Great Celestial Master Chapter 13

As Si Yang expected, LAN Yuzhuo got nothing. When he got home, he saw his eldest brother just coming downstairs to pour water. He hurried over and his eyes were full of gossip: “brother, do you know what I found today?”

LAN Jinxiu thought of what Si Yang had said in the car, and quietly glanced at her: “what?”

LAN Yuzhuo took out his mobile phone and handed the information photos that his colleagues helped find to the old man: “this handsome man is Zhuang Chen, the boss of Tengfei network company. This gentle man is Shen ran, his special help.”

Although it’s not the same industry, it’s Zhongdu’s business district after all. Although LAN Jinxiu doesn’t know these two people, he has heard of Tengfei network company and knows that their boss is really Zhuang Chen. He just didn’t expect that he was so young and could meet them even if he ate a hot pot. His eyes stayed on the calm picture for a moment, picked up his glass and drank: “then?”

LAN Yuzhuo shook his head and sighed: “Originally, I went to search for evil things. Unexpectedly, I found a piece of dog blood gossip. Elder brother, you know, these two are college students. Shen Ran is said to fall in love with Zhuang Chen at first sight. In order to pursue Zhuang Chen’s original third-line achievements, he studied hard just to get the same university and major as Zhuang Chen. After entering the school, he doesn’t know whether it is luck or how I’m in the same bedroom as Zhuang Chen.

Although Shen ran doesn’t know everything about his liking for Zhuang Chen, those who have a good relationship with him are very clear. At first, those friends of Zhuang Chen felt that Shen ran wanted to take Zhuang Chen to the side and didn’t treat him very well. However, after so many years, Shen ran was still crazy about Zhuang Chen. He managed all the trivial things in life in order, and became a powerful right-hand man for Zhuang Chen in his career. Gradually, all the friends around Zhuang Chen felt that except Shen ran, I’m afraid I’ll never find such a person worthy of Zhuang Chen again. ”

Speaking of which, LAN Yuzhuo sighed: “But Shen ran doesn’t seem to have confessed to Zhuang Chen, but he doesn’t say it. Everyone can see his contribution to Zhuang Chen. Fools know that he likes Zhuang Chen and will do so many things for him. But if Shen ran doesn’t confess, Zhuang Chen doesn’t know. He treats Shen ran as a brother and the two start a business together. However, it is said that Shen Ran’s family background is very general and he is alone Therefore, at the beginning of Tengfei, I didn’t have capital to participate in shares, so I became the assistant of Zhuang Chen. Now it is a special help, and the real power is almost the same as the vice president of Tengfei. ”

LAN Jingxiu nodded: “that’s good.”

LAN Yuzhuo turned his eyes: “if it’s always like this, it’s not good until Zhuang Chen is moved by Shen Ran’s efforts for nearly ten years, and then they are together, but that Zhuang Chen is a scum! Just about half a year ago, he met a piano player, and then fell in love with that piano player at first sight. That piano player is still a man!”

Looking at LAN Yuzhuo, he was angry as if he had been slag, Reluctantly shook his head: “this is someone else’s feelings. You’re just a spectator. There’s no need to be so angry. Moreover, it’s really not how much you pay to get much return. Maybe it’s just because it’s not the right person. Now it’s not impossible to meet someone who makes him excited.”

LAN Yuzhuo turned around his brother twice, touched his chin and looked at him: “it’s like you’ve experienced it. You’ve been single for 28 years.”

LAN Jingxiu glanced at her and was ready to go upstairs to his room. LAN Yuzhuo hurriedly pulled him: “don’t you want to know the follow-up?”

“I’m not interested in other people’s gossip.”

LAN Yuzhuo said: “but there’s no follow-up. The piano player seems to have not accepted Zhuang Chen. Zhuang Chen is in the pursuit stage, but Shen ran still hasn’t given up. He just doesn’t know what will happen in the future. It’s really worthless for Shen ran. It’s obviously such an excellent condition. Why did he hang himself on Zhuang Chen’s tree.”

LAN Jinxiu looked back at her: “that’s someone else’s privacy. You can even check it because of business. Since you’re sure that both of them are OK, don’t get involved anymore.”

LAN Yuzhuo is always curious and likes to read gossip. Although her brother said so, she decided to pay attention to this pair. At most, she didn’t use her relationship to investigate deeply. She just wanted to see what the end would be for the last three. Is it the one who quit sadly, or the dog blood I love you, you don’t love me, I left and don’t love you, as a result, you wake up and love me again. Although it’s dog blood, it’s actually very interesting to think about such a plot.

Back in the room, LAN Jingxiu searched for keywords, and soon Shen Ran’s information was displayed on the screen, but there were not many information, such as age, native place, graduated university and now taking off positions. With a click of the mouse, the covered page was replaced. It was a picture of a long tailed hairy mouse and related information.

Since LAN Yuzhuo followed her master Shang Qishui, he has heard a lot of ghost events, but the demon who has been refined has never heard of them. After thinking about it, LAN Jinxiu turned off the page. Since Si Yang said it was harmless, why bother.

If there are rich people, there will be efficiency. And Siyang doesn’t need the decoration team to hardcover him. He just needs to take all the water and wires in the whole house. He can do the rest by himself. There is no decoration team in the immortal world. The magnificent palace often covers an area of thousands of mu. It can be replaced from beginning to end in three days or no more than ten days. At such a speed, he can’t see the decoration of the secular world.

When the new house went through water and electricity, Siyang cut small paper people in the hotel. Almost half a month later, after the basic water and electricity were gone, Siyang began an unscientific decoration method with his group of small paper people.

