Great Celestial Master Chapter 133

Xia Dusheng has worked in the University of technology for decades. He teaches in the IT industry. Sometimes he takes his promising students to do some projects to earn some extra money. All of them have a good income, but he still lives in the staff building of the University of technology. At that time, they had been in office for a certain number of years and would divide their rooms. Xia Dusheng still lives in the house assigned by the school behind the University of technology.

The small two bedrooms and one living room have a good orientation and the light in the house is very transparent. However, due to the owner living here, even the bright sunshine can not dispel the Yin in the house.

Xia Dusheng brought out two cups of tea and saw Si Yang looking at some photos on the wall, Immediately smiled: “Those are rare family photos. At that time, the camera was expensive and it was not cheap to take photos outside. My wife forced me to take photos. Later, my daughter was born and our life gradually improved. Later, I bought a camera. Unfortunately, I was busy and didn’t have time to take a good photo, but there are many photos of my daughter. I’ll show you some of them ?”

Si Yang sat on the sofa and smiled, “OK.”

For a long time, no one has talked to him about his daughter and his family, so Xia Dusheng seemed a little happy. He took out several photo albums from the room and looked at the wear on the corners. It seemed that he didn’t look through the album in his arms at ordinary times.

Seeing Siyang looking through the album, Xia Musheng said from time to time about the interesting things that happened at that time. Although it may have been decades ago, it is still so fresh in Xia Musheng’s memory.

“Lan’er was very cute when she was a child. Her mother was busy at that time. Her mother was a doctor, so I had to take it with me. I took her to school with me. Sometimes I put her in my office, sometimes in the last row of the classroom, and gave her a picture book. She could stay in one place with her small brush box for a day.”

Then he pointed to some children’s paintings mixed in the photos. It can be seen that those photos correspond to the graffiti of children in the same period. Although the cover has been worn a lot, the things inside are kept one by one without any damage.

“The school is so big that I’m always worried about places I can’t see. I told her that as long as she gets lost, she must remember which subject her father teaches, and then ask her brothers and sisters in the school to find her father. However, Lan’er is very good and has never been lost.”

“Later, she went to school. Because of the household registration distribution, she happened to be near the school. At that time, the environment was much more humane than now, and there were not so many cars on the road. From the first grade, she could go to and from school by herself. She came to school every day after school and waited for me. She was obedient and obedient.”

The girl in the picture is wearing a beautiful little skirt. Each one smiles sweetly at the camera. She has grown from a baby like a lotus root to a slim girl.

“Later, her mother died of illness, leaving our father and daughter dependent on each other. But Lan’er was sensible since childhood. After her mother died, she was always taking care of me. That was the first time she was so far away from me. She traveled with her classmates after graduation and went abroad. In fact, I was very worried. Several girls are always worrying abroad, but my daughters are old, and I will never give up again There is a day to let go. ”

Si Yang closed the album, looked at Xia Dusheng with red eyes and listened to his story quietly.

“Unexpectedly, unexpectedly, the first time I left me, I never came back. If my daughter didn’t come back, I didn’t dare to go. This house is too old and will be demolished in two years. I’m old and have to retire, but I left here and school. What should I do if one day my Lan’er came back and couldn’t find my father? I can’t go , dare not go, how can I make my daughter can’t find her father… ”

Si Yang lowered his eyes slightly. He could understand this feeling, but he couldn’t feel it, so he had to listen quietly.

On and off, he thought and said what he thought. Until Xia Dusheng finished talking, the house was quiet for a long time. After a long time, Xia Dusheng said, “am I dead?”

Si Yang looked up at him. Xia Dusheng probably didn’t know how to accept this kind of thing, Subconsciously avoided Si Yang’s eyes: “I feel a little strange. I’m very tired, but I don’t dare to sleep. As soon as I lie down, I feel like I’m sinking. I don’t want to eat, or I can’t eat. I haven’t eaten for a long time. People are always shaking my mind. Before I thought I was a precursor of Alzheimer’s disease, but after I came back yesterday, I suddenly found that I can’t feel my heartbeat, and there are some things I don’t remember What you want. ”

Si Yang said, “what do you think of?”

Xia Dusheng looked at Si Yang, and his ghost spirit suddenly increased: “it seems that when I was sketching, one of them didn’t stand firm and fell down. But I don’t remember how I came back, and my painting disappeared. I saw the painting two days ago, but I can’t find it now.”

