Great Celestial Master Chapter 129

Because someone brought money into the group and there were many rumors in the group, everyone acquiesced that the new funded members followed the boss directly. Even the monk and persimmon, the imperial younger brother of Shan Hexuan, were very committed and stood aside directly. There was no way. The boss’s life is important. It doesn’t matter whether the other party is a person or a ghost, a man or a woman. Anyway, the Heavenly Master, If you can’t afford anything else, you can afford ghosts.

Shen Ran is used to handling cases with Shan Hexuan. Although he existed as a pet at the beginning, he didn’t think much about letting him follow Shan Hexuan as soon as he entered the secret service department. Anyway, there are so few people in their group, and it’s normal for the captain to bring new people, so he didn’t think about peach lace at all. Even after getting to know each other with his new colleagues, he skillfully followed Shan Hexuan into the office.

Looking at Shen ran sitting directly on the chair in front of his desk, he reached out and ate the dried meat. It was exactly the same as his behavior when he was a chinchilla. Thinking of the messy rumors in the group, Shan Hexuan wanted to stop talking for a long time and wanted Shen ran to pay a little attention, but he still didn’t know what to say, so he had to go with him.

But Shen ran, seeing Shan Hexuan looking at himself and not talking, picked up the folder: “what do you think I’m doing? I’m working very seriously. Come on, let’s analyze the case.”

Shan Hexuan looked at him in silence for a moment and then said, “you took the wrong document.”

Shen ran laughed twice, put the folder away and opened several more copies. Only then did he find the documents of the incident.

Although the new work and new enthusiasm have been with Shan Hexuan for so long, the working mode of the secret service team has long been clear and can no longer be clear, but now after returning to adulthood, the whole feeling is different. There is a feeling of turning over and making decisions. In order not to let Shan Hexuan underestimate him, he feels that he is a drag. He entered the working mode as soon as he came, which is quite decent.

While they analyzed the case and studied how to trace the mysterious drug seller, The monk came and knocked on the door of the office: “another one died. It was Nicole, the female star whom Michelle had investigated yesterday. However, Nicole refused to cooperate and denied taking weight-loss pills. Our people failed to persuade us. We had planned to bring people back forcibly today. Who knows that Nicole’s agent found that Nicole had died at home this morning.”

Shan Hexuan frowned slightly and said, “as before, even if you observe it closely, you still can’t see anything? When they asked about it yesterday, they didn’t find any signs?”

The monk shook his head, which is also a difficult part of this case. That is, unless the insect outbreak causes death, even if they communicate face-to-face with the Heavenly Master, they will not feel the smell of the insect at all. Otherwise, with the help of the Heavenly Master, if all the staff go out, we should be able to clean up more than half of the people who have taken diet pills. Because of this, they can only follow the sales line a little bit and feel very passive, which makes the progress slow.

Shen Ran’s small eyes looked straight at Shan Hexuan. Previously, as a chinchilla, he couldn’t speak in front of people, so if he had anything to say and want to express, he would aim at Shan Hexuan in this way. Shan Hexuan would understand when he saw him. Now, seeing that Shen Ran has changed back into a person, it seems that he hasn’t been able to get rid of this little habit for a moment, he immediately felt a little funny, so he opened his mouth and reminded him: “you just read a lot of information, and you should have a preliminary understanding of this matter. Do you have any ideas now?”

Seeing the boss asking Shen ran, the monk naturally shut his mouth, looked back and forth between the two subconsciously, and then flashed a pair of eyes that had seen everything. The boss of their family is a god level facial paralysis. He used to work outside without opening his mouth. He and persimmon can stay with the boss for so long because they are completely the spokesmen of the boss. They say anything without the boss opening their mouth instead of the boss. Now, ouch, listen, do you have any ideas now? Tut tut Tut, look at this question. It’s so gentle. Men are fickle!

Shen ran blinked, and then reacted. Now he doesn’t need to block others to speak, so he said: “Nicole’s attention is pretty good these days. Why don’t we publish the cause of her death, attract public attention, report the death of taking weight-loss pills in a large scale, and then let the people taking weight-loss pills come to the hospital for examination by themselves.”

The monk said, “although this is also a way, it will undoubtedly increase the difficulty in finding the person behind the scenes. If he directly stops when things are exposed, our action will be tantamount to looking for a needle in a haystack.”

