Great Celestial Master Chapter 138

Wang Zhengcheng’s lack of success in graduation did not dampen his enthusiasm, but it was also a test that the sister he liked was not playful. Well, she was a goddess. She was a little cold and carried a fan. However, when others carried that fan, he thought she should be like that. How can she look good.

Wang Zhengcheng rubbed his face, restrained his rippling expression, watched his hair and assistant come in, and hurriedly asked, “how’s it going? Did you find anything?”

Yu Zifeng looked at Wang Zhengcheng with a look that you are really evil. Although he is Wang Zhengcheng’s assistant, he is also an assistant in life in addition to work. His father was the last adjutant of Grandpa Wang Zhengcheng, so he grew up with Wang Zhengcheng.

Although Wang Zhengcheng is the youngest grandson of old man Wang, and has been all kinds of charming and spoiled since childhood, it is good that he has not raised Wang Zhengcheng so domineering. Naturally, he has pride, but in addition to his family background, he is also capable of being proud. Although his development is somewhat blessed by his family background, his personal ability is also possible. Although there is no such concept of master servant for a long time these days, it can be said that he is an elite outside and a servant in the Wang family. Therefore, Wang Zhengcheng’s three concepts of integrity and his nature of not making trouble really made him a lot easier.

But recently, I don’t know what evil Wang Zhengcheng was. I asked him to find out if there was anyone in any aristocratic family who was evil. Damn it, he felt that Wang Zhengcheng was the one who was evil!

Yu Zifeng: “I think you’re evil.”

Wang Zhengcheng held the pillow and sighed: “if only I were evil, if only I were evil, you remember to ask the Heavenly Master who lives in yufeixiang garden to exorcise me.”

Yu Zifeng rolled his eyes directly. Wang Zhengcheng picked up the pillow next to him and threw it at him: “I said, what’s the matter with your investigation, and did you find anything wrong?”

Yu Zifeng said, “there are two that meet your requirements. One is the Zhou family.”

“Zhou family? Someone in Zhou family has gone to hell? Who?” The Zhou family is also a military family. Although the high position is not as high as his grandfather, and now the power in the military region is not as big as his father and several uncles, it is also a prominent family. It is not much different from his family. When he was a child, he played in the same yard with several boys of the Zhou family. But after he started business, he was busy, and those boys became even busier after they joined the army. They didn’t have a head outside for a year, so their friendship gradually faded down.

Yu Zifeng said, “Zhou Xi, didn’t he come back from a mission two years ago and destroy one leg?”

Wang Zhengcheng nodded: “I know, beating the drug lord, didn’t his family give a great performance for that matter? I heard it was going to rise this year. It’s just that the poor guy Zhou Xi was miasma, and now his legs are useless.”

Yu Zifeng Road: “It’s said that it’s not as simple as it seems. I don’t know whether the legs are caused by miasma, but according to the investigation, the Zhou family invited some heavenly masters to see it. All those who can be invited by the secret service department were invited, but they all returned in vain. In the past two years, the Zhou family also received some pills. Although I haven’t found out what to do, I guess it should be for Zhou Xi It’s used, maybe to alleviate and restrain something. ”

Wang Zhengcheng nodded: “there’s another one?”

Yu Zifeng Road: “A real estate newly developed by the boss of Tiancheng real estate is haunted, and some of the real estate has been newly opened and delivered, so there are not many residents, but many owners who live in reflect that they can hear the voice of war and iron horse in the middle of the night. More than one resident said so. Now many people want to sell it, but because the news came out, they can’t move at all, so they are looking for developers to make trouble. That Xue Boss Ruixue also invited the Heavenly Master to see it, but he did some magic deeds and jumped the great God casually, but the shit is useless. Now his anxious hair is straight off. ”

Yu Zifeng said and looked at Wang Zhengcheng: “at present, these two are more appropriate.”

Wang Zhengcheng nodded, pondered for a moment and said, “let’s go and see Zhou Xi first. We are friends with the Zhou family. In addition, you can send someone to contact the man surnamed Xue and pay attention to the news.”

Yu Zifeng said, “what do you want?”

Wang Zhengcheng smiled: “chase your daughter-in-law!”

Yu Zifeng rolled his eyes directly and impolitely.

Siyang received Zhou Qin’s worship post and saw that the next worship post was the Wang family. He smiled and said, “No.”

Zhou Qin was stunned, Then he hurried: “Master Si, I know it’s really abrupt, but the Wang family also came for the sake of the Zhou family. Several old masters of our secret service department have seen the situation of the child in Zhouxi, but it’s not an ordinary corpse poison. It can be said to be a maggot of tarsal bone. If you want to treat it, unless there is a pill to drive away insects or cut meat and scrape bones, it’s really difficult to solve the corpse poison, which is mainly delayed Good treatment time. Now we can only invite people from the Yi family to come to suppress the situation every month, but the situation is also slowly deteriorating. ”

Si Yang said, “are you related to the Zhou family?”

