Great Celestial Master Chapter 147

The middle-aged man’s name is Zhao Bin. He can only be regarded as a halfway Heavenly Master. Although he is a halfway monk, his previous career is also close to the Heavenly Master. He just relies on pure theoretical knowledge. His career is to touch the golden school captain, and straight white point is a grave robber. Although he didn’t have as many rules as the old one, and he didn’t pay attention to theft. As long as he tried to enter the tomb, he would take away all the valuable things he could bring, but he liked to think of himself as the old one. He felt that he acted as if he was elegant and had some connotation after changing his name.

Zhao Bin worked with his family. It is said that one year, a small earthquake occurred in his hometown village, which shook out a small tomb. His uncle, his father and his uncles took the opportunity to get a lot of good goods. At that time, people’s lives had just become rich, and those who had already become rich began to hoard antiques with great foresight, Therefore, they sold a lot of money for those things they got, which is the first fortune.

Compared with the life facing the Loess and facing the sky, it is obviously much faster and more interesting to steal things from people’s tombs and sell them. Therefore, the family first groped near the village and bought many books on relevant aspects. For money, even if he hasn’t read for a few years, he can specialize in the skill of acupoint pointing, which ordinary people can’t learn. He pays attention to the luck in the field, astrology and Feng Shui, not to mention how complicated it is. But when people got into the eyes of money, no matter how difficult things could be done, the family developed in the direction of stealing tombs.

When Zhao Bin was born, although his family was still poor on the surface, they had already made a fortune privately. However, at that time, they were more sensitive and a little chaotic, so they had to hide. However, since he remembered, his family had begun to reveal the bottom of the family slowly. At that time, the people in their village were still living in Tuwa old houses, and their family had already bought small foreign buildings in the city, When the telephone was a novelty, a child under the age of 10 had his own mobile phone. When both bicycles were a face dowry, his family’s car had been driving for many years.

Born in such an environment, Zhao Bin naturally developed some pride. In addition, he did learn some real skills from his elders at home. Later, after he was able to go to the tomb independently, he became more and more famous on the road. There was also a name called master zhongshanbin. As long as he was in the antique circle, those who didn’t know the name of Tao were equal to not playing in the circle.

However, all this changed after Zhao Bin went to the grave for the last time when he was almost 40 years old. At that time, a group of people who followed him to the tomb included his apprentices and relatives. Because it was a big tomb, one of his uncles also checked it. However, I didn’t expect that the tomb was not ordinary, and there was no trace of the existence of the tomb owner in history. But the scale of the tomb is quite huge, and there are countless funerary objects in it. Although it was very dangerous all the way in, and many of them had been damaged before they saw the main tomb, the more so, the more they didn’t give up. Such a big tomb is lucky once in a lifetime. If you do this ticket, you can lie directly on the money for the rest of your life.

Who knows, the final result is even more narrow-minded than they thought. All his people were damaged in it, and he almost didn’t come out himself.

He didn’t have the ability to take out all the things in the tomb, but some things changed the rest of his life. He escaped in danger and took only one book and this token. From then on, he embarked on the road of Heavenly Master.

All his skills, ways to resist ghosts and perfumed talismans were learned from that book. The owner of the tomb should also be a Heavenly Master, and even he mastered the way to control Yin soldiers.

This Yin soldier order is the foundation of his fame. After studying for more than ten years, he finally developed some Qi belonging to the Heavenly Master and mastered the use of Yin soldiers. He quickly broke into a new world by making long lost spices and these Yin soldiers. However, he knew that the orthodox Heavenly Master was afraid of Yin soldiers, so he did it very carefully. Moreover, few of the people he met who asked him to do things needed Yin soldiers, so he had always been safe and prosperous.

The Liu family spared no expense in inviting him to come this time, mainly to bring down the Zhou family. Regardless of the grievances between them, Zhao Bin gave money to the Liu family. If he helped them break down the Zhou family, the Zhou family’s power would be taken over by the Liu family, and the Liu family would only go to a higher level. Those who helped the Liu family to the top like him have real skills and are not afraid to be treated as guests in the future.

It has been operated for three or four years. In the early stage, it was all prepared, and then it was quietly set. He sealed the power of Yin soldiers into the painting and made a blood sacrifice with the blood of the Zhou family.

When the bridge was built, he summoned the Yin soldiers. As long as it was the blood of the Zhou family, they would be watched by the Yin soldiers. In addition, after such a long dormancy, those Yin soldiers had absorbed enough of the Qi of the Zhou family. For him, it was entirely taking the Zhou family to support the army. He only made a profit.

Everything went well before there was a man in black in his house.

Zhao Bin is a person who will think about the future. Therefore, seeing that he has been exposed, he has no intention to fight against this person. As soon as the token comes out, the dark wind rises in the house, the surging sound of soldiers and horses rings out, and a dark Yin Qi also emerges in the direction of the West in the house. It seems that a well-trained army is coming from the vortex of Yin Qi.

Zhao Bin turned around and wanted to run after summoning the Yin soldiers. This time, he accidentally leaked his whereabouts, but now he knows that he has been watched by others, so he will be more careful in the future.

