Great Celestial Master Chapter 156

According to the news from Siyang last time, the LAN family has been conducting self-examination behind closed doors, and even the devil forest is no longer involved. It’s impossible for a family like the LAN family to say that there are no one or two deadly enemies, but those who have been fighting for decades or hundreds of years can directly ignore it. After fighting for so long, they almost know the root and the bottom. Moreover, Si Yang said that the other party came to seek revenge alone. They still believe Si Yang’s words. Such people absolutely disdain to lie.

However, the LAN family didn’t have a big feud, but many children did bully people outside. If it weren’t for the iron plate of Siyang last time, they probably still don’t converge at all. Therefore, I don’t know if there were any opportunities for the bullied people to seek revenge later. Although this possibility is almost as nonsense as a TV series, no one can say that there is no absolute possibility.

One of the elders died in his room. This was the first scene of the crime. He didn’t expect much. After all, the man can haunt in and out of LAN’s house and must have advanced cultivation. Such a person must be very careful. Unexpectedly, he really found a little wire and a trace of extremely weak residual energy.

The elder’s soul card was broken. Although the body was not found, I’m afraid there are no bones left. I don’t know how much hatred the man has. He wants to revenge them so cruelly.

In addition to the owner of the family, only a few remaining elders of the LAN family have equal strength. However, the LAN family also has a group of people who are secretly cultivated and equivalent to death attendants. They all use special methods to promote cultivation and raise them in a secret place for life and death elimination. These people have strong strength and are only under LAN Yiqing, but their life has stopped here. These people are all children of the LAN family. They are born unable to cultivate. Therefore, even if they can’t make further progress in cultivation for a lifetime, it’s enough for them for a lifetime.

Originally, LAN Yiqing was not willing to release these people, but he really couldn’t feel the strength of many parties. Even the eldest elders were killed. If the remaining elders had any more losses, the pillar of their LAN family would be half down.

LANYA, the girl who has been with LAN Yiqing, is Lan Yiqing’s only apprentice. She has a high talent. She has the cultivation comparable to the elders at the age of 20. She used to shut down with LAN Yiqing. Only those who are in a high position in the family know her existence. Later, after she left the customs with LAN Yiqing, she slowly took over some big and small affairs at home, in addition to the owner and elders, She is the biggest in the whole LAN family. Only the elders decide when the event is about the whole family interests. So since LANYA passed the customs, the whole LAN family has the final say.

However, she is only a 20-year-old girl with high accomplishments and a little arrogant. Although she severely suppressed some people of the LAN family when she first started to deal with the internal affairs of the LAN family, it must be impossible to convince everyone in such a short time. Therefore, LANYA asked for orders to show her strength more, This time, let her take the group of dead attendants to find out the bottom of the man.

LAN Yiqing believes in LANYA’s strength and really wants to hone his apprentice, but he doesn’t know the strength of the other party and hesitates. But the earth itself is an era of the end of the law. The only people who can build the foundation are those two people. Those who can make enemies with their LAN family must be what the LAN family did to bully people in those years. In that case, it is impossible to go against the sky with extraordinary strength. So she told LANYA that if she found someone this time, she would feel the bottom of the other party and win the best. If the situation is bad, she must not be in love with war.

This time, LANYA directly took 20 people out and found the construction site all the way. Just now, LAN Jinxiu used his divine consciousness to check the underground things, so he leaked the trace. But when LANYA and others came, there was no one on the construction site. However, the breath just dispersed soon. Maybe she had just left. When she was ready to let people spread out to find it, there was a sudden wave of spiritual power around her.

LAN Jinxiu fought in the air and looked down at them: “are you looking for me?”

LANYA Xiu raised her head, squinted slightly at the man in black clothes and mask, and said coldly, “you are the murderer who killed the elder of my LAN family?”

LAN Jingxiu looked at the leading girl with cold eyes like a knife: “are you delaying time and waiting for help when you still ask this kind of words after you’ve found them?”

LANYA snorted coldly, “I just don’t want to kill the wrong person.”

LAN Jingxiu moved slightly and fell directly to the ground: “just right, I didn’t intend to let you go back alive.”

In front of the woman, LAN Jingxiu knew her. Although her appearance was longer, she could vaguely see the shadow of her childhood. When he saw LANYA, who was still a child, LANYA was less than seven years old and had not been sent to lanyiqing, but she had been accepted as an apprentice by lanyiqing.

At the time of ancestor worship that year, the girl stood next to the elder, dressed in a snow-white dress and beautiful like a fairy. A group of LAN family children of the same generation were courting and courting LANYA. Just in time, his sister LAN Yuzhuo walked to the room and met him on the way.

