Great Celestial Master Chapter 135

Despite the analysis of the elder, LAN Yiqing still thinks that the successive deaths of the LAN family are related to Si Yang. Recently, they are busy with the disappearance of the devil forest, and they have no time to take into account others. A devil forest they can’t enter, they don’t know how many interests are involved. Now they always have to find someone to pay for the loss of these interests, So he simply called all the people sent out to watch back. After all, most of the value of white jade depends on the devil forest.

But when people call back, it doesn’t mean that the matter is over. LAN Jinxiu has killed. It’s so easy to stop. At least the participants in their parents’ car accident can now pay for their behavior.

Looking at the list in LAN Jingxiu’s hand, Si Yang said with a smile, “is this the death list, LAN Ziming, the elder of the LAN family? Is he also the murderer of your parents?”

LAN Jingxiu shook his head: “this is the list of people in the LAN family who participated in the Tianmo man plan. Several of them are also the ones who found out that their plan was exposed and killed my parents.”

Si Yang said, “your current cultivation is almost equal to LAN Ziming’s ability to fight. Although I haven’t seen LAN Yiqing, as the owner of the LAN family, your cultivation should not be worse than LAN Ziming, so if you are anxious for revenge now, you can only come secretly, otherwise you won’t win with less.”

LAN Jingxiu nodded: “I know, so I’m not going to come openly.”

Then he looked at the names in his hand: “one by one, let them panic.”

When LAN Yiqing called back the people who were watching their brothers and sisters outside, the LAN family calmed down for a while, but there were some rumors that the LAN family was afraid or even afraid of Siyang. The LAN family’s children died in his hands one after another, but none of the thousands of LAN family dared to stand up. Even LAN Yiqing, the owner of the LAN family, became a shrinking turtle, It seems that the luck of the LAN family has really come to an end. Where can such a family deserve the position of four people.

In the face of rumors from the outside world, many children of the LAN family couldn’t raise their heads in the secret service department, and even began to complain about LAN Yiqing. If the owner didn’t act, they would be looked down upon by others outside. Especially in the past, no matter where you are, as long as you report the name of Jincheng LAN family, who doesn’t give you three points of face. Now, it’s just a joke.

However, things did not subside temporarily as they thought. One morning, a manager of the LAN family suddenly died in his bed, and the place where he lived was the main house of the LAN family.

LAN Yiqing was so angry that he was killed in the main house, which was more humiliating than they had to swallow Siyang’s anger. This time, LAN Yiqing couldn’t keep calm. He angrily asked several elders to investigate and kill them in their main house. It’s really not in their eyes.

At the same time, LAN Yiqing also handed a prayer post to Siyang. This immediately attracted the attention of all sides. Even the heavenly masters sent out to negotiate with the black witch to investigate the devil forest heard about it, they also paid a little attention to them. If the two had friction, it would not be as simple as fire and lightning.

Si Yang smiled at the invitation: “I’m always good at talking. As long as I’m polite, I won’t shut people out.”

As a middleman, Shanji Dao is the only one who has maintained a good communication relationship with Siyang: “Lan Daoyou has been in a high position for many years. Now even if he lowers his head first, I’m afraid it may not have a happy ending.”

Si Yang smiled: “what is perfection? If you want perfection, you must put your posture low enough. If he can put it down, I can naturally give him a perfection.”

Shanji sighed lightly and shook his head. As a young man who has become famous, arrogant and has been in charge of the whole LAN family for nearly a century, he can’t easily put it down. Therefore, even if LAN Yiqing wanted to resolve it, he really underestimated Siyang’s temper.

LAN Yiqing hasn’t been out for nearly 20 years. Looking at the great changes in social development all the way, he sighed: “people’s living standards are really getting better and better.”

LAN Ziming, who accompanied him, said: “the rise of one civilization means the decline of another civilization. Sooner or later, science and technology will replace everything, including us.”

LAN Yiqing gently rubbed the trigger on his hand and leaned back in the chair, closing his eyes and refreshing himself. His great elder, his heart is separated.

Si Yang arranged the meeting on Putian mountain. LAN Ziming didn’t come for the first time, but he was shocked and speechless with the guidance of Si Yang’s ghost servant. Large tracts of LingMi planting land, some fruits and vegetables that have never been seen but can feel the powerful power from afar, and the aura that has been so strong that it has been turned into smoke. Just half a year ago, it was still a barren mountain, but now it is as beautiful as a fairyland.

Not to mention that in the place with the purest aura on the top of the mountain, a house more beautiful than a palace can never be built in such a short time.

Looking at the surrounding environment, LAN Ziming said: “I didn’t expect that the changes here are so great after a few months.”

LAN Ziming is amazed, but LAN Yiqing is in a complex mood and his eyes are dark. This is the power that monks want by all means.

