Great Celestial Master Chapter 144

Master Zhou knew that Si Yang had only reminded him that he had no intention to intervene, so he would no longer be in charge of this matter, but they really had no way to ask for help. Although he could ask several secret service staff for help with his contacts, they didn’t know whether something big had happened inside the Xuanmen. Not only the secret service department was almost empty, Even large sects like Lushan sect and Linggu Temple seem to have overseas missions. Anyway, people with some real skills can’t be found. It’s not that they can’t be invited, but that people are not in China at all.

The matter of his family had not been dealt with before, and they were still in peace when they didn’t know it, but they invited two heavenly masters to check. Indeed, they found the problem. However, the two heavenly masters may not be good enough in Taoism, and they don’t have the ability to accept it. They don’t know whether their actions angered the ghosts hidden in the painting, and the whole Zhou family was completely restless.

At that time, master Zhou invited two heavenly masters of Lushan sect, who are also famous for expelling ghosts and evil spirits and surveying Feng Shui. They are the guests of many rich people. Such things that can be solved with money don’t need to be put on the face, but unexpectedly, things get worse and worse.

However, master Zhou also knew that the former calm did not mean nothing. Now the problem broke out and finding a solution was the fundamental. However, even if he had seen all the storms and waves in his military life, he was still frightened by the ghosts at home.

At that time, after the two heavenly masters came, they didn’t find anything wrong at the first time, and master Zhou didn’t point it out. If they couldn’t find anything wrong, they wouldn’t have to count on it. However, the people sent by Lu Shan still have some skills. They took a compass around the house and found the source of the problem.

To the surprise of Mr. Zhou, in addition to the paintings, there is a pair of gold carved jade Ruyi placed on his treasure cabinet. The gold carved jade Ruyi is not an antique, but a good ornament for decoration. Although it is real gold and jade, compared with priceless antiques, knowledgeable people will not pay too much attention to these two things. This pair of gold carved jade Ruyi ornaments was sent by his eldest grandson on his previous birthday.

A pair of gold carved jade Ruyi and a highly imitated picture of eight steeds seem to be completely out of line, but the ghost spirit is the same.

Looking at the golden carving and jade Ruyi, the old man frowned: “there are all dirty things that make people uneasy in the house? I have put these things here for more than three months, but nothing has happened in this period of time.”

One of the heavenly Masters said: “Some of them are immediate. They are easier to deal with. Once they are placed at home, they will start to make trouble immediately. But they can’t work for a family like you. Even ghosts, some of them have to watch people’s food. You have been on the battlefield like this. You are very murderous. Ordinary ghosts can’t get close to you. If you can put them in your home, you must have planned for a long time It needs to be combined with your family’s luck slowly, so it won’t be discovered soon. When it is discovered, that is, when the climate has become, it will be difficult to deal with it. ”

Zhou Xi, who was already able to be pushed downstairs in a wheelchair, asked, “do you know whether this painting and these two Ruyi pay attention to?”

The Heavenly Master said, “do you think the two jade Ruyi correspond to a bridge connecting the painting?”

Zhou Xi and old man Zhou looked down. Sure enough, as he said, the painting was originally hung on the high wall, and below was the treasure cabinet for placing antiques, and the two jade Ruyi were just ordinary ornaments. Therefore, they were specially placed on both sides in order to look good, just corresponding to the two ends of the painting above. Isn’t it like a bridge.

The Heavenly Master said: “it’s discovered early now. The bridge has not been built yet. When the air transportation is connected, the bridge is formed, and the powerful things in the painting can come down the bridge. At that time, I’m afraid the Zhou family will…”

Of course, master Zhou understood what he said. At the thought that if the king’s boy didn’t suddenly invite a powerful Heavenly Master to help his grandson, if the Heavenly Master didn’t point out the place, the Zhou family would be finished.

When they found the source of the problem, they looked at it carefully. They have also dealt with the private problems of many rich families, so there are some things that don’t need to be asked in detail. What’s right in front of them is to deal with them. But what the two heavenly masters didn’t expect was that they encountered a hard stubble this time.

Both of them were sent by the orthodox Lushan sect. They were not fooled by half men. When they found that there were problems with the paintings and decorations, of course, the first time was to block the ghost gas, cut off the gradually connected gas, suppress the things inside first, and then see whether they were standardized or broken up directly.

