Great Celestial Master Chapter 145

Now the whole Xuanmen circle can still find those who can be called famous and have real skills, probably Siyang. Of course, some sects and families also have people, but the old men in the family may not have that channel to know. The sects are worried about the affairs of the devil forest. As for the aristocratic family, the LAN family has closed the door and checked themselves, Several elders died in their own family, and the enemy looked at the side of the tiger. They were more and more afraid to move rashly. Others were afraid they would be difficult to get out of the mountain. If master Zhou hadn’t been in contact with Si Yang, there would be no way to see him at all.

For this reason, I have come to Si’s house more than once. Although I didn’t get in smoothly, I have known all the flowers and plants around me. I heard that the old man wanted to come to the door and ask for help, so I ran to ask for help.

The address of Si’s family is easy to find, but it’s a pity that the building has long been empty. In the past, he could circle around like a ghost beating a wall, but now he found the gate as soon as he looked for it. As a result, a strange face came out. He thought Si Yang had sold the house and left. After asking, he learned that the man was the domestic servant invited by Si Yang, and Si Yang had gone to Putian mountain for summer vacation.

So the group went to Putian mountain again. They found that the barren barren Stone Mountain in the past is now lush and lush. They can smell the fragrance and essence before they get too close. They can obviously feel the coolness brought by the forest in hot summer.

Wang Zhengcheng said lightly, “I’ve heard that Putian mountain has been contracted out before. At that time, I was still thinking about what kind of barren mountain can do, what kind of dead, what kind of dead, and what kind of stone to buy. I didn’t expect that it was Si Tianshi who bought the top of the mountain. This Tianshi is worthy of being a Tianshi. Look at this Putian mountain, it’s still a powerful person with ability.”

Seeing that Mr. Zhou didn’t answer, Wang Zhengcheng explained: “although master Si said he didn’t care last time, Cao Cao also invited Zhuge Liang out of the cottage. If not once, let’s come more times. Don’t worry, sir. Besides, master Si said he would use ten years of luck to block Zhou Xi’s disaster. If this barrier can’t pass, there will be ten years of luck, so this time it must be scary.”

After hearing this, the old man looked a little relaxed. Soon, the car came to the foot of the mountain, and then up was the private territory. Entering without permission was a hard break.

It happened that Lan Jinxiu took something from home and prepared to go up the mountain. He saw a group of people spinning around the roadside and seemed to want to go up the mountain. LAN Jinxiu asked the driver to pull over and stop the car: “Wang sanshao, long time no see.”

Wang Zhengcheng’s eyes brightened: “President LAN! What a coincidence! Why are you here?”

LAN Jin said, “this is my farm. Now I have left LAN and returned to rural life, so I opened a small farm, but it hasn’t opened yet.”

Wang Zhengcheng quickly introduced them to each other. Although master Zhou and LAN Jinxiu haven’t met, they have heard each other’s names. If LAN Jinxiu had known each other before, after all, many people have many ways, but now he doesn’t care, So he politely asked, “although this is not the only way to go up the mountain, you can’t go anywhere else.”

Wang Zhengcheng thought that he was like a ghost beating a wall in front of the division’s house and said clearly: “there is an array, right? I know. I’ve seen it at the division’s house before. How can we get there? President LAN, you must have friends with division’s house so close. I wonder if you can recommend it?”

LAN Jingxiu shook his head: “I know the temperament of Heavenly Master Si. He will never touch anything he refused. However, Heavenly Master Si has another disciple.”

Master Zhou naturally knew that master Si had another disciple. When he came to treat Zhou Xi that day, he always took him with him. Master Zhou turned his mind, He opened his mouth and said, “Mr. LAN is a close neighbor of master Si. I think his friendship must be different. Since master Si refused to intervene in the affairs of our Zhou family last time, I wonder if Mr. LAN can help us contact master Si’s Apprentice. Famous masters produce excellent disciples. I think master Si’s excellent disciples must have a solution to those things in my family.”

