Great Celestial Master Chapter 140

Hearing that Si Yang said he could save him, master Zhou was naturally very excited and hurriedly said, “master Si, as long as I can do it, even if I give up my old life!”

The Zhou family can be said to have joined the army from generation to generation. Although they seem to be very powerful, they really don’t have much wealth in terms of money. The position and weight of the Zhou family are not too high. Such a towering tree flatters more, but they want to cut down more trees. Moreover, their family style of the Zhou family has always disdained those who come from other ways to make money.

Mr. Zhou also inquired about Siyang’s style. He always started with ten million words. The Zhou family doesn’t have the money, but his son-in-law does. If you really want to take it out and bite your teeth, it’s OK.

Zhou Xi heard grandpa’s words and quickly made a voice to stop: “Grandpa!”

Mr. Zhou stared at his grandson and said, “what are you shouting? I’m not deaf, Grandpa. Shut up!” Having said that, Sun Tzu smiled at Si Yang and said, “Si Tianshi, if you have any requirements, just say it!”

Si Yang smiled: “ten million is the most basic. In addition, you have to build 20 primary schools in the mountainous area. Such good deeds will involve the luck of your Zhou family. If I don’t want to give up, I won’t force it.”

Master Zhou hurriedly said, “willing, willing, naturally willing!”

Si Yang looked at master Zhou and continued: “there is also a crystal chessboard from the Shang and Zhou dynasties. I will buy this chessboard myself, but you need to help me find out where the chessboard is.”

Lord Zhou nodded and said, “although I dare not promise you that I can do it, my Zhou family will try my best to check the whereabouts of the chessboard.”

Si Yang said, “these are things outside your body. They are basic conditions. Another necessary condition is to exchange your Zhou family’s ten-year luck for his life.”

It’s about the whole Zhou family. Mr. Zhou didn’t dare to promise rashly, but asked carefully, “what’s the meaning of this decade’s good fortune?”

Siyang Road: “Your ancestors of Zhou family have been good for three generations and have accumulated a lot of happiness, so you can have today’s great wealth and wealth. Zhou Xi is destined to have this disaster. Although it is not a fatal disaster and there is no need to change his life another day, it is also difficult. You must stop it with luck. At that time, your Zhou family will be depressed for a period of time. The high position will have a slight impact and the low position will be depressed and frustrated, but if you work hard For good, the situation is not irreversible, but this depression is ten years. We can only say that each has his own life in the future. ”

Zhou Xi closed his lips and looked at Siyang, Then he said to master Zhou: “Grandpa, apart from me, there are many young people growing up in the Zhou family. They can’t delay their whole life because of me. Ten years is neither long nor short, but for those who are struggling and developing, this decade can be said to be the most golden time. Grandpa, in order to save me, it directly leads to the bumpy and blocked progress of all the next generation of the Zhou family. No It’s worth it. ”

Zhou Xi said and looked at Si Yang: “today, I have a Heavenly Master, Lao Si, who came for nothing. It’s my life. I recognize it.”

Wang Zhengcheng stood silently in the corner. This choice is really difficult. It’s too difficult to choose. Saved, that is to use the development of the whole family to save. If you don’t save, but you have to give up the hope of saving. This is the biggest torture. Families like them, let alone ten years, have countless people stepping on you to climb up after a small step back. It’s really hard to relax for a moment.

Master Zhou was very silent for a while, and Siyang was not in a hurry. Not everyone can make this decision neatly.

Finally, the old man clenched his teeth and said, “help! Even if my children and grandchildren of the Zhou family are stepped into the mud, they will be able to climb up with their ability one day!”


The old man made a final decision: “well, it’s so decided. Please ask Heavenly Master Si to save my grandson!” Seeing that Zhou Xi still wanted to speak, master Zhou said in a deep voice: “it’s too smooth. Sooner or later, the Zhou family will finish. If there are no obstacles on the road of life, there will be no way to go for a long time. You should trust your family and yourself!”

Zhou Xi closed his eyes and asked him to accept such a decision. It was really torture for him, but grandpa’s decision can never be changed. In that case, he had to accept it. He must repay the sacrifice made by the Zhou family for him in the future.

Seeing that they had made up their mind, Si Yang no longer wasted time and didn’t mind being watched by others. He didn’t clear the scene. As soon as he turned his hand directly, there was a round jade with a depression in the middle. He took out a tube of milky liquid and poured it into the depression of the jade, and ordered: “take a basin and fill it with half of the water.”

Master Zhou immediately turned around and called for people. Wang Zhengcheng, curious about the onlookers nearby, came to him and whispered from his dream, “what’s in your Heavenly Master’s hand? How do you do it?”

Before he could speak from his dream, Li Zezhi interposed: “please be quiet.”

Seeing that he looked at himself from the dream, Wang Zhengcheng quickly made a sealing action and stood aside honestly.

Instead, Si Yang said: “this is the stone Gu, a kind of shell when the Gu king was born, and this liquid is the medicine juice condensed from a kind of herbal medicine. Any Gu insect will only surrender to the Gu king, and this medicine juice is the favorite thing of Gu insects.”

Wang Zhengcheng heard the speech and said, “aren’t there these two things that any insect is not afraid of?”

Si Yang said, “of course not. If you don’t have the ability to control these two things, the person you hold will only be eaten by the poisonous insects attracted by it.”

Thinking of the picture of being eaten to death by insects, Wang Zhengcheng gasped. Seeing that Si Yang was very good at talking, he wanted to get close to him and have a good look. He also retreated half a step silently. In the face of this unscientific existence, he had to be counselled.

