Great Celestial Master Chapter 134

Xia Dusheng’s body was found in a mountain stream. Although the temperature in the mountain is not too high, the weather has been violent for nearly half a month, and the degree of decay of the body is also very serious. According to the autopsy, it should be that after rolling down the hillside half a month ago, he was hit on his head and died of intracranial bleeding, but the professor appeared in the school three days ago, So the news of death can’t be sent directly. Fortunately, Xia Dusheng didn’t have any relatives, but he recognized a relative after he died.

Xia Yuer knew she had a grandfather. Her mother told her before that her grandfather was a very knowledgeable and elegant person, but he was not old-fashioned at all. He was very open-minded and a very excellent person. She also said that when she grew up, if she had the opportunity to go back to China, she would like her grandfather.

Xia Yuer always knew her grandfather’s name and where to teach. In fact, the first time she returned to China, she wanted to find her grandfather, see what an excellent and perfect person like her mother said, and feel the flavor of real family affection.

However, Xia Yuer was afraid that her relationship with the black witch clan would involve Grandpa, so she endured it all the time, but now she regretted it very much. If she came back earlier, if she found grandpa the first time after she came back, even if Grandpa hit this disaster, she would be able to avoid Grandpa. Unfortunately, the cruelest thing in the world is that there is no if.

Forcing the ghost to stay is to consume his merits and welfare. Although he didn’t give up, Xia Yuer sent his grandfather away. Although she missed life and death, she still enjoyed the taste of being loved in those three days.

Eating the meal cooked by grandpa and listening to Grandpa talk about the past, in just three days, Grandpa wanted to tell her all his life experience. He was afraid that she couldn’t take care of herself when she was young. He wanted to make up for the lack of the past 20 years overnight.

At any time, the good times are fleeting. Taking the deposit given to her by her grandfather, even a house that was bought long ago but has been vacant for many years, Xia Yuer cried all night after her mother died.

After announcing the news of Professor Xia’s death, the school held a ceremony for Professor Xia. Unfortunately, Xia Yuer is now sensitive and can’t attend as a family member, but many of Professor Xia’s students came. In addition to those who haven’t graduated this time, almost all of them who have attended the summer teaching program in the school were present, so Professor Xia walked very lively.

In the crowd, Si Yang looked at the black skirt girl standing at the end with an umbrella. When it was his turn, he came forward and offered a flower. Then he walked out with the crowd. Zhou Fang shouted Si Yang behind him and ran after him.

Xia yu’er turned her head when she heard the cry. In fact, she had been looking for Siyang. Grandpa told her that it was the student named Siyang who could find her. Xia Yuer thought Siyang was a young and powerful Heavenly Master, but she didn’t find the Heavenly Master in the crowd. She thought the man didn’t come, but she saw the most beautiful young man in the crowd at the first time. Unexpectedly, the man was Siyang.

Zhou Fang hooked Si Yang’s shoulder and whispered to him, “there’s a beautiful girl who has been staring at you. She’s really beautiful. She’s much better than those so-called school flowers in our school. Take a look and have a quick look.”

Si Yang said, “that’s a wizard. If you keep your voice down, people can hear you. Be careful that she puts poisonous insects on you.”

Zhou Fang resisted the desire to look back: “isn’t it? Then she can hear us now.”

Si Yang smiled: “I can’t now because I’m blocked.”

As they were talking, Xia Yuer suddenly appeared in front of them. Zhou Fang subconsciously looked back. Just now they were still far away. Flash, this is!

Xia Yuer didn’t look at Zhou Fang, but stared at Si Yang: “did you help my grandfather?”

Si Yang smiled and said, “I have done what students should do within my ability.”

Xia Yuer pursed her lips, Take a string of hands like little wolf teeth from his hand and hand it to Si Yang: “This is the holy thing of the black witch family. The Heavenly Master and ordinary people can use it. There is also the infection of dragon Qi on it. Ordinary ghosts can’t get close easily. This is one of the few things I brought back from there. Now I give it to you. Thank you for letting me see grandpa for the last time and preventing my grandpa from ending like that.”

Si Yang said, “it’s all about the teacher-student relationship in the past four years, so you don’t have to thank me. No matter what the cause and effect debt in the last life, your grandfather has taught and educated people in this life, and a good reincarnation can be regarded as a reward.”

Siyang said that and left. Although Xia Yuer didn’t even look at Zhou Fang, Zhou Fang smiled at her and chased Siyang to the bedroom.

Xia Yuer didn’t force Siyang to accept it, but he had more feelings for China. Compared with the selfish Black Witch clan, he felt that the people of China were very warm. She put the bracelet on her wrist again. Xia Yuer looked at the campus where her grandfather had devoted his life and smiled. When the storm is over, she must come here to study.

Here is the hope of facing a new life, but somewhere, it is someone’s despair.

