Great Celestial Master Chapter 143

LAN Jinxiu observed all the way in. In addition to the layers of blockade, Shao Yutang’s ward is the cumulative protection of several layers of boundaries. It can be seen that these boundaries are not made by the same person.

However, it can be seen how important this Shao Yutang is to the secret service department. Such strict care may be to prevent the possibility of the distribution of insects that have not been understood, and it must be the protection or guard of this person.

When LAN Jingxiu was observing the environment, Che Guoyuan didn’t rashly interrupt to pull out the Gu. Anyway, he can only pull out a little at regular intervals and can only restrain it. Even if the monk can save it, it won’t have any impact, but I still have to say some things to say.

“It’s almost three years since the discovery. I’ve tried all kinds of methods. Before, I just thought it was a heart biting poison bug. When pulling out the poison bug, it almost killed him. Later, the ghost face on his back gradually revealed, but after that, he completely fell into a coma.”

LAN Jingxiu went around the back of Shao Yutang and looked carefully at the ghost face occupying half of his back: “haven’t you been awake in the middle?”

Che Guoyuan said: “it’s not true. At first, there was a little reaction when he was asleep, but the whole person was confused and couldn’t ask anything. Later, he completely fell into a coma and couldn’t wake up in all kinds of ways.”

Che Guoyuan said and looked at LAN Jingxiu: “monk, do you see anything? Can this child still be saved?”

Shao Yutang was only 29 years old when the accident happened. When he became a vice captain at this age, it can be seen that his ability is not bad, but no matter what, he is at most a child in the eyes of people like Che Guoyuan.

While talking, the Heavenly Master who pulled out the poisonous insects for Shao Yutang cut a hole in Shao Yutang’s fingertip and put it into a censer. At the moment of putting it in, there was a dense sound of reptiles. Everyone in the house has long been used to it, but Che Guoyuan turned to see LAN Jingxiu. Unfortunately, the other party was wearing a mask and his expression was not true.

I’m afraid the mask is not an ordinary mask. It’s OK when your eyes touch, but if you stare at it, your mind will be slightly dizzy. This is also true of his current cultivation, so at the beginning, even if this person was recommended by Si Daoyou, he didn’t dare to despise it, and he didn’t dare to ignore it more and more.

Che Guoyuan waved. The Heavenly Master who pulled out the Gu for Shao Yutang took the incense burner. At least half of the black gu insects in the incense burner were climbing densely. However, there was medicinal powder in the incense burner. Soon, those insects became weak and turned into a pool of insect corpses.

Che Guoyuan handed the censer to LAN Jinxiu: “monks may as well have a look. We consulted the major ancient books and couldn’t find out the data consistent with this kind of insect.”

LAN Jinxiu picked up the censer and shook it slightly, looking carefully at the insect corpse in the censer.

Che Guoyuan asked, “please forgive me for my eagerness. I wonder how sure you are of this poison?” He didn’t ask if he could cure it. Since Si Yang introduced this man, he must be very good at Gu. Even if he can’t solve it, as long as he knows what Gu is in it, he can take his time later.

LAN Jinxiu handed the incense burner back to Che Guoyuan, shook his head and said, “this Gu can’t be solved.”

Che Guoyuan’s face changed slightly and his heart sank. Several people in the house knew that minister Che would invite experts to solve the Gu today, and changed their face with the Heavenly Master who was full of expectation. It’s not that they are dissatisfied with LAN Jingxiu. This Gu is difficult to solve. They have learned it for a long time in recent years. It’s just a pity that a good child is so powerless to cure. China lacks another highly gifted Heavenly Master, which is really a great loss. And now Shao Yutang is the only one who knows about the incident. As for the missing captain Tuo Pengcheng, although the soul card is not broken, they have no hope.

Che Guoyuan didn’t speak and seemed to be digesting the result. LAN Jinxiu said, “the name of the Gu in this man is sacrifice to heaven.”

Che Guoyuan was stunned: “worship the heaven?” I’ve never heard of this kind of insect.

Monk LAN Jin: “The reason why it is called heaven worship insect is that this kind of insect was a kind of psychic insect in ancient times. After mastering the use method of this kind of insect, you can listen to the will of heaven, but this insect has long been extinct, and the driving method has long disappeared in the long river of time. In ancient times, those who can listen to the will of heaven were priests, also known as heavenly witches. Such people must be extremely devout and dedicate everything to God Later, because of the lack of ancient law, the gods he believed in could not be used for the real purpose of this kind of insect, even if someone knew it. It gradually became a kind of poison. Being poisoned by this poison is equivalent to completely sacrificing himself. Who dares to rob the people marked by the gods? ”

Although LAN Jingxiu didn’t say the rest, the people in the house also understood that as for whether there are gods in the world, they believe there are, although they can’t be known by them like the existence of the underworld.

