Great Celestial Master Chapter 128

“Hehe, hehe…”

A slightly awkward laugh came out of Shen Ran’s mouth. Shan Hexuan lay on the ground and looked at him expressionless. Shen ran also felt that his sudden transformation was quite unnatural without a sign. Fortunately, there was an empty room to hide. It would be over if he were in the street.

Seeing Shan Hexuan’s poor expression, he subconsciously explained: “I’ve been busy checking weight-loss pills with you recently. I didn’t practice much, and I don’t know how the Demon power recovered all at once. Fortunately, no one saw it.”

So said, Shan Hexuan’s expression inexplicably colder for a few minutes, and then slightly looked away and said, “get up.”

Shen ran looked down at himself, and then noticed that his current posture was not very elegant. Unexpectedly, the whole person sat directly on Shan Hexuan. The key was to see each other so frankly, and jumped up in surprise: “I’ll pull up!!!”

After a scream, he flushed and jumped back and forth like a headless fly, as if he wanted to find a place to hide.

Without the man who was pressing him, Shan Hexuan stood up, lowered his head and tidied up his clothes, looking straight at a special gentleman. Seeing Shen ran jumping around the room for a long time, he didn’t seem to know what to do, so he had to remind him aloud: “clothes.”

Shen ran pulled the pillow on the bed to cover the important part, and looked at Shan Hexuan with a sad face: “I have no clothes. Take off your coat for me. By the way, there are pants. How can I go out without pants? Why don’t you go out and buy me a suit? Is there anyone selling clothes nearby? It’s really not good. Go and buy me a suit for the sick.”

Shan Hexuan sighed helplessly, “storage device.”

Shen ran subconsciously touched his neck. Although he became bigger, the bell given to him by Si Yang also grew longer with his enlargement. The bell was still the same size, but the chain grew a lot and didn’t strangle his neck at all. He was used to wearing it for a while and didn’t notice it at all.

At first, he thought Siyang was just making trouble with him and gave him a pet collar. Later, he found that it was a storage container. Although the space was not much, it was really convenient. It’s a pity that he is a chinchilla. Besides a little rations, he doesn’t feel that there are any daily necessities to install, so he doesn’t remember at once. There are some clothes in it.

Hearing Shan Hexuan’s reminder, the next moment, there was a pile of things on the ground, some messy food, drink and play, mixed with several clothes. Shen ran quickly grabbed the clothes and put them on his body.

At this time, the two groups of team members who had finished the handover with the hospital happened to pass by the room, and the door of the hospital ward had a glass window convenient for doctors and nurses to patrol, so they saw the captain standing in the ward at a glance. They didn’t want to push the door and enter: “boss.”

He just wanted to report that the procedures had been completed. There was nothing wrong with the hospital and he could go. As a result, he saw a man wearing only a pair of underwear and jumping his feet in his pants. Probably because he pushed the door too suddenly, the man was startled and one of them was about to fall down. Their boss reached out to help him and half hugged him directly. Then they turned their heads and looked at themselves together.

One was expressionless, his eyes were as cold as ever, and a little panicked shock. The team member felt that he seemed to have broken something terrible. He bowed his head and didn’t dare to look at it. At the same time, he withdrew from the room like running for his life. He simply took out the flash speed and was 100 meters away from their boss, which was a sigh of relief.

When they ran away from a safe distance, the team member took a big breath, and then realized that their boss seemed to have a man?!

Shen ran in the room looked up again and looked at Shan Hexuan. They were silent with that strange posture for a long time. Shen ran said, “your team seems to have misunderstood something.”

Shan Hexuan glanced at him in silence, and Shen ran also looked at himself along his eyes. Probably the important parts had put on the shame cloth, so he forked his waist frankly: “what are you looking at? I’m not naked!”

Shamelessly pointed to his stomach: “see, I’m also a person with abdominal muscles, six pieces!”

It’s just that I caught Shan Hexuan changing clothes several times and glanced at his abdominal muscles. He was chilly all day. He also had abdominal muscles. There’s nothing rare.

Shen Ran’s appearance is good-looking. Although it is white and tender, it has a taste of being as gentle as jade. The premise is that when he didn’t speak, when he first saw Shen ran in the company’s house, he thought he should have a very gentle and delicate temperament. Although the face in front of him still gives people a warm and soft feeling, Shan Hexuan felt that his view of Shen ran might never return to the past. No matter how elite the face is, he feels that he can always see a smell of… Chinchilla in this person.

Seeing Shan Hexuan silently turning his head, Shen ran thought he had nothing to say. He hummed, picked up the pants he had just scared off and continued to put them on. After he was dressed, he put the things on the ground into the storage container. However, as a big man, he couldn’t wear a collar anymore, so he tried to wear it on his hand. The rope turned out to be just the right size.

Shen ran shook his wrist in front of Shan Hexuan: “Si Yang is really interesting. It’s good. Why don’t I ask for one for you? But the previous treasure has been dug up. I want to think about where else I can find good things, and then go and change a storage container for you, so that you can bring a lot of talismans with you in the future. If you meet people who are difficult to deal with, throw out a lot of talismans and smash them to death!”

