Great Celestial Master Chapter 149

Before Wang Zhengcheng found it for various reasons, someone had found the door first. Maybe it’s been watching for a long time, maybe it’s so coincidental that when Siyang returned to his villa to rectify the small garden, someone found the door.

Because he will be on the mountain most of the time in the future, Si Yang went back to the villa and transplanted some flowers and plants in the small garden that need to be taken care of to Putian mountain. He planted some green plants at home and took away the Dragon pill that constantly breathes the aura. There is no need to toss about his things. At that time, he will get an array. If anyone has an evil heart, Naturally, there is no return.

Because the magic array at the door has been evacuated, if someone finds it, it will not be able to touch the door as before. This time, what follows Si Yang is from dream. Jing Rou has now become the chief manager of Putian mountain. She needs to handle internal and external affairs. Therefore, it is better to rectify the villa from dream.

When the door was knocked, I looked at Siyang from my dream and saw that Siyang nodded. Then I went to open the door and brought people in. Someone is coming towards their position, which has long been perceived from the dream.

The visitor is a young man in his thirties. He is handsome and noble. Perhaps due to his growing environment, the man has wanton arrogance between his eyebrows and eyes. After the man entered the house, he lined up with his bodyguards in Siyang’s outer yard. Two of them were probably very close to each other and planned to enter the house with people.

Reaching out from the dream, he said expressionless, “please wait outside like them.”

As soon as the bodyguard heard this, his eyes coagulated. They have seen a lot of blood. They don’t know how many lives they have touched in their hands. Their momentum is very strong. Ordinary people dare not even get close to them. A delicate girl like congmeng can cry at a glance. So when they turned to Cong Meng and tried to scare her away with their eyes, they saw that the beautiful eyes of Cong Meng looked at them coldly, without the slightest fear, and even looked deep, with a kind of indifference.

One of the bodyguards narrowed his eyes slightly and opened his mouth: “what if we have to go in?”

From the dream smiled, but the words were not polite at all: “then please go back, my master, there are no guests.”

The bodyguard glanced at the slender wrist blocked by the dream: “little girl, I’m not timid.” Then he reached out and grabbed the wrist from the dream, trying to teach her a little lesson. They didn’t come here today to ask for help. What’s more, what they saw was a yellow haired boy. Therefore, they decided to give what they should give. Especially their boss didn’t speak. They naturally understood the meaning.

Unfortunately, they expected the strength of the other party wrong. They thought that the slender white wrist would break as soon as it was pinched, but they didn’t expect that the chick controlled their hand with a backhand at a fast and incredible speed. The white, tender and slender hand was like a pair of pliers and couldn’t move them: “since you don’t want to cooperate, please come back, otherwise don’t blame me for being impolite.”

The man who had been standing silent looked at the two bodyguards, saw the shocked color on their faces and the slightly trembling palms controlled by a little girl, and smiled softly: “just wait outside.”

The two bodyguards did not look very good. They were always very confident in their skills, but unexpectedly, a little girl could easily control them. This surnamed Si is really the same as what is written in the information. It’s not easy to provoke.

Si Yang naturally knows what happened outside. He will choose to come back today to deal with the villa. He also has a hunch that he will encounter something, something bad. However, although he hates trouble, he is never afraid of trouble. If there is something bad, it’s better to see what it is than to avoid it. If it’s really bad, just solve it by force.

The man entered the house. Rao was born in a rich family. He couldn’t help but brighten his eyes when he saw this seemingly simple but exquisite hall with amazing luxury. When I saw the young man sitting on the sofa, his fine face with picturesque eyebrows and eyes was also slightly stifled, and then he sat opposite him with a bigger smile.

“Hello, my name is Bai Yu. I investigated you. It is said that you are a Heavenly Master. I wonder if you can figure out the purpose of my coming to you?”

Si Yang smiled and stroked the teacup, looking at the man who looked like him. Is this kind of thing still worth it: “if you have something to say, there is no need to ask such a waste of tongue.”

Bai Yu doesn’t mind Si Yang’s impoliteness. The smile on the corners of his mouth is even worse, and he even approaches him by two points, Carefully studied his appearance: “I didn’t know that my eldest brother has such a big son outside, but my Bai family’s gene is good. Although I don’t want to admit it, my eldest nephew, you should be the best looking one of the three generations of Bai family, probably inheriting all the advantages of your parents.”