Siyang took out all the materials he had prepared earlier. Those little paper people who were not big enough to slap directly flew up to carry the materials and began to work. When Si Yang came to the outer yard, he held several small blue beads in the palm of his hand and rolled back and forth. A wisp of milk white smoke visible to the naked eye poured into the beads. Only after the green beads were filled with his breath did Si Yang read the formula, hide his body shape, fly into the air and break the beads into the main positions.

When the last green bead flew out of the palm and into the ground, an invisible force surged up from all directions to form a barrier that can surround the whole house without dead corners. The boundary is directly buried deep into the bottom to form a circle, which surrounds all the square inches of the house, so that the spirit array he will arrange here will not leak out and destroy the ecological chain here.

When he arranged everything and returned to the house, the house that was just like a blank room had been arranged by the small paper people according to his heart. The ground is paved with fire sand crystal jade, which is warmer in winter and cooler in summer than the air conditioning ground. The wall is a wall brick cut with Bailing jade. The sofa is filled with colorful feathers of yinjiluan and sewn with red rabbit fur. Sitting on it, the aura will not automatically rotate in the body. In addition, the lighting of xuanmingzhu and the curtains of 10000 year old mackerel yarn.

In the center of the hall, there is a seemingly simple flowing water ornament. Among the ornaments as high as people, there is a golden elixir called by the circulating water, which is the refined dragon pill. The Dragon belongs to water. Water is the source of all things. Water is continuous and Qi is not enough. If it had not been for this dragon pill, the aura formed by so many anti heaven spirits in the house would have submerged the whole house like fog. After the huff and puff of the Dragon pill, all the Reiki became purer and more conducive to cultivation.

Siyang slowly turned upstairs. There was a bathtub transformed by the whole room. He could finally take a good bath. There is also a bedroom of the same high standard. Si Yang takes a deep and comfortable breath. How long has he not felt this feeling of full aura.

Soon, several computers ordered by Siyang also arrived. As LAN Jinxiu said before, outsiders are not allowed to enter here at will. The delivered computers were stopped by the security guard at the door. After careful inspection, they were left at the guard’s office, and several security guards carried the machines and sent them over.

As soon as I entered the door and saw the obviously decorated house, several security guards were subconsciously stunned. However, the icy breath that came to their face in the next moment dissipated the heat from them, and they just sighed and felt comfortable.

Seeing that it was the security guard who sent the things, Si Yang asked them to put them directly in the living room. Several security guards couldn’t help but say, “Mr. Si, do you need us to help you install the things?”

Si Yang couldn’t help laughing when he heard the speech: “this is a computer. It’s no problem to install a machine as long as you know a little better. If the air conditioner is sent, do you also want you to help install it?”

The security guard who asked was young and looked twenty-five or six years old. When he heard Si Yang’s words, he smiled foolishly: “if we need something installed by those professionals, we will send someone to follow the whole process for the safety of the head of household.”

Si Yang nodded and casually took several bottles of drinks from the table. The drinks at room temperature became cold after his touch: “I’ll just come by myself. It’s hard for you to come.”

The security guard quickly waved his hand: “no, no, it’s our duty. If Mr. Si doesn’t have anything else, please sign this receipt and we’ll go.”

Si Yang signed the list and forced the drink to the security guard carrying several computers. Whether it’s his duty or not, it’s hard to come here with something in such a hot day. It’s easy to thank him.

Without outsiders, several small paper people came out of nowhere and ran upstairs with computers on their shoulders. Si Yang squinted at the little paper people, touched his chin and meditated. It seemed that he should go around when he was free to see if he could meet the soul of one or two animals. The cow was steadfast, hardworking and loyal. The of these two animals was quite suitable. He took time to refine several puppets. Otherwise, people will not let the little paper man out to entertain guests in the future.

After installing the computer, Siyang took a few photos of the furnishings in the house and leaned comfortably on the sofa with his notebook. The pictures were sent to the dormitory group, and soon several roommates hanging on the Internet replied quickly.

Bumper harvest: do you want us to help you refer to which design is better?

Handsome brother Fang: I’ve found a part-time job. Yangyang, do you want to work part-time with me? The salary is good and the work is very easy.

Handsome brother Fang: I think the bedroom is beautifully decorated. If you buy a house similar to this type, you might as well follow that layout.

Shensuazi: it’s not a reference picture, but a picture of where I live now. It’s just finished decoration. I’ll show you. When will you recognize the door.

Big harvest: sleeping trough!

Handsome brother Fang of the living dead: lying in the trough!

Superstar debut: lying groove lying groove! Yang Yang, how long haven’t I come back? You bought a house! Still so big! Bigger than my family!

Brother Fang, the handsome Living Dead: Oh, hey, who’s this big man? He took the time out of his busy schedule to spoil us. We are promoted to fight for the common people?

Superstar debut: you go away! I’m so busy.

Big harvest: aren’t you just a little role in soy sauce? How busy can you be?

Superstar debut: the crew of big production is particularly strict. What’s more, I also have a line. Where is soy sauce! Emma, the director is howling again. If you don’t talk, I’ll withdraw first and invite you to dinner when I come back!

After the rich second-generation roommate withdrew, Zhou Fang and Cang Yongfeng spent a long time in the group. Cang Yongfeng talked about some things at home, and Zhou Fang also talked about his part-time job in the summer vacation. Siyang found a movie, watched them chat while watching the movie, and responded from time to time.

Seeing Zhou Fang’s part-time company, Siyang’s eyes gave a meal and took off the company. What a coincidence.


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