Shen ran said and walked outside. Seeing that Shan Hexuan was still motionless, he urged: “stand guard, go, another one died today. You haven’t made any progress. It’s estimated that you’ll be scolded again. Tut tut Tut, what a tragedy.”

Shan Hexuan said, “you have recovered.”

Shen ran nodded and turned around in front of him: “yes, it has completely recovered, without revealing its ears and tail.”

“So you should go back to Siyang.”

Shen ran was stunned. Yes, he has changed back. It’s really inconvenient to follow Shan Hexuan, and he has been exposed. Wandering outside with Shan Hexuan may cause trouble. He agreed to help Siyang plant trees and take care of his mountain.

The action of buttoning the door suddenly stopped, but Shan Hexuan came towards him and opened the door: “let’s go and send you back first.”

Shen ran stared at Shan Hexuan with a dissatisfied expression and said, “don’t you dislike me so much? I can’t wait. I owe you a lot of help!”

Despite Shen Ran’s incessant chatter, he still had to go back. When he returned to the home of the secretary who had been away for a long time, he felt that the whole mentality had changed.

Xiao Fu sat on the steps of the small garden and looked at Shen ran, staring at the sky. He couldn’t help but make complaints about it: “what the owner said was true.”

Shen ran looked at him: “what did you say?”

Xiaofuzi sighed, “you can’t take back your heart when you say you let it go. Look, Dabai, since you were taken to the mountain, you’ve let it fly. You don’t think of us at all. You can’t stay now.”

Shen ran retorted, “who says I can’t stay? I’m planning how to take good care of the mountain after I go up the mountain.”

“But sister Jingrou has taken care of the mountain in good order, and now she is about to harvest a batch. However, the master said that the new harvest has not been soaked and replaced by the aura, and the taste is not the best, so she plans to use it to develop my takeout business. The master also said that in the future, I can deduct 1% of the hard work fee for my takeout business, and so can fat uncle, right Now, fat chef has become a net red chef, you know? ”

Shen ran, who hasn’t been back for some time, shook his head and said he didn’t know, Xiaofuzi quickly took out his mobile phone and clicked into an app: “You see, Fat Chef does live broadcasting and cooking here, and doesn’t bring duplicate samples every day. It was fun before. I didn’t expect many people to click to watch it, and then I sent the link to the food website. However, it’s only distributed to Zhongdu area. If it’s far away, it’s not so fast. People will be scared to death. You see, there are more than one million fans, right Isn’t it great? ”

Shen ran nodded. He was really powerful. He felt that everyone in the family had found his own position. No matter what he did, he always had his own special highlight. Look at himself. As a demon, he is likely to be the only demon on the earth. He has achieved nothing.

Thinking of his actions over the years, Shen ran remembered that he seemed to have forgotten someone and hurried to Siyang.

Si Yang was sitting in the backyard, arranging flowers slowly. When he saw him running over, he just said faintly, “why, can’t you sit still?”

Shen ran coughed lightly and said solemnly, “I’ve thought about it. Jing Rou can handle the affairs of Putian mountain easily now. In the past, she might think I robbed her for a job. It’s not good, and I have something to investigate about Zhuang Chen. Then what, Si Yang, dear boss, give me some more time. I’ll work for you when I finish my personal affairs?”

Siyang chuckled: “then how do you want to solve it? I think I’ll tell Shan Hexuan how to let you enter the secret service department. The information flow there is fast. What’s the matter? The secret service department received the news first.”

Shen ran nodded repeatedly, “OK, OK! Anyway, I know that place well!”

Siyang looked at Shen ran with a smile, and Shen ran suddenly drooped: “are you kidding me?”

“Do you want to go?”

If you want to go, you always feel like you’re pestering Shan Hexuan, but he really likes the secret service department. Especially now that he’s grown up, he can catch ghosts independently. It’s much more interesting than being an elite in the human circle before.

But if you want to say you don’t want to go, then he really wants to go. After a little entanglement for a few seconds, Shen ran nodded and looked at Si Yang eagerly: “I want to go.”

Si Yang said with a smile: “if you want to go, you can go. If you enter the secret service department, there will be state subsidies. However, you are now a ghost servant named here. It’s not good to go like this. Just bring money into the group. Let your two groups come to my mountain to help me every month. In the future, the talisman pill will be taken at an internal discount.”

Shen ran was surprised and said, “really? Si Yang, you’re so kind! You don’t know, the second group is so poor! Sometimes the welfare of those team members is subsidized with their own share. I’ve never seen a captain poorer than him!”

So Shen ran, who brought money into the group, appeared gorgeous in Shan Hexuan’s office the next day, with a proud smile. It’s just that there are rumors all over the sky outside the office. The man in the captain’s family is actually the ghost servant of Si Tianshi! People and ghosts are still working together now!

According to the first-hand information of an eyewitness, the two have had indescribable contact. It seems that they are not the strong background relationship of master Si, but the wife of the captain!


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