Great Celestial Master Chapter 132

Xia Dusheng is sixty-seven years old this year. Although he looks healthy, he is old and will inevitably be unable to do some things. In addition, the courses he teaches, even now, are also a trend industry. It requires a very flexible brain, can remember and calculate, and is still a constantly updating major, so he keeps learning and absorbing new knowledge, In this way, we can better teach young people now.

But Xia Musheng, a brain in his 60s and 70s, can’t accept new things well. In addition, he is really not young, so the school doesn’t intend to let him be a grade teacher even after he retires. He will only give a few lectures every month, which can make Xia Musheng not tired, but also teach more people.

Si Yang’s class is the last class of students brought by Xia Dusheng, so they are very attentive, and they hate to teach their oral defense. They probably don’t want to follow the last class brought by the grade, so they want them to graduate beautifully.

Unfortunately, Xia Dusheng’s painstaking care and reluctance to give up is a burden for students. No student is willing to be watched by the professor to do his homework. Even the material drafts have to be checked one by one to find out the deficiencies and let people go back and revise them again and again. There was no such teaching in the past. Si Yang can hear all kinds of complaints all the way. What wonderful works and best products, Older people just toss.

When he came to the office with reference materials and the first draft of defense, Xia Musheng was wearing reading glasses and trying to squint and make changes to the students word by word. The sunshine pouring in from the window shone on Xia Musheng, making him a little transparent, but others probably only thought it was an illusion caused by light.

Si Yang knocked on the door: “Professor Xia.”

Xia Dusheng looked up and took down his reading glasses. One room was Si Yang. A smile suddenly appeared on his kind face: “Si Yang, have you finished the first draft so soon?”

Si Yang nodded and handed the stack of materials in his hand to Xia Musheng: “this is the prepared materials and the first draft. Professor, have a look.”

Xia Dusheng put down the things next to him, reached out and took Siyang’s things. After reviewing the reference materials first, he picked up the first draft of the defense and slowly reviewed it. From time to time, he picked up his pen and altered it on the paper. Si Yang sat quietly beside him, listening to Xia Dusheng say where to change and where to do well, nodding from time to time.

Looking at that pleasing face and being so obedient, Xia Musheng completely followed his requirements. Xia Musheng liked the student in his heart, I can’t help but smile and ask, “have you found an internship unit? If you don’t think about it, I can introduce you to an office, which is opened by a student of mine. Now the efficiency of the company is good. It’s always complaining to me that it’s difficult to find talents. If you study so solidly, if there’s no other tendency arrangement, I have to take advantage of my own people.”

Si Yang said, “I’m afraid I’ll disappoint the professor. I’ve found an internship unit.”

Xia Dusheng was really disappointed, but it’s normal to find a good internship unit so soon with Siyang’s ability. Some feel sorry for his student. Although the company is small, in his opinion, the development prospect is still good. In particular, with Siyang’s ability, I’m afraid it will soon rise to the management level. After developing the project, it’s equal to being the boss, which is easier than mixing complex interpersonal relationships in some big companies. However, talents like Siyang are destined to be elites. I think only large companies can develop more.

After giving Siyang several places, he returned the materials and the first draft to him: “on the whole, it’s good, but there are several places that can be strengthened and changed. Don’t think I’m deliberately tossing around. With your ability, my requirements for you in the defense will inevitably be higher. If you have a beautiful answer, you won’t waste a college game.”

Si Yang smiled: “how could it be that professors work so hard for students. It’s still reasonable for strict teachers to produce excellent disciples.”

Xia Dusheng doesn’t know how the students complain about him privately. If they are still in school or live near, it’s just to change the documents. It’s OK. If you have gone to practice, running back and forth is far from the school, and the weather is getting hotter and hotter, it is really a toss. After hearing what Si Yang said, he sighed and said with a smile: “today’s students, their living conditions are getting better and better, the society is also open, and they have more ideas about many things. Even at that time, we begged teachers to learn for fear of learning less. Now, it’s old teachers who begged students to learn for fear of not teaching well.”

As he spoke, he picked up the teacup soaked with medlar and warmed his hand: “I’m old. It’s almost may. I can’t take off my sweater. It’s really time to retreat. My strength is much lower than before, and I can’t toss with you young people.”

Looking at the rising of summer and dusk without any heat, Si Yang asked, “has the professor gone out to sketch again recently?”

Xia Dusheng said with a smile, “yes, but the painting hasn’t been completed yet. I heard your traditional Chinese painting is very good?”

Si Yang nodded: “not bad, hobbies.”

