Great Celestial Master Chapter 15

Cang Yongfeng calls Siyang every few days to report what happened at home. At the beginning, although he had the idea of forcing Lin Jian to divorce automatically by metaphysics, the plans and the words of the overpass liar he found to Cang Yongfeng were planned by Si Yang for him.

“My sister has gone home. You don’t know. Lin Jian lied to my sister, saying that if she didn’t get divorced, the children in her belly wouldn’t live, and they would even die. What we used to lie to Lin Jian was used by Lin Jian to lie to my sister, but he didn’t say that it would bring wealth. He said that the three beaten children had turned into resentments, and only divorce could resolve them. He also said that the child was destined to be his only son. Even if he divorced, he would raise them in the future. ”

While making tea, Siyang said with a smile: “there must be an excuse. No matter what he said, as long as he is willing to give up custody and divorce, the result is good.”

According to the marriage law, the man shall not apply for divorce when the woman is pregnant or within one year after childbirth. Therefore, this marriage must be proposed by Cang Wenli, otherwise Lin Jian will not find reasons to cheat Cang Wenli to divorce him with a big stomach. However, Cang Wenli has always been submissive. Perhaps she was “frightened” by his statement. She agreed to divorce without much trouble.

Now Cang Wenli has returned to Cang’s house, and some divorce matters have been finalized soon. The divorce agreement was prepared by Lin Jian. The document indicates that the children will belong to Cang Wenli in the future, but it does not write about alimony. Lin Jian originally thought that if Cang Wenli asked, he would cheat with sweet words. Who knows if they have no opinion after reading the document, they signed it directly.

However, after the divorce, Lin Jian soon received another project, which made him more and more believe in the fortune teller’s statement. As soon as he got divorced, good luck came. Sure enough, Cang Wenli killed him.

After talking about the situation at home, Cang Yongfeng said: “now my sister is six or seven months old. At least she can’t work until the child goes to kindergarten. Giving birth to a child is also a sum of money. In the future, my responsibility will be heavier. I plan to come to Zhongdu in two days. I have one month left school and can do a month’s part-time job.”

Si Yang said, “you can live here first. The transportation here is still very convenient. You can find a part-time job slowly.”

Cang Yongfeng hurriedly said, “that’s not necessary. I’ve found a part-time job that I still live in, with a salary of 2200 at the end of a month and a commission. Anyway, it’s only one month. This condition is OK. I can earn my living expenses for two or three months in at least one month. After school starts, I’ll find a longer-term job on the weekend. Anyway, my life will gradually get better.”

Cang Yongfeng talked to Si Yang again. Seeing someone dragging food at home, he hung up to help.

Siyang put down the back end of his mobile phone and picked up the teacup. After a while, he looked at the little paper man who was puckering his small ass and trying to wipe the floor tiles. With a flick of his fingertips, a touch of spiritual power bounced on the little paper man. After turning a few somersaults, the little paper man fell gently to the ground. Dizzy and dizzy, he climbed up and continued to pucker his ass and wipe the floor tiles.

Siyang shook his head. He was running around for three meals a day, but he was so corrupt and guilty.

After drinking a few mouthfuls of tea, Siyang suddenly remembered that he was also a businessman. He hadn’t been to his online shop for several days to see the sales volume. As a result, the safety talisman of Liangwan was sold short. Although his inventory was only 20, and the sales of amulets were sold out. The amulets were more expensive, he only put on the shelf ten, and the surprise talisman sold less, only two, but these two surprise talismans were worth ten safety talismans.

Siyang looked at the time. The earliest one was three days ago. Several dialog boxes popped up. Some of them asked about the effect of talisman. Although he clearly explained it on the page, some people just like to ask for confirmation. Some asked when to deliver the goods. When no one answered, they left a good tempered message that they would send it whenever they wanted.

Si Yang touched his chin and looked silently for a while. It seems that the people who photographed these things are indeed people in the Xuanmen circle. If ordinary people don’t go online for three days and didn’t respond to the photographed things, they would have yelled to open them or asked for a refund.

The addresses Si Yang ordered to open these orders are all from Zhongdu. Sure enough, it should be the business card he left an account for LAN Yuzhuo last time. It is estimated that these orders also have the meaning of temptation or friendship.

Siyang packed the photographed symbol list. As soon as he hooked his finger, several small paper people who were wiping the ground flew over. Put each piece of Rune paper in a wooden box, and several small paper people directly pasted it on the wooden box. The wooden box instantly disappeared. As soon as Siyang waved his hand, the hidden little paper man flew directly to the buyer along Siyang’s idea.

Fortunately, this is in Zhongdu. You can use teleportation to deliver goods three days late. If it’s far away, you can only take ordinary express. If it’s so late, you may be given a bad comment. It’s sad that there are no people. It seems that if you want to expand your own store, you should keep up with the distribution equipment.

