Great Celestial Master Chapter 131

When they realized that they and others had entered the maze of ghosts beating the wall, the people who watched LAN Jinxiu only felt that they were careless. They only thought that Lan Jinxiu had some array symbols in his hand and found their tracking, so they used this method to get rid of them. But when they saw that Lan Jinxiu got out of the car and walked directly towards them, they subconsciously felt something bad.

The leader is the son of a leader of the LAN family. He has good ability. He has been the proud son of heaven since childhood. Such a person is inevitably proud and doesn’t pay much attention to LAN’s cautious cultivation. Although the Heavenly Master also uses the money of ordinary people, even if they may not be as cautious and rich as LAN, they still look down on him from the bottom of their heart.

At the moment, although they were trapped by the maze of ghosts beating on the wall, they were not afraid when they saw LAN Jinxiu coming towards them. However, they were lucky to get the green eye of the surnamed Si. Without the protection of the man, they were nothing.

LAN Xingbang directly pushed the door to get off the car and said to LAN Jin, “you don’t have to use this maze to trap us out. No matter how you run, you can’t get out of Zhongdu. After all, Siyang can protect you in Zhongdu. He may not be able to protect you when you leave here. We’re just responsible for staring at you and won’t do anything to you. If you’re bored, you’d better hand over the things of LAN family. Hello, I’m good, everyone.”

LAN Jingxiu looked at the man who could still be recognized from the outline and asked, “is your father LAN Hetong?”

LAN Xingbang was dissatisfied with his calling his father’s name so directly. He frowned and said, “so what?”

LAN Jinxiu smiled and took two steps towards them: “if so, it’s not unfair to kill you.”

LAN Xingbang narrowed his eyes. When he heard LAN Jinxiu’s crazy words, he sneered: “why, the man surnamed Si gave you a powerful magic weapon, which makes you feel invincible? Garbage is still garbage with top-level equipment.”

LAN Xingbang’s voice didn’t fall yet. LAN Jingxiu was so fast that he couldn’t be seen by the naked eye. He blinked in front of LAN Xingbang and grabbed his neck with one hand.

Following LAN Xingbang’s other two people, they subconsciously started.

But their speed was not as fast as LAN Jinxiu. When they instinctively raised their hands, LAN Jinxiu had accumulated a palm of strength and patted them hard. Those two were LAN Xingbang’s attendants. They didn’t even have half of LAN Xingbang’s accomplishments. At this time, there was no room to fight back. They were patted by LAN Jingxiu like a vegetable melon.

LAN Xingbang stared in shock, but there was a rune on his hand. He broke away from his control at the moment when LAN Jingxiu avoided dodging. After rapidly retreating to an offensive and defensive distance, he almost asked, “who are you? You’re not LAN Jingxiu!”

LAN Jingxiu smiled softly: “I’ve come out and let you be an understanding ghost. It seems that you are destined to die of confusion.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the whole man directly leaned over and flew towards LAN Xingbang. LAN Xingbang immediately threw out the talisman to resist. However, how could the talisman paper with only a thin spiritual support stop LAN Jingxiu? It was all easily broken by him.

LAN Xingbang felt that the strength of the other party was far more than himself. He was like a dying mouse caught by a cat and let the other party play. This knowledge made him angry. He took out a black wooden fan and threw it out directly. The palm sized wooden fan suddenly became larger and attacked LAN Jinxiu.

LAN Jinxiu flew up and put his foot on the big wooden fan. The wooden fan instantly showed a whole piece of bone spines. Although it was wood, its hardness was hundreds of times higher than that of ordinary steel, and the thorn tip was still silvery black, as if it had been poisoned.

LAN Jinxiu hasn’t seen such a magic weapon yet. He withdrew the part when he had sent it to the foot. Although he can’t use it, he can carve it for jade. It’s a good defensive weapon. That’s why I gained some strength and didn’t destroy it directly.

LAN Xingbang thinks his weapons are useful for him. After all, in his cognition, magic tools are the best thing. If his father is not the head of the LAN family and he is the key cultivation object of the LAN family, how could he have such a good thing. Seeing that Lan Jingxiu was held by his bone fan for a while, he was going to break the maze and returned to attack LAN Jingxiu again.

After all, it was something that he had carried with him for more than ten years. LAN Xingbang’s use of bone fan can be said to move wantonly with his mind. Seeing that Lan Jingxiu was retreating, he immediately felt that he had suppressed him and the attack became more and more fierce.

LAN Jinxiu narrowed his eyes coldly, aimed at the opportunity, grabbed the bone fan in his hand with his bare hand, and patted LAN Xingbang’s chest with his other hand.