Xia Dusheng also said with a smile: “people should always have some hobbies, otherwise the whole person will get into all kinds of data. Isn’t that very boring? My daughter graduated from the Academy of fine arts, but it’s not traditional Chinese painting, but oil painting. Her teacher said that she has great talent in painting. As long as she concentrates on honing, she will be able to open a personal painting exhibition within five years.”

Si Yang said, “I’ve never heard you mention your daughter, so you’re influenced by your daughter when you go out to sketch in your spare time?”

“Yes, she used to say that I was more addicted to the Internet than a teenager. I was blind to the computer every day, so I slowly began to draw and walk around when I had time.”

“That’s good, professor.”

Xia Dusheng looked up at Siyang: “hmm?”

Si Yang said, “do you want to know the whereabouts of your daughter?”

Xia Dusheng stood up in surprise: “you, how do you know my daughter is missing? Do you know where my daughter is?”

His colleagues of the older generation knew that they had helped him find his daughter for a long time, but several years later, everyone knew that there were more or less bad luck, and he knew it in his heart, so he didn’t look for it slowly. Maybe his daughter suddenly came back one day, or lived well somewhere. In this way, he just thought that his daughter had been married far away, Colleagues around him will also deliberately avoid mentioning his daughter. Now, except for a few retired professors, probably not many people in the school know about his daughter. So he was surprised by Siyang’s words.

Si Yang said, “think about it first. If you think about it clearly, call me.”

Si Yang left this sentence and left. At the same time, another classmate knocked on the door with his reply. Xia Dusheng didn’t catch up eagerly. Although he didn’t know what Si Yang said to make him think clearly and what he wanted to think, he instinctively had an intuition that he couldn’t make this call easily.

Si Yang returns to his bedroom. Several roommates are packing. Although they are not leaving soon, some heavy clothes can be packed and sent back in cash. Otherwise, they can be taken back when they graduate. It’s hot again. It can kill people.

Seeing Si Yang coming back, Zhou Fang asked casually, “how have you been? Your writing is so fine. Even the first draft feels much better than others’ defense. If you haven’t, you’re really poor.”

Si Yang said with a smile: “although this chicken soup is rotten, we still have to say that Professor Xia has been a teacher all his life. The word” Professor “is well deserved. Cherish it.”

Cang Yongfeng was lying on the mat with a small fan at the head of the bed. He was not enough and kept fanning with a hand-operated fan: “I’m going to move out next week.”

Li Hao, who was reading the script, said, “have you found a job? What are you doing?”

Cang Yongfeng said: “do real estate sales, including food and housing, starting with a monthly salary of 3000 and a commission.”

Zhou Fang shook his head reluctantly. “What’s the use of our four years of study? My father arranged me into the organ unit.”

Cang Yongfeng: “do you want to take the civil service exam?”

Zhou sighed: “if you don’t take the exam, you know a director, spend money to buy a system, and then you’ll eat national food. Just muddle along. But I’ve seen the working environment in advance. In fact, there’s nothing to do every day. Making a cup of tea will pass. So I’m going to stabilize first, at least have a stable job, and then see if I can do any sideline according to the time.”

Zhou Fang then asked Si Yang, “what about you, Yang Yang? Do you want to enjoy life at home or do you have any career plans?”

Siyang leisurely said, “go and set up a stall under the overpass. Remember to take care of my business in the future.”

Li Hao suddenly burst out laughing: “don’t be funny. By the way, are the people of the secret service investigating the diet pills that have made a lot of noise in the recent news? There should be something wrong with the diet pills. Otherwise, how can the people of the secret service check it?”

“Do you know the secret service?”

“It’s not me, but Bai Jie’s agent. Since Bai Jie’s last accident, her agent Xu Shuo has paid special attention to this aspect. You know, the entertainment industry has the widest network of people and can take any way. It’s not a Heavenly Master, but it’s estimated that her ability is average. She may even be a peripheral figure in the secret service department.”

Si Yang said, “so you’re here to gossip with me now?”

Li Hao turned his eyes: “am I such a gossip person? I mean, if someone you know is investigating this matter, I have someone here who can check it. Many people in the circle are buying medicine from that person. The fat water doesn’t flow into the fields of outsiders. The meritorious service is naturally cheaper for their own people.”

Although this matter has nothing to do with Si Yang, since Li Hao is so enthusiastic, he will get in touch with Shen ran and bring money into the group. At least he should show some ability to prove himself, otherwise the nominal ghost servant will lose his own people.

That night, Xia Dusheng contacted Siyang. He wanted to know his daughter’s whereabouts.

When he sees Xia Musheng again, Xia Musheng may have realized that he is dead. He originally looked normal. At this time, he showed some ghost spirit.


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