Mr. Zhou didn’t let anyone in. He personally brought in a basin with half a basin of water and put it by his grandson’s bed according to Si Yang’s instructions.

Si Yang said: “you step back. If you feel sick, please run out and vomit.”

People have expected a bad picture and thought that they must resist no matter how disgusting they are later. At most, they are full of insects. Anyway, they don’t have any dense phobia.

However, the real scene is always unexpected. They only saw Si Yang cutting wounds on Zhou Xi’s legs with a knife, but there was no flesh and blood in the cut place. Although they had seen it before, they still felt a thrill.

But soon, a scene that made them more creepy appeared. The liquid thing in Siyang’s hand raised wisps of white smoke, and the people in the room immediately smelled a very good smell of herbal medicine. A moment later, the wriggling in Zhou Xi’s legs became more obvious, and even there were clusters of drums under his skin crawling towards the opening.

The crowd retreated again and again, even Zhou Xi. Although he didn’t feel it, he still looked pale, but stared at his legs without moving his eyes. He should remember all this. All the pain and suffering are the cushion for his future success.

A stench accompanied by the poisonous insects climbing out of Zhou Xi’s body filled the whole room in an instant. Master Zhou had been on the battlefield when he was young. Although this scene was disgusting, it still lasted. Wang Zhengcheng was still a young master under the red flag, even though his personal ability was good. However, due to the dream beside him, he held back. He felt that after today, he was sublimated.

Those poisonous insects led out by Si Yang were controlled by Si Yang with spiritual power and climbed to the water basin one after another. However, these thousand silk worms died in water and soon died in pieces.

Seeing those insects far away from his body, Zhou Xi clenched his hands. He finally didn’t have to endure such a life without people and ghosts.

Suddenly, Zhou Xi felt that his heart was clamped by a pair of big pliers. Suddenly, he moaned unprepared because of the pain. The person who had been sitting at the head of the bed suddenly curled up.

Master Zhou was shocked. He instinctively wanted to come forward, but Li Zezhi grabbed him: “the mother of thousand filariasis is in the heart. Now my master is leading out the mother Gu. If you interrupt, all your previous efforts will be wasted.”

After hearing this, master Zhou calmed down. Although the Heavenly Master who came to see his grandson may have mistaken the insect, he also said that the mother of the general insect is in the heart, so there is a slight risk of direct death, so he dare not act rashly.

Soon, Zhou Xi crawled beside the bed and vomited blood. The smoke gray carpet beside the bed was soon dyed red. It felt like he was going to vomit all the blood in his body. Until the last bite of blood was accompanied by a mass of black flesh and blood, Zhou Xi passed out directly.

Si Yang threw a white jade bottle at Li Zezhi: “pour it down for him.”

Li Zezhi did it quickly. Si Yang wrapped the blood and flesh on the ground with his spiritual power. They saw Si Yang’s fingers flying, and they seemed to be pinching his hands. However, when staring at it, they only felt dizzy in their eyes and immediately dared not look again.

After a few breaths, the flesh and blood hanging in the air was shrinking little by little, and there was a layer of blue flame outside, but the people could not feel the slightest heat. Si Yang clapped his hands until the whole black flesh and blood was burned to ashes.

On one side, he immediately came forward from the dream and handed a wet towel. Si Yang took it and wiped his hands and said, “your grandson’s affairs have been solved. Later, I will give you a bottle of medicine with ten pills in it. Swallow half of them with water every time and once every three days. When you finish all of them, your grandson will be like a normal person.”

Mr. Zhou thanked his grandson excitedly. He looked at his grandson drinking the things given by Si Yang, and his face seemed a little more bloody. He almost couldn’t help crying. His favorite grandson, who is also the most capable grandson of the Zhou family, was finally well. After two years of sadness, the Zhou family could finally clear up.

However, before waiting for Mr. Zhou to be happy for a long time, Si Yang said, “your grandson’s problem has been solved, but I suggest you find someone to have a look at your Zhou family’s problem. When you just came up, you seem to see one or two antique objects. Although these old objects are valuable, if you don’t understand them, you’d better not put them at will.”

Just as master Zhou was preparing for a detailed inquiry, Si Yang gave him a bottle of pills and took his people away directly. Seeing that it was difficult to retain master Zhou, he had to send them to the door in person. Wang Zhengcheng naturally sent them all the way. Unfortunately, he didn’t talk to him from beginning to end of his dream. But fortunately, he knew her name. From dream, from dream, the name was so beautiful.

Wang Zhengcheng didn’t return to the house until he couldn’t see the other party’s tail. He wanted to say goodbye to the old man, but he saw the old man frowning at several things in the house. Thinking about what Si Yang said just now, he hurriedly asked, “Grandpa Zhou, what are antiques, or are they all?”

Mr. Zhou pointed out a few. Although he is not addicted to antiques and not very expert, he likes collecting them. Some are bought by himself and some are given by others. In addition to a display cabinet downstairs, he also has a specially placed room. However, Si Yang said he saw it when he came up. The problem should be in these things downstairs. As for which one, Of course he can’t see it.

When he was thinking about who to ask for help, Wang Zhengcheng said with some doubts: “Grandpa Zhou, do you feel inexplicable and scared when you look at this painting?”

Mr. Zhou looked up along Wang Zhengcheng’s words. It was a picture of eight horses. When he looked at the eight horses, his eyes seemed to look at the people who were watching, but it was normal to wait for a closer look. Suddenly, Mr. Zhou’s whole hair stood upright.


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