That palm of LAN Jingxiu directly used 10% of his strength, and didn’t leave any vitality for LAN Xingbang at all. It broke LAN Xingbang’s heart, not to mention, but pursued the victory. The backhand slapped his celestial cover with one palm, and then grabbed in the void, and a wisp of white smoke was beaten and dissipated. When LAN Xingbang didn’t respond at all, he didn’t even have time to struggle, so he was beaten by LAN Jingxiu.

In addition, the two people who fell to the ground saw that Lan Xingbang died in this way, and quickly rolled and crawled to run. Unfortunately, this maze is so easy to let people leave. There is no way to escape. He knelt down and begged LAN Jingxiu for mercy: “don’t kill us, please, we promise we won’t tell you today! Please! Please!!”

LAN Jinxiu didn’t even look at them. He slapped them in the air and sent them to LAN Xingbang.

After a wave of space, LAN Jingxiu’s car continued to move forward, while the next car stopped at the roadside and there was no movement. The three people in the car leaned back on their chairs and made no sound. Half a day later, a passing patrol car found that several people in the car were different. When it knocked on the window, it immediately broke the window. Only then did it find that the three people inside were dead.

The bizarre death of these three people was naturally transferred. The forensic examination of the secret service found that these people were scared to death. The symptom of death was to be scared to death alive. There were no scars on the body surface, no internal injuries, and no residual breath of outsiders in the body. If these three people were not from the LAN family and were not sent to follow LAN Jingxiu, If you didn’t lose your head, you might really be judged to be scared to death.

However, the death of these three people also makes the relationship between the LAN family and Si Yang more subtle. After all, it’s too coincidental. Si Yang wants to protect LAN carefully. However, several people who stare at LAN carefully died. I’m afraid everyone will think that Si Yang did it.

The LAN family pressed down the deaths of these people. They neither denounced them with great fanfare, nor sent someone to investigate the truth of the death. They also comforted LAN Hetong, who learned the news of his son’s death and planned to go to Si Yang to tell him. It was as calm as if the LAN family had never died at all, but this behavior almost confirmed that Si Yang was the murderer.

Si Yang, who came home at the weekend, while sorting out the defense materials prepared for him by his good roommate in China, smiled and said, “so I’m carrying a pot for you again?”

In the past, LAN Jingxiu was not so sure to deal with the whole LAN family. The aristocratic family for thousands of years was not so easy to shake. Therefore, for the LAN family to impose some things on Siyang, he would feel that he had implicated Siyang. For fear that their gratitude and resentment would involve Siyang, he was anxious to do something to clear Siyang.

But now, the LAN family thinks that Siyang is the murderer, but he doesn’t feel as urgent as before. What if they believe that Siyang is the murderer? Those people can’t do anything. If they dare to do anything, they have the ability to solve them before they do anything.

So when I heard Si Yang’s words, I smiled: “yes, I let you carry the pot again.”

Si Yang didn’t care and said, “anyway, I’m used to killing that person. Now I’ve been passed on as a big devil. Obviously, those people kill more people than me.” At least more people than he killed on earth.

LAN Jin said: “it will be solved soon. LAN Xingbang is in the middle of the strength of the LAN family, but I can’t support three moves in my hands. When I adapt to this strength, I think it’s no problem to deal with LAN Yiqing.”

Siyang Road: “Naturally, there’s no problem. According to the cultivation of monks, LAN Yiqing’s cultivation should reach the great perfection of gas refining. In fact, there’s a barrier near the foundation period. Unfortunately, they were born at an untimely time. If they reached such cultivation decades earlier, they might have built the foundation, but you’re not subject to this restriction. You have dragon Qi, which is the most closely related to the national Qi. As long as If you don’t do the great evil of destroying the country, you won’t be split by heaven and thunder. ”

“Why? At that time, there were more resources than now”

Si Yang shook his head: “Of course not. The reason why the friars who were once free from the worldly world broke down and then evolved into today’s heavenly masters is that they have to rely on the national luck because of their thin aura and difficult cultivation growth. Now the two who have successfully built the foundation are nothing more than those who did some great deeds during the national disaster. With merit to protect themselves, they can successfully break through that barrier. Let’s look at LAN Once you know these people, how many of them can have the kind of mind to pay for the country and the people. No matter how much good they do, it’s just merit on the surface. ”

Knowing that Lan Yiqing had no chance to build the foundation, LAN Jingxiu was very happy. Seeing Si Yang sorting out the materials, he thought that he was not the one who needed to worry about the so-called graduation certificate at all, so he asked, “do you need me? Although I don’t know your major, it’s OK to give me a few days to make a reply.”

Si Yang shook his head and said, “no, it’s not just for graduation, but also for the professor.”

“What’s the matter with the professor?”

Siyang sighed softly. The dead people still live like living people because of an obsession. I really don’t know whether to pierce this obsession or not.


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