artist, if you are taken away by the police in public, it must be the headlines of tomorrow.”

Hearing this, Nicole was a little flustered, but she still said, “even if I am arrested, I have to have a reason. Besides, I don’t take drugs and I don’t sell drugs. You care what I eat. Even if I drink pesticides, it won’t hinder you!”

Just when the secret service department was ready to come directly, they received the news that there was a patient suspected of taking slimming pills in the hospital. They were too lazy to take care of the third-line actress, so they turned and left.

After several people from the secret service left, Nicole’s agent asked her calmly, “did you really take the kind of diet pills they said?”

Nicole said irritably, “but one or two people died. Who knows how they ate it. Anyway, I ate one. Up to now, it’s not all good. The physical examination two days ago was not all very good.”

The people from the secret service department rushed to the hospital and found that their boss, Shan Hexuan, had also come, but they all came a step late. The man was out of breath within an hour from the onset to the hospital. Seeing that the people in the group came, Shan Hexuan simply let them take over the body. The body must not be touched by ordinary people. At the beginning, the policeman was accidentally infected because he directly touched the pill containing poisonous insects with his bare hands.

Looking at the dead 13th man, Shan Hexuan’s face became more and more dignified. Shen ran, who was pocketed in his pocket, looked up at Shan Hexuan, patted him on the chest and sighed to show comfort. Because of the constant death, the pressure from the top is also great.

Seeing no one around, Shen ran said to Shan Hexuan, “why don’t you let me smell the poisonous insects? Maybe I can help.”

Shan Hexuan looked down at him: “you are a chinchilla, not a dog.”

Shen ran stared round his small black eyes. He was kind to help. Why is this man so ignorant of good and evil!

Shen ran, who was feeling sick in his heart, suddenly realized that it was bad. He grabbed Shan Hexuan’s clothes and shouted, “find a place where there is no one! Come on!”

Shan Hexuan didn’t know what he wanted to do, but he turned around and entered an empty ward. The moment he closed the door, the whole man was pressed to the ground by a weight. On his body, a naked little beautiful man was sitting, and they looked at each other with four confused eyes.


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