Great Celestial Master Chapter 148

The spirit soldiers are in hand, and the excellent skill of Siyang is inherited. Although these Yin soldiers are not such small minions, they are still defeated by Li Zezhi in the end. Several Yin soldiers in the sealed painting were defeated miserably, so the price of blood sacrifice naturally goes back to the person who cast the spell. However, Zhao Bin went to so many tombs, and the last one was still so dangerous. He still came back alive and brought back the treasure of Yin soldier order. It can be seen how bold and careful this man is. He can’t let the failed spell bite back on himself. When he cast the spell, he kept a mind and mixed the hair of the Liu family, so even if retribution, That’s none of his business.

However, although Zhao Bin was not involved in the curse of the Yin soldier, his end was not very good. Digging people’s ancestral tombs has always been harmful to Yin morality, so there are so many rules for the school captain to touch gold. It’s just to stay on the front line and make the Yin morality less damaged. But those grave robbers don’t pay attention to how to get money and do what they want. Some of them will destroy all the treasures they can’t take away and don’t leave some for future generations.

Although Zhao Bin and his family are not so shady, they are probably superstitious in science and have no scruples. LAN Jinxiu saw that the five disadvantages and three deficiencies of his hit were coming to an end, so he abandoned the little anger he had practiced hard. After checking his memory, he destroyed all his memories from entering the tomb, and then let the people go.

When he woke up, Zhao Bin looked at the familiar room, but somehow felt a little strange. Looking at himself in the mirror, his eyes widened incredulously, and his hand involuntarily touched his face. How did he get so old after sleeping? What happened to him? When he saw the current year, he was suddenly stunned by being beaten. The old man who used to use it was gone. There were some fresh faces in his family. Zhao Bin remained silent. He doubted whether he had been confused in the tomb, so he began to observe carefully.

But before he could figure out what was going on in front of him, an antique shop under his name was invited to drink tea because there were national treasure collections in the newly imported goods. There was no way to do their business. Although he didn’t know what his contacts were now, some old people in the company also asked for something and just wanted to dredge up the relationship, As a result, the whole store was closed down, or directly charged with stealing and selling national cultural relics.

It’s not over yet. Several rich businessmen come to the door to make trouble with antiques that have been identified and sold by them. If they buy antiques in places like Qianci street, they have both money and goods. They don’t talk about after-sales. If they buy fake antiques, they are also clumsy. However, if you buy antiques in an antique shop with appraisal qualification certificate, it’s OK to reach a private agreement on full compensation. However, if someone is dissatisfied with the result and needs to go through the legal process, it’s much more to compensate.

The antique industry is very deep, and the relationship behind it is very hard. Even if people find out that they have sold fake goods, they have to mediate privately. Few buyers are willing to make trouble with people in this industry. So the blind man can also see that someone is definitely behind the operation.

Zhao Bin doesn’t remember what happened in these years. At first, he was considered to be a tomb fan. Later, he found that this seemed to be his real world. Before he got used to it, he found the door to a pile of mess. Nevertheless, he has managed a lot of capable and talented people around him in recent years, and also received several satisfactory disciples. Therefore, before he spoke about it, the people below him investigated the matter and found out the results.

It turned out that a few years ago, he helped a rich businessman set up a pit. The opponent’s family of the rich businessman was broken and died, and the wife’s family of the rich businessman was a small official in the wild. At that time, it was also seriously damaged. Because of good popularity, the boss saved the small official’s family, but the daughter of the rich businessman failed to keep it. Now that little official has been promoted all the way. Two years ago, he entered the system of Zhongdu. When his contacts are operated, he will naturally take revenge.

Zhao Bin is also destined to hit this disaster. If the incident happened a few days earlier, Zhao Bin’s ability has not been abolished and his memory is still there. In the face of an official promoted from outside, he can easily solve it with his own wrist. But now Zhao Bin is confused and confused. Now he doesn’t know what contacts he has. He used to study the secret script by himself. He hasn’t learned innocence himself. Naturally, he doesn’t have the ability to teach his apprentice. He only accepted his apprentice to cultivate talents who can help him, and only taught some skills of making spices. Now he can’t help at all.

So Zhao Bin is very passive, a pile of things down, even if he does have some ability, but it is very difficult to turn the tide in such a situation, especially he doesn’t have the aura of the protagonist. Some of those who see the momentum is wrong can’t help falling into the well. This large piece of fat has been sent to their mouth. If they don’t bite, they can’t afford themselves.

So the wealth accumulated by Zhao Bin from his grandfather’s generation was lost in just a few months, and he didn’t end up in prison until he exhausted his family property. Lost so many years of memory, but he still remembered how to go to the grave, so when the quality of life was greatly reduced and there was little money in his hand, Zhao Bin couldn’t help but go back to his old business. It’s a pity that he has been cultivating for many years. His skill is not as flexible as that in those days. He found a tomb that they had stolen. There are a lot of funerary objects in the tomb, but they didn’t take some things when they couldn’t see them. Now he is a mosquito, no matter how small it is, he wants to go in again. As a result, he didn’t even touch the door of the main tomb this time, He was drenched by the venom of a poisonous snake. The famous master Zhongshan bin finally became a blind man begging on the overpass.

