Great Celestial Master Chapter 151

The boss of Tiancheng real estate is Xue Rui, but this is not his original name. His former name was Xue Chengshu. His family can’t say that he is a scholar family. Up to three generations, he is also a cultural person. Therefore, I hope the children in the family follow their parents and take the road of culture. Unfortunately, Xue Chengshu has been good at science since childhood and has a good mind in economics. Despite the opposition of his family, he went directly to business after graduating from university and developed a Tiancheng real estate.

However, at the beginning, he didn’t do well. Although he didn’t say how much money to lose, some things always have to go through many twists and turns to succeed. Later, someone said that the meaning of his name was bad. Chengshu, Chengshu, didn’t lose all day. At first, he didn’t want to change his name. Later, he thought more and more about whether to try it or not. It’s a big deal to change it back.

Then the friend who reminded him introduced a very good master and calculated all kinds of things for him. If that’s the case, Xue Rui won’t believe it. The key is that the master is also very accurate in looking at the future and helps him and his family avoid some disasters, large and small. Since then, Xue Rui believed in the master very much and listened to his opinions, Changed his name to Xue Rui.

These days, in addition to paying attention to the supporting facilities of the house type facing the surrounding, many people in the real estate industry also pay attention to Feng Shui. After seeing this metaphysical skill, Xue Rui himself believed it. Later, as long as he bought land, he would ask the master’s opinions and give the master the design drawings before building the house. Every time the master really helped him change some positions. Originally, the real estate industry was very popular. With the help of some Feng Shui luck, it naturally did better. In just a few years, tiantiancheng real estate has developed from a small developer to a listed enterprise.

Xue Rui has learned a lot about this aspect since he became superstitious about metaphysics. Naturally, he knows that there is karma in the world, so he will donate part of his interests to charities every year, which also makes Xue Rui’s business famous. It is unintentional.

However, all this smoothly ended this year.

The real estate developed by Xue Rui is just beside the moat, but the moat has become a smelly ditch because the water source is not circulating. It is because of this smelly ditch that the house prices in the surrounding area can not go up, because the environment is too poor. Also because of this, the price of this land is very cheap. With the strength of Tiancheng real estate, it must be impossible to have a whole take all. After all, his company can’t afford to manage this smelly ditch. However, he has a good reputation in the industry, and several other companies are also interested, so he cooperates to win the site, and then invests in the construction in stages.

In the middle of last year, Xue Rui’s new building opened. Because he made great efforts to renovate the moat, the surrounding environment took on a new look. Soon, some hospitals, kindergartens and primary schools were completed one after another. Therefore, even if the house price was very high, it was soon sold out.

Managing the environment and short selling the house is originally a very happy thing. Unfortunately, since the beginning of this year, there has been something wrong with the new buildings in this area. The scope of the problem includes the buildings that have been built or are still under construction, not just the natural scope of real estate.

Xue Rui’s real estate has been built and almost sold out, and some owners have lived in it one after another. It was from those households that things started to go wrong.

At first, she was a white-collar worker who worked late at night. When she came home, she always felt someone following her, but strangely, she could only hear footsteps, but there was no one behind her. The white-collar worker was so frightened that he didn’t even work overtime and took the unfinished work directly home. Later, it was said in the owners’ group, and the community also began to increase the intensity of inspection, but nothing happened.

What’s more frightening is that a single girl can stay at home in her career, so in addition to cooking occasionally, she also ordered takeout. One night, the girl ordered a takeout and it was delivered soon. When the girl opened the door to get the takeout, there was a sound of pumping the toilet and the sound of shower water in the bathroom. The girl lived alone. The sudden sound scared the girl half to death. The little brother who was delivering the takeout was at the door. The girl asked the little brother for help to go in and have a look. As a result, there was nothing in the room. Although she didn’t know how to open the shower head, there was no one in the room. The delivery man helped the girl close the shower head, checked the doors and windows, looked around the house, there was no one else in the house, and then left in the girl’s thanks.

After putting the food on the table, the girl took out her mobile phone to give the takeout a good comment, and then heard the doorbell ring. The girl looked through the cat’s eyes and saw a man in takeout clothes standing at the door with food in his hand. The girl suddenly turned pale with fear. When she thought the delivery man at the door was a bad man, she turned around and saw that the food she had just put on the table was gone.

