Great Celestial Master Chapter 152

Although Siyang didn’t bring Li Zezhi out of his dream this time, Wang Zhengcheng followed him in a hurry. If it’s a simple ghost at the beginning, Wang Zhengcheng may not be so serious. He just wants to be close to his dream. But now it has caused human lives, and those developers have invited many masters to see it, but none of them can be solved. Although he doesn’t invest much, no matter how big it is, he doesn’t have much to do with it, but if there is a way to solve it, he can’t bear to see someone killed by the dirty things here again.

When Si Yang came, LAN Jingxiu naturally followed. Wang Zhengcheng knew how good the relationship between President LAN and Si Tianshi was. Judging from their relationship, they didn’t look like ordinary neighbors at all. He just brought his apprentice to learn more. He understood. Why did the neighbor follow?

Maybe Wang Zhengcheng’s eyes stared for a long time. LAN Jinxiu looked back at him: “what’s up?”

Wang Zhengcheng coughed softly, “are you interested in these things, too?”

LAN Jin said, “I’m the bodyguard of master Si.”

Wang Zhengcheng’s mouth twitched slightly. When he didn’t know how powerful Li Zezhi’s swordsmanship was, would he need a bodyguard if he could teach such a powerful apprentice? Even if you make up a reason, can you go dessert.

The site of the accident has been surrounded, and several families of the dead workers are arguing with the developer about compensation. Boss Liu, the developer, has been in a mess. Regardless of the pressure from all aspects, the shutdown of the site for one day is a huge loss, as well as the unresolved supernatural event, like a sword hanging overhead, can fall down and kill people at any time. And they are also worried about whether they will be involved if things on the construction site become more and more serious.

When Siyang came, the boss Liu also came with someone. He was still a person Siyang knew, the head lowering teacher in Thailand, azanpeng. However, he didn’t follow the Zhuang minister this time. Instead, he was a young man in his early twenties. He didn’t have the smell of Heavenly Master or head lowering master, but he had the smell of poisonous insects. I don’t know who was controlled by azampong or a new apprentice.

Seeing that the old man’s eyes were very uncomfortable, Li Zezhi walked forward and blocked his eyes from looking at his master.

Azanpeng didn’t expect to see Si Yang here. He was a little surprised. He even couldn’t control his expression when he saw Si Yang at first. However, he soon restrained his mood and stepped forward without waiting for the people around him to speak: “unexpectedly, we met again. I don’t know how is your friend lately?”

Siyang glanced at him slightly and walked away with a cold look. He seldom has a direct and indifferent attitude towards people. Even the group of bedbugs who have jumped in front of him can put on a smiling face. It’s just that I haven’t seen it for some time. The breath of this Thai headmaster is getting more and more mixed. I don’t know how many people have been killed and how many souls have been swallowed alive in order to refine Gu. He himself is not a good man, and he has killed many people. Naturally, he will not measure people by such things. He just hates the smell of that person, a smell of rotten corpse that no amount of fragrance can hide.

Si Yang’s attitude stunned others. I probably didn’t expect that the master invited by boss Liu would know the master invited by Wang Shao. After all, a grade is so big and a student is so young. Moreover, there seems to be a problem in their attitude. There are some human spirits present. Although the old master smiles, even if he is impolitely humiliated, he looks kind and doesn’t care about his younger generation, but he is vaguely afraid of the public.

Xue Rui, who followed Wang Zhengcheng carefully behind him, hurried forward: “Mr. Liu, what a coincidence. I don’t need to introduce Wang Shao. This is master Si invited by Wang Shao. You know, I can’t make trouble in my community. It’s not easy to invite a master and come to have a look immediately.”

Boss Liu went downhill to ease the atmosphere. He said hello to Siyang and Wang Zhengcheng, and complained to Xue Rui: “your community is still good. My construction site is in such a mess. Even if the matter here is solved, I’m afraid the matter of those workers can’t be solved for a while. This is master Peng. I specially invited him to help me see the construction site.”

At this time, Wang Zhengcheng said to boss Liu, “we want to go in and have a look. Does president Liu mind?”

The young man who was with azampo was not loud or small. Everyone could hear him and said, “my master came to see this construction site. If you come to see the community, shouldn’t it be the community?”

Wang Zhengcheng has never been used to treating others with dignity. If he is willing to give face, he will naturally lower his posture, but it doesn’t mean that anyone can ride on his head. So he glanced at the old man coldly, looked at boss Liu and said, “it’s really urgent that human life has happened, but it’s urgent to polish his eyes and find someone. Don’t find any cats and dogs.”

The young man next to azanpeng was suddenly a little angry. He didn’t know whether he felt that azanpeng had a little unusual ability. He was a little crazy to worship such a teacher, or he just didn’t have a brain. He just begged for performance in front of the master and wanted to come forward and shout. But he was stopped by azampo. Although he looked at it lightly, the warning in his eyes made the man tremble subconsciously, and then silently stepped back and loaded quails.

Azanpeng smiled at Siyang and said, “children are not sensible and some impetuous. Please don’t argue with a child.”

Siyang ignored coldly, and Li Zezhi hissed.

Boss Liu hurriedly said, “please come in. I stopped work immediately after the accident. Although the site has been cleaned a little, it is basically the same as when the accident happened.” Boss Liu opened the big iron door of the construction site as he said.