Although the owner repeatedly stressed that he should not provoke Siyang because of LAN Xingbang’s death, even LAN Jingxiu has put it down for the time being. Even the blood pool is gone. Even if you take back the white jade and get the incomplete skills inside, there is no suitable place to practice. Although the white jade must be taken back, now we have to find out about the devil forest.

As the head of the family, the overall view is naturally based on the interests of the whole family. What does it count in front of the interests of the whole family if so many family children die, even if they are gifted. But for an old father with only one only son, losing his son means that the whole world has collapsed. What does the future development of the family have to do with him? He even has no future.

But LAN Hetong knew the difference between himself and Siyang. Even the owner didn’t dare to provoke him. He sent an invitation. The man ignored it directly. The owner was so angry that he didn’t dare to do anything. He swallowed his breath in a stuffy voice. He came to the door. It’s estimated that he didn’t even die. So LAN Hetong set his goal on LAN Jin’s cultivation.

Since Si Yang wants to protect LAN Jingxiu in this way, he will take LAN Jingxiu and bury his son together. Those who want to protect him are not protected. For an expert of Si Yang’s strength, this kind of slapping is the biggest insult to him.

Unfortunately, LAN Jinxiu has been staying on the Putian mountain of Siyang. There is a border. He tried to go up, but he failed in the end. Moreover, if there is any action on the Putian mountain, Siyang will feel it immediately. Therefore, LAN Hetong has been waiting for an appropriate time, an opportunity for LAN to be cautious and stand alone.

During this time, LAN Hetong has been crouching over him. LAN Jingxiu naturally knows that he is teasing and teasing back and forth. After some teasing, LAN Jingxiu gave LAN Hetong a close chance.

The farm house has been built, Shang Qishui has moved in, and LAN Yuzhuo is also busy with the secret service department. However, in the sensitive period, he usually stays in the secret service department to draw symbols to provide logistical assistance. The LAN family will not enter the logistics department, otherwise things will only get worse if they go too far, so LAN Jingxiu is the best one to start now.

In the empty mansion, LAN Jinxiu sat on the sofa and looked at the book. Because Si Yang was preparing to graduate from school, he didn’t bother him during this time. This time, if he didn’t want to give LAN Hetong a chance to start with him, he would probably stay in Putian mountain to practice.

When there was a strange smell in the house, LAN Jinxiu turned a page of the book: “do you know why it was your son who died?”

LAN Hetong didn’t show his figure yet, but he saw that Lan Jinxiu had found him. The whole person was surprised. His intuition seemed to be wrong.

LAN Jinxiu looked in the direction of LAN Hetong: “did you have your pen in my parents’ car accident more than 20 years ago?”

LAN Hetong frowned slightly. When LAN Jingxiu said this, he remembered those things in those years. Killing such a man was not a matter worth worrying about for them, but it was two people with many things. If they killed them, they would kill them.

LAN Jinxiu stood up and slightly raised his eyebrows: “did you forget it or did you think of it but didn’t care? It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. I’ll waste time telling you this, but I hope you will understand that your son wasn’t killed by Si Yang, it was me.”

When LAN Hetong fell to the ground and died, Siyang slowly came in from the door and glanced at the ground: “is this the rhythm of me carrying the pot again?”

LAN Jinxiu smiled: “I won’t let you carry the pot this time.”

Si Yang shrugged indifferently: “whatever, I’m used to carrying it on my back anyway.”

In the main house of the LAN family, an old servant who looked after the soul card held the broken soul card in fear and reported it to the headmaster. Seeing the name on the soul card, the headmaster’s pupils shrunk, he immediately reported it to the elder. When LAN Yiqing learned the news, it had been less than half a day.

People are waiting for the decision of the owner in fear.

LAN Yiqing looked at the elder: “based on your understanding of Siyang, do you think Siyang will do this time?”

LAN Ziming shook his head: “no, if our people annoy Si Yang, he will never kill it. He will probably bring people directly to the LAN family’s main house and kill them directly in front of us, or kill the LAN family directly.”

LAN Yiqing frowned slightly. He was obviously dissatisfied with LAN Ziming’s words. He had not been in contact with Si Yang so far, but Qian Lianliang of Lushan sect was so afraid of Si Yang. Naturally, he would not underestimate it. However, no matter what, he would not be happy to hear the other party’s words that he could destroy his whole LAN family so wantonly.

“Do you think this matter should be handled in this way? Let Xuanmen make a ruling when it’s big, or don’t press the table.”

LAN Ziming knew he was angry when he saw LAN Yiqing rolling the beads in his hands back and forth. It’s not easy to want to pass, but it’s even more difficult if you don’t want to pass.

When he closed his eyes, LAN Ziming thought of the prophecy twenty years ago. The LAN family had been prosperous for twenty years, and after its prosperity, there was only decline and destruction.


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