Great Celestial Master Chapter 130

Although I didn’t know who Si Yang meant, Zhou Qin listened to Si Yang’s words. Coincidentally, on the afternoon of visiting the Secretary’s house, the Heavenly Master seconded on Haiwei Island clashed with the black witch again. Although no one died this time, they were also injured a lot, but they didn’t get nothing. They directly arrested one of their sacrificial children.

The sacrificial children of the black witch are dedicated to serving the holy witches and saints. Although they are called sacrificial children, they do not refer to the children who are sacrificed. However, sacrificial children can not be done by anyone. They choose the children with the highest talent among the children under the age of seven in the family, and then practice together. After three years, the winner can become sacrificial children. Sacrificial children need to personally deal with various matters for the holy witches and saints, Taking care of food and daily life, all priority resources in the family must be given to the saint Witch and Saint, then the patriarch, and then the sacrifice to children. When the sacrificial child reaches the age of 28, he will restore his ethnic identity and contribute to the tribe.

The sacrificial child caught by the Heavenly Master happened to be the sacrificial child of the black witch Saint Yueya. She was a very young girl and looked under the age of 20. Because she had been with Yueya for more than ten years, she was regarded as the closest person to Yueya. Therefore, when she came to Haiwei island to find the whereabouts of Yueya, the patriarch brought the person out.

The place where they clashed with the Heavenly Master was the entrance of the moon bud into the devil forest. There was still a little breath of their passing. It happened that the Heavenly Master of China was also looking for useful clues. He found the abnormality here one step ahead of the black witch family, so he fought after a disagreement. He wanted to catch an insignificant soldier, But I didn’t expect to catch them directly. It can be said that they are only important people who are second to the patriarch.

When the sacrificial boy was caught, the black witch clan was directly angry, and even the clan leader came forward directly to talk with the Chinese Heavenly Master about the conditions of redemption.

On diplomacy, how can a person who has been closed to the mountain for so many years be better than Chinese diplomats? When they constantly test the bottom line and analyze valuable information from contact, the captured sacrificial boy was directly tied back to China by special plane. This is the key to find out the truth of the whole thing. It’s not so easy to release people. If their heavenly master has been fooled by the black witch for so many years, it won’t be easy to stop.

The black witch has its own ancient language, but fortunately, several heavenly masters in the secret service department understand their language. However, when they came all the way from Haiwei Island, no matter what they asked, the girl didn’t even open her mouth. When she returned to China, she knew that this person’s identity was special. When she was specially interrogated, the girl made a voice, I know what you want to ask. As long as you agree to my terms, I will tell you everything I know

The matter involves too much. The team leader can’t deal with it anymore, so Che Guoyuan, the Minister of the secret service department, interrogated the girl. A man who looks only in his thirties but is actually over a hundred years old, and his cultivation is even above the four family owners. At the beginning, he established the secret service department. If it is not a major event, he will not intervene.

Che Guoyuan didn’t speak. The director of the secret service department who interrogated with him said, “if you’re not polite, you’re already our prisoner now. Even if you don’t want to cooperate, we also have a way to know what we want to know, but I’m afraid this process will make you uncomfortable.”

The girl said, “my surname is Xia and my name is Xia Yuer. My mother is Chinese. In the previous scuffle, I deliberately didn’t resist to go with your people.”

Xia Yuer said that everyone in the interrogation room subconsciously turned to see Che Guoyuan. It was probably unexpected that the sacrificial children of the black witch family had Chinese blood. After all, they had been hostile for nearly a century. The black witch could let people with Chinese blood be sacrificial children, so they had to see Che Guoyuan’s meaning.

Che Guoyuan said, “let’s talk about your conditions first.”

Xia yu’er said: “new identity and a stable life. They will not easily stop the devil forest. I am the sacrificial boy around the saint and the person who knows the saint best, so they can’t let me go, and even redeem me at a high price. I hope you can ensure my safety.”

Che Guoyuan pondered for a moment, looked at each other and nodded to Xia Yuer: “yes, but you should cooperate with our arrangement before the matter is solved.”

Xia Yuer naturally has no objection about this. She wants to leave that place for a long time. As long as she can leave that ghost place, it’s no problem for her to cooperate. What’s more, she never regarded herself as a black witch.

Her mother was from China. When she graduated from college and traveled, she was forcibly taken back by the demon man. From her memory, all her memory was beating. Every tomorrow made her feel afraid. In order to protect her and prevent her from escaping, the man who was not worthy of being called father cut off her mother’s legs, Right in front of her.

The only light in her life is that when her mother holds her, she gently whispers about her hometown. The place called Huaxia is free and beautiful. Compared with the village inhabited by wild black witch groups, the place her mother tells is like a heaven.

