Great Celestial Master Chapter 146

The Zhou family and Li Zezhi carefully studied the painting on the wall. When the two heavenly masters invited by the Zhou family saw that they couldn’t suppress the things in the painting, they wanted to break the array first and take them back. Unfortunately, no matter what method they used, they couldn’t touch the painting, and even the two Ruyi ornaments couldn’t move an inch.

“It seems that the climate has become small. Unless you break this array, you can’t destroy these things.”

Mr. Zhou’s face was heavy. When he thought that it was his black sheep grandson who caused all this, he dug it up.

Mr. Zhou didn’t tell too many people about the array at home. He and Zhou Xi knew that as for the servants, they were not from the Zhou family and were not affected by the supernatural phenomenon shown in the array. At most, they thought that the old man was strange recently. In addition, there are a lot of heavenly masters at home. Although they don’t know what happened, they can also guess one or two. However, those who can help servants in this home have a tight mouth and won’t talk nonsense.

The old man said that Zhou Quan made a mistake and wanted to be confined at home. He threw all the things Zhou Quan did on his father’s head and asked his father to clean up the mess. As for the black sheep son, he left it to the old man for discipline.

So Zhou Quan was suppressed by the old man in the Zhou family. These days, the whole person lost his boss. At night, even if he was hurt by his second brother’s eye knife, he would be shy and beg to sleep together. He really didn’t know that hell was such a terrible thing.

He just followed the man’s advice and bought some things at home. He was thinking about whether there were any problems in these things, such as some illegal products. He wanted to destroy them when things calmed down a little and those people didn’t care so much about him. But he never thought that there were so many ways to harm people. He just bought a few ornaments at home and killed the whole family.

The various visions he saw at home these days completely reshaped his three outlooks. He was really afraid, not only of the ghosts, but also that the Zhou family would be finished if this matter could not be settled. He clearly knew that he could live wantonly because there was a big tree of the Zhou family behind him. Although he was a little unfair, his grandfather valued and preferred his second brother more than him, he didn’t hate to destroy the family.

The terrible visions that constantly appear around him are full of psychological torture of guilt. Just these days, he just lost more than 20 kilograms. The whole person took off his face. When he saw his grandfather’s eye knife, he just shrunk slightly behind his second younger brother. Unfortunately, the second brother was in a wheelchair and couldn’t block him all, so he had to bear grandpa’s eye knife.

Seeing his grandson’s unpromising appearance, master Zhou was even more angry. He simply shifted his eyes and didn’t bother to look again: “Tianshi Li, what can be done to resolve this array?”

Li Zezhi hurriedly said, “it’s still a short time for me to join the school. I’m not a Heavenly Master. It’s good for master Zhou to call me by my name.”

Master Zhou said, “well, you can call me Grandpa directly. It’s a blessing for my Zhou family to get to know an expert like you and your master.”

Li Zezhi smiled politely and then entered the topic: “as the previous two heavenly Masters said, these two gold carved jade Ruyi serve as a bridge. Now the bridge has been built, so there are many visions at home. Look at the Yin and evil spirit entangled in the painting, the things in the painting will come down in about three days.”

Master Zhou asked, “what’s in the painting?”

Li Zezhi has a lot of theoretical knowledge and empty force, but he can’t integrate what he has learned. That’s probably the case, so his master will give him the opportunity to deal with things independently, So as far as he knows, he analyzed: “Ordinary ghosts have only Yin Qi, but the breath of this painting is not obvious at the beginning. Look at the horses in the painting. The ink is deeper than what you saw last time, and there is a slight red light in the eyes of the horses. This is like a real evil spirit, which proves that the ghosts in the painting bear the evil debt of many human lives whether they are alive or dead.”

Then Li Zezhi glanced at everyone in the room: “Although I can’t see what the thing in this painting is, it’s always something to deal with. Since I can’t see what it is, I’d better use brute force to test. I’ll give you a rune. This Rune can protect you from at least three fatal injuries. No matter what the thing in this painting is, I’ll try my best to protect you, but I can’t guarantee that you won’t be hurt at all, will you To do so, you decide. ”

Master Zhou said, “there’s no other way around. We have no opinion on how to do it.”

Li Zezhi nodded and asked Mr. Zhou to let the servants out first. They are not from the Zhou family, and this matter will not be involved. It is estimated that the bad people behind use the method of blood sacrifice. The blood of the Zhou family will only hurt the Zhou family once the things in the painting run out. Then he sent the talisman to the three Zhou family members present. After thinking about it, he placed them in a corner of the hall, and then took out a protective array to lay it. After realizing that it was safe, he came to the treasure cabinet.