Shen ran said: “Then how do you know that the person behind the scenes doesn’t know that the matter has been exposed? Maybe he stopped long ago. And I don’t think that person will be bored and kind enough to help people lose weight with poisonous insects. As a result, so many people die accidentally. The cultivation of a poisonous insect is not easy. If it’s not for the purpose, who will do this kind of thing and won’t make much money, maybe one day The money for a hundred weight-loss pills can’t cultivate a Gu insect. ”

After they published their ideas, they directly turned to see Shan Hexuan and waited for him to make an idea. Now the whole second group is mainly responsible for this matter. Originally, there were few people and resources. If they can’t break the tasks assigned by the top, they always feel that the dissolution is in danger.

Shan Hexuan pondered for a moment and said, “contact the relevant departments to send news and designate the LV family’s hospital.”

The monk nodded and naturally went out to work when he had a work direction. Although he knew that the boss would not fall in love in the workplace, he stood between them and felt that he was flustered with dog food.

After the monk went out, Shen ran said with a smile, “what about us now? What are we going to do?” He can’t wait to do it!

Shan Hexuan said, “look at the body.”

Shen ran: ”

Soon, a piece of news bombed the whole network. Nicole’s recent attention was very good, because she had an excellent figure as soon as she came back, and even became more and more young after giving birth to a baby. In addition, the company also wanted to hold it, gave her a lot of variety resources, and the exposure was quite high. But I didn’t expect to die miserably in the end. If I didn’t say it at home, I took the illegal drugs.

All of a sudden, all kinds of negative teaching materials about weight loss hit the whole network, and Nicole was black and red after her death.

The second group was sent a headache case, but the first group was even worse. It was not just a headache, it was deadly.

What does the blood pool in the devil’s forest mean to the whole Xuanmen? We can see from the last few days when we sent out to test Siyang at the same time, but now the situation has become more complicated. According to the investigation of the secret service department, the black witch on the wild man mountain in Myanmar has already mastered the way to enter and exit the devil’s forest, and even the thing about the devil’s forest is likely to be spread by them, What about the purpose? Is it to use their Chinese heavenly masters and capable people and different scholars from various countries to sacrifice and raise the devil forest? Or is there something inside that is fed by the black witch with human flesh cultivation as food?

Compared with the purpose of those black wizards, the disappearance of the devil forest and how it disappeared have become unimportant.

At a loss, Zhou Qin, who was forced to go to the door of the Si family, didn’t ask Si Yang for any help. He just wanted to know more about it and at least let them have the direction of investigation. After all, Zuo Mu found some valuable things because of Si Yang’s reminder, Although I don’t know how much Si Yang knows about the disappearance of the devil forest, he should know more than they do.

Needless to say, Zhou Qin said that Siyang knew his purpose and drank tea leisurely, Shook his head and said, “don’t ask me about this. There are many talents in your Xuanmen. Since you care about the forest so much, you should make some efforts when you should make efforts. You know that the devil forest has existed for more than 100 years. It’s only these years that the situation has stabilized, and those people began to toss. Now the whole area has disappeared, and it’s better to be remembered.”

Zhou Qindao: “For the matter of Haiwei Island, the direction of our investigation is not the disappearance of Haiwei Island, but the purpose of the black witch clan. According to our existing intelligence, it should be their saints of the black witch clan who fled with their secret treasures. Now almost all the black witches have gathered on Haiwei Island. The government of Haiwei Island dare not forcibly expel them, so we can only second many heavenly masters in China to help them maintain peace To maintain the peace of ordinary people, according to their various actions, it should be to investigate the whereabouts of their saints in the whole island. Therefore, the Heavenly Master seconded on Haiwei island is also searching for the whereabouts of their saints. If the black witch finds their saints in advance, it will be very beneficial to us. ”

Siyang slightly raised his eyebrows without making a sound.

Zhou Qin continued: “you mentioned Zuo mu on Haiwei island and told him something about the saint. Today I came to ask you about the characteristics of the saint. The black witch family never deals with outsiders. Everything about their family is very mysterious. We don’t even know the appearance of the saint, so we can only ask Heavenly Master Si for help.”

Si Yang smiled: “The devil forest and the saint of the black witch family have nothing to do with me. Why do you ask me? Besides, if I know too much, I’m afraid someone will force me to see red, so I can’t comment on this matter. But I can remind you not to work so hard to find out whether their saint of the black witch family lives or dies, which has nothing to do with China The slightest interest relationship. Even if you find it out with great effort, it will only encourage some people, and those people may not be the pillar of China. “


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