Great Celestial Master Chapter 136

The six elders of the LAN family actually have no real power in the LAN family, and their ability is also the worst among the elders. They are even inferior to some managers, but their status is absolutely extraordinary, because he is the brother of the owner and the only relative of LAN Yiqing in the world.

Seeing LAN Ziming’s mobile phone message, LAN Yiqing stood up in an instant with an undisguised anger.

Although Si Yang didn’t know what information they saw, he didn’t need to guess that Lan Jinxiu killed someone in the LAN family again, even if he wanted to know. Thinking of the names on the list can cause LAN Yiqing to show such emotion, except that Lan Ziming is his brother, so he leisurely picked up his tea cup and took a sip, which made the LAN family lively.

LAN Yiqing held back his anger and said, “there’s something urgent in my family, so I won’t bother much today. As for Baiyu, I can’t make up my mind alone. When I have a decision, I’ll discuss it with Taoist priest.”

LAN Ziming, who was on the other side, naturally stood up and said, “to be honest with Taoist Si, some of the children of the Rilan family were killed a few days ago, just because it happened that those people were all the children we sent to stare at their brothers and sisters. At that time, it was only they who angered Taoist Si and died. We solemnly apologize to you for the misunderstanding of Taoist Si.”

Si Yang smiled: “it doesn’t matter. It didn’t cause me any loss anyway.”

LAN Ziming bowed to Si Yang again and said: “There are a large number of Taoist friends in Si. Today, I heard what Taoist friends said. Maybe I have seen some things about our LAN family. I just don’t know if I can ask Taoist friends for advice. Our LAN family doesn’t say how to be a big family, but there are thousands of people. If we have a feud with others, even if we want to end it, we shouldn’t involve the innocent. Now Taoist friends have gradually developed in China. The future is unlimited, but there are also many common things Not too much. My LAN family is willing to take a mineral vein as an apology for the misunderstanding of Daoyou. Please accept it with a smile. ”

This is the rhythm of going to spend money on news, Si Yang looked at the two people in front of him with a smile for a moment and then said, “three points. First, this person will not involve innocent people. He is not an innocent person who kills innocent people indiscriminately. Second, this person is alone and seeks revenge alone. Third, this person has high cultivation and unpredictable strength. I said everything I can. You Lan family’s own cause and effect will be settled by yourself. Jing Rou, see off the guests.”

Jing Rou, who was on one side, immediately came forward and said with a slight sign, “please, two.”

After they went down the mountain, they directly returned to LAN’s house. The body of the six elders has naturally been taken in. It’s really ugly to kneel and die at the door of their house. However, what makes the LAN family more worried is that although their LAN’s main house is not said to be in a desolate deep mountain, it also has a very wide area, there are no close neighbors around, there are border protection, and there are people monitoring and patrolling at all times.

As a result, Liuchang died at home and was standing at the gate in a kneeling posture, but they didn’t notice it at all. It can be seen that the villain’s cultivation is absolutely high. It’s OK to have a personal feud, but this is not the first one to die. It’s obviously a feud with the whole LAN family. Naturally, everyone is in danger.

After examination, the six elders had no obvious scars, but they died of a heart burst and were beaten out of their wits.

Although the cause of death of each dead person is different, they are all immediately frightened, and even a trace of information that can give them investigation is not left.

This time, LAN couldn’t sit still as soon as the liquidation was completed. He directly ordered a thorough investigation, and the whole LAN family was on serious alert.

LAN Jingxiu, who was far away in Zhongdu, made a slight stroke on his list, and then turned his eyes to LAN Ziming’s name.

When the weather was hot enough to explode, Siyang finally graduated. Everyone had to go through all kinds of break up meals in his life. Several people made an appointment to go to the place where they had a big meal once a year. The four people in their bedroom got along well from the beginning, and later they were almost brotherly after all kinds of things. Although everyone stayed in China and developed in the future, But when they get busy, it’s hard to get together like this.

Li Hao raised his cup and said, “it’s not easy to meet several people in a dormitory, and it’s even more difficult to meet a group of people who are in love with their brothers. Although we don’t say we come from all over the world, it’s also a rare fate that we can get along so well in the past four years. We’ll have a meal today, take the scholar’s hat tomorrow, and then go our separate ways.”

Zhou Fang interjected, “what are you running for? Everyone is in Zhongdu. But you, a busy man, must be flying everywhere. Gather when you are free. Anyway, I must be free.”

Cang Yongfeng also smiled at Li Hao and said, “yes, you are the busiest among us. In the future, you are so busy that we can only see you on TV. Come on, let’s have a toast. After tomorrow, we will become social people.”