Che Guoyuan pondered for a moment and then looked at LAN Jingxiu: “if you have any requirements, just mention it. If you can save it, we will do our best to treat it. If you really can’t save it, I don’t know if you can make him sober for a moment.”

LAN Jingxiu didn’t speak, but he put his hand on Shao Yutang. The black thread wrapped around Shao Yutang is being pulled away a little along LAN Jingxiu’s absorption. If the nearby heavenly masters do not open the Yin and Yang eyes with the help of talismans, they can only feel the strange smell of Shao Yutang, but they can’t see these black Qi. Che Guoyuan was born with Yin-Yang eyes, and with his cultivation, what he could see was much stronger than the general yin-yang eyes.

The black gas Che Guoyuan wrapped around Shao Yutang also used many methods, but if it was forcibly removed, the black gas would be like a maggot on the tarsal bone. Therefore, Che Guoyuan didn’t know how much cultivation was spent. Now, seeing that the monk is so relaxed, he doesn’t smoke one by one, but one by one. After absorbing himself, the black Qi disappears directly into the invisible. It doesn’t seem to have any influence on him. He can’t help feeling a little surprised.

LAN Jinxiu condensed a mass of black gas into his palm and looked at Che Guoyuan: “minister Che, do you know what this is?”

Che Guoyuan shook his head: “I only know that this black gas is very annoying. I’ve tried to absorb it from Shao Yutang before, but the black gas is really difficult to solve and needs to be solved by cultivation. It’s continuous, but there will be less black gas after pulling out the Gu every time. Now Shao Yutang’s whole cultivation is completely abolished. I don’t know whether it is caused by Gu insects or this black gas.”

LAN Jin said, “minister Che knows the previous campus corpse case.”

The secret service department deals with countless cases every day. Generally, it is not a shocking case, and he pays little attention to it. The campus corpse case was so noisy on the news that it is difficult for him to know: “know some, is there a relationship between the two?”

LAN Jinxiu nodded: “there is a black box in the hands of the murderer of the corpse shredding case. The black gas is filled in the box. Although this person may not be the poison of the murderer, the poison in his body may be related to the black box.”

When Che Guoyuan frowned and meditated, LAN Jingxiu said again, “if I’m not mistaken, I probably know who he offered the poison to.”

When they heard the speech, they immediately looked at LAN Jingxiu. LAN Jinxiu opened Shao Yutang’s clothes, because he had been in bed for several years. Even if all kinds of pills were fed, Shao Yutang is now skin and bone, and there is black gas in the white that has not been exposed to the sun for a long time. When he opened his clothes, he looked frightening.

LAN Jinxiu’s hand touched Shao Yutang’s body a few times, and Shao Yutang’s chest gradually showed something white and golden.

On one side, Che Guoyuan blurted out: “dragon scale!”

Some people have been thinking about the Chinese dragon vein for more than two days, but the dragon vein is really ethereal. Life can’t see the body and death can’t see the bone, but there are still people going forward one after another, even if they have paid their lives for it.

Si Yang can understand this kind of thing, but he has seen better and more powerful ones, and what he pursues is far from what people in this end of the law era can imagine. A mere dragon naturally despises him, but for others, it is the power to get by any means.

When LAN Jinxiu came back from Che Guoyuan, he saw Si Yang sitting leisurely in the small garden, cutting flowers and branches, and the afterglow of the sunset was sprinkled. He felt that no matter how disturbed the outside world was, he could not affect this person. LAN Jingxiu even thought, I don’t know if there is something or someone in the world that can arouse this person’s emotion.

Seeing LAN Jingxiu standing in the corridor, Si Yang smiled and said, “how’s it going today?”

LAN Jingxiu nodded, He walked towards Siyang: “Temporarily restrained Shao Yutang’s situation, but I didn’t pull out the Gu for him, but I also told Che Guoyuan some things. I think they should take some actions recently and invite me to participate in it at that time. Although they didn’t say, I guess there must be dragon objects controlled by Chinese power in Kunlun Mountain, maybe scales or bones.”

Si Yang inserted the flowers into the beautiful long necked white jade bottle: “what are you going to do?”

LAN Jingxiu frowned slightly: “first find out what’s in Kunlun, and then investigate how many forces are eyeing it. At that time, I will send them to the king of hell one by one.”

“It seems that people from abroad are going to see God,” Siyang reminded

LAN Jinxiu smiled: “then they will be scared out of their wits. They can’t even see God.” LAN Jinxiu said, “I heard that the Zhou family came again?”

Si Yang said: “yes, I invited two heavenly masters of Lushan sect to come to the door. It’s good that they didn’t come to the door. Once they came to the door, the ghosts in the painting began to be restless. It’s said that a person has died, and there are also miraculous events at home. As a result, the old man Zhou was exhausted and found him again without recourse.”

“Do you want to take care of it?”

Si Yang shook his head and said, “I can’t intervene in the things I’ve refused. What’s more, someone has been staring at last week’s house for a long time. Someone can solve their problems without me.”


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