Great Celestial Master Chapter 141

Since ancient times, many people have painted eight horses, but the most famous ones are those. It is said that the authentic work of Xu Beihong hung in master Zhou’s house, but the water depth of antiques is very deep. In particular, the authenticity of this internationally famous painting is difficult to distinguish. It is claimed that what is displayed in a museum is authentic, but people in the industry know that it is a high imitation, Over the years, the whereabouts of authentic works have been a mystery. Many antique lovers say that their collection is authentic works. Just like master Zhou, they also feel that their income is authentic works, so they hang it in the living room.

However, the old man was sure that he was not dazzled by what he saw just now. Therefore, it can be concluded that what Si Yang just said must be that there is something wrong with the painting, or there may be something wrong with several things.

Wang Zhengcheng touched his chin and stared at the painting. The more he looked at it, the more inexplicably frightened he asked, “Grandpa Zhou, when did you get this painting? Who gave it to you?”

Master Zhou said, “it was more than three months ago. It was a private small auction…”

When Wang Zhengcheng saw that master Zhou was suddenly silent, he guessed that he should have thought of a different place, but this was not a matter of his family. If he intervened too much, it would be annoying.

Now he invited Si Yang under the banner of Zhou Xi. He met Si Yang and met the girl he wanted to know. He first invited Si Yang to cure Zhou Xi, which is a favor to the Zhou family. Although master Zhou’s status is not as good as his own, it can not be underestimated. His two families have a good relationship, and now they should be more and more friendly, One more friend with a strong relationship is always a help. As for the ten-year luck, as long as the Zhou family does not fall down, it will rise in the future. At that time, the value of these feelings will naturally be reflected today.

Therefore, Wang Zhengcheng didn’t intend to stay much longer. He always had to go back and tell his grandfather about it. So he agreed to see the recovery of Zhouxi in a few days, and Wang Zhengcheng went home.

The old man stared at the picture on the wall with a gloomy face. He didn’t sit back on the sofa until several children came back. The Zhou family has a small population, but there are also many. They have three sons and one daughter. After their families, some have one child and some have two children. Generation after generation, they can’t sit down at a table for the reunion dinner on New Year’s day. In addition to the eldest son’s absence from Zhongdu, the other two sons and one daughter are developing in Zhongdu. The old man is another person, and the children are filial. Everyone will come back to eat with the old man every week.

Because Mr. Zhou is old and has complete nursing care at home, now he retires at home, which is better than those children who are busy and can’t see anyone. Therefore, his grandson Zhou Xi has been raised in the courtyard with him since the accident.

When the family came back, they planned to go upstairs to see Zhou Xi as usual. Although the situation of Zhou Xi was bad, they tried all kinds of methods in vain. They basically had the worst psychological preparation in their hearts, but the old man was unwilling to give up. They didn’t want to disobey the old man’s meaning and wanted to make Zhou Xi happy for one day, So anyone who comes back will go to see him at the first time to let Zhou Xi know that his family still cares about him very much, but he was stopped by the old man today.

The crowd couldn’t help but click. It wouldn’t be very good, but if it wasn’t good, it wouldn’t stop them from going to have a look.

People sat in the living room with the old man in doubt. Several young people said some interesting things or news to mediate the atmosphere. The house looked very lively. After Mr. Zhou and others came back, they told everyone the news that Zhou Xi had been cured, and then looked at their only son-in-law: “I should receive the ten million reward from the Heavenly Master, but I can’t get around at home for a while. I have to ask you to pay in advance, and I’ll make up for it later.”

Mr. Zhou’s son-in-law is Shu Mingrong. He and Zhou leqian are college classmates. They are free in love and full of wife slaves. The young couple did not take an official career, but developed business. The old man of the Zhou family was still in power at that time. He had strong contacts and gave a lot of convenience. After decades of development, Zhou leqian had already retired behind the scenes and became a full-time wife, while her husband Shu Mingrong also made his career bigger and bigger.

All rigid indicators within the military system must not be exceeded, but the married daughter’s husband’s family is engaged in business, which is certainly out of control. There are countermeasures and policies in everything. It’s better to give convenience to your own family than to others. Although Shu Mingrong will not bear the extra expenses of the whole Zhou family, the annual filial piety must be indispensable.

Shu Mingrong is also a very grateful person. He knows that his enterprise can achieve today’s level. The old man’s help behind his back is absolutely spare no effort. In addition, last week’s family had only such a daughter, so he was naturally good to his son-in-law. After decades of getting along with him, he has long regarded himself as the Zhou family and the old man as his own father. The father needs money. If a son has that condition, how can he have two words? Of course, he can give it simply.

