Great Celestial Master Chapter 159

At this time, LAN Jingxiu is like a raptor, unstoppable. Although LAN Yiqing said that his accomplishments were not low and he was definitely the best on earth, he was more and more worshipped for a long time, and his mind was more and more crooked. There were more and more messy chores. He was not immersed in cultivation at all. It can be said that he had not directly touched real guys with people for decades, and some moves were obviously stagnant, However, LAN Yiqing also came to this day with his own strength. His accomplishments and experience can make up for his lack of cultivation for so many years. Therefore, for a time, LAN Jingxiu faintly lost.

Seeing that Lan Jingxiu seems to be suppressed by LAN Yiqing, those still alive dead attendants immediately get up and rush up. After so many years of training, they have climbed out of hell one by one. Even if the cultivation may be worse than LAN Jingxiu, they definitely have an advantage in the number of people, and there is a homeowner who is equal to LAN Jingxiu, which can be said to be a sure winner.

LAN Jinxiu knows that today is definitely a fierce battle. Either LAN Yiqing dies or he dies. He really takes out his housekeeping skills. If he fought alone with LAN Yishan, he was not sure he could kