Great Celestial Master Chapter 137

In this era of rapid information development, any news spread like a virus. Soon, the whole Xuanmen circle knew that the LAN family had been avenged. Before, the LAN family was not killed by Si Yang. Even after the LAN family’s owner visited Si Yang in person, he used a mineral vein to exchange information about the person who sought revenge from the LAN family. As for the specific information, there are all kinds of rumors, but they are all guessed by everyone. But one thing is certain, the LAN family was watched by a cruel man this time. Even the brother of the owner killed him impolitely, and he died so humiliating that he slapped his face and declared war.

LAN Ziming sat in his study and looked at the news investigated by a group of people below. He was completely at a loss. Being so mindless was tantamount to looking for a needle in a haystack. He had some speculation in his heart, but the speculation was so incredible that he couldn’t believe it. But what several dead LAN families have in common is that they have participated in several projects that the LAN family can’t see people.

LAN Ziming sighed and leaned back on the chair, rubbing his brows wearily. The micro movement of his breath made him stop his action in an instant. He looked at the empty study and said after a moment of silence: “am I your goal today?”

LAN Jinxiu came out of the shadow. If he didn’t show up, those people wouldn’t even know how to die. LAN Ziming was much more powerful.

Looking at the person who appeared in front of him without any concealment, LAN Ziming sighed slightly: “my intuition tells me that you are the person of the Fu Lan family, but this intuition is really incredible. Did you practice after meeting Si Yang later, or did you hide your strength for so many years?”

In LAN Ziming’s impression, LAN Jingxiu is a thin but stubborn little boy. Although he was affected by those things and became an abnormal person, his eyes are still firm. At that time, he thought that if Lan was careful and could practice, it must not be in the pool.

But unexpectedly, LAN Wencang’s dying divination predicted LAN Jingxiu.

LAN Wencang’s father is unknown, but his mother is Lan Yiqing’s cousin. He grew up in LAN’s family since childhood and has amazing talent, especially proficient in divination. Later, LAN Wencang went out to practice and met Shang Qishui. No one knows what happened outside. It’s just that they accidentally broke into a place, and LAN Wencang saved Shang Qishui’s life.

But LAN Wencang was seriously injured and died soon, so he divined the fate of the whole LAN family. Shang Qishui took LAN Wencang’s last divination before his death back to the LAN family, and stayed in the LAN family for 20 years according to the agreement with LAN Wencang.

LAN Ziming now wants to come, which is a little clear. Wencang’s child may have seen the end of the LAN family, but left a life for the LAN family, let Shang Qishui stay in the LAN family, and took LAN Yuzhuo as an apprentice. If the LAN family were a little better to the brother and sister, even if it couldn’t be saved, LAN Jinxiu is afraid that he will not be so crisp to avenge now.

Unfortunately, things are unpredictable. Some things may be destined to a certain end.

LAN Jingxiu looked at LAN Ziming, who was sitting like a mountain, and walked forward slowly: “is it you or we?”

LAN Ziming looked straight at LAN Jingxiu: “can you stop when I’m dead?”

LAN Jingxiu smiled coldly, “what do you think?”

LAN Ziming said, “do you really know the truth about your parents’ death?”

LAN Jin said, “it doesn’t matter. Anyway, I can’t escape from your LAN family.”

“You know, your father is also a participant in the demon plan.”

LAN Jin’s spirit remained unchanged, but his eyes were colder: “that’s why I said that you LAN family don’t have a good thing. Don’t talk nonsense. The boundary has been laid. It’s useless even if you delay any more.”

LAN Ziming stood up and calmly straightened some slightly wrinkled clothes: “come on, let me see how far you have grown.”

Si Yang is leaning on the sofa and watching his comics. The comic writer he likes has made a new one recently. However, this time is not a strong counter attack, but to wear back to various developing powers of the Republic of China. Although it is YY, life has been so tired. It’s not wrong to look at mindlessness occasionally.

Just after reading the latest serial, a smell of blood came to his nose. Si Yang didn’t lift his head and said, “someone killed?”

LAN Jinxiu entered out of thin air and sat directly on the sofa. Although the wound on his body recovered slowly, it was also healing a little. He breathed a little for a moment before saying, “No.”

Si Yang looked up at him and said, “didn’t you win?”

LAN Jin said, “no, he lost. It’s just that the LAN family needs someone to take care of it and kill all those who can. Don’t forget the empty LAN family.”

Si Yang smiled: “think about it?”

LAN Jingxiu looked at Si Yang: “well, think about it. After all, the LAN family is not completely undesirable. They have some good resources in their hands, not to mention those business development. If they take the whole LAN family, those resources will be mine, otherwise they will only be cheaper to others, but they really need to be cleaned up before that.”

