Great Celestial Master Chapter 142

Li Hao got some news from Bai Jing before. He knew who was selling weight-loss pills in the entertainment industry. Although the price was expensive, that little money was really nothing for these stars. After all, the industry was quick to get money. If he could eat without being fat and keep slim, he would earn the money sooner or later.

For the entertainment industry with extremely harsh external conditions, it is conceivable how much a small pill attracts people. However, even if it is circulated secretly, some qualified stars dare not start easily. Instead, the best sellers are young models or online popular broadcasters. Therefore, Bai Jing has heard of this weight loss drug, but she is not excited at all. If the side effects are large, Then you’ll really ruin yourself.

When the little second-line, who had a high appearance rate recently, died of diet pills, the whole entertainment circle was in panic, and the younger sister selling diet pills also fled. However, no matter how fast and far ordinary people run, as long as a little breath remains, it is easy for the Heavenly Master to find someone.

According to the investigation of the younger sister who sold pills in the entertainment circle, the source of the sale was finally found in a girl named Huo Suxin.

Over the past six months, Huo Suxin has made a lot of money because of her own transformation and relying on the pills of unknown origin. Two months before the accident, Huo Suxin even bought a villa and picked up her parents in her hometown. Some relatives and friends are also envious and jealous when they see her so promising. Such vanity has brought great satisfaction to Huo Suxin. With the pursuit of excellent men around her, Huo Suxin has reached the peak of her life after losing weight.

But as soon as the news of death caused by diet pills came out, Huo Suxin fell from heaven to hell. However, she was not stupid enough to wait to die. When she sold weight-loss pills before, she was afraid that the place where she bought pills would find her second sale, so she always did it very carefully. Therefore, as soon as something happened, she immediately cut off contact with all offline.

As for the sequelae of taking weight-loss pills, although she was worried, she did not go to the designated hospital for treatment according to the instructions on the news. She would rather be beautiful and thin than become ugly and fat.

After hiding for a period of time, the attention to diet pills in the news gradually decreased. Although there was a lot of trouble on the Internet, she deceived herself and others by shutting down the Internet and felt that things had calmed down. So when she was found, she was shocked and flustered and completely confused. Without waiting for the secret service to torture her, she told everything she knew, and even the place where some pills had been kept had been told.

However, the website Huo Suxin said no longer exists, and there is no effective information on the weight loss pill express box. However, the picture sensed by the last express is that a ghost servant put the express at the place Huo Suxin received the goods and disappeared.

However, the Heavenly Master who sensed his hand was a member of the three groups of captains. He recognized the mark of the ghost servant hidden by his collar, which was the customary mark of Tuo Pengcheng, the captain of the three groups.

After discovering this, Shan Hexuan immediately reported the situation. Whether he was guided intentionally or the ghost servant was really Tuo Pengcheng, it was always a clue.

At the same time, the story that Si Yang solved the Gu for Zhou Xi of the Zhou family also spread. Seeing that all kinds of methods had been exhausted but still unconscious, Shao Yutang, the vice captain, and Che Guoyuan, the Minister of the secret service department, paid a personal visit to Si Yang.

Che Guoyuan looks like he’s in his thirties, but he’s actually over a hundred years old. Even so, he doesn’t dare to be big when he sees Si Yang, and his attitude is very respectful. Although he is in officialdom, he really hates officialdom. Coupled with the particularity of his identity, no one dares to play officialdom in front of him. Therefore, the habit he has developed in recent decades makes him know his intention directly after politely saying hello to each other.

Seeing Siyang drinking tea without speaking, Che Guoyuan said: “I know that friars also pay attention to cause and effect, but this matter is important. I also ask Taoist friend Si to help us. I don’t dare to ask too much. I just hope Taoist friend Si can solve the Gu for the child. We should pay a lot of money to thank him for solving the cause and effect, and the rest will certainly not involve Taoist friend any more.”

Si Yang shook his head: “it’s not that I don’t help, but that I can’t help.”

Che Guoyuan frowned slightly. He naturally believed that this was not Si Yang’s excuse, but even the friar could not do it. Now I’m afraid that Shao Yutang, who was in a coma, knows the most. Tuo Pengcheng also seems to have a trace, but his enemies and friends are unknown. They don’t even know what the purpose of the man who acted secretly is, The enemy’s passivity is really quite powerless.

Si Yang said: “I respect the way you are. I can let the heavenly masters walk in the world openly and justly on my own. In order to protect the whole China, I do my best. Now as a member of China, I naturally hope China is good, but I can’t help it.”

Seeing that Che Guoyuan was disappointed, he didn’t have any dissatisfaction. Siyang said, “although I can’t help, someone may be able to provide you with some help.”

Che Guoyuan’s eyes brightened: “who is it, please?”

Si Yang gave Che Guoyuan a voice paper crane and asked him to contact by himself. Although he failed to invite Siyang, Siyang somehow showed him a way. After giving a solemn thanks, Che Guoyuan stopped bothering and left.

On the contrary, Li Zezhi, who was caught by Si Yang during the summer vacation, came down from upstairs and looked at Si Yang curiously: “master, didn’t you say that Shi Gu can lead to thousands of Gu? What Gu did the Minister of the car want to save just now? Why can’t even Shi Gu solve it?”

