Great Celestial Master Chapter 158

The man in black is Lan Jingxiu. The murderer who almost forced the LAN family to their ancestral land killed his most proud disciple and so many well-trained death attendants. This man is Lan Jingxiu!

Seeing LAN Jingxiu, I can’t help but feel like Si Yang, who didn’t hesitate to make enemies with the whole LAN family to protect LAN Jingxiu. He also bought the news from the ore vein. LAN Yiqing almost choked with blood.

“Good! What a LAN Jingxiu! What a Siyang! So play me like a monkey! Good, good, you are really good!!”

Li Zezhi, who was hidden in the sky and saw everything, said speechless, “this old man did his own evil. I blame the master for what he did. The master didn’t intervene in their affairs. How can such a man become the master of the house.”

Si Yang smiled: “then what kind of person do you think can be the master of the house?”

“The owner of the LAN family must be very capable, farsighted and powerful. But how do I feel that the owner of the LAN family is so weak? Uncle LAN seems to lead him by the nose from beginning to end. Just now I saw his struggle with Uncle LAN, but he is not so powerful. How did such a person become the owner?”

Si Yang said: “in a village, the one with the strongest leadership ability can be the village head, but when the village head enters the city, he is still a farmer. In a small city, the one with the strongest ability can be the mayor, but when the mayor enters Beijing, he is only a small local official.”

Li Zezhi didn’t speak in silence, so did he expect too much? However, if he didn’t meet Master at the beginning, follow all kinds of studies around him, and see people like LAN Yiqing, he would probably be scared and weak.

Some people saw that this person was LAN Jingxiu. After being extremely shocked, they subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief. In their eyes, LAN Jingxiu and his sister are a drag, a person who can’t do anything.

It was LAN Jingxiu’s father who leaked the news about the Tianmo man in those days, which made the LAN family spend great efforts to finish. If this kind of thing was known by the Chinese government, the whole LAN family would not get well. Later, because LAN Jingxiu’s father wanted to quit, once such a thing was involved, how could people quit? If they wanted to quit, they had to die.

At first, he wanted to uproot the brothers and sisters, but LAN Wencang, a fortune teller with the strongest talent in the LAN family, used his life to calculate the prediction that the LAN family would prosper and decline in 20 years, and calculated that a thread of vitality lay on the two children. Therefore, LAN Yiqing left the two children, but he couldn’t turn over much waves in one bite.

Unexpectedly, I didn’t see the vitality, but it caused the great difficulty of the LAN family now. However, when they saw that it was LAN Jingxiu, they only felt that the sword hanging on their head fell down. All the fears come from the unknown. When they don’t know who the other party is, they will make all kinds of guesses and fantasies. But when they know that this person is Lan Jinxiu, things are naturally not so terrible. They just can’t figure out how the weak chicken who has always been haunted by evil spirit has become such a powerful killer today.

LAN Yiqing naturally thought of the same problem, so he said in a deep voice: “Si Yang solved the evil Qi on you and helped you cultivate it?”

LAN Jingxiu glanced coldly at the people who seemed relieved after seeing him, and then looked at LAN Yiqing: “I’m sorry to tell you, no, it’s even possible that I’m the only successful demon in your LAN family.”

Hearing this, LAN Yiqing’s pupils narrowed, and then heard LAN Jingxiu continue: “it’s still the only person in your LAN family who has successfully entered the blood pool twice. When I came out of the blood pool alive, I’m waiting for you to leave the customs and settle with you.”

LAN Yiqing said, “you’re avenging your parents, but what you’re doing now is not the same thing as killing innocent people in vain. Your father was also a participant in what happened in those years.”

LAN Jinxiu raised his hand. The white jade that the LAN family had been trying to retrieve appeared in his hand. Seeing that Lan Yiqing’s face changed slightly, LAN Jin said, “is it innocent? Again, I can let them have a good look at the things hidden by you in front of everyone.”

LAN Jinxiu said and looked at the crowd: “do you want to know the real secret in this white jade?”

Several elders didn’t want LAN Jingxiu to be alarmist, and immediately said, “you don’t have to change the view. What do you want? If you want to fight, just fight!”

LAN Jinxiu threw the white jade into the air, urged it with spiritual power, and showed all the hidden things in the white jade in front of everyone with the help of Siyang’s dark mirror.

Most of the projected things are about the blood pool and Tianmo people. Many LAN family children know about the blood pool and Tianmo people.

In addition, there was another skill of blood sacrifice and soldiers’ liberation. But before everyone looked carefully, several elders rushed over at once and wanted to stop it, but it was opened by a sudden force.

Si Yang with Li Zezhi leisurely fell down from the air: “I didn’t expect that the LAN family was so busy in the middle of the night.”

Those who knew Si Yang suddenly changed their faces when they saw Si Yang. Those who didn’t know Si Yang had long been overwhelmed by the situation in the field. Not to mention the elders of the house master, they couldn’t help what they said.

LAN Yiqing almost smiled and looked at Si Yang: “this is the main house of my LAN family. Taoist Si came uninvited. It seems that it’s a little out of etiquette.”

