Great Celestial Master Chapter 14

Since Zhou Fang is from Zhongdu and can be said to be the closest to him now, Si Yang originally planned to ask him for dinner and bring him to recognize the door first. As a result, Zhou Fang, who wanted to live and die with the game, began to indulge in work. He worked very hard in his part-time company and began to live the life of a legendary programmer, so that even Siyang couldn’t make an appointment.

Cang Yongfeng’s sister married a man named Lin Jian. The family environment is very bad, which is worse than that of the Cang family who planted land in the field earlier. However, Lin Jian is probably the product of gene mutation. He is not so handsome, but he is also a talent. He looks good in the boundary of his village. In addition, Lin Jian is very deceptive. Although his family is poor, many girls like him.

Lin Jiankong has a leather bag. Even if his family devotes all its efforts to cultivating him, it’s a pity that he is not the material for reading. He even graduated from junior high school. He can marry cangwenli only by his mouth.

Cang Wenli graduated from high school. Because the family environment was not very good, she could only afford her son to go to college. Therefore, after graduating from high school, she went to work in the factory to supplement her family. Then she was tricked by the glib Lin Jian. She married Lin Jian at the age of 20.

In the end, this is the woman she likes and spends money to marry back. At first, Lin Jian was good to her. Anyway, she said sweet words and didn’t want money. Lin Jian’s parents were not very harsh at first. In addition, although Cang Wenli was introverted and shy, she was very diligent and did everything at home, so she really had a good life at the beginning. Unfortunately, all this has completely changed since she was pregnant with her first child.

Married to the Lin family for so many years, she tossed and tossed around for a son, and spent a lot of money. Now she’s finally pregnant. She’s still a son. Let Lin Jian divorce now? How is that possible!

The Cang family also knows that even if they ask for divorce, the Lin family will never agree. Even if the Lin family agrees to divorce after the child is born, the child will definitely be sent by the Lin family. The child his sister almost bought with her life and the only child in her life. How can she give it to that scum man.

Cang Fu also wanted to find someone to intimidate and force Lin Jian to divorce him. Anyway, Lin Jian’s family doesn’t have many relatives. Compared with their Cang family, it can be said that they are very thin. Unfortunately, now they are not better than before. Everyone understands the law and knows the law. They still live in the suburbs near Zhongdu. They can petition for anything at any time. This move doesn’t work.

Just as his parents were worried about how to get it all right once and for all, after the divorce, the child belonged to them, and Lin Jian wouldn’t bother to come to the door, Cang Yongfeng suddenly had a flash of inspiration. Maybe metaphysics can solve some things.

These days, there are not many capable people, but there are many swindlers. In particular, this kind of talk makes money by fooling. I caught a lot of money under the bridge that day. Before the holiday, Cang Yongfeng had thought about how to deal with Lin Jian, so when he left, he asked Siyang for some unlucky charms and asked his sister to turn water to Lin Jian after returning to Lin’s house.

After Lin Jian’s bad luck and brewing for more than half a month, one day, he was suddenly stopped by a middle-aged man who looked a little fairy like.

Lin Jian didn’t believe it at first, but when he heard the man saying that he divined because of fate and wouldn’t charge him a penny, he stopped to listen. Anyway, no matter what the fortune teller said, he would never give a penny.

The fortune teller pretended to throw several copper coins into a turtle shell, shook them a few times, poured out the copper coins one by one, looked at Lin Jian, and couldn’t help sighing.

Lin Jian snorted coldly in his heart. This deceptive trick must say that he has some big disasters. He has to spend money to eliminate the disasters. It’s an age. I’m afraid he has watched too many TV dramas.

However, the fortune teller did not say as he thought, but said, “Sir should be the fate of rich offspring. It is destined to have three women and a man.”

Lin Jian was shocked when he heard this, but he didn’t show it, but just now he wavered a little with the idea that he didn’t believe whatever the fortune teller said.

The fortune teller didn’t look at him, Instead, he kept looking down at the things divined and said: “Mr. Fu Yuan is in the second half of his life. His children’s palace is prosperous, especially the three women are rich, so the first half of his life should be relatively poor, but in his later years, he has enjoyed the life of happiness and longevity. However, according to the divination, Mr. Fu’s wealth has been broken. Is there something wrong in the middle that led to the early death of his three women?”

The fortune teller looked at his face suspiciously for a moment. At this time, Lin Jian began to turn pale. At the thought of the three children he forced his wife to kill, he didn’t know whether to regret or hate. He asked anxiously, “teacher, master, is there a remedy?”