In the middle of the night, the LAN family was in chaos again. The soul card of LAN Ziming, the elder of the LAN family, was broken, but the body could not be found. LAN Yiqing sat in the hall with a black face. The people in the room bowed their heads and said nothing, but their faces were in panic. After the death of one leader and two elders, who knows if the next one will be himself, but now the owner of the house has nothing to do with who the other is, which makes people’s hearts more and more floating.

Looking at the people in the room, LAN Yiqing said angrily: “check! Check it hard for me! My noble LAN family is even in and out of a deserted place. Open the house protection array for me and release the news. If anyone can provide information to the LAN family, my LAN family will reward a drop of spiritual marrow liquid!”

The people in the room immediately took a breath, and the aura was thin. It was even harder to find a drop of the spiritual marrow liquid. They offered a reward. It seems that they really paid for it this time.

The bloody storm of the LAN family made the whole Xuanmen seem to be in some turmoil. The main reason is that the reward offered by the LAN family is really coveted. A drop of spiritual marrow liquid is a dream treasure. Even if it is not used by itself, it can be exchanged for a huge wealth that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Who doesn’t like such a reward.

However, those who are restless are only ordinary little heavenly masters in the Xuanmen. Those who are good at helping Qian Lianliang sigh silently. This year is really an eventful year.

On the other hand, after listening to Li Hao’s words, Wang Zhengcheng, who went to the secret service department to inquire about Siyang, was stunned at home. He thought he was just an ordinary little Heavenly Master. It’s no big deal to give more benefits. Even the Heavenly Master’s resources can get a lot of good things with their current status of the Wang family. Unexpectedly, the man was far from what he thought.

Seeing his grandson sitting on the sofa with his face meditating on life, old man Wang came down from upstairs clutching a crutch. Mr. Wang is 70 years old this year and has abdicated for many years, but he is also a murderer. Even if he is old, his breath does not decrease. He can only be soft when facing his family. When he goes outside, he can still scare children to cry. Looking at his favorite grandson, it was rare that he didn’t wave outside, so he was in a good mood and said, “Why are you so good today, or are you making trouble outside?”

Wang Zhengcheng rolled his eyes directly and collapsed on the sofa: “am I a person who can make trouble, Grandpa, I have a crush on a girl, who is particularly beautiful and temperament.”

Mr. Wang said, “if you like it, bring it back. Which one?”

Wang Zhengcheng hummed: “I haven’t caught up yet. When I catch up, I’ll bring it back. I don’t believe it. I’m a talent, and I can’t flirt with a chick!” Then he ran out bravely.

Then there was an obscene figure climbing the wall at the top of the Secretary’s house. Wang Zhengcheng naturally wanted to visit from the gate, but the problem was that he couldn’t find the door and could only see the wall, so he saw no one around and climbed the wall first.

Watching the man climb up and slide down inexplicably, xiaofuzi glanced from his dream: “you’re so fooling around, be careful to make the master unhappy.”

Xiaofuzi smiled and said, “I’m not fooling around. It’s not the first time that that guy has come. I just want to see what he wants to do.”

There is a boundary outside the Secretary’s house. Generally, there is no door at all, let alone climbing the wall. But xiaofuzi saw that the man outside had wandered around more than once. He couldn’t help but make a ghost hit the wall to make fun of him. However, the man was wearing a lot of good things, and the ghost hit the wall didn’t work. When the master came back, they also mentioned this man. The master said it was ok, but the man came again and again. He really wanted to know what he wanted to do.

From the dream that xiaofuzi didn’t listen to advice and didn’t care about him. Anyway, it was really evil to dare to climb the wall. The master wouldn’t say that he didn’t care, so he went to one side and took a little bit of flower buds with a flower basket. Adding this kind of stamen and root whisker into the tea will make the tea more fragrant and sweet. This is what the owner sends others tea.

Seeing that there was no order on the Internet, xiaofuzi was idle and bored, and loosened the border again, so Wang Zhengcheng finally climbed up the wall. When I looked inside, I saw that I was wearing a long white skirt and my waist long hair was black and shiny. I was standing in a lush sea of flowers with a flower basket. The figure of picking flowers was as beautiful as a picture roll, and my eyes were straight in an instant.

Xiaofuzi threw a stone at the man at the top of the wall: “Hey, why are you climbing my wall?”

Wang Zhengcheng automatically blocked everyone. He picked a flower on the wall, held it tightly against the wall in one hand and stretched it out to the girl surrounded by flowers in the other hand: “little sister, can we be friends?”

He frowned at Meng, waved his hand to lift Wang Zhengcheng down, and then glared at Xiao Fuzi. He thought he had something to ask for a way to climb the wall. Unexpectedly, he was a disciple.


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