Great Celestial Master Chapter 154

The thunder in the sky suddenly came, and everyone thought that there was another change coming. Only azanpeng looked at the sky with a shocked and frightened face. He didn’t doubt that the sky thunder was caused by man, but it was the unearthed object in his hand that caused the sky thunder.

Azanpeng ran out quickly, thinking about what he could throw out. He grabbed his apprentice and ran with him. His apprentice felt that in such a situation, his master didn’t abandon himself. He really accumulated blessings for eight generations and could worship such a powerful and reliable master. As everyone knows, azampo just regards him as a human lightning arrester, which can be pushed out when necessary to protect his life.

Just as they were about to step out of the barrier set by Siyang, a very strong thunder snake roared down. A zanpeng’s apprentice was shocked by the thunder. He stepped on the rubble on the construction site and fell a dog to eat shit. A zanpeng subconsciously stretched out his hand and didn’t catch it. At the critical moment, a zanpeng threw out a cloth doll, and the thunder hit the cloth doll.

To everyone’s surprise, the doll waved her hands while screaming bitterly. If it wasn’t for sure that it was a doll, they would still think azampon had lost a child.

Li Zezhi, who had never seen a head lowering teacher but had a rough look at some of these head lowering cultures, asked, “master, is that a baby spirit doll?”

Si Yang nodded. Wang Zhengcheng, who was on the side, asked curiously, “what is a baby spirit doll? Is it a doll made of baby soul?”

Li Ze knows: “I’ve read some records that the baby spirit doll is forced to suffocate in the mother’s body from the pregnant woman’s body before natural production, then extract the formed soul and suppress it in the doll’s body, and then feed some ghosts to help it grow. If you can successfully cultivate a baby spirit doll, it is equivalent to the help of the strength of a ghost king. However, this kind of East It’s not easy to do the West. One is the stress of time and the other is the harsh requirements of soul power. Because if you are not careful, the baby’s soul will be directly scared. ”

Wang Zhengcheng asked again, “is the ghost king the most powerful in ghosts?”

Li Zezhi probably remembered the attack of the ghost king, After a slight pause, he said: “the ghost king is not the most powerful among ghosts, but it is probably the only ghost that can walk freely in the world. As for what ghost is the most powerful, I don’t know. Different factors may create different ghosts. Anything can happen, so there should be no so-called most powerful.”

Just when Li Zezhi used his knowledge to popularize science to the public, azanpeng had been recognized one by one. The thunder he cut down was almost desperate. The drum was broken by thunder and the flag was destroyed by fatigue. In the world, this kind of thunder can be said to be the only enemy of all evil forces. All the things he refined were fed by the spirit of life and death, and they were almost killed.

Azampong thought about whether to take out one or two magic tools to top it. The magic tools were gone, but if he harvested the things in the box, he could walk sideways in the head lowering division in the future, and maybe even the Si Yang would give way to him. At the thought of bringing out the things in the box of such powerful Tianlei, azanpeng became more and more angry. He gritted his teeth and took out several pieces, some of which were obtained by accident, some bought at a high price, and some magic weapons from killing and looting.

Seeing this, Siyang’s smile became deeper and deeper. At this time, azanpeng is going to lose miserably. The finger moved slightly, and the divine sense wrapped around the divine drum in the box knocked gently and roared. The sky thunder became more and more fierce, and it was almost going to split azanpeng to death.

Boss Liu could not help shaking when he saw such a powerful thing buried under his construction site. Fortunately, he invited a powerful master to come. Otherwise, if such a box was dug up during construction, wouldn’t all the people on the construction site be killed by thunder.

However, it really opened his eyes today. It turned out that Tianlei could really be led down by foreign objects, so he became more and more curious about the things in the box. Seeing that the Heavenly Master Si nearby seemed to be very knowledgeable, he couldn’t help asking, “master Si, do you know what’s in the wooden box?”

Si Yang said, “it should be Kui Niugu.”

The crowd was stunned. They had never heard what it was. Even Li Zezhi thought carefully and didn’t remember. He followed Siyang to practice. Siyang showed him a lot of things about the cultivation world and many extinct classics. But the most common Chinese mythology series Shanhaijing that can be bought in any bookstore has not been seen.

