Great Celestial Master Chapter 139

Zhou Xi is three years older than Wang Zhengcheng. The year of the accident, he said that he was about to be 30 years old. I’m afraid he will be pulled by seven aunts and eight aunts on all kinds of blind dates after returning from the task. As a result, the man came back alive, but as far as he is now, he doesn’t know whether he will have a blind date tomorrow or not.

At first, Zhou Xi didn’t admit his fate. He was shot in both knees, which led to his legs being disabled, but in fact, he was bitten by insects released by the drug lord when he was chasing the drug lord in the jungle. At that time, he didn’t care. After a bite, he took an injection of detoxification serum and felt that there was no problem, so he continued to catch up. As a result, his legs began to swell, and the green tendons on his legs turned black and soared. It was more like countless small insects climbing and biting.

Although the drug lord was caught in the end, the insect that bit him was bought by the drug lord at a high price from the head lowering division in Thailand. It is said that there is no solution.

After returning home, his grandfather also asked for people everywhere for him, and the government also gave him great convenience. He even invited several directors of the secret service department who were easy not to appear. However, the poisonous insect was not very powerful, but it was very troublesome and complicated.

The insect that bit him is called a thousand poisons. As the name suggests, it is the insect fed with a thousand poisons. The complex place lies in what the thousand poisons are and how the order is. If any link in the detoxification process is wrong, it is the end of life. Those heavenly masters are not sure. Even if he would rather die and try than live like this, no one is willing to solve the Gu for him.

After such torture for two years, at the beginning, the Heavenly Master’s Gu pulling can also relieve his pain and inhibit the spread of Gu insects. However, with time, the situation is getting worse and worse. Up to now, he is almost unconscious in the lower half of his body.

With his family background and ability, it’s not too much to say that he is the favored son of heaven, but now he is not only disabled in his legs, but also depends on others to eat, drink and Lazar. He even has incontinence from the loss of consciousness in his lower body. This is the biggest torture for him. If his parents hadn’t begged hard and his grandfather didn’t want to give up, he really wanted to end it by himself.

Knowing that Grandpa invited someone to watch for him again, Zhou Xi took good care of himself obediently, even though he was dead hearted. He had not lived for himself for a long time.

Although Zhou Xi has been in bed for two years, it can be seen that his family takes care of him very carefully. There is no calmness in the room. The light is transparent. Although the air conditioner is on, there are no doors and windows closed, and even some faint fragrance.

Although Wang Zhengcheng was able to contact Si Yang in this way in the name of helping Zhou Xi, he also got in touch with Zhou Xi again not long ago. At the beginning, they went to the house to uncover tiles in a hospital every day, and the most tangible one was Zhou Xi. Now, a big man of one meter eight is less than 100 Jin thin. He feels like a layer of skin wrapped in bones. He was really shocked when he came to see Zhou Xi before.

Before entering the door, he followed Mengtao and almost compared his eyesight with Li Zezhi. After entering the door, he calmed down immediately, because Zhou Xi had lost consciousness in the lower half of his body, and he couldn’t sit in an ordinary wheelchair at all. Moreover, Zhou Xi didn’t want to bother others, especially being held up and down, so he just lay in bed all day. As soon as Wang Zhengcheng came in, he saw that Zhou Xi had been helped up and sat on the bed. He walked over with a smile: “I’m in good spirits today.”

Zhou Xi also said with a smile, “it’s good to know you’re coming.” Then he looked at the very conspicuous man surrounded by the crowd.

Zhou Xi hurriedly said, “this is the Heavenly Master of Siyang, a particularly powerful master. It won’t be long before you can jump down to the ground.”

Although Zhou Xi will not despise Siyang because of his age, he does not have expectations in his heart. He has been disappointed too many times, and no matter how hot and expectation is.

Si Yang looked at the man on the bed with no desire to survive. He didn’t say much. He said directly, “open the quilt and let me have a look.”

Zhou Xi’s hand on the quilt tightened slightly. Master Zhou also knew that his grandson had strong self-esteem, so he asked the rest of the family to go out and walk away. After Zhou Xi opened the quilt and rolled up his trouser legs, it was no longer one leg. It was basically two skeletons like mummies, with only a layer of dry skin wrapped in bones, From time to time, you can see the peristalsis of living creatures under the skin.

Wang Zhengcheng has never seen such a scene at all. He must feel disgusted, but he didn’t show it. He just took a little deep breath. Yu Guang went to see congmeng, but he saw that congmeng was still calm, and it was not like he really restrained his reaction. He immediately felt that the girl he liked was really powerful, so he couldn’t help but want to gather around from the dream.

Si Yang turned to see Li Zezhi. Seeing that Li Zezhi was seriously staring at Zhou Xi’s legs, he was not frightened by the appearance of his legs and was still thinking seriously, which was a little satisfied. If Li Zezhi was frightened in this way, he would let him see something more terrible.