But they underestimated the power of the three things. They thought it was the enemy of the Zhou family who had made some bad luck. They also handled many such things, so they acted according to their previous experience, but they didn’t expect that when the talisman came out, the whole momentum of the painting changed greatly, and they stubbornly fought back the power of the talisman. Although they were on guard, they were still beaten.

Finally, although the two heavenly masters of Lushan sect did not flee, they were indeed embarrassed. Fortunately, they protected the children and servants of the Zhou family and were not hurt by ghost gas. But the things in the painting are really powerful, and they dare not take it big. They directly told the truth of master Zhou. They can’t solve it. They can only ask Master Zhou to invite a more powerful Heavenly Master. As for this week’s family, it is recommended to leave temporarily.

Mr. Zhou was not a person who didn’t listen to advice, so he stayed in the hotel. He didn’t tell his children about what happened at home, but there must be the handwriting of his eldest grandson. At the thought of an insider at home, the old man was upset.

Zhou Xi is recovering well now. He has eaten the pill given by the Heavenly Master for several times, and his legs slowly feel some strength, which makes him full of hope for the future again. Seeing that the old man is in a low mood, he naturally said a lot of relieved words, which can be regarded as a comfort to the old man in a bad mood.

But after staying in the hotel, it is the beginning of some strange phenomena. The fierce ghost in the dream, the dark ghost in the corner of the hotel room, and the sound similar to horseshoes from time to time. Compared with these, the blood and water of those faucets always feel that someone talking to himself behind his back can be ignored. But it’s not good to be harassed all the time. Although they are not the kind of timid people who ignore calmly and calmly, it’s impossible to say that they are not affected at all.

Later, Mr. Zhou dreamed one night that the old man was standing at the door waving to them, as if asking them to go home. The next day, master Zhou told his grandson Zhou Xi his dream. As soon as they made a total, they went home. If the Zhou family is watched, it’s useless no matter where they live. If they change their house, they can solve all the problems. If those rich people hire some Heavenly Master in case of trouble, they can change their residence directly. Moreover, the Zhou family has lived in that house for decades. If there is such a thing as gas transportation, it has long been connected with gas transportation, so it’s useless to go anywhere.

After returning to Zhou’s house, those supernatural phenomena were stable for a few days, but only for a few days, and then they became more and more noisy.

In addition to the visions seen in the hotel, sometimes even during the day, the old man saw a man with a horse head passing in front of him. When he looked again, he found that what he had just passed was just a domestic helper. But in addition to the old man, Zhou Xi, who lives at home, often sees things floating around him. It’s like a dream at night, and you can hear the sound of horse hooves running between waking up.

What the old man asked people to investigate also had results at this time. There are three kinds of dandies, pornography, gambling and drugs. A dandy with identity and background is even worse. They have resources and contacts, and they have more channels to make money, especially when the old man at home has extensive military contacts and other people dare not do anything, Zhou Quan, the eldest grandson of old man Zhou, dares. So he was cheated. The old casino routine ran out of Zhou Quan’s money. Zhou Quan naturally wanted to find a way to make money. A docking resource was sent to the door. Zhou Quan used a little contacts to settle the above money for others, and divided it into a lot, five or six million.

Just as Zhou Quan was about to pay off his gambling debts with money, someone pulled him to do another job of smuggling. He has capital in his hand, and he also has acquaintances on some card points. When his face is exposed, everyone will give him some face. Even if he knows what he is doing, he is tacitly turning a blind eye. Are there still few senior officials’ children doing such things? As long as they don’t go too far and do something too sensitive.

As a result, the money was owed and the handle of smuggling was caught. At first, Zhou Quan didn’t think so. His grandfather retired, but his father, uncle and uncle were all in high positions. Even if the smuggler was caught, his family could deal with it.

But it happened that at this time, the people above were engaged in anti-corruption and anti-corruption, and a large number of people were killed. If his affairs broke out on this cusp, it was not his life alone. The whole family would be dragged into the water by him, so Zhou Quan had to compromise and follow others’ wishes.

When the old man saw some materials, he was almost punctured by the above things. How could he have such a stupid grandson who was led by the nose step by step.

The old man patted the information on the table: “let him come back today. During this time, let me live at home and let him feel what he has done!”

Zhou Xi looked at the things on the investigation data and couldn’t help sighing: “brother’s things are actually easy to solve, but now people have set up an array in our home. We should first remove the immediate problems.”

The old man sighed and showed some old fatigue: “I’ll ask Heavenly Master Si again. In any case, I can’t harm my children and grandchildren.”


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