The fortune teller shook his head: “fate has its own destiny. If you miss it, you will miss it. Just as there are many forks in life, can you let time go back to the fork? But according to the divinatory symbols, your three fortunes do not die out naturally. Now they have taken a bad breath. If you don’t solve it, you won’t just lose money in the future.”

Hearing this, Lin Jian became more and more nervous and hurriedly asked, “what do you mean? What will happen to me in the future?”

“When you step on the frost, you should know that the icy day is coming. It means that when you do something, you should know the consequences of it. This is a cause and effect. If I’m not wrong, you should also come, but after your three daughters died.”

Lin Jian nodded with a white face.

The fortune teller sighed: “You should have been an ordinary fate to hit this son, but because your three daughters are prosperous and influenced by the luck of your compatriots, they should also be regarded as rich and noble life. But now the three sisters who can bring him rich and noble life die early. When they are formed in their belly, they are unwilling and resentful. We can imagine how the child will affect you after birth. Since your wife became pregnant , if you think back on the events during this period, is everything going wrong? ”

Lin Jian subconsciously recalled what he said. Everything was not going well. Originally, he received a big work list. Although he had to go out for several months, this trip could make him lie at home and eat for two or three years. Unfortunately, in the past, the construction was frequently blocked. Finally, I didn’t know what had happened to my hair. I dismissed them all and took the wages for those days.

It was even worse when I came back. I went out to wrestle and was involved in a group fight at night. I almost got into the Bureau and was intercepted for the agreed project. Just two days ago, he wanted to go to the construction site to find a foreman he knew before to see if he could find a project to do. As a result, a steel bar suddenly slipped on it. If he didn’t react quickly, he would die if he hit it directly. At that time, he saw the steel bar falling to his feet and almost didn’t pee his pants directly.

Thinking of this, Lin Jian believed in the fortune teller more. He firmly grasped the fortune teller’s hand and almost knelt down: “master! Master, please help me! Please! What should I do? Can I not have this son?”

The fortune teller patted him and pulled out his hand, Laughing: “Since fate asked me to stop you, I can help you if I can. If you want to get rid of bad luck, this son certainly can’t want it, but your three women who can’t grow up also have resentment, and I’m afraid this resentment has been connected with your first wife. If you don’t give up this karma, it will be sooner or later affected by evil spirit and die in the future, but I’m afraid there are your reasons for this, you You can’t escape. What you can do now is that Haosheng has left your wife. Remember to send Haosheng away, and then do a Dharma for your three early dead daughters. Do more good deeds in the future. Remember, don’t be involved in human life causality. You use the good fortune of the second half of your life to offset the death disaster caused by human life causality. You will be contaminated a little more in the future, That’s true. The immortal Luo can’t save you. But don’t worry. According to your life, you will still have your wife and palace luck in ten years. If you accumulate virtue and do good deeds enough in these ten years, you may be able to help your lucky child be born. ”

After hearing this, Lin Jian was relieved and hurriedly said, “how to do this? Master, can you come home with me?”

The fortune teller shook his head, took a folded talisman paper from his body and handed it to him: “you still have a death robbery today, which can protect your life. You can find a temple with high incense and offer the eight characters when your child died in the temple.”

Lin Jian held the talisman tightly in his hand: “thank you, master! How much is this?”

The fortune teller smiled: “it’s said to be fate. Naturally, he won’t charge you a penny. Go back and send your wife away. I’m afraid the month of the child is not small now. Remember, even if the child is born, you can’t see or touch it, let alone tell your last name. The rest depends on your luck.”

With the talisman paper, Lin Jian went home in fear. If the fortune teller asked him for money just now, he could excuse that he might be a liar, but people not only didn’t ask for money, but also gave him the talisman. What did they want? After thinking about it, he became more and more convinced of the fortune teller and began to think about how to prevent the child from getting divorced.

When he was about to get home, Lin Jian was still thinking about how to get divorced. Just after he took a step, the rune paper in his hand suddenly sent out a burning heat. He jumped up directly and subconsciously threw the rune paper out. The next second, a car rushed out of the street and almost sped by the corner of his clothes.

Lin Jian immediately fell to the ground with his legs soft, his face pale and sweating. The profound experience of passing by death for the second time made him look like death. If he hadn’t been burned by the rune paper just now, he would have sold that step. At the speed of the car just now, he would only have been hit and flew!

It worked. What the fortune teller said just now worked!


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