Great Celestial Master Chapter 150

Bai Yu thinks the funniest joke he’s ever heard in his life is that someone dislikes his Bai family for being too small to see it. And this is from a 20 year old child’s mouth, although he himself is only 30 years old, but he has gone through too many things, such as Si Yang on the blood of nephew, the data to investigate the simple life experience, for him is a child with no hair.

I looked at Si Yang seriously for a moment and made sure he wasn’t joking. Yu Guang saw the girl standing beside the sofa with her head bowed and her posture was extremely respectful. The girl who called Si Yang the master and the priceless ink painting on the wall behind the girl couldn’t help laughing. As he said before, she hasn’t experienced better, which is somewhat different from the abilities of ordinary people, The achievements in front of us are naturally regarded as the top of the sky.

Bai Yu took a sip of tea and didn’t take Siyang’s refusal seriously: “I said don’t worry. When you know, you haven’t even seen your father. You know that blood relationship is a wonderful relationship. Even if you haven’t seen it, you will instinctively have feelings.”

“Bai’s family, Chinese American, was a royal merchant of the imperial court 300 years ago. In the state of seclusion, he also occupied a place in the maritime sector and maintained good commercial relations with many countries. The Qing court was corrupt and the war raged, so he slowly transferred his power to Great Britain. When the Qing court was torn apart by warlords, the Bai family moved to Europe and made use of the contacts of maritime transport , he transported a large amount of arms, established his own territory in Europe, and then slowly moved to North America. He has settled in the United States, but he has close ties with many royal governments and has a large number of non-human forces in his hands. Unfortunately, the Heavenly Master of China is a place that your white family can’t penetrate so far. Under such power, Naturally, they have countless wealth. They are still engaged in maritime trade on the surface, but they are very widely involved in private. For example, in the Middle East, it is not too much to say that it is your Bai’s back garden. To sum up, do you have anything to add? ”

When Si Yang said this, Bai Yu’s smile on his face remained unchanged, but his eyes gradually sharpened. For a moment, he even wondered whether Si Yang had planned to come to the door since he met Si Yang. If he came to the door suddenly today, how could he directly tell their Bai family’s past? Can it be seen?

Seeing that he didn’t speak, Si Yang drank slowly with a teacup. The Bai family said that it was big, but it wasn’t big for him. It was as big as heaven for ordinary people. Moreover, up to now, the Bai family certainly can’t be the speech hall of their brothers. This time he came to talk about the Bai family as if it could be their main business. As for the purpose, Si Yang has not seen it yet. Although he can pinch his fingers and calculate, he can only measure and calculate the quality of the results. The process needs some information to deliberate. After all, he has no ability to see the future picture. But he is too lazy to count. Anyway, the result depends on his mood.

Probably aware of Siyang’s Heavenly Master ability, Bai Yu converged a little carelessly and said with a smile: “it is said that the Heavenly Master can measure the past and Future 500 years. It seems that this statement is true. I don’t know where you learn from? Your master must not be a simple person who trained you into such a talent at a young age.”

Si Yang said with a smile, “my master has high requirements for accepting students. He certainly doesn’t like you, so don’t think about it.”

Bai Yu Yijie, why is his nephew so unlovable.

Si Yang put down his tea cup: “if you have finished your intention, my refusal is very straightforward. If there is nothing else, please go back.”

Bai Yu also put down the teacup: “the Heavenly Master is not a detached group. Since he has entered the world of laity, some things will inevitably be involved with laity. No matter whether it’s your backer or not, there are many people, so there are always a lot of potential.”

Si Yang didn’t speak. One side saw Si Yang’s look from his dream and knew that his master was a little impatient, so he said with a sarcastic smile: “compared with the ancestors of the Bai family, today’s Bai family is not as good as one generation.”

Bai Yu looks cold. What about a little maid, even if she is a ghost servant? There are many capable and strange people in the Bai family. Only the Chinese Heavenly Master is proud of ghost servants. Among the capable and strange people in various countries, there is nothing powerful at all.

Si Yang asked with a smile, “have you seen the ancestors of the Bai family?”