Siyang Road: “Kui cow is a legendary artifact in the classics of mountains and seas. It looks like a cow, but it has only one foot. It is also called thunder beast because wherever it goes, it will certainly be stormy, lightning and thunder. According to the legend, Jiutian Xuannv made a drum from Kui cow’s Cowhide, which assisted the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou’s middle wing war. Although this is only a legend, especially in ancient times, it was easy for people to do things Exaggeration. It’s impossible to test whether Kui cow exists, but the things in the box are really made of cowhide that can attract Tianlei, so it will lower Tianlei as soon as it is unearthed. If master Peng has the ability to suppress Tianlei, he will get a pretty good baby. Otherwise, he can only be killed. ”

Si Yang’s voice is not loud, and everyone standing beside him can hear it. Lowering his head is also a way of self-cultivation. The five senses are different from ordinary people, so even azanpeng, who is desperately avoiding Tianlei, heard Si Yang’s words. Of course, he didn’t need Si Yang to come to the science popularization. He also knew what was in the box and the consequences of Tianlei. However, Si Yang’s words gave him a reminder, so his thoughts flashed quickly. After weighing the pros and cons, He opened his mouth and said, “please help me. I’m weak. I can’t bear this thunder. This baby is destined to be beyond my ability. Please save my life!”

Before Si Yang spoke, Li Zezhi hurriedly said, “you provoked this thing. You can solve it yourself! It’s Tianlei, not any ghost monster. Whoever can fight against heaven, I know you’re not kind. At this time, ask my master for help. Didn’t Lei stare at my master that day and want to get the baby? Take it easy on yourself!”

LAN Jinxiu looked at Li Zezhi and slightly hooked his lips. Although the boy didn’t know his master’s plan, it was an accidental assist. Especially for such maintenance, the disciple was not too useless.

Azanpeng was exposed by Li Zezhi’s small abacus. A little distracted, he was hit by a sky thunder. Fortunately, he reacted very quickly and threw a ball of insects to block most of his power. It’s a pity that he carefully fed his babies. However, one of his arms was cut. At the moment, it was scorched. In particular, what he practiced was not a good thing. His evil spirit was heavy. The sky thunder that restrained the evil spirit was almost like cutting his bone. He could not help shouting when it was really painful.

Seeing that he was split, Si Yang smiled gracefully and said, “first of all, the treasure in the land belongs to whoever killed the Yin soldiers. Master Peng spent so much effort to solve the hidden danger here. Naturally, I won’t touch it. A gentleman’s word is irretrievable, and I won’t break my word.”

Azanpeng nearly vomited blood after listening to Siyang’s words, because he was hit by thunder again, but this time it was not him who was distracted, but his unlucky apprentice. The fall just now seemed to have knocked his leg very light and failed to get up. At first, he didn’t pay attention. Later, when avoiding the sky thunder, he stepped on the apprentice who was fleeing to the edge. Although he was stable, he didn’t fall to the ground, But this time, he was hit by Tianlei, and just heard the so-called gentleman’s words of Si Yang. He was so angry that he vomited blood.

Endured the pain of tearing his heart and lungs, azampo said eagerly: “at that time, I didn’t know the power of this baby. I asked Taoist friends to help me. If I can subdue this thing, it belongs to Taoist friends. Just ask Taoist friends to save my life. It’s not a breach of their promise!”

Si Yang shook his head: “the thunder is so terrible that I may not be sure of the past. Master Peng should be careful.”

If Si Yang agrees, ah zanpeng may not dare to let him do it, but he pushes again and again. Ah zanpeng thinks his plan is feasible. What he wants is not to let Si Yang solve the Tianlei. He just wanted Si Yang to take action and give himself breathing room. He wanted to think about how to seal the divine drum in the box. As for Si Yang, of course, it was best to be killed by thunder.

Under azampong’s repeated requests for help, Siyang would be too iron and stone hearted to stand idly by, so he had to go out of that layer of small protection barrier. Seeing that Siyang finally came out, azanpeng immediately threw the box in his hand at him.

Siyang stretched out his hand to take it, and Tianlei, who had been brewing in the clouds for a moment, cleaved down the wooden box towards Siyang. As soon as Si Yang turned his hand, the wooden box disappeared from his hand, and a sharp sword appeared on the other hand at the same time. As soon as his spiritual power condensed, he manipulated the sharp sword to meet Tianlei directly.

With a bang, the tip of the sword hit the falling thunder and lightning, and the two forces fought against each other. Due to the riots caused by energy impact, there was a burst of flying sand and stones around. Even azanpeng was forced to retreat. The apprentice who seemed to have broken his leg on the ground was hit and flew by this force, spit out a mouthful of blood and fainted. LAN Jinxiu and others stood within the protective barrier and were not affected.

And Siyang suddenly made a force. The long sword directly cut through the thunder and lightning, unloaded the whole force of thunder and lightning, and flew straight to the sky. A golden light flourished, and the powerful spiritual power bloomed. The roaring thunder suddenly sounded, but the next moment it completely subsided.

The dark clouds dispersed and the thunder and lightning retreated. Si Yang stood there leisurely and smiled at azanpeng: “then I’ll accept it impolitely.”

Azampong immediately sprayed blood and fainted like his apprentice.


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