LAN Jin said, “this is not a place to talk. Come and have a cup of tea first.”

Several people walked into the farm with LAN Jinxiu. It was clearly an open environment, but after stepping through the gate of the farm, they felt that they had entered another world. It was cool but not cold. There was a clean sweetness in the air. In cities with heavy haze, I can’t remember how long I hadn’t breathed such clear and clean air.

Mr. Zhou looked around all the way: “are the small wooden buildings behind that intended to be used as small resorts in the future?”

LAN Jin said, “yes, the farm will officially open at the end of this month, and the weather will fall at that time. If the old man likes the environment here, welcome to spend the summer.”

Mr. Zhou said with a smile, “who doesn’t like such a good environment? There are more high-rise buildings these days, and the fun of this wooden house courtyard is less and less. If the bad worry of my Zhou family is solved at that time, I will bring my grandson to enjoy the mountain scenery.”

LAN Jingxiu smiled. Although his farm will certainly have no shortage of tourists in the future, not everyone can live here. This threshold is based on the line of master Zhou.

On the mountain, Si Yang called Li Zezhi, who was practicing his sword, and asked him if he was interested in the Zhou family. It has been half a semester since the last time he handled the ghost marriage for his classmates. During this period, Li Zezhi will not be bored except in class. Compared with the past, his life now can be said to be a paradise. But now that he has embarked on the path of cultivation, he is doomed not to be calm, so he also hopes to get some opportunities to practice.

Now when the master asked him this, Li Zezhi hurriedly said, “I didn’t take a close look at what was in the painting last time. Although I don’t know if I can handle it well, I want to try.”

Si Yang said, “if you want to try, try it.”

Li Zezhi hesitated and said, “if I can’t solve it well, will I be ashamed of my master…”

Si Yang smiled: “if you can’t solve it, go to the forest for a month to show punishment.”

Li Zezhi had goose bumps and was cold all over. The so-called forest was an independent boundary set up by master in Putian mountain, just like a home practice room. But because of its natural geographical advantages, it was even more afraid to be set up by master. He wanted to take off a layer of skin after staying in it for three days, let alone a month, That’s really immortal and crippled.

So Li Zezhi had to be brave enough to promise and carefully put away a Lei Zhang, which was carved by his master some time ago. It’s much easier to use than the thunder talisman. If he can’t decide, he will sacrifice Lei Zhang and chop all the ghosts into slag.

After LAN Jinxiu earned enough affection, he called Li Zezhi over.

The ghosts of the Zhou family have come out to make trouble, and the situation can’t be delayed any more. Therefore, after talking about it, Li Zezhi followed him down the mountain. After they left, LAN Jinxiu went up the mountain. He didn’t go to the Zhou family to see it, so he was also curious about the things in the painting that master Zhou said: “I went to Lushan school before, and I was also famous, but I returned without success and almost hurt myself. What’s in the picture of eight steeds?”

Siyang smiled and showed his white teeth: “guess?”

LAN Jingxiu thought for a moment: “it’s not the horse face in the ox head horse face, is it?”

Si Yang shook his head: “the horse’s face is a shade difference. It is easy not to harm the lives of living people. It is bound by the underworld. If it is bound in the painting, it will provoke the king of hell. Who dares?”

After a while, LAN Jinxiu shook his head: “I can’t guess, but what’s certain is that it’s definitely not an ordinary thing. The murderous spirit of master Zhou is heavy. Even a slightly more powerful ghost can’t get close to it, so he’s not a ghost king?”

Si Yang reminded, “what ghosts need horses.”

“Army horse, army horse, soldier? Yin soldier?”

Si Yang nodded and LAN Jinxiu smiled: “no wonder you want to leave it to Zezhi to practice.”

LAN Jinxiu said, slightly reducing his smile: “but the disputes of ordinary families are driven by people. These people really don’t know whether to live or die.”


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