At that time, he was not as good as Yuzhuo’s children in LAN’s family. Anyone could bully him. He didn’t know what happened at that time. Yuzhuo was scratched by LANYA on his face, which was almost bone deep. If yu Zhuo hadn’t worshipped Shang Qishui as his teacher at that time and Shang Qishui directly stopped him, Yu Zhuo would have been killed directly for offending LANYA.

Although he is not going to kill all the people who bullied their brothers and sisters in those years, LANYA must not stay. Blame her for being LAN Yiqing’s Apprentice. However, it is also a disaster for this woman to keep her at such a young age.

LANYA is not a reckless person. She won’t rush up regardless of LAN’s cautious words. Since she found the murderer, LANYA stepped back slightly, and the dead attendants who had been lurking around suddenly attacked.

LAN Jinxiu knows what the LAN family is cultivating secretly, but he has never been in contact with them. These people are used to fighting. What they pay attention to is that they are fast and accurate. If they can solve it with one move, they will never use two moves. They can only survive by killing each other before all the changes happen. So when LANYA ordered to attack, they released all their accomplishments without concealment, hoping to make a quick decision.

LANYA retreated to one side. Before finding out the way of the other party, she observed carefully and then started to win steadily.

The siege of 20 dead attendants was the first time LAN Jinxiu had encountered a strong enemy that made him feel difficult since he assassinated the LAN family. Unexpectedly, the LAN family had hidden such a group of powerful killers. Fortunately, he didn’t rashly kill LAN Yiqing. As expected, it was right to weaken each other’s strength and eat silkworms. Keeping LAN Ziming is risky, but it’s not completely useless.

Si Yang sent Xue Rui off. All the problems in his community were man-made. He was secretly calculated and opened a ghost door. He made people’s house restless in the community, which made the whole community full of Yin Qi. At the right time, the construction site started. He was taken with funerary goods and provoked Yin soldiers. Some things connected together, it seemed that there were problems in this area. Point out the causes of some problems, and let Li Zezhi follow up and deal with the rest.

But at the moment, some things can’t be bought if you want to buy them. You can only wait after dawn, so Si Yang directly took Li Zezhi to watch the war.

Li Zezhi looked for a while, subconsciously swallowed his saliva and looked at his master: “master, can I help?” That group of people looks so powerful. Every move will kill people. When they see him, they also want to go up and fight.

Si Yang said, “that’s your uncle Lan’s family.”

Li Zezhi was a little disappointed, but he was also worried. He always practiced moves with Uncle LAN. Although he knew that uncle LAN didn’t do his best every time, he could still feel the general strength, so he was worried. If there were only a few people in front of him, he thought uncle LAN would be able to solve it soon, but twenty people attacked, even uncle LAN, It is estimated that it is also choking. Moreover, there is a woman standing aside, seemingly waiting for a chance to start.

At this time, LAN Jinxiu in the field did have some difficulty in parrying, but it was far from as difficult as outsiders. With the colorful hanging on his body, he deliberately revealed a loophole. Lan Ya, who had been waiting for the opportunity, immediately moved, and a short sword with a long forearm of an adult attacked LAN Jinxiu directly.

LAN Jingxiu tilted his mouth slightly, turned around, and the momentum of his whole body changed. A dragon chant blew up from the sky. At the moment when everyone on the court attacked slightly, LAN Jingxiu’s figure disappeared in the central circle of Bidou like lightning and appeared on LANYA’s side in an instant. From the beginning, his goal was to solve LANYA first. As for the rest, since they were sent, they were all others. He also wanted LAN Yiqing to have a good taste of meat pain.

When LAN Jingxiu moved, LANYA knew she was in the trap, so she decided to step back, but the current situation can’t help her, so she had to take a slap, but instinctively use a non fatal place to resist. Seeing this, LAN Jinxiu immediately changed his palm into a claw. Sheng Sheng was torn off an arm by LAN Jinxiu.

This is not the world of cultivating immortals. The broken arm can regenerate. If it is broken here, it will be completely broken. At that moment, LANYA completely confused her mind. Which girl can accept that she has become a cripple, especially when she has always been superior. At that moment, she was completely flustered. She was only a 20-year-old girl. Even if she had good talent and high cultivation, she experienced less things. So he turned and ran.

But this is delivered to the door. LAN Jinxiu can’t let her run. With the help of spirit power and dragon Qi, a dragon shape was condensed and attacked the dead attendants. And he flew to catch LANYA himself.

LAN Yiqing, who has been waiting for LANYA to come back, sits in the conference hall of the LAN family. Some elders also sit and wait for news. A leader of the LAN family hurriedly ran over: “master! Master is bad! Miss ya’s soul card is broken!”


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