Zhou Qindao: “There are some relationships, but they are not close. According to the division of ancient times, they have long been outside the five clothes, so there is little contact. The Zhou family also has some relationships in the secret service department. Therefore, after the accident, they directly went to several directors of the secret service department without passing through me. I just heard about it and didn’t participate in it. This time, the three children of the Wang family heard about master Si I couldn’t bear to live in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, and even died because of it, so I specially asked me for help. ”

Zhou Qin said what he knew again, including how Zhou Xi became what he is now, and how many unexposed things he had done for the people before.

The implication is nothing more than not talking about the Zhou family. The sacrifice made by Zhou Xi for the people alone, if there is a cure, it should not be such a miserable ending.

After hearing this, Si Yang didn’t promise anything, but asked from the dream, “do you think this man should be saved?”

Although I was surprised by the master’s decision to ask myself, I replied in the spirit of asking: “no matter which dynasty, soldiers are the most respectable and lovely. If you can, it should be the best if soldiers who protect their country can get a good return.”

Zhou Qin also wondered why Si Yang asked the ghost servant, but after hearing the ghost servant say so, Si Yang nodded and made an appointment, so he didn’t bother to think about anything else and left contentedly.

Since Si Yang promised to go and have a look, he naturally went directly to the Zhou family. Although Wang Zhengcheng wanted to put the Si family before going, he didn’t care where he could see it anyway.

An early morning joyful bath, a little spray of perfume, and a handsome but not too saunting dress, dressed up the whole spirit of the people ready to go out, already know the whole story of Yu Zifeng see is like a peacock peacock Wang Zhengcheng. A basin of cold water poured down: “although the Heavenly Master Si is willing to come out for a trip, he doesn’t need to take the girl you like. You say that girl is their maid, right?”

Wang Zhengcheng said discontentedly, “what maid! She is not a maid. She must also be a Heavenly Master. You don’t know, I was found climbing the wall that day. As soon as she waved her hand, I was directly lifted away by a gust of wind. It’s definitely not an ordinary Heavenly Master. She may be the assistant surnamed Si.” Despite that, he began to feel uneasy. He should have come to the door directly with Zhou Qin last time. What if the girl named Siyang didn’t take the girl!

Yu Zifeng couldn’t help covering his face. The strong dopamine secretion of the body really directly affected his IQ.

All the way to the Zhou family, he was restless and waited for Si Yang to come. When the Zhou family saw that Wang Zhengcheng was so dedicated and nervous for his children, they were immediately moved. Indeed, he was worthy of Lao Wang’s family. It was kind.

To Wang Zhengcheng’s great wish, Si Yang really brought the girl. As for the boy next to him, he couldn’t see it. He was full of the girl. From the dream, I naturally saw Wang Zhengcheng. His eyes were calm, but his heart said “Apprentice”.

Although the people of the Zhou family haven’t seen Si Yang, they learned that the three young scholars of the Wang family specially invited a master to save Zhou Xi. They also did some homework. They also learned about some things that the Heavenly Master Si had done in the Xuanmen recently. Naturally, they didn’t dare to neglect it. Even the old man of the Zhou family came to the door to meet him personally.

Although Si Yang didn’t like to greet people, he still said with a smile: “I’ve heard something about lingsun. Let’s go and see the situation first. If it can be cured as soon as possible, it will reduce the pain.”

Mr. Zhou naturally answered and personally led the way in front. Wang Zhengcheng didn’t have time to get to know Si Yang, but he didn’t care. He directly picked up the people of the Zhou family and walked to the nearest place from the dream, I smiled and said, “last time I was abrupt. Let’s get to know each other again. My name is Wang Zhengcheng. I have a grandfather, three uncles and an uncle. My father is the fourth. I have an aunt. I am 28 years old, Capricorn. I like traveling and eating delicious food. If you are interested, I can be a guide for you whether playing or eating.”

Li Zezhi, who followed Siyang to gain insight, saw that the man was pestering the dream, so he walked silently and crossed between him and the dream.

Wang Zhengcheng immediately looked at Li Zezhi without expression and was very dissatisfied with the boy’s behavior. Li Zezhi looked back with the same expressionless face and wanted to bubble his little sister and dream!

On one side, congmeng had never seen such a wonderful person, so he couldn’t help smiling slightly. Yu Guang always noticed that Wang Zhengcheng from the dream immediately couldn’t care about anything, and then giggled. He felt that he was really occupied. What should I do? A little love turned into good love.

Yu Zifeng, who followed at the back, covered his face again. He felt that the great reputation of the old man was almost lost.


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