Zhao Bin thought very well. If an ordinary Heavenly Master came today and was blocked by Yin soldiers, he might have escaped, but LAN Jingxiu was a man with Chinese dragon Qi. These Yin soldiers were also Chinese soldiers in ancient times. When LAN Jingxiu’s breath dispersed, even the Yin soldiers who were waved by Yin soldiers instinctively stopped for a moment, and this moment was enough for LAN Jingxiu to catch people.

Li Zezhi of the Zhou family felt the interruption of the force of the person who did the bad behind him. Although he didn’t know what the situation was, he reacted quickly and took the opportunity to cut down two swords and smash the two gold carved jade Ruyi directly.

However, it is a pity that when Zhao Bin finally exerted his strength, the bridge has been completed. Even if the array has been broken, the Yin soldiers sealed into the painting have also broken the seal. The whole Zhou family suddenly sounded the sound of golden horse hooves, as if thousands of troops were attacking them.

Even if Zhou Xi was in a wheelchair, he still stood in front of his grandfather and stared at the living room. Master Zhou was fairly stable, but Zhou Quan on one side turned pale. The lesson of this time is really unforgettable. If he can survive this disaster, he will change his face and become a new man in the future, and he will no longer be jealous or unwilling.

Seeing that the situation was not very good, Li Zezhi immediately took out six wooden cards and threw them out where the picture was placed. As soon as the six wooden cards were thrown, they were pasted with six directions. At the same time, the eight horses in the picture on the wall have bright red eyes. It seems that they stare at the people in the living room very ruthlessly because they are blocked out of the way.

Li Zezhi raised his sword: “People and ghosts have their own ways, and you are also used by villains. Our Chinese soldiers are warriors to protect our country. Even if they are only the remnants of ghosts, I believe that your belief in protecting civilians has been integrated into the soul mansion. The Zhou family has fought in the front line to protect China all their life. Like you, they are respected soldiers. If you like, I would like to invite our division The father will measure you and no longer be used by villains! ”

The horses in the painting seemed to move. When Li Zezhi thought he had convinced them, the wooden plate close to the six directions cracked with a click, and in an instant, eight soldiers riding tall military horses ran down from the painting.

As soon as they came down, they rode straight towards the three men of the Zhou family with spears.

Li Zezhi chopped with a sharp sword, and the fierce aura struck the first one straight. However, these soldiers on horseback were Yin soldiers themselves. Although they were hurt by Reiki, they were not fatal. However, they were also annoyed by Li Zezhi’s behavior. Without saying a word, they pulled the horse’s head and turned around, as if they wanted to deal with the guy who was in the way first.

Li Zezhi is usually soft tempered and young. He looks more like a little transparent around the powerful Si Yang. Compared with his master’s demeanor, Li Zezhi even seems a little shy. But now, when he lifted his sword to block the eight Yin soldiers, the sword dazzled and the momentum was amazing. Sheng Sheng forced the eight Yin soldiers back with his own strength. That pair of sharp and murderous eyes surprised the three of the Zhou family.

It’s true that a famous teacher makes a good disciple.

Si Yang watched Li Zezhi fight with the Yin soldiers with his sword. He smiled and picked up the teacup. As expected, he still needed to practice his hand. If Li Zezhi stepped back, it would be the lives of the family of three weeks behind him. The Yin soldiers who had been sacrificed by blood were not those soldiers who protected their homes and defend the country.

With the fluctuation of space power, a man bound by hands and feet was directly thrown out of the air by LAN Jinxiu. Even though Zhao Bin has been practicing for nearly ten years, he just produced gas and was seriously injured by LAN Jinxiu. The body was thrown out of the air and almost died.

LAN Jinxiu threw Zhao Bin into the small garden and pushed the door in. He just saw the fight between Li Zezhi and Yin soldiers in the Xuanyin mirror and smiled: “this boy has made great progress.”

Si Yang seemed to have some pity and said, “if I met you earlier, maybe I wouldn’t have known anything about Li Zezhi. I accepted him because of his qualification. Although you don’t have a spiritual root, you really have a good mind. Now you can compete equally. Although you have higher cultivation than him, you practice sword moves later than him. In a few days, you’ll know you’re not your opponent.”

LAN Jingxiu smiled: “yes, it’s a pity. If only I had met you earlier.” Shitujie is closer to the water, but now it’s also good. I’m afraid no one in the world knows more about him than he is closer to Siyang.

Siyang glanced into the small garden and said, “why did you bring him back?”

LAN Jin said, “I’m very interested in his Yin soldier order. Maybe he has more good things.”

In the gap between their words, Li Zezhi over there had to take out Lei Zhang, draw with a stroke of spiritual power, and chop down several thunderbolts out of thin air. Those Yin soldiers have also experienced a lot. They no longer simply follow the token. Seeing that the situation is wrong, they turn around and want to leave first.

However, it was not easy to weaken these Yin soldiers. Li Zezhi knew where to let them go and directly lifted them up. In the sky, a sword wrapped with the power of lightning stabbed them in the past, and a Yin soldier and its mount dissipated in an instant. Li Zezhi instantly lifted up the corners of his mouth and killed one, and the remaining few were naturally not far away.


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