Zhou Fang Fang: “then we’ll go out and sketch a piggy piggy?”

Li Hao smiled and rolled his head: “go to you, come and have a toast. I wish us a smooth life in the future, not wealth, but peace and happiness!”

After they had a drink, they took photos and tweeted according to the process. When Zhou Fang and Cang Yongfeng were noisy, Li Hao took Si Yang and asked, “do you know the Wang family?”

Si Yang said, “what Wang family?”

Li Hao took out his mobile phone and turned out some photos: “Just him, the Third Master of the Wang family, my mother is in the system and has some contacts. You also know that everyone in Zhongdu has contacts. If you accidentally offend someone, who knows that ghosts are gods, so some people may not know him, but you must know that the background of the Wang family is not small. The head of the military region is very hard. This third master is the direct grandson of the head, Although I’ve been in business, I’m said to be very popular at home. A little fart like me has nothing to do with this estimated eight pole. But some time ago, the little third master came to me and promised me nothing more than those resources. However, this man came straight to the point and said he wanted to know you. I didn’t promise and said to ask you first. ”

Si Yang looked at the photos and his eyebrows and eyes were full of some amorous feelings. Although he looked romantic, he was infatuated, but perhaps his fate was too good. His ancestors were both rich and kind, so some defects naturally had to be reflected in his descendants. Looking at the face of the so-called Third Master of the royal family, the dragon and Phoenix were lonely all their lives.

“If he is willing to give you resources, you can take it. Next time, if he comes to you again, tell him what he wants. I don’t intervene or intervene, as long as he has that ability.”

Li Hao gossip way: “what does he want? Don’t want to know you, ask you to help solve the trouble?”

Si Yang said, “he wants to start from a dream.”

Li Hao immediately widened his eyes: “from dream? But from dream is not…”

Li Hao immediately felt sympathy for the little third master. Who do you like? He even likes a ghost who has died for hundreds of years. This fate is too late.

Some people just couldn’t bear to mention it. When Li Hao returned to the brokerage company in the afternoon, he was blocked by the little Third Master of the Wang family.

A 26-year-old man who looked a bit yuppie stopped him with a Book: “the box office of this film may not be very good, but the government led and the gathering of celebrities are definitely forced to improve. If you make it, your starting point will be completely different. How are you satisfied with this resource?”

Li Hao looked at the little Third Master of the Wang family, who said that the crown prince was not guilty, smiled and didn’t reach out to take over the script. Instead, he said, “I’ve mentioned your meaning. Si Yang also asked me to tell you that he won’t intervene and ask for what he wants.”

Wang Zhengcheng frowned slightly. He was probably used to being praised by others. Now he took the initiative to meet this person, but they ignored him. Suddenly, he was a little unhappy: “I want to meet him.”

Li Hao said, “you don’t need to see him to know what you want to do.”

Wang Zhengcheng smiled: “Oh, what do you think he wants me to do?”

“I like the girl in other people’s family.”

Wang Zhengcheng immediately narrowed his eyes: “it is said that the girl is your classmate’s maid? I want to invite her to work in my house.”

Li Hao smiled: “Wang Shao, before doing things, I think it’s better for you to investigate the identity of my classmates first. As for where to investigate, I’ll show you a place, secret service department.”

Wang Zhengcheng’s face changed a little. He naturally knew where the secret service department was, but he didn’t think too much. A young man in his twenties, there are many little heavenly masters in his twenties. It’s just that the occupation of Heavenly Master may be very harmful to ordinary people, but it’s just that for his family. So I didn’t care much about Li Hao’s meaning, but it also showed him a way. So he patted the script on Li Hao’s chest and patted him on the shoulder: “thanks.”

Li Hao looked at the script in his hand, picked his eyebrow and accepted it impolitely.

On one side, someone’s peach blossom is in full bloom, while on the other side, someone is falling the sickle of death.

Seeing that Lan Jingxiu turned his next goal towards LAN Ziming, Si Yang said, “there are quite a lot of candidates. I think you can practice with those people. The elder of the LAN family must have some life-saving cards. You won’t master this power until soon.”

LAN Jin said, “I know, but I like this challenge, and my real goal is Lan Yiqing. If I just kill those one knife, I can solve it. I don’t know how long it will take to improve my strength. It’s better to take some people to sharpen the knife.”

Siyang nodded when he heard the speech: “just have a plan.”

LAN Jin said, “what do you think of accepting the whole LAN family?”

Si Yang picked his eyebrows: “it’s much harder to accept than revenge.”

LAN Jinxiu smiled at him, “that’s more interesting.”


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