Now there are only those two jade Ruyi left on the treasure cabinet. After the rest of the antique decorations are sure to be OK, they will be put away, so as not to have too much movement and noise when dealing with them, so that they can’t afford to lose.

When Li Zezhi reached a suitable position, a long sword appeared in his hand out of thin air. He didn’t learn to catch ghosts. Without those who danced and chanted spells, he just lit his weapons.

Although Li Zezhi’s sword is like a child playing with a flower gun in Si Yang’s eyes, it has been practiced a little hotter than others. The powerful sword full of spiritual power can be seen by the naked eye even by ordinary people like the Zhou family who are not in the Tao.

Zhou Xi even clung to the armrest of the wheelchair, his eyes were wide open, and his heart jumped. People like him who licked blood on the sabre would be excited to fight when they met the strong. But he knew that ordinary people like himself could not compare with their heavenly masters, but this did not hinder his appreciation and worship.

When the sword Qi touched the formed array, Li Zezhi was blocked by the whole array and his strength rebounded. Li Zezhi immediately took off and turned over, narrowly avoiding the counterattack force.

The three members of the Zhou family who were trapped in the security array looked very sad. I really don’t know what means the other party used. Such a powerful force. How many years has it been planned to kill the Zhou family.

Li Zezhi probably felt the toughness of the array. His eyes coagulated and his fingertips gently wiped on the sword body. The long sword that originally exuded aura was full of time. When Li Zezhi smelled, he leaned forward like a swimming dragon, and several sword flowers that seemed to be weak chopped around the array, but the array trembled slightly every time he hit.

In a villa of the Liu family, the sworn enemy of the Zhou family, a triangular bronze tripod was burning yellow incense with thick and thin fingers. The red light of the incense head was clearly extinguished, but it couldn’t burn for half an inch for a long time. I don’t know what made it, as if it couldn’t burn. Outside the bronze tripod, four squares were wound with a red line, and a Jinling the size of a baby’s thumb was tied to each direction on the red line, When the red line trembled slightly, Jinling also made a clear sound, while the middle-aged man who was meditating opened his eyes, turned his head and looked at the Tongding, narrowed his eyes slightly, saw that Huang Xiang was still burning, sneered, and then turned his head to continue to sit up.

But soon the middle-aged man was not calm, because the red line was shaking more and more, Jinling began to ring nonstop, and the smoke from the column of yellow incense began to be abnormal intermittently.

The middle-aged man immediately took out a few runes and began to drive. Li Zezhi of the Zhou family obviously felt that the resistance became stronger. It was obvious that the person who started at the Zhou family began to move. This was the first time he fought with people in the air. Although he was a little nervous, he was more excited, so he took out all the skills he had learned from master.

The middle-aged man felt that the other party seemed to be a hard stubble, so several pinched the formula and injected a force into the Yellow incense. The burning speed of the Yellow incense immediately became much faster, and it would not take a few minutes to see the bottom.

On the mountain of Putian, Siyang also opened the mysterious hidden mirror. After all, Li Zezhi was against the Yin soldiers. Even if the ghost king saw the Yin soldiers, he would retreat. If he was careless, he might cause great disaster. Although he let his disciples practice, he really couldn’t ignore anything. Similarly, he also followed the power that was suddenly added into the array and found the man who started at the Zhou family, so the mysterious hidden mirror divided into two to map out the picture.

“Do you know this man?”

LAN Jinxiu shook his head and said, “it’s very strange.”

“It’s either not Chinese or wild, but wild can mobilize Yin soldiers, and this wild way is also very strong.”

As he said this, the middle-aged man’s forehead had begun to sweat, but the Yellow incense had not burned out, but it suddenly broke off. The middle-aged man seemed to bite his teeth and took out a silver token from one side. It was the size of a palm, with a command written on the token. As soon as the token came out, the Zhou family suddenly heard the sound of an iron horse stepping by like a thousand troops and horses.

Looking at this change, LAN Jingxiu narrowed his eyes slightly: “this man is really looking for death.”

Siyang looked back at him and smiled without saying anything.

LAN Jinxiu also smiled at him: “I’ll solve it.” Yin Bing Ling is a good thing for the LAN family to enjoy.

Si Yang said, “it’s good to suppress. The boy always wants to let him see the powerful for the first time.”

When the middle-aged man began to drive the token with a gloomy face, LAN Jinxiu appeared behind him. A crisis appeared in the man’s heart. Subconsciously, he turned around and opened his eyes when he saw that there was another person in the family.


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