Great Celestial Master Chapter 155

The Yin soldiers were solved by azanpeng, and the Kui cattle God drum buried underground was temporarily sealed by Si Yang. Although Si Yang didn’t know about the legendary deity of China, it was no problem to suppress it by virtue of cultivation. However, today’s events have really opened the eyes of the people’s Congress and even reshaped the three outlooks.

Azanpeng and his disciples fell to the ground covered with blood. As boss Liu who hired them, of course, he had to help deal with the aftermath. He quickly found someone to take them to the hospital. Xue Rui saw that boss Liu’s company seemed to have solved the problem and looked carefully at Siyang: “master Si, do you want to see my community?”

Si Yang said, “although the source of the matter is here, since it’s here, go and have a look.”

Boss Liu, who was calling someone to take azanpeng to the hospital, saw that they seemed to be changing their way and hurried over: “master Si! Master Si, you said there was a high-ranking man buried under here. Can you help me see where it is? How should I deal with the ashes? Can you help me?”

Although these construction site bosses are not very good people, they have not done anything evil. In addition, they have got a good magic weapon by biting azanpeng today. Si Yang, who is in a good mood, doesn’t mind solving one more thing, So he pointed out the place where the ashes were buried: “if you keep digging, you will dig out a wooden box carved with dragons and phoenixes, and then invite the urn out of the soil at a specific time. Remember to use it.”

Boss Liu asked incomprehensibly, “how can I invite you? Do you need a master to help?”

“No, put three incense sticks on your knees, say something to make amends, and tell him to change the ashes in the box to a peaceful place. When the three incense sticks are burned out, you can pick up the urn. If the incense sticks are broken before they are burned out, you can continue to make amends and light the three incense sticks again. When the three incense sticks are burned out, you can pick up the urn. Remember to pick it up with both hands and hold it on your body all the way. You can’t pass by Put your hands or put them aside. Please go to Linggu Temple to worship. ”

Boss Liu just thought that Linggu Temple is a tourist temple. There are people who burn incense and worship gods, but there seems to be no ashes.

Before he asked, Si Yang seemed to know what he was thinking, Avenue: “If you take the ashes to Linggu Temple, you can just find master daojue. In addition, although there is no large mausoleum, the identity of the ashes is different. If anyone asks to take the ashes, they must worship and offer sacrifices every year. Naturally, there will be benefits, but the worship must be carried out without hindrance, otherwise it will not be as simple as a great disaster, so those who invite the ashes, You have to decide. ”

Before boss Liu decided, Siyang looked at Xue Rui: “let’s go and have a look at the community. It’s all solved before dawn.”

Xue Rui quickly answered and led the way ahead.

Finally, boss Liu thought it over and decided to come and worship himself. It’s nothing to worship just like his ancestors. After this night, he naturally believed that ghosts and gods would dare to break easily. He just asked the unknown but seemingly extraordinary ancestor to protect their family.

On the way to the community, Wang Zhengcheng was really curious: “master Si, do you know who the ashes are? Why are they buried carelessly or cremated? It’s just that there is a team of Yin soldiers to protect and such a powerful funerary object. It’s too contradictory. Will those Yin soldiers actually protect those funerary objects?”

Siyang Road: “For thousands of years of Chinese history, there are many famous and nameless princes and nobles in history, such as ants. Who can know who they are without tombs and steles? Look at the carved dragon and Phoenix on the urn, and the dragon has four claws. It should be the prince or Princess of a dynasty. As for the reason for such burial, it is nothing more than disgraceful death and even hated by people with higher status, but some people hate nature Some people will love it, so there are many funerary objects, and even a team of soldiers will be trained to guard it. However, due to the imperial power, they dare not move and bury the mausoleum casually. ”

Although he didn’t take a closer look at who was buried, he also roughly saw some fragments of the past. The prince and grandson, the obscene harem, and even the prohibition of incest can burn and bury the whole body. He didn’t throw the random burial post or divide the body into five horses. It’s kind. Youyou deep palace, a powerful heir, born of a handmaid, who has no right to survive. It’s natural to know at a glance who will protect and give up.

When the divine consciousness touched the urn, a thin figure appeared in front of us, and the whole picture felt dead. I just don’t know whether this person is facing the silence of fate or the despair of being abandoned by his lover.

Wang Zhengcheng sighed: “it must be a capable person to cultivate such a group of Yin soldiers. Unfortunately, he can’t even protect his lover, and he doesn’t know what he experienced in those years.”

The community was originally next to the construction site. Before, it was because people died on the construction site and things made a lot of trouble. I’m afraid it was the source of the trouble. I went to see the construction site first, so I came to the community with the most haunted noise in less than five minutes.