Si Yang looked at LAN Yiqing with a smile: “are you talking about etiquette with me? Are you sure?”

LAN Yiqing’s heart suddenly throbbed, and then a weak resentment spread in his heart. He didn’t know how high Si Yang’s cultivation was, but he knew that he couldn’t beat Si Yang. So even in the face of Siyang’s direct and undisguised provocation, he had no choice but to bear it.

Siyang chuckled and went directly to the steps of the conference hall. With a wave of his hand, a comfortable seat appeared out of thin air. Siyang walked over and sat down and looked at the people: “I’m just passing by, you go on.”

LAN Yiqing almost clenched his teeth and said, “now it’s LAN Jingxiu who comes back to seek revenge. Taoist priest si still has to work for him today?”

Siyang Road: “I won’t interfere with my personal gratitude and resentment. I’m just interested in the art of blood sacrifice and soldiers’ liberation in white jade. Sacrifice with the soul of other people’s flesh and blood, soldiers’ liberation themselves, protect their cultivation and reshape their flesh. LAN Yiqing, is your LAN family studying Tianmo people for the way out of Tianshi, or are you trying to cultivate some Tianmo people for blood sacrifice and let yourself live again? This is the method of blood sacrifice It seems to be a little incomplete, but there is no rigid regulation on what kind of person it is written on. If you use the blood sacrifice method on the Friar and accidentally start the way, won’t you get all the Friar’s accomplishments? A incomplete skill needs to be continuously improved. LAN Yiqing, how many people did you kill in order to study the blood sacrifice? ”

Si Yang said with a slight squint: “or do you think I might be your target in the beginning?”

LAN Yiqing said with an extremely calm face: “Taoist priest Si can’t say this nonsense. I also got the white jade from my ancestors. My LAN family is indeed cultivating Tianmo people, but not long ago, we learned that the so-called blood pool is just false news released by the black witches in order to fill the blood pool power they occupy. LAN Jingxiu can become Tianmo people, which is also his opportunity. As for the skill of military solution , such a profound Dharma cannot be achieved with the rarefied aura of today’s earth without saying that its own skill is incomplete. And if I really want to solve it, how can I lose the white jade? I even know that it has been carefully cultivated by LAN. I must be desperate to find it in order to keep the secret. ”

Si Yang waved his hand: “it doesn’t matter. This crude skill is just a inferior thing, but now you seem to have more important things to solve. LAN Jinxiu, how are you going to end your feud with the LAN family?”

LAN Jin said, “naturally, you should be clear with LAN and never die.”

Si Yang said, “in that case, let me be a witness. You two will fight a decisive battle. If you die, I will take your body back and let your sister bury you. If LAN Yiqing dies, your hatred with the LAN family will be settled. How about it?”

LAN Jin said, “no problem.” Then look at LAN Yiqing.

LAN Yiqing looked at Si Yang: “since Si Daoyou didn’t come to make decisions for LAN today, it seems that it’s inconvenient for Si Daoyou to intervene in the housework of my LAN family.”

Si Yang smiled and said, “it seems that the LAN family leader thinks I’m meddling. Now life is boring. I can’t help but want to meddle in some business. I’m really lenient. Since the LAN family leader doesn’t want me to testify, I’m not forced. Do whatever you do, but let me see the excitement. I promise I won’t interfere.”

LAN Yiqing wants to go too far. Why not go too far? The family scandal should not be publicized! However, seeing Si Yang’s smiling appearance, if he said no again, he felt that this was an excuse for Si Yang to do it, so he had to swallow his anger.

At this time, LAN Jingxiu stroked the sword and said, “since you don’t want to fight alone with me, come together.”

LAN Yiqing stepped back slightly. He didn’t know when the dead waiter hiding in the dark came out with a brush. The past 20 have made LAN cautious and fight hard. Now there are at least 40 or 50 of them. This kind of dead waiter can cultivate so many. It is estimated that the LAN family has really paid off. But I’m afraid there’s only so much left.

LAN Jinxiu lifted his sword and his cold eyes crossed the people who besieged him. It’s a pity. When he moved, he directly entangled himself in the crowd. This time, LAN Jinxiu didn’t slowly test the bottom line, but the shot was a killing move.

His strong sense of war even condensed the virtual shadow of the dragon. The huge pressure shocked the people in the field, and even slowed down the moves of the dead attendants.

LAN Jingxiu, who had a fierce battle with him before, was very fast at this time. He solved one in almost five moves. He looked at LAN Yiqing’s eyes red. He couldn’t bear it anymore. He took out his twin sabres, which can be regarded as his own weapon, and went to battle in person: “boy, die!”

LAN Jingxiu looked coldly, “it’s you waiting.” As his voice fell, the Dragon shadow that soared from his body rang through the sky in an instant. LAN Jinxiu waved his sword straight towards LAN Yiqing. The sudden threat directly shook away his life.

LAN Yiqing’s pupil shrinks sharply. LAN Jinxiu and LAN Jinxiu who just fought with him are not like a person at all. Suddenly, he feels unprecedented pressure.


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