Great Celestial Master Chapter 153

The wind was cloudy and the sound of horses’ hoofs sounded. Originally, in order to be convenient, I wanted to see what problems were coming. It was difficult to solve them during the day, and I didn’t want to spend a day outside, so I chose to check the situation at night. If I saw any problems, it would be dark after a little wait, and I don’t have to waste too much time. Now it’s hot and dark. It’s still a big day when they came. However, when the cloudy wind blows, the sky turns black with the naked eye, dark clouds break out, and the muggy air in the hot summer suddenly drops.

The Five ghosts who had lost their huge chains instinctively wanted to leave here, but they didn’t wait for them to move. When the Yin wind rose, the Five ghosts suddenly lit a blue and green flame. It was a ghost fire, not an ordinary ghost fire. After a few breaths, the Five ghosts were directly burned out in the shrill scream.

At the beginning, azanpeng was caught off guard by the sudden vision. When he saw the ghost burned, he felt his face slapped. Before he could think about the accident, he saw lines of soldiers in armor slowly coming out of the dark.

In ancient times, there were not so many armor for soldiers. Either generals or soldiers raised by some princes and nobles could wear armor. However, azampong was not from China. Although he knew something about China, he still didn’t know the history of the secular world. At present, seeing these soldiers coming towards him, he thought they were Yin soldiers, so he turned white.

Turning around again, I saw that Siyang’s group of people had set up boundaries for themselves and watched the play unaffected. His stupid apprentice looked forward to looking at himself with bright eyes. Azanpeng was about to spit out his old blood. Why did he take such a stupid apprentice!

Without waiting for him to be distracted, the group of soldiers lined up neatly and stood in an orderly manner. It was frightening to look at it alone. But the soldiers didn’t rush into mass action and looked at azampo one by one. On the ground, thick chains poured up from all directions, all converging towards the place where azampo was located, as if to bind him.

And his apprentice didn’t know if it was a fool’s blessing. Standing outside the barrier set up by Siyang, he was not affected by those soldiers.

Ordinary people like Wang Zhengcheng and others have no chance to see this scene, perhaps in Siyang’s protection circle, so they are not afraid, but open their eyes. These are ancient soldiers and real ancients!

LAN Jinxiu stood beside Si Yang without making a sound. He looked like a conscientious bodyguard. In fact, he was distracted to investigate the things under the ground. Li Zezhi found a strange place: “master, the man’s apprentice was not attacked. Look at these Yin soldiers’ targets running directly towards the man surnamed Peng. It should be that the man broke the iron chain just now, so revenge came. In that case, were the five people who died before really innocent and wasted their lives?”

Hearing this, people in the border area all looked at Si Yang, especially boss Liu. They were more curious. Although some cats and dogs died in Xue Rui’s community, they didn’t hurt people’s lives. How did five people die at once when they arrived at his construction site.

Si Yang said, “it’s not too innocent to say innocent. It’s just something you shouldn’t take.”

Boss Liu hurriedly asked, “what is it?”

“It’s just some gold and silver jewelry for burial. Although there is no tomb below, there is also a simple altar burial. In ancient times, people paid attention to burial. Even the most heinous people would bury their bones together when they were executed. However, the people below should be cremated and put into the urn, but their status should not be low. They were buried with soldiers, and there are many others The burial objects of gold, silver and jade articles should have been found in the excavated soil by the five people, who took them without permission. These soldiers were afraid of being passive when they were alive, so their souls could not enter the underworld for reincarnation after death. They had to stay here and guard the ashes of the person buried here. If anyone moved, he would naturally die. ”

Looking at the soldiers on the construction site who could hardly see their heads at a glance, boss Liu was scared and his legs were soft: “so, are there so many bodies below?”

“Of course not. It is said that they have been treated passively. They can not be buried here. Just trap those souls here.”

While they were talking, the thick iron chains condensed from the underground with the force of yin and evil were broken inch by inch by azanpeng, but the iron chains attacking azanpeng like the wind and waves couldn’t get close to him, which made Xue Rui and boss Liu who had invited many swindlers look silly, and even Wang Zhengcheng couldn’t turn his eyes. Although the bad old man didn’t pay much for the Heavenly Master he invited, he seemed to have two brushes.

Unfortunately, this situation did not last long. When the soldiers saw that the iron chain could not lock the man who broke into their territory and destroyed their sacrifices, the person in charge suddenly raised his hand and made an offensive gesture.

These soldiers are probably not many. After all, each one is filled with human life and must be fully loyal to the buried people. This condition alone cannot be imposed by any external force. So even if the whole construction site looks full of soldiers, there are only a hundred people at most. However, since the souls of these soldiers are refined into death attendants, it is naturally impossible for the refining people to refine them into ordinary soldiers. Although they are not comparable to the strength of the ghost king, their combined strength is definitely extraordinary.