Si Yang said, “Gu is easy to solve. His life is difficult to save trouble, so let him find someone else.”

Li Zezhi also wanted to know who the other person was, but before he could ask, he was looked at by the master. He couldn’t help but return to the practice room consciously.

After the person who was blamed by Siyang received the voice transmission from Siyang, and then received the voice transmission from Che Guoyuan, the paper crane naturally dealt with it calmly, so as not to be confused. After the meeting time was agreed, LAN Jinxiu ran to find Siyang.

Seeing the visitor, Siyang smiled and said, “I knew you would come. I didn’t drink tea or wine today. It’s made by Fat Chef with LingMi. Have a try.”

LAN Jinxiu smelled a smell of wine before he entered the house. Although he was not greedy for wine, the smell also made him want to drink more. It’s needless to say that wine is good wine, but he has to ask about Che Guoyuan.

Si Yang smiled: “just let you put the LAN family a little and find something else to do. The skinny camel is bigger than the horse. Unless you kill LAN Yiqing directly, the LAN family is forced to be anxious. It’s not impossible to find you, not to mention that it’s your part.”

LAN Jinxiu thought of the dragon soul in an instant. This was the price he had to pay for his strength to protect China. He frowned slightly and said, “what the vice captain of Zhonggu is involved in is already related to the crisis of China?”

“There are too many loopholes. One day you will be hollowed out. You have the right to practice. Moreover, working for the country will only make your luck fit the whole country better. It’s only good for you and not bad for you, so just let go.”

LAN Jinxiu rubbed the wine glass in his hand. Maybe some wine gas had passed his head. Seeing that Siyang planned for him in such a meticulous way, his heart beat a little hot in his chest. Subconsciously, he shouted out uncontrollably: “Siyang.”

Si Yang looked at him sideways and said, “hmm?”

Looking at those cold eyes that couldn’t see to the end, LAN Jinxiu’s drunkenness suddenly woke up for a few minutes. Originally, he wanted to say that for a long time, in the future, let me accompany you hand in hand, and immediately swallowed it. The export was: “thank you, I won’t let you down.”

Siyang smiled, raised his glass and gently touched the glass in LAN Jingxiu’s hand: “then you have to work hard.” If you want to harvest, you must pay first. If you train your little brother, he will save a lot of trouble in the future.

Although LAN Jingxiu was asked to practice with the secret service department, this is not the time to expose, so Si Yang gave LAN Jingxiu a mask to defend and hide his breath. Anyway, LAN Jingxiu is familiar with wearing a vest.

Che Guoyuan, who was recommended by Si Yang, did not dare to neglect. After agreeing on the time and place of the meeting, he took people to meet him in person. I’ve imagined how people might look and have a good temper many times, but Che Guoyuan was still surprised to see the Weian man wearing a mask. Especially when he didn’t feel the cultivation of the other party at all, he responded more carefully.

“I don’t know what to call you, Che Guoyuan?”


Che Guoyuan pondered in his heart that it was rare to fix this surname. After a little thought, he didn’t find the right person or family of this surname, so he stopped thinking and went straight to the subject.

LAN Jinxiu knew Che Guoyuan. Although Che Guoyuan was a distant existence to him at that time, the person who set up the secret service department alone was the person he could reach at that time. Now he sees Che Guoyuan being careful and polite to him. He has some inexplicable feelings. Life is not normal and things are changeable.

Because the visitor was introduced by Si Yang, the so-called employment is not suspicious. Che Guoyuan directly took him to the LV family hospital. Now Shao Yutang is lying in the LV family hospital, and many heavenly masters take turns to look after him, but Shao Yutang’s situation is still deteriorating day by day.

Some confidential things Che Guoyuan naturally can’t say, but he also briefly talked about the situation of the three groups. In those years, they only went to Kunlun mountain to perform a task, and they still went to the periphery of Kunlun Mountain, but the team members were either dead or injured. The captain disappeared and the vice captain was poisoned. The three groups suffered heavy losses, and the remaining team members were unable to support one group, so they had to be transferred to group 1 and group 2.

What they experienced in the Kunlun Mountains in those years was unknown to everyone, but since then, some forces of other countries obviously began to infiltrate them in China, and the conflicts became more and more frequent. Later, they also sent people to Kunlun to investigate, but there was no accident and nothing suspicious. So now the only way to get the news is from Shao Yutang.

All the way, LAN Jingxiu followed Che Guoyuan through a heavy blockade, and the combination of various technologies and arrays shows how important this Shao Yutang is to the current secret service department. No wonder he didn’t hesitate to let the minister go out in person to invite Si Yang.

When they arrived, it was the time for Shao Yutang to pull out the Gu. Every once in a while, a Heavenly Master came to pull out the Gu for Shao Yutang. Although it could not be eradicated, it could inhibit the Gu insects in the body. When no treatment was found, it was the only way to maintain Shao Yutang’s vitality.

LAN Jinxiu looked at Shao Yutang’s back as ferocious as a ghost face. LAN Yuzhuo said before that the ghost face on the back of their vice captain was the size of a palm, but now it has occupied more than half of his back. It seems that the situation is really not very good.

Looking at the black air mixed in the texture, LAN Jingxiu slightly raised his eyebrows. No wonder Siyang asked him to come.


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