At this time, the sky eye talisman effect of Wang Zhengcheng and Xue Rui has not dispersed, so we can see that the whole community is shrouded in darkness, and even the street lamps look dim, like covered with a layer of black sand, which is not bright at all.

Because the community has been haunted for a while, some people who have seen ghosts are afraid to live, and those who have accommodation in other places are afraid to come back. Even the security guards have changed batch after batch. Now more than three people are patrolling together. There are fewer residents in the whole community, which is particularly empty and deserted.

Wang Zhengcheng rubbed his arms. It was already some hot weather, but he felt a cold and overcast in the community. He couldn’t help but rely on Li Zezhi to get closer: “isn’t the matter solved? Why is it still so overcast here?”

Even Xue Rui involuntarily approached Li Zezhi. The master’s aura was too big, especially the sword that just split the sky was like a God and man, and he didn’t dare to approach. The master’s Apprentice must have some skills. He’d better get closer and seek shelter.

As for LAN Jingxiu, he quietly followed Si Yang. The role of bodyguard was very dedicated.

Si Yang looked at it for a while, then tutted and pointed to an arched door extending in all directions: “who instructed the door opened here?”

Xue Ruilian hurriedly said, “it’s a master I’ve always believed in before. That master has some skills and is very accurate. Over the years, because of the guidance of that master, my career has been going smoothly. Just before, the master came to see and dealt with it. He lived in peace for a few days, but it soon became worse. Later, the master couldn’t find anyone.”

Xue Rui doesn’t want to believe that the master is a liar. The help given to him by the master over the years is not fake. He thinks it’s likely that there is a big problem here. The master can’t help him suppress it. The expert has great face. After this failure, he feels that he has no face, so he just avoids him. But he thought so, but subconsciously, he still felt that he might have been cheated, but he didn’t want to believe it.

Si Yang said, “opening the door is the left way. Have you heard of these four people? I’m afraid you can see the problem if you don’t understand Feng Shui. In addition, the direction of opening the door is just in the northeast corner.”

Xue Rui wiped the sweat on his forehead: “what’s the matter with the East and northeast corners?”

Li Ze knows: “the northeast corner has represented the ghost door since ancient times. In ancient times, people never opened the door in the direction of the northeast corner, or even the window. Once opened, Yin Qi gathered. Over time, either Yin and evil entered the body or ghosts followed the body.”

Xue Rui’s cold sweat increased: “then I’ll seal this door?”

Si Yang said again, “do you have access to all four directions?”

Xue Rui nodded. At the beginning, for the convenience of the owner, there was a business square on one side and a moat with better and better greening construction on the other, so the North-South gate opened a straight channel, and the front and back doors naturally correspond.

“This is the simplest cross hall evil spirit. Generally, this kind of evil spirit is not so easy to generate, but you open the ghost door and correspond to the left road, and the four doors correspond to a cross. It’s difficult for your community to be haunted.”

Wang Zhengcheng on one side said, “the master you believe, whose money did you take and want to fuck you?”

Xue Rui can’t afford to go deep into the master now. He thought that the haunting of his community was caused by things on the construction site. As a result, it was the reason of his community itself. He hurriedly asked, “master, is there a solution?”

Siyang said: “the door in the northeast corner is sealed, and a small square is rebuilt in the middle of the community. There should be a fountain. Clean up all the things that the man asked you to bury before. Please go well. In addition, invite a land lord to suppress it. Here, you have become a paradise for ghosts. If you go on like this, you will die soon.”

Xue Rui quickly replied, “do you want to invite anything else? Some feng shui ornaments and so on?”

Si Yang glanced at him lightly, and Li Ze knew: “there’s no need for those. My master said that a land Lord would be fine. Be careful. It’s easier to invite God than to send God.”

When Siyang showed Xue Rui the community, he paused with invisible steps. LAN Jinxiu narrowed his eyes slightly. Siyang turned his head to him and said, “there’s no big problem here. It’s almost dawn. Go to the breakfast shop and buy breakfast. Go home first. I’ll be back soon.”

Xue Ruilian hurriedly said, “it’s been a hard night, and I’ve prepared some breakfast.”

Si Yang said, “no, I don’t want to change my planned decision.”

LAN Jingxiu nodded, turned and left. When he came to the shadow area that others couldn’t see, his clothes suddenly changed. He knew that as long as he did something, he would leave traces. He didn’t expect to hide everything he did well. Since the LAN family came after that clue, the problem that should be solved should also be solved.


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