From Dayton respectfully: “Yes, I did. At the state banquet at that time, the people of the Bai family presented a treasure before the emperor. They presented a Fengqi jade bottle, a bottle with a green jade carving Phoenix and a large bowl mouth. What’s strange is that after pouring water, the Phoenix in the bottle seemed to take off. I was right beside the imperial concubine and was close to the emperor. I was lucky to see it clearly. Because this thing implied good luck, the emperor was great at that time The Bai family was greatly rewarded. At that time, in front of all the civil and military officials in the Manchu Dynasty, the head of the Bai family advanced and retreated appropriately. He spoke with humor and wit without losing his literary talent. He was praised by the emperor. His style was incomparable. ”

Bai Yu narrowed his eyes and investigated before he came. His nephew is a Heavenly Master, but he grew up in the countryside with his grandfather because he is young. Although he is good-looking, he only thinks it is because of his parents’ genes, but when he first came into contact, he knew that his investigation was too casual. The identity of this nephew must be not simple. So the temptation of GAGs didn’t try to find out the other party’s low, but unexpectedly, even the low of their ancestors was turned out.

Bai Yu looked at the dream for a few eyes, his expression was cold for a while, and then brought back some smiles. He just said with a little regret: “it’s a pity that I was born hundreds of years late and didn’t see the style of my ancestors.”

Bai Yu then stood up: “little nephew, listen to my uncle’s advice. The world is the world of ordinary people after all.”

Si Yang said, “from the dream, see off.”

He immediately came from the dream and motioned to Bai Yu towards the gate. When walking to the outer courtyard, Bai Yu looked down at congmeng: “the little girl has a lot of courage.”

From the dream, the expression remained unchanged: “the courage of the slave is used to by the master. When the master is hard, the back of the people below will naturally straighten. As for those next to you, you won’t bother, and the master will decide.”

Bai Yu picked his eyebrows and said, “what if your master can’t do the master’s business?”

I smiled from my dream: “I also want to know what will happen if my master can’t be the master.”

Bai Yu looks at the sharp mouth and strides directly to the door. I thought I happened to come to China to find a son left behind for his brother. Unexpectedly, this son seems very interesting. It seems that his brother should come to China by himself.

After watching the group leave from the dream, he returned to the house. Si Yang still sat on the sofa and said to congmeng, “tell me what you know about Bai family.”

Those are all very old things, and from the dream, the women in the deep palace know everything about the outside world from the master who serves them, or from some eunuchs and mammies. However, the Bai family is just an emperor and merchant, and naturally there is not much news introduced into the palace. But after being a ghost, besides not being able to go out of the palace and go to the Jinluan hall, she wandered around all day and listened to some gossip. Therefore, she was not limited to only mentioning the news of the Bai family, but also some business matters outside, and told what she remembered.

After hearing this, Si Yang didn’t respond. He asked him to clean up the small garden from his dream, but he can be sure that the white family must have a plan.

Si Yang didn’t hide the fact that the Bai family came to the door. LAN Jinxiu must know more about business than him. Although he is not afraid of the Bai family, there is not much news, and more information is more beneficial to him.

LAN Jinxiu’s LAN family is more or less famous in China, but compared with Bai family, the gap is probably the difference between yachts and cruise ships. He didn’t say anything about some commercial things that he thought were of little value, but Bai Sen, who may be Si Yang’s father, has a lot of lace.

After hearing this, Si Yang said, “to sum up, people are handsome, but romantic, and keep seeds everywhere.”

Monk LAN Jin: “I think there should be some unknown things. Although I haven’t had direct contact with the Bai family, the Bai Sen who may be your father. I once attended a banquet with him. What’s a person’s nature? You can see some from his eyes and his aura. As far as I’ve seen Bai Sen, he is not a person who will be fascinated by beauty Even more, this person gives me a deep feeling. ”

LAN Jinxiu said, “but I’ve heard a rumor that the reason why the people of the Bai family haven’t given up the navigation line so far is that a ship carrying gold in tons sank at sea. However, many people listen to this statement as gossip. With the wealth status of the Bai family today, it’s just gold in a ship. Why bother so much.”

Si Yang said, “I can’t figure out what they’re looking for. It’s a coincidence with your gossip. Look, no matter what the name is, there’s always a time to show their purpose.”

LAN Jin said, “today, Wang Zhengcheng came to the manor again. If the peach blossom doesn’t open, why don’t you just cut it off? He saved the country so curvilinearly again and again. Don’t you bother?”

Si Yang smiled: “who will cut the peach blossom? Who knows if it will bloom before the last minute. Besides, sometimes it’s interesting to watch these young people jump up and down for some love.”

Hearing this, LAN Jinxiu’s eyes are dark, so Si Yang likes this kind of stupidity and directness? Would he like to try another way?


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