Si Yang took a sip of tea and said carelessly: “so, today is to praise me for my good looks?”

Bai Yu said with a smile, “you’re not surprised at all. You always know who your father is?”

Si Yang shook his head: “I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. He’s just a sperm provider. He can’t be called a father.”

Listen to the words that seem to contain resentment, the smile on Bai Yu’s face is deeper. A young man can’t really have no emotion for his father who has never been masked. It’s good to have emotion. Only with emotion can he make a breakthrough.

“Do you know the Bai family?”

Si Yang said, “I’d like to hear it in detail.”

Bai Yudao: “The Bai family started by sailing. Don’t worry. It’s a real sailing, not a pirate. At first, the Bai family was still an imperial merchant. Unfortunately, the feudal dynasty was overthrown. However, the Bai family’s ancestors had foresight. They went out to take shelter from the wind during the civil unrest, and developed some forces. In other words, the Bai family only came back to China a little bit in recent years, but the foreign forces are not small, which is not a small degree Well, when you go back to the Bai family, you will naturally understand it slowly. Anyway, even your Chinese president has to be courteous. The Bai family doesn’t know that you exist. Last time you were accidentally bumped by me when you went in and out of the Zhou family, I found that you look very similar to my eldest brother, that is, your father. At that time, I thought that my Bai family is so good-looking that it can’t be a public face, How come you can see someone who looks similar at random? Later, I went to check and found the information about your grandfather and your mother. Only after asking my brother did I know that he had a relationship with your mother. I don’t know the details. Anyway, you are my nephew and can’t run away. Your father is not in China, but I also know your existence. I’m making arrangements for returning home, But I can’t wait to see you. ”

Si Yang smiled. The content of this remark was true and the emotion was false, so he directly asked, “how many sons am I?”

Bai Yu probably didn’t expect that he would ask such a straightforward question. Although Si Yang is a Heavenly Master and seems to have a bit of status in China, he is only a man in his twenties. He is mature again. He always has a little emotional ups and downs when he meets a family who has never been masked, but he doesn’t seem to care at all, So he said with a slight meal: “the seventh one, there are three older than you in the family. One was born in the original match, one was born in the second marriage, and a woman outside secretly hid from being born and threw it to the gate of the white family. According to your age, you should be ranked the fourth. There are three behind. The oldest one is twelve years old, and the youngest one is not over one year old.”

Hearing this, Siyang couldn’t help laughing. It’s really romantic and can give birth. This is still a son, not a daughter: “so you came to me to let me go back and inherit my family property?”

Probably found out some routines of Si Yang’s speech, Bai Yu also said with a smile: “Of course, why don’t you go back? Your father is still young and strong. You don’t need to go back to be filial. But how can the children of the Bai family live in exile without a surname? Besides, the food in the line of heavenly masters is not delicious after China has broken the feudal superstition for so long. Some heavenly masters I met are poor, so it’s good to go home and be a young master.”

Siyang eyebrows light pick: “nameless without surname? My surname is Si and my name is Yang. I’m not nameless without surname. As for the poor, although I’m not too rich, it’s not to the extent that I can’t uncover the pot.”

Bai Yu seems helpless about Siyang’s ignorance, Looking at his eyes, I felt that Si Yang was naive and funny: “No one will have too much wealth. I think life is just fine because I haven’t seen anything better. You may not know the Bai family now. I’m just here to tell you your identity. I don’t want you to recognize your ancestors and return to your ancestors immediately and suddenly come up with a cheap father. I know that ordinary people can’t accept it right away.”

Si Yang smiled: “if I insist on refusing, I don’t want to have anything to do with your Bai family?”

Bai Yu frowned slightly: “can you tell me the reason? If you are blaming your father for the loss of more than 20 years, or complaining about your mother, I suggest you don’t make a decision so early. You don’t understand the things of the previous generation. It’s not easy to make a hasty conclusion about which is right or wrong, isn’t it?”

Siyang shook his head: “the things of the previous generation died with my mother’s dystocia and have long disappeared. She chose the man herself and took the road herself. What kind of outcome she got was her own life.”

Hearing Si Yang’s words, Bai Yu didn’t think there was any problem at all, and even thought it was very reasonable. As expected, he was worthy of being the seed of his Bai family. He looked at things thoroughly: “in that case, why don’t you want to?”

Si Yang stroked his lips and smiled: “because your white house is too small for me.”


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