“Si Yang, am I… Dead?”

Si Yang nodded at him.

Previously, in school, Si Yang found that Xia Dusheng was just a wisp of soul, but obviously he didn’t know he was dead and lived as before.

People’s obsession is terrible. You can never imagine what a person can become. Therefore, Xia Dusheng’s obsession makes him feel that he is still alive and makes people around him think he is still alive. Now Siyang has pierced the things he instinctively doesn’t want to face. Naturally, this illusion can no longer be maintained.

But his obsession is still there. If he doesn’t meet his wishes and get rid of it, he will slowly lose his mind and become a fierce ghost. Instinctively, he will devour other souls and even mutilate living people in order to maintain his own strength.

For a person who has devoted his whole life to the cause of education, Si Yang doesn’t want to see him become such a fierce ghost. What’s more, it’s just a stranger who has taught himself for four years. Since he is destined to be a teacher and student, it’s enough to give him a reincarnation.

Xia Dusheng’s lips trembled slightly for a long time, and then asked, “you said before, do I want to know the whereabouts of my daughter? Can I see my daughter after I die? Or can you help me and send me to my daughter?”

Si Yang said, “your life style is the life style of being lonely and widowed in your old age, so you will die without children.”

Xia Dusheng knew in his heart that his daughter couldn’t come back. She must have had an accident outside. She just didn’t see anyone alive or dead. He would rather deceive his daughter to live well outside.

Although he doesn’t know who Si Yang is, it doesn’t matter. He’s dead and living at such an old age. It’s enough to be happy.

“I thought I could see you again. It seems that I’m too extravagant. Send me on the road. I think of my sketching place. If you help me collect the corpse, I don’t know if it will cause you trouble? Forget it. Anyway, it’s just a dead bone. Maybe someone will find it in the future. Give me some time. I’ll make a will. Although I don’t have much money, I’ll donate it to those in need I have accumulated virtue for myself and my daughter. ”

Si Yang said, “someone will help you collect your body. Although you are lonely, there are still relatives living in this world. If you want to see them, I can help you, but after seeing them, you will go where you should go.”

Xia Dusheng has no relatives on his side. The only brother died in the revolution that year. Hearing what Si Yang said, he intuitively said that he might be Lan’er’s child. His heart, which had been silent, became active again.

“But, is that ok?”

Si Yang nodded: “close your eyes and you will see a red line. Hold on to this red line and you will see it naturally.”

Xia Yuer was arranged by the secret service department in Linggu Temple. Because of her importance and being a girl, Shanji specially arranged her in an attic alone, and someone sent meals every day. Here, although Xia Yuer stayed at home, she began to recognize the world a little through the Internet and looked forward to her future. The paradise that the mother described to her will be the place where she will live in the future.

While groping for the use of the keyboard, Xia Yuer suddenly noticed a surge of Yin Qi. Xia Yuer’s eyes coagulated in an instant. The Yin Qi that could break into Linggu Temple must have come from a bad source. At present, he didn’t care to call for help from the monks in Linggu Temple and directly sent a palm to the source of the Yin Qi.

However, the palm wind hasn’t come off yet. When he saw an old man standing in the corner wearing very simple clothes, he subconsciously withdrew his strength, but there was still Yu Wei who didn’t have time to gesture. Xia Yuer was surprised.

However, the old man seemed to have something to protect him from being hurt by her. Xia yu’er was inexplicably relieved. Looking at the old man with an ordinary soul in front of him, he frowned and said, “who are you and why are you here?”

Xia Dusheng looked down at the red line in his hand. Xia Yuer also looked at his hand with his actions. A red line gradually appeared on his hand that had just nothing, and it was the palm of her hand that was involved.

Xia Dusheng restrained himself to look at Xia yu’er with a slight shiver, opened his mouth, but could not make a sound. A pair of eyes stared at Xia yu’er without blinking. The excitement and love there, as well as the yearning and eagerness to see his daughter Xia LAN through Xia yu’er, were not concealed.

Xia Yuer knows that this is a blood line. An ordinary Heavenly Master can’t let the blood line take shape, but she can’t think about it now. Looking at the person in front of her, Xia Yuer is a little overwhelmed: “you…”

Xia Dusheng choked: “I, I may be your grandfather.”

At Xia Dusheng’s home, Si Yang looked at the clouds in the sky blown by the air flow and sighed slightly. The cruelest in the world is probably so predestined. He just met, but he was facing life and death.


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