Li Zezhi, who didn’t know he was lucky enough to escape, was trying to observe. He even wanted to cut the epidermis to see what insects were crawling below.

Seeing Zhou Xi’s legs like this, Wang Zhengcheng couldn’t help asking, “Grandpa Zhou, why didn’t you choose amputation at the beginning? At that time, although there were no legs, it wouldn’t endanger your life like now?”

Master Zhou sighed: “if we could amputate and save our lives, we would have done it long ago. The Heavenly Master who came to relieve the insects said that if we amputate, the insects on the legs would climb directly to the heart and die immediately, so we can only restrain them in the past two years.”

Seeing that Li Zezhi had finished his observation, Si Yang asked, “what do you see?”

Li Zezhi hurriedly said, “there are black lines on the surface and red spots in the middle of the insect. These two points can confirm that the insect is poisonous, but I didn’t see the appearance of the insect and didn’t make further confirmation. I’m not sure what kind of insect it is.”

Si Yang said, “if you want to confirm, what method should you use?”

Li Ze knows: “check by means of inducing Gu incense, moxibusting licorice, holding cooked duck eggs inserted with silver needles in the mouth, and dissolving the blood from the middle Gu with medicinal powder.”

Si Yang nodded: “then you lead out to see what kind of poison is.”

Li Zezhi nodded, opened the small bag he carried with him, came forward, looked at Zhou Xi and comforted: “soon, it doesn’t hurt.”

Zhou Xi smiled: “you are free.” It’s good to make him feel the pain in his legs.

Master Zhou has also heard the name of Siyang. He has been in the limelight of Xuanmen for more than a year, and his ability is more than that of Qian Lianliang. The Zhou family can’t even invite people like Qian Lianliang. Now they are lucky to invite Si Yang, even if Si Yang obviously takes his grandson to teach his disciples. As long as his grandson can be good, everything else doesn’t matter.

This is the first time that Li Zezhi has attracted poisonous insects. He used to read it from books. If he was not nervous, it would be impossible. He was worried that his failure would humiliate his master. Carefully cut a layer of skin on Zhou Xi’s leg and found that it was empty without flesh and blood. If it was deeper, it would only be white bones.

Li Zezhi was a little flustered, but soon calmed down and directly took out the powder and applied it to the part cut by him. Soon, the peristalsis on Zhou Xi’s legs became more severe and climbed towards the place where the powder was sprinkled. Li Zezhi immediately turned out a small bowl, led a group of insects into the bowl, and sprinkled a little red powder. The insects slowly stopped struggling.

Wang Zhengcheng was surprised and couldn’t help but say, “your powder is so powerful that you can lead out the insects. Why don’t you just sprinkle more and open more holes in his legs so that all the insects can be led out?”

Li Zezhi explained while trying to distinguish the insects: “It’s not so easy to attract insects. There is a female insect in his body, which can continuously absorb nutrients from the human body to reproduce more insects. Therefore, it’s useless to attract more insects without attracting the female insect, and the female insect can only be led out by something that can restrain it, so this powder can’t solve it.”

Wang Zhengcheng gave a shout, which was a long experience.

A moment later, Li Ze told Si Yang, “master, it’s a thousand silk worms.”

Master Zhou was stunned: “isn’t it a thousand poisonous insects?”

Li Ze knows: “thousand poisonous insects are fed by a thousand kinds of poisons. The appearance of the two is the same, but the former will have a slightly invisible small red dot on the tail of the insect, while the red dot on the tail of thousand filariasis is dark, but there are strands of silk at the front end.” The two insects are as like as two peas, but only slightly different. What’s more, the smell of two insects is different. But this smell is not smell by anyone. Because he is a monk, though he is not very tall, he is stronger than all the teachers in the world, so he can see the difference between his vision and smell.

Master Zhou was stunned. He probably didn’t expect that in the past two years, even Gu insects recognized their mistakes at the beginning, and hurriedly asked, “is it easy to solve this thousand silk worms?”

After seeing the master, Li Zezhi said, “it’s not easy to solve. From the beginning of Gu, Gu insects will secrete thousands of silk threads in people’s body, and he has been delayed for two years. I’m afraid not only his legs, but the whole body has been occupied by the Gu silk of Qian silk insects.”

After hearing this, not only Zhou Xi, but also master Zhou was in a burst of despair. Looking at his great grandson, he couldn’t help crying. However, due to the presence of outsiders, although he insisted, he still sobbed slightly: “Xi’er, it’s grandpa who delayed you, it’s all my grandpa…”

Zhou Xi hurriedly said, “Grandpa, no one can blame this kind of thing. Even if I knew earlier that it was a thousand filariasis, if there was no solution, the final result would not be the same.”

Master Zhou eased his mind and looked at Siyang: “master Si, my grandson, can you still be saved?”

Siyang smiled: “saving is self-help, but it depends on whether you are willing to save.”


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