Great Celestial Master Chapter 157

Hearing the news that the chief came to report, LAN Yiqing sat for a long time and didn’t move. The elders in the whole conference hall first looked at the owner, suppressed the shock in their hearts and the slight trembling of fear in the face of strong enemies. The atmosphere in the Conference Hall fell to the freezing point for a moment. The chief who came to report bowed slightly and lowered his head, waiting for the later storm. The cold sweat on his forehead fell to the ground bit by bit, and soon formed a large water stain.

Just when they thought they were going to freeze to death, LAN Yiqing slowly opened his mouth in a heavy voice: “you mean, Xiaoya’s soul card is broken?”

The chief wiped his sweat. Although he tried his best to stabilize himself, his voice was still uncontrollable with a slight tremor: “yes.”

LAN Yiqing gently turned the ring he was wearing on his hand and paused for a while: “where’s the person Xiaoya took?”

The manager said, “it was all right before miss ya’s soul card was broken. When I saw that miss ya’s soul card was broken, I hurried to report it.”

LAN Yiqing glanced at him: “go and have a look.”

The headmaster quickly nodded and turned around to look at the soul cards of the twenty people. However, as soon as he came to the door, he saw the disciple in charge of guarding the soul cards running over in fear. After whispering a few words, the headmaster entered the conference hall again with a dead face.

“Master, the soul cards of the twenty disciples are being broken one by one. Some are broken one after another, and some are broken at an interval of more than ten minutes. When the guard’s disciples come, they have been broken in half.”

LAN Yiqing said, “take the rest of the people, except the two elders, and follow me.” Then he got up and walked out.

The second elder suddenly looked up at LAN Yiqing: “master!”

LAN Yi said coldly, “the LAN family will not be finished. If my soul card is broken, you take people back to the ancestral land of the LAN family. There is a protective array that can be set up by the ancestors of the LAN family. Even the foundation building friars may not be able to break the array. You don’t have to worry about safety in there. As long as there are people of the LAN family, you will get up again!”

The second elder hurriedly said, “even if you go, it should be the owner of the house with people. The boss is gone. Naturally, I left to guard the ancestral house!”

The three elders also hurriedly got up and said, “it’s just a thief. How can we force our LAN family to such a point? If we don’t retreat first and make plans when we find out the identity of the murderer, we won’t believe that my big LAN family will be destroyed by one person!”

LAN Yiqing said in a deep voice, “well, you just need to follow the arrangement.” Then his eyes were cold: “I want to see who is sacred. Kill my disciple and destroy my dead servant!”

“Since you want to see me so much, take a good look now.”

Outside the assembly hall, a man in black appeared at an unknown time. He walked in leisurely, glanced at the crowd on the court, and one dodged and sat down on the main seat impolitely.

The whole LAN family was tense to the extreme, especially LAN Yiqing. Although there was no emotion on his expressionless face, people who knew him knew that he was now extremely angry. The owner’s house of the LAN family is like a deserted place when a person goes in and out, especially when he finds someone when the other person is talking. He doesn’t know how high his cultivation is!

LAN Jingxiu fought hard on the construction site. Compared with Lan Ya, who is pampered and has cultivation accomplishments, those dead attendants are really hard to solve. They have high cultivation and strong ability. If they are not LAN Yiqing’s people, LAN Jingxiu is really reluctant to kill them. Such talents also don’t know how much effort it took to cultivate them. Unfortunately, these people are destined not to be used by him, so they can only be killed.

Today, he killed happily, but he was also hurt badly. He knew that he killed these people today. LAN Yiqing could never take any action again. Whether he sent the remaining power hidden in the monk or did it himself, he would surely come all night. So he asked Siyang for a pill. Originally, he just wanted to alleviate his injury. He didn’t say what kind of damage he could cause to LAN Yiqing, but he could get away even if he met him.

Unexpectedly, Siyang’s elixir is so magical. Although the injury is not fatal, it is really not light, but a elixir is good and transparent from inside to outside, and the spiritual power consumed in the body is instantly filled.

With the war spirit that hasn’t subsided, and the inner body almost took the pill like the perfect tonic pill, LAN Jingxiu simply came to the door. If it can be solved at one stroke, it’s the best. It’s really not good. He can also make a heavy blow to the LAN family.

But unexpectedly, after coming to the LAN family, I heard LAN Yiqing’s arrangement. It seems that the people he killed are the great strength of the LAN family. Otherwise, how could they retreat to their ancestral land. The tangtanglan family was forced to hide in their ancestral land. If it was spread, it would be more ridiculous than the whole extermination of the LAN family.

But even so, LAN Jinxiu was not careless. He couldn’t be too careful to deal with such people who have lived for hundreds of years.

LAN Yiqing looked at the man in black with deep eyes: “since you’re here, why don’t you show your true face, or do you hide yourself?”

LAN Jingxiu smiled: “remember my appearance, so that you can go to the underground to complain?”

Outside the conference hall, the LAN family has surrounded it. Li Zezhi, who followed Si Yang to watch the excitement, stood on the eaves of the conference hall and stared at the people surrounded outside, Some worried: “although uncle LAN is very powerful, he just fought so badly. Now he goes deep into the LAN family. Master, if Uncle LAN is in danger, will you do it?”

Siyang said crisp, “No.”