Nearly a month has passed since the last he Boyi incident. The masters of Linggu Temple are still reading scriptures on the mountain. He Boyi doesn’t know how many evils he has done. He Boyi can’t completely eliminate him by reading longitude day and night. At this time, he Boyi only had a little evil spirit support, but it was sooner or later that he Boyi was covered by the golden bell, which ate away the evil spirit of he Boyi day and night.

But after that, Si Yang became famous in the Xuanmen. But those who stayed on the mountain at the end of the day were all the lineages of everyone and major sects, so most of them only knew such a person more or less, but they didn’t know what Siyang looked like.

Not to mention how curious those who have only heard the name but have not seen themselves, even those who have seen Si Yang with their own eyes are still curious. At that time, the business card Si Yang used to write his account naturally became a stepping stone. Whether it is through this channel to get involved with this young man who seems to have a lot of skills, or they can buy some really good things through worldly money, the business card left behind is their opportunity.

LV Jingming of the LV family was the first one to place an order. Originally, he wanted to say that he could talk to Siyang through the network channel. After all, his friendship is slowly coming out. However, he didn’t respond when he went online every day, and there is no shipping trend for the things he photographed. It seems that Siyang should be a Buddhist seller.

I was going online as usual every day to see what was going on. Suddenly I heard the doorbell ring. LV Jingming put down his mouse and got up to open the door. He didn’t live in the old house for cultivation. Although the old house of the LV family is not so deep in the mountains, it is really difficult to get in and out. Moreover, the elders of the family still inherit some old traditional ways of doing things. You know, after the Qing Dynasty has been dead for so many years, some class systems look really ridiculous. It’s better to be free from experience outside.

When he opened the door, LV Jingming saw no one but a wooden box on the ground. He looked around and didn’t feel anything unusual. LV Jingming picked up the wooden box, closed the door and entered the house. After taking the wooden box into the house, take a closer look. The wooden box is engraved with four words Hengtian small building, which is the name of Siyang’s online store.

LV Jingming was stunned. He quickly turned back and opened the door. After looking for a circle, he didn’t even have the smell of a stranger. It seems that the delivery man left quietly, and LV Jingming had to give up.

He took a picture of all the talismans on the shelf from Siyang’s online store. Other talismans were common, but the startling talisman was the first time he heard of it. Generally, only those who have lost their soul or have unstable soul due to some things need to be frightened, and this kind of shock is mostly achieved through some Dharma. I just don’t know how to achieve the effect of surprise with only one rune.

After opening the wooden box, a aura escaped from the box. LV Jingming found that the wooden box was not an ordinary wooden box. There was a looming force of suppression on it, as if it had been painted with an array to block the aura. This made LV Jingming couldn’t help but pick up the wooden box and look at it carefully for a moment. Unfortunately, he didn’t find anything.

Each Rune in the wooden box is separately packed in a plastic seal, with the name and purpose of the rune pasted on the outside. LV Jingming first opened the startling talisman he was very curious about. As soon as the startling talisman was taken out of the bag, he could clearly feel a spiritual force pouring out of the talisman and winding around him gradually along his fingers. In addition, for the first time, he felt the existence of his soul so clearly, as if the whole soul had a little more weight, more solid and closer.

LV Jingming hurriedly put the talisman into the sealed bag again, and the winding force gradually dissipated. Although the power dissipated, the spirit power that seemed to have wrapped around his soul just now did not dissipate. Although it was not much, LV Jingming could feel it carefully.

LV Jingming looked at the startling talisman in his hand. What’s the origin of Siyang? He could penetrate the spiritual power into people’s soul through a talisman. Even people with accomplishments like him can’t resist it. Their souls become more solid with the involvement of these spiritual forces, not to mention those who lose their souls for various reasons.

LV Jingming had no time to check other talismans. He put the startling talisman into the wooden box and went out with the box in his arms.

At the same time, those who also took the talisman received it almost at the same time. A moment later, the conversation box in Siyang’s small store flashed continuously. He had just filled in the inventory again, and the goods were robbed in the blink of an eye.

Si Yang leaned on the sofa with his computer and looked at the entry of a sum of money in the background. He was very satisfied. Sure enough, it was right to decide to make a fortune by talisman. Isn’t this the way to get rich.

There’s no need to worry about the market. We have to pay close attention to the distribution. Whether to use ghost delivery to show style or sign a contract with a mundane express company is a problem.

LAN Jin, who had just finished processing some cumbersome documents, was ready to make a cup of coffee to wake up. When he heard the sound of mobile phone information, he turned around and saw that the sender was Si Yang. His heart jumped uncontrollably. He hurriedly picked up his mobile phone to check: where are the most ghosts?

LAN Jinxiu stared at the mobile phone and was stunned. Where are the most ghosts? How can he answer this question. Maybe my brain was short circuited for a moment. I didn’t remember that I had a sister who specialized in catching ghosts, so I went back with common sense: hospital, morgue?

Seeing the wechat almost returned by seconds, Si Yang couldn’t help laughing. There was nothing wrong with this answer.


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