As soon as he entered the construction site, LAN Jingxiu’s expression changed slightly. He said to Si Yang, “I thought it was a Yin soldier, but it doesn’t seem to be.” He has a Yin soldier order in his hand. He has been thinking about this for a long time. The breath here is not equal to that of Yin soldiers.

Si Yang went to the ghosts bound by the big iron chain. The iron chain stretched out from the ground, and the binding strength was also deepening. With each tight point, the soul power of those souls would be weak. In two days at most, these souls would be scared out. The point is that these five are the souls of the unfinished life.

Si Yang walked around those souls. The iron chain is very strange. It’s not from the underworld. These souls originally have an unfinished life. Even if the Yin difference comes to collect the soul, he won’t use this iron chain.

At this time, azampo suddenly said, “I probably see the problem here.” He first looked at boss Liu, and then looked at a group of people in Siyang. The meaning is obvious. This is boss Liu’s territory, and he is the person invited by boss Liu to solve the problem, so this is naturally his territory.

Boss Liu naturally saw the master’s meaning, but Wang Shao could not offend him. Before he could think how not to offend both sides, Wang Zhengcheng opened his mouth: “you can see the problem at a glance. Your skill is not small. Since you are so powerful, you don’t mind if we watch here? I’m also curious about the noise in this place these days.”

Although the man was invited by him, boss Liu could not be the master of the master. However, Wang Shao’s words gave him a step. Even if he was rejected, it was not that he offended others, so he smiled and said to azanpeng: “master, look at this…”

Azanpeng wanted Siyang to leave. Last time, he found it first and was cut off by the boy. Now he’s afraid of being cut off by Siyang again. But if he forcibly asked to clear the scene, it’s a typical intentional target. Those who have the ability have a bad temper and are cold faced with him now, If he was really tough to let them leave, he was afraid of really provoking the man, so he had to hold his nose and bear it.

Azampong walked around the land where the accident happened and also found the ghost. However, he has no Yin and Yang eyes and his ability is not so strong that he can see the ghost directly with the naked eye, but he can feel it.

A zanpeng raised his hand, and suddenly there was a flag in his hand. Then he looked at several people not far away: “do you want to open your eyes?”

As soon as these words came out, Xue Rui and boss Liu’s eyes lit up. Before that, they didn’t invite some so-called masters to see. They almost jumped casually and sprayed a fire. They said that the matter was solved. They couldn’t understand anything and could only give money. It’s better to show them what ordinary people can’t see than to be blind and see nothing.

Azampong took out a bottle and gave it to his apprentice: “just wipe the water on his eyes.”

His apprentice handed the bottle to boss Liu. Wang Zhengcheng subconsciously looked at Siyang. Siyang smiled and said, “do you want to see it, too?”

Wang Zhengcheng smiled: “I want to.”

Si Yang took out a talisman and handed it to him: “just put it on your body.”

Wang Zhengcheng took the talisman paper and put it into his pocket. When he looked up again, he was scared back and forth. Boss Liu and Xue Rui wiped the potion given by azanpeng. When their eyes could open, their actions were the same as those of Wang Zhengcheng. Five ghosts suddenly appeared in front of them. It was good not to pee.

In particular, boss Liu, the workers who died unexpectedly, even if they didn’t know each other before, have been making trouble during this period. He has seen the photos countless times. The souls of the five dead people were always on the construction site. At first sight, they were half scared to death.

In addition, the whole construction site, including the residential buildings that can be seen from a distance, are all in a shadow, like a layer of death, dim and creepy.

The Five ghosts trapped on the ground have been confused by the iron chain. After azampo sprinkled something on them, the Five ghosts gradually cleared up.

Unfortunately, the Five ghosts themselves died indistinctly. After asking for a long time, they only remember the day of the accident. After they died, they saw a huge shadow passing through the excavator and then disappeared.

When azampong asked about some ghosts, Siyang kept looking in one direction of the construction site. LAN Jingxiu naturally found the problem, so he glanced at him and asked if he wanted to take care of it.

Si Yang frowned slightly. It’s not easy to manage. Although there is no grave below, there should be a person with a high status and a team of soldiers buried with him. In addition, I’m afraid there’s a wonderful burial object buried below, otherwise the matter could not have been so big and covered so wide.

Just as Siyang was thinking about whether to talk about conditions or direct force suppression, azanbong directly shook the flag in his hand and took out a small drum. When the drum sounded, the iron chain bound with Five ghosts was impacted and was breaking little by little.

Si Yang’s eyes were cold. He was really looking for death.

He just thought that the iron chain was directly broken by azampo. The Five ghosts were freed, but almost in an instant, a huge dark wind blew, and the orderly sound of soldiers and horses came from all directions.

Siyang quickly pinched his hands and decided to set up the border and wrapped up the whole construction site. Fortunately, it had been shut down here, otherwise things would be so big that some secret service departments would have a headache.

When the border was laid, Siyang drew a circle: “come in if you don’t want to die.”

Naturally, Wang Zhengcheng hurriedly followed, and Xue Rui, boss Liu and others hurried to follow. The disciple of azampo looked at Siyang, snorted coldly, and stood still. His master was so capable that he didn’t need the protection of others.

When there were only two teachers and disciples outside, Si Yang sealed the small protective ring. Since azanpeng was so capable, he would like to watch the play well.


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