Jingrou took them to the main hall on Putian mountain. The house was built overnight. It was huge and comparable to the palace. Originally, everything inside was full of antique charm, but the owner didn’t seem to like it very much. He redecorated it and replaced some items. Now it has become a style of combining classical and technology. When the owner’s school is over, he should settle here.

There is also a big Zhuangzi in the middle of the mountain, which is for those who come up to the mountain to do farm work. But now, in addition to some personnel of the secret service department and some monks of Linggu Temple, Qian Lianliang of Lushan sect also came some time ago. He also wants to send some people to the mountain to work for them at intervals like Linggu Temple, However, the host did not seem to agree and declined temporarily.

Today, Putian mountain is a sweet pastry. The farm at the foot of the mountain has not been opened, so the outside world still doesn’t know it, but in the Xuanmen, it has obviously become a holy land.

After entering the hall, the furnishings and even the decorative curtains in the house seemed to be non-existent, but LAN Yiqing didn’t care about them at this time. All his heart and eyes focused on the man who was only a teenager for him.

The man was exquisite and handsome, with extraordinary bearing. He had an undisguised dignity and pride on the corners of his eyes and eyebrows. When he saw that they were led in by the ghost servant, he supported his jaw with one hand and looked at them with eyes that didn’t even hide.

LAN Yiqing has lived for so many years and has not been looked at like this. This behavior is obviously contempt for him. If LAN Ziming hadn’t spoken to him first and reminded him secretly, he would have had an attack.

“Taoist friend Si, I haven’t seen you for a long time. I’m fine. This is the owner of my LAN family. I’m bothered today.”

Siyang looked at him impolitely for a while, and then took back his eyes: “Jingrou, serve tea.”

Jingrou bowed slightly, and then turned to the two people in the LAN family: “please take your seat.”

LAN Ziming has received Siyang’s ability more than once. He can accept this treatment calmly. But LAN Yiqing suppresses his temper and feels that his face is swollen.

Si Yang glanced at LAN lightly, which was probably different from what he thought. Suddenly, he was a little depressed: “I don’t know what you two came here today?”

LAN Yiqing secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Then he said, “Lan has been busy with housework for a long time. Today, I’m free to pay a special visit. Now the Xuanmen is declining, and people of our generation should walk around more. In addition, some time ago, Taoist priest Si and my LAN family seem to have some misunderstandings. If we don’t take advantage of today’s good time to untie all the unpleasant things, so as not to hurt our peace.”

Siyang chuckled: “I don’t have any unhappiness with the LAN family. If you want LAN Jingxiu, you can compensate me for the wealth value he can create for me. I will never ask about things between you. If you can’t compensate, there’s no need to talk about it.”

LAN Yiqing said, “since LAN Jingxiu has a prior appointment with Si Daoyou, it really shouldn’t cause Si Daoyou to suffer losses, but the amount is too huge. I don’t know if I can pay by installments.”

Si Yang slightly raised his eyebrow: “how many phases do you want?”

LAN Yiqing pondered a little: “what’s the duration of ten years?”

Si Yang shook his head directly: “No.”

LAN Yiqing said, “if Taoist priest Si doesn’t believe in my LAN family, with my status today, since what I say must count, otherwise my LAN family can be disposed of by Taoist priest Si.”

Si Yang said, “it’s not that I don’t believe your LAN family, but that your LAN family may not have ten years of luck. I asked you to pay in ten-year installments. Then you were killed and the LAN family was gone. Who do I ask for money?”

LAN Yiqing’s face suddenly sank: “we are here with the greatest sincerity today. This remark by Si Daoyou is too hurtful and friendly.”

Siyang leisurely drank a sip of tea: “I’m telling the truth or lies. You really don’t count? Well, people are best at deceiving themselves and others. Looking at the huge aristocratic family, as an authority, how can you believe that the building will collapse.”

LAN Yiqing’s green veins were beating slightly, while LAN Ziming was silent. The atmosphere suddenly became a little solidified. Jing Rou filled the tea cup for Siyang unaffected.

After a long time, LAN Yiqing said, “if we give up white jade, I wonder if we can live in peace with our Taoist friends?”

Si Yang smiled: “do you think I’m the one who broke your luck in LAN family?”

LAN Yiqing didn’t speak. Obviously, he thought so.

Si Yang smiled and shook his head: “As long as you LAN family don’t provoke me, there will be no holiday between us. I have nothing to do to kill you. What’s more, I’ve never killed your LAN family alone so far. Instead of putting doubt and speculation on me, you’d better reflect on yourself and see where the problem is. Or, you LAN family do too many evils and don’t even know where to check yourself “Up?”

LAN Yiqing endured it again and again. If LAN Ziming hadn’t been pressed aside, he would have been unbearable. He was just a hairy boy. He almost ran him into the mud and stepped on him.

While they were constantly trying to dispel their anger, LAN Ziming received a message and his pupils suddenly narrowed.

The six elders of the LAN family died in the main house and knelt in front of the gate of the LAN family mountain. They died in great humiliation.


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