“Dad, what do you say? If the brook is good, don’t say ten million. I’ll give you any more money. How can it make you tired to take care of the brook and take out your old capital? What’s more, the brook grew up beside us and is closer than our own son. When we get old, our own son can’t count on it. It’s estimated that we should rely on the brook for the elderly.”

Shu Tao, Shu Mingrong’s own son, was holding a big apple to chew. When he heard the old man’s words, he jumped up: “Grandpa, really? My second brother is good? Really good?”

The old man smiled and said, “well, it’s really good. You’ll completely recover after a period of time.”

Shu Tao is five years old. Zhou Xi raised Shu Tao. His cousin’s feelings are even better than his cousins. Hearing that Zhou Xi is really good, Shu Tao can’t wait to run upstairs to have a look, but he was pressed down by the old man. This man has just pulled out the Gu, so he’s better to rest.

The atmosphere in the house became more and more active and happy. After all, a heavy burden on my heart disappeared. Although I haven’t seen Zhou Xi now, I’m sure the old man’s words can’t be fake. Mr. Zhou didn’t say anything about the luck in those ten years. Even if he did, he should only tell his children that they are so old and have experienced all the things they should experience. In the future, even in the face of the above unexpected changes, as long as they stabilize, the Zhou family will not be in chaos. As for those small ones, they should be honed when they should be honed.

However, although Mr. Zhou looked at the smiling faces of his children and grandchildren, his eyes paid attention to the look of everyone. When he heard that he asked his son-in-law for $10 million, and the son-in-law promised, his eldest grandson Zhou Quan smiled, but his eyes changed. This week, the old man’s heart sank more and more.

Si Yang soon received the remittance from the Zhou family. As for the school, it can’t be done overnight. What’s more, the Zhou family has given so much bleeding. It’s reasonable that there is insufficient spare power in other places. Anyway, the 20 schools he asked for are just to stabilize the Zhou family’s luck. An aristocratic family that is good for the third generation and can prosper the national fortune should not end up like this.

Although Li Zezhi only learned some skills superficially, he couldn’t see the problems of Zhou Xi at that time. When he looked back a little, he could sort out some thoughts, but Chao Siyang, who didn’t quite understand, asked, “master, since you have taken over the numbness of the Zhou family, why don’t you just solve them together?”

Zhou Xi’s affair looks like an accident, but it can’t stand careful deliberation. This thousand filariasis won’t kill people immediately. What do drug lords do with such things that can’t save their lives immediately? It doesn’t make sense at all.

Moreover, the thousand filariasis also has a name called shiyunchong. Generally, the thousand filariasis will slowly empty a person’s body, but if the insect keeper feeds it with his own heart and blood, the person who is poisoned by the thousand filariasis will empty his body a little bit with insect silk in that person’s body. Without saying, he can steal the whole fortune of that person. But this kind of luck insect is extremely difficult to feed, and the feeding person should feed with a goal, otherwise the other party’s luck is too prosperous, the luck insect can’t bite down at all, and it’s just in vain. The key is that it takes at least five or six years, or more than ten years, to feed such a lucky insect. This is definitely a purposeful plan.

It can be seen that the matter of Zhou Xi is definitely targeted at last week’s home. In addition, those unclean things outside last week’s home, I’m afraid the net has long been spread out and will be closed. So Li Zezhi didn’t understand why master saved Zhou Xi but didn’t help them clean everything.

Si Yang said, “it’s easy to work once and for all, but if you don’t eradicate it, there will never be a day of eternity. But if you eradicate this, there must be others. Can you clear the obstacles for others again and again?”

Li Zezhi shook his head. Sure enough, what he thought was too simple. He didn’t look like his master. He had seen all the next hundred steps in one step. He didn’t know when he could be as powerful as his master.

In the eyes of Li Zezhi’s worship, Si Yang continued: “if you can solve the problems that others can’t solve, it’s your ability. If you can solve them, you’ll do more. It’s better to be more nosy than less. If you have time to mind your own business, you’d better practice well. What’s the level of sword formula practice?”

Li Zezhi: “… The third floor.” Parents who check the progress of homework anytime and anywhere are the most terrible.

On the other hand, with the clues provided by Li haoyouqing, Shen ran, who followed Shan Hexuan personally for the first time, also made progress, but the results of the investigation were greatly unexpected.

There are three groups in the secret service department. The captain of the three groups is missing and the vice captain is poisoned. Now he is still alive in the secret service department by a group of heavenly masters, and the result of this investigation is directed at the missing captain of the three groups. I just don’t know whether someone intervened and deliberately guided the result, or whether the captain of the three groups really betrayed China.


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