Many years later, suddenly one day, Zhao Bin was in a trance and thought of the memories erased by LAN Jinxiu. He thought that he had been so close to the world at another level. If he had no obsession and studied the secret script well, would the situation be different now. In the cold winter and December, Zhao Bin tightened his ragged cotton clothes, which could not keep warm at all, and his eyes were desolate.

The Liu family, who had planned to destroy the whole Zhou family for several years, did not know that a great disaster was coming. The old man of the Liu family was about the same age as the old man of the Zhou family. At the beginning, the two families were also aristocratic families, but because of some children’s love, the two families became enemies. Later, the Zhou family climbed higher and higher, and the Liu family could only look up to it. The Liu family, which was more and more stimulated by the love and hate of their children in the past, regarded the Zhou family as a thorn in the eye and a thorn in the flesh.

Mr. Liu’s eldest son is now in a high position, but he was overwhelmed by the Zhou family, so he planned how to solve the whole Zhou family long ago.

Unfortunately, Mr. Zhou was very cautious. He would never touch anything that crossed the line, and his children and grandchildren were well educated. At that time, Zhou Xi was away all year round, and Zhou Quan was not jealous of the bear, so he had nowhere to start. Then I got to know Zhao Bin and met his skills, so I hired him with a lot of money, and then I began to plan this bureau.

The Liu family didn’t think they would fail, especially when something happened to Zhouxi. At this time, the Zhou family really made a breakthrough. Coupled with Zhou Quan’s jealousy of Zhouxi, it’s more and more easy to attack, so the Liu family looked at the Zhou family as if they were dead.

But when the Liu family saw the incense burners scattered in the villa they prepared for Zhao Bin, the broken red lines and bells, they immediately felt that things were not good and hurried home to report to the old man.

But just then, old man Liu’s youngest son and second son had a car accident and were dying and being rescued. His favorite little chongsun also accidentally rolled down from the second floor and fell his head while playing. The situation was also very bad. All of a sudden, the three people in the family were seriously ill. Of course, Master Liu, who had been in contact with those supernatural things, knew that this situation was definitely not a coincidence. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find Zhao Bin. They had to invite other experts to see it.

But Zhao Bin used the Yin soldier order, which can’t be seen by ordinary heavenly masters. Especially now, the Yin soldier order has been accepted by LAN Jinxiu. I can see that this is the counterattack of magic, but it’s a pity that they can’t solve it with limited ability. Some people fooled around without ability. Those who fooled well earned a running fee, and those who fooled badly were naturally kicked out as liars.

The Zhou family is safe and well, and they know that the Liu family is behind them. Now they see that the Liu family is constantly in trouble, causing all kinds of trouble. They are not in trouble, but just watching coldly.

Zhou Xi has been rehabilitated. Whether Li Zezhi solved the Zhou family’s disaster of extermination or Si Yang saved his life, he should personally come to thank him.

Li Zezhi solved the affairs of the Zhou family and made a lot of pocket money. He went back to honor his master, but Si Yang naturally didn’t care about the money and let him take it by himself. However, after a battle with those Yin soldiers, Li Zezhi became more aware of his shortcomings. He was not complacent because he solved things independently, so he buried himself in hard cultivation on the mountain.

Wang Zhengcheng, who was blocked at the foot of the mountain last time, learned that Zhou Xi was going to come to the door to thank him personally, so he bumped his ass and just met Li Zezhi who was going down the mountain. Suddenly, his face grew old and he couldn’t get up again this time.

Zhou Xi didn’t expect to see Si Yang. Such a master didn’t even see his grandfather’s last visit. However, he was very lucky to see Li Zezhi. Li Zezhi’s sword moves against Yin soldiers that day were amazing and made Zhou Xi think about it all the time. Unfortunately, Li Zezhi seems to have an appointment with others, but Li Zezhi is good at talking, He made another appointment with Zhou Xi to compete. It happened that Li Zezhi also wanted to learn the fighting skills of ordinary people. He can’t light his sword if anything happens in the future.

Wang Zhengcheng looked up at the mountain silently. His dream was on the mountain he couldn’t go up. Zhou Xi looked at him as if he had been abandoned by others and said with a smile: “if you really like him so much, you might as well say it directly. I think people like master Si will certainly not hinder human karma, but if I don’t hit you and follow the people around master Si, do you think ordinary men can still enter the eye?”

Wang Zhengcheng glared angrily: “am I bad?! you’re still not a good friend!”

Zhou Xi was not afraid to make him angry. He chuckled, “what do you think compared with Heavenly Master Si?”

Wang Zhengcheng kept silent. He also admitted that there is no comparability at all, although he is also very excellent: “always try. There are so many excellent people in the world, and those who are not excellent don’t deserve love. Who is right about fate.”

When Wang Zhengcheng finished, he received the message sent to him by his assistant. He immediately frowned slightly, but he couldn’t help picking his eyebrow: “I seem to have reason to get close to my beloved girl again.”

Zhou Xi looked at him suspiciously. Wang Zhengcheng handed his mobile phone to Zhou Xi: “there is a real estate that is not in the right situation. The ghost is making a lot of noise. Many people have seen it, but they can’t press it down. Now it’s serious enough to die. As a cooperative relationship, I think I have the obligation to help him hire a real master to solve the problem.”


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