Azanpeng, who just shook the drum in his hand, was a little flustered in the face of the soldiers who suddenly attacked, but perhaps experienced and experienced, he soon calmed down, waved the flag in his hand, and a large number of reptiles appeared out of thin air and rushed towards the soldiers like a tide.

Li Zezhi stared at the insects and carefully identified them for a while: “master, is that a Yin eating insect?” Insects that eat Yin and devour the Qi of yin and evil to grow. They feed on this kind of thing and can be regarded as the bane of ghosts.

Si Yang nodded: “well, but he is destined to lose his wife and lose his soldiers.”

Wang Zhengcheng asked in a low voice what the bug was. Although it was far away and there was a boundary here, even if he looked at it from such a distance, it still made his scalp numb.

Li Zezhi explained to them what Yin eating insects were. They just wondered why Si Yang would say that this kind of insect that specializes in controlling Yin would make azanpeng lose his wife and break his soldiers. Before asking, they saw that the soldiers regarded this kind of Yin eating insects as correct, let the insects climb up and walk towards azanpeng without stopping. And those Yin devouring insects, like the previous five ghosts, suddenly lit up a flame with a faint green light in the blue and turned into ashes in an instant.

Seeing this scene, azanpeng’s face turned back in horror. Yu Guang saw Si Yang standing leisurely aside and quickly said in a high voice: “please help me. If these Yin soldiers are not solved today, they will become a great disaster in the future. Since you and I have found it now, why don’t we work together to eliminate the disaster from the source!”

Si Yang smiled: “do you really want me to help? If I do, you can’t touch that thing today.”

Azampong choked immediately. It’s not to ask for help or not to ask for help. He had known for a long time that with Siyang’s strength, I’m afraid he had already seen what was below. Now he is standing aside, and he doesn’t know whether it is for the benefit of the fisherman. It’s not impossible for him to deal with these Yin soldiers, but it always hurts.

But when I thought of the things below, my heart was itching. While resisting the Yin soldiers, I turned my mind and said, “if I solve these Yin soldiers by myself today, will the Taoist friends of the things not intervene?”

Si Yang said, “it’s natural. I asked myself that I’m not a robber. I don’t disdain to rob what you get by your ability.”

Azampong said with a clenched teeth, “you Chinese pay attention to a gentleman’s word. I believe you!”

With that, azampo recited the spell very quickly, and saw a virtual shadow behind him gradually solidify, and then suddenly spread into the Legion.

When azampong fought with those soldiers, LAN Jinxiu whispered to Siyang: “I found something. Do I want to get it?”

Si Yang looked at the azanpeng who fought tenaciously with his own strength and smiled: “it’s not urgent. I’ll let him beg me to take it.”

Hearing this, LAN Jingxiu had touched the treasure and immediately took it back.

Si Yang turned his head and looked at Li Zezhi: “how long do you think you can solve these people?”

Li Zezhi secretly estimated: “if you go all out, within an hour.” Those are soldiers who have really been on the battlefield, not the kind of wild team with cold weapons. If the military array is used well, a group of rookie soldiers will also kill a big general. So even if he felt that his sword skill was much better than that of azanborn, he didn’t dare to boast and said a safe number of hours.

Si Yang nodded and knew himself quite well. He didn’t feel complacent because he practiced different ways.

At night, Azanpon as like as two peas in the field, almost all of them were standing on the floor. The outsiders thought that the most powerful skill of the head teacher was flying down, but that kind of head dropping was the lowest. The real thing was shadow soul, which was a split from himself. The head bender who trained the shadow soul can be said to be immortal. As long as you can’t find the place where the shadow soul is, you can’t kill him.

Azampong is one of the few head lowering masters to practice shadow soul. It’s also one of his cards. It’s only a shadow soul, which will consume him a lot. However, the shadow soul is formed by the condensation of soul power. If you have enough cultivation, you can naturally crush all souls and other Yin objects. If you want to solve these Yin soldiers, he can not only send out shadow souls, but this is the fastest solution. He said he believed, but in fact he was still guarding against Siyang. If the time is too long and Si Yang takes advantage of the weakness, he will lose more than he gains.

He thought very well and solved the Yin soldier. Seeing that Si Yang did not move as expected, he immediately set about digging. Without those Yin soldiers, no matter who is buried here, it would have become a pile of loess.

People like him who play with insects want to get something in the ground. They don’t have to dig it by themselves. They can get it out by driving the insects directly. When the land began to shake slightly, as if something was going to break through the earth, Wang Zhengcheng and others almost lay on the border and stared out.

Soon, a wooden box was arched up, because it was dark and there was no light, only a distant street lamp. They couldn’t see the patterns on the box, but they could see that the wooden box was very thick.

Azampo couldn’t hide his surprise and rushed towards the wooden box. He took it in his hand and felt it carefully for a while. He planned to put it away. He didn’t intend to open the wooden box to see the contents at all.

Siyang smiled, his fingers moved slightly and roared. When they heard the sound, they looked up, and a lightning rolled in the clouds, ready to go.


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