In this case, the girl naturally didn’t dare to stay any longer. She ran out of the hotel all night and called her best friend to accompany her. Then she sent what she had experienced before to the owners.

The girl originally thought that such a damn thing would only be regarded as nonsense, but unexpectedly, many people responded that they had the same experience. Some are the sound of high heels following behind in the middle of the night. Some of them were suddenly glimpsed white ghosts floating through the door. There is also the sound of someone walking in the next room when there is only one person in the family, and the sound of someone talking in the ear in the middle of the night.

Many people are frightened by these strange and strange sounds. If they only meet one or two, they may feel that they are talking nonsense, but many people who feel that others are paying attention have also experienced it in person, so they have to believe it. So the haunted things in the community slowly ferment and get worse and worse.

Later, it developed into a community. When the security patrol every morning, you can find cats and dogs dead on the road. One of the monitoring is very strange. An orange cat’s head seems to be bitten by something and dragged to the middle of the road. The cat struggled desperately, but finally died slowly with convulsions.

This bizarre video was taken away by the developer, but the news came out and confirmed the rumors that the community was haunted.

Later, Xue Rui invited the master he knew to see him. After walking around the community, he asked Xue Rui to buy some repressive things and bury them in all directions, so the community was quiet for a few days. Just when Xue Rui thought it was over, there was a roar of gold and iron horses in the community in the middle of the night. In addition to the sound, even the house seemed to vibrate faintly, as if countless iron horse soldiers had run.

There was a lot of noise in their community, but at least it didn’t hurt anyone. Other buildings still under construction also happened when rumors of haunting came out in Xue Rui’s community. For example, when the construction was carried out late at night, there were suddenly several more workers. After careful verification, the number was just right. When the excavator dug into the soil, it seemed to hit the iron plate and couldn’t dig down. As a result, when people dug manually, it was ordinary soil and there was no obstacle.

There were also workers in the shed. When they took a shower at night, they shed blood and water. One night, they looked at themselves in the mirror. They didn’t see themselves in the mirror. Shengsheng was stunned. The next day, he didn’t even want his salary and ran away.

Things are getting more and more serious. Many workers know that if things are not handled properly on some construction sites, something will happen during the construction process. Those with hard lives can carry it by themselves, while those with weak lives will die when they see blood. Therefore, many workers have left, and no amount of money can stop them. If you want to make money, you must first have life.

The developer of the building under construction didn’t believe this and didn’t find a master to see it, so he found a foreman who was willing to take over the work and continued to start work. But just a week ago, an excavator in Haosheng stopped on the flat ground. There was no one on the excavator, the machine was also off, and the workers were resting. As a result, the excavator suddenly moved, and the flat ground rolled over directly, killing five workers sitting under the excavator to hide in the shade. This made a big deal.

The master Xue Rui believed for several years ran away and disappeared when he was killed. Xue Rui also knew many people in this field because of his superstition of metaphysics these years, so he invited them one by one to see what the problem was, but some of them were swindlers, fooled them into a fake Dojo and ran away with the money. Some may have some real skills. Even if they didn’t enter the community, they directly shook their head and said that they were too angry. They couldn’t handle it and asked for another expert.

In addition to Xue Rui, there are also two developers who have a headache. Xue Rui’s house has been built and is almost sold, so it is more troublesome than the other two. The other two big deal is to stop work and stop loss. But if there is a big event in his community, it will have to be compensated, and bankruptcy will not survive.

More importantly, his conscience can’t pass. He didn’t grow up in a pleasant environment since childhood. He knows how the family pulls life for a house. Some people have saved a lifetime of money and put it into this house. If the community can’t live in people, he will lose all his money and not enough compensation. Those houses that can’t live without money will not destroy one or two families. That’s why I looked everywhere for a truly capable master. Even if he thought he was a liar, he still believed with hope, even if he was cheated again and again.

Although Wang Zhengcheng came to Siyang in the name of being an investor, Siyang was not interested in this matter at first. The whole community would be haunted. It was just that someone died unjustly or something was buried below. But the deaths of the five workers made news. After seeing the scene of the accident through those news, he nodded and promised to take a look.

Because he saw that the five workers who died accidentally were being tied to the ground by a large iron chain with a thick bowl mouth. He was a little curious about what the problem was in this place.


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