Li Zezhi said foolishly, “why, why?” He thought that his master had a good relationship with Uncle LAN. Even aunt LAN didn’t know the secret of Uncle LAN. His master knew that they were always inseparable. If they were in fatal danger, master would certainly not stand idly by.

Si Yang glanced at him: “some roads can only go by themselves. If others intervene, those behind are likely to become dead ends. What’s more, if you want to be a truly powerful person, you must not rely on your body and mind.”

Li Zezhi pursed his lips slightly: “master, I…”

Before Li Zezhi finished, Si Yang directly interrupted, “you are different.”

Li Zezhi puzzled and said, “different?”

Si Yang smiled: “of course it’s different. You have a master and have enough time to grow up. He has only himself and can only rely on himself.”

Li Zezhi’s mood was extremely complicated when he looked at LAN Jinxiu, who was surrounded by a lonely and helpless person in the LAN family’s conference hall.

In the tense atmosphere, LAN Jinxiu looked at LAN Yiqing leisurely. LAN Yiqing was not angered by his words. Instead, he waved the LAN family’s guard back and sat on the chair at will.

LAN Yiqing has been the owner of his family for so many years, and his accomplishments have not affected his momentum even if he sits in the next seat, Looking at LAN Jingxiu calmly: “since you show up at the LAN family today, it means that you want to end the gratitude and resentment with my LAN family. Before that, you should always tell me how my LAN family offended you. If there is any misunderstanding in the middle, it’s not good for both sides to fight endlessly.”

LAN Jingxiu said coldly, “there is no misunderstanding. My parents died in the hands of your LAN family. I saw it with my own eyes, so there is no misunderstanding. There is only an endless ending between me and your LAN family.”

LAN Yiqing slightly raised his chin and raised his eyebrow: “although I don’t know what you have to rely on, my LAN family has had some cards for so many years. Who was the person who killed your parents in those years? If there is such a thing, I’m willing to hand over the person. In this way, you can take revenge without damaging yourself.”

LAN Jinxiu sneered, “you are really a good owner.”

LAN Yiqing looked at him and didn’t speak.

LAN Jinxiu slowly raised the corners of his mouth on his face under the mask: “I refuse. Do you want to go together, or do you want to be a soldier first?”

The second elder first stood up: “in that case, if you fight with me first!”

LAN Jinxiu stretched out a hand, and a long sword emitting a light gradually took shape in his hand. This sword was given to him by Si Yang. It was the dragon blood sword that killed the black witches in the devil forest that day. Later, he used the method that Si Yang taught him to refine and integrate once. This sword is more and more consistent with him.

Seeing that the man took out his weapon, the sword still made a slight sound of contention, and the pressure emitted from the sword made LAN Yiqing feel palpitation.

Just before LAN carefully practiced his actions, LAN Yiqing blocked the two elders: “wait!”

LAN Jingxiu looked at LAN Yiqing.

LAN Yiqing said, “I’ll fight with you. If I lose, you’ll cancel your grudges with the LAN family and don’t hurt everyone in the LAN family.”

LAN Jingxiu looked at LAN Yiqing and said word by word, “you dream.” Then he took the sword and attacked.

LAN Yiqing drinks back the crowd and fights with LAN Jingxiu directly.

LAN Jinxiu had never made a direct move to the LAN family before because he didn’t know what LAN Yiqing’s strength was. But when he took LAN Yiqing’s first move, he knew that today must be another fierce battle. LAN Yiqing was hidden deeper than he thought.

LAN Yiqing was also shocked at this time. As early as 20 years ago, there was only one layer of barrier between his cultivation and foundation construction. During these 20 years of isolation, he has been looking for a breakthrough point of foundation construction. Unfortunately, due to the lack of Taoism and Dharma, he did not have the understanding to understand it by himself, which has been delayed.

Like LAN Jinxiu, even if he accepted the power of the dragon, the integration has not been enough even for a year. Even with the support of Siyang, it is impossible to build a foundation overnight. Therefore, although the two people seem to be on a par, both LAN Yiqing and LAN Jinxiu feel the strength of each other, and because they don’t know each other’s cards, they have been testing each other all the time.

Li Zezhi noticed someone sneaking away while there was a fierce tremor. He looked at his master.

Si Yang said, “watch the war carefully.”

Li Zezhi took back his mind and looked at it carefully.

With the fierce battle with LAN Yiqing, the power of the dragon in LAN Jinxiu’s body was stimulated more and more. The Dragon Blood Sword in his hand felt the breath of the dragon and became more and more powerful. The spirit weapon was against the magic weapon, which made LAN Yiqing struggling to parry.

Just then, a buzzing bell rang, and LAN Yiqing coldly recalled the corners of his mouth. But seeing that the other party’s offensive was not affected at all, I was shocked. At this moment, LAN Jingxiu successfully stabbed him with a sword.

That bell is the big array set up by the LAN family’s main house in those years. Because the big array consumes too much, the only Reiki energy left can only support the opening once. Therefore, unless there is a disaster of genocide, this array must not be opened casually. Once the array is opened, all non family members in the array will be killed. But the man in front of him was not affected at all, which proved that he was from the LAN family.

Between lightning and flint, LAN Yiqing blurted out: “Lan is careful!”

LAN Jinxiu stopped the offensive, took off his mask in front of LAN Yiqing, stared at LAN Yiqing with sharp eyes, and then smiled coldly: “go bury my parents, LAN Yiqing.”


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