Later, when she was six years old, the sacrificial child next to the saint was about to abdicate when she was old, so all qualified children were checked and selected, and she was the most gifted of all children. She was elected as a candidate for child sacrifice. In those three years, she finally didn’t have to endure the torture of drug beating day and night, but she didn’t know that her mother had borne more for her.

The day she chose to sacrifice children, she was full of heart and eyes to become strong. In the future, she must take her mother back to China. But I didn’t expect that the cold body of her mother was waiting for her.

Xia Yuer said: “The existence of the devil forest on Haiwei island has been known by the black witch family for thousands of years, or it can be said that it has been occupied by them for thousands of years. There is a dragon heart in the devil forest, and a blood pool has been generated in the place where the dragon heart is buried. The secret of the strength of the black witch family for so many years is that they have a drop of dragon blood essence. Only the holy Witches of past dynasties keep the blood essence, and the whole black witch family will survive It depends on the Dragon Qi emitted from the essence of blood, so it can only be inherited by blood, because it is not the blood soaked by dragon Qi in previous dynasties, and it is impossible to gain strength from it. ”

The director of the secret service department frowned and said, “the blood essence is maintained by the blood pool?”

Xia Yuer nodded: “If a powerful creature loses its life, it will dissipate slowly. That drop of blood essence can stay for so long because the saint witch or saint takes the blood essence into the blood pool every year. The blood essence will absorb the power of the blood pool in the devil forest. However, it is said that the power of the blood pool is getting weaker and weaker. Then I accidentally found that a Heavenly Master who accidentally broke into the devil forest was absorbed by the whole blood pool. That’s why The later black witch clan released some false legends to attract you to explore, discover and serve as food for the devil forest. ”

Che Guoyuan and others listened silently. After the devil forest disappeared, they also guessed some. Now they are just confirming their own guess.

Xia Yuer continued: “The saint doesn’t want to be controlled by the whole tribe. She has already moved other thoughts. I know some things from the saint. It seems that I can borrow the power of dragon heart and dragon blood, but I don’t know how to do it and what will happen after success or failure. But once I borrow the power, it is equivalent to absorbing the dragon heart and dragon blood. The dragon heart is the power to maintain the devil forest. Once absorbed After collection, the devil forest will naturally disappear. Now the dragon blood of the black witch family has been taken away by the saint. The devil forest has disappeared, and a drop of blood left by the saint in the family has turned black, which proves that the saint has died. However, this matter is related to the future development of the whole black witch family. They are not sure whether the saint really died or cut off the connection with the whole tribe after getting a strong force, That’s all the way out of the mountain to search for the saint. ”

Xia yu’er then looked at Che Guoyuan and again threw a startling thunder: “as far as I know, your Chinese Heavenly Master has already reached an agreement with the black witch clan secretly, although I don’t know who it is and what it is.”

The news brought by summer language is really amazing. Fortunately, the interrogating people are all the drivers of the source of the car kingdom. As long as they seal up, the news will not be heard. This can only be made by people who trust him to secretly investigate who is actually, or who is secretly in contact with the black witch. What is the purpose of it?

As for Xia Yuer, Che Guoyuan temporarily arranged her in Linggu Temple. He trusted Linggu Temple more than Lushan sect.

The great earthquake that is about to begin in Xuanmen circle has not stirred up any waves at this time. LAN Jinxiu, who is familiar with demon cultivation on the top of Siyang mountain, has made progress faster than Siyang imagined. I don’t know whether it is because he has brought dragon scales for more than ten years that he can accept the power of this dragon so smoothly now. Or, when the afterthought of the dragon soul was about to dissipate, he had no choice, so he poured all his strength into Lan’s self-discipline.

Now LAN Jinxiu has been able to properly restrain the Dragon Qi, but if he doesn’t wear the magic weapon that Si Yang gave to restrain the breath, he can’t hide his cultivation.

After staying on Putian mountain for half a month in a row, I was just going to go home to meet Siyang and let him see his progress. Unfortunately, Siyang went to school and graduated from senior year immediately. I had to prepare for my defense. It was probably only at this time that Lan Jinxiu remembered that Si Yang was still a student who had not graduated from college.

Unfortunately, he hung up the phone. LAN Jin was ready to go home first. He found that there was a tail behind him, so he asked the driver to drive to a place with few people.

The man who had been following LAN Jingxiu after him finally waited for him to come down from the mountain, so he continued to follow him. Anyway, it’s not appropriate to go up with the man surnamed Si now. They are just responsible for staring at people. It’s just that the car is driving, and the surrounding situation doesn’t seem quite right.

LAN Jingxiu looked through the rearview mirror at the car behind him and slightly tilted his mouth: “you’ll wait in the car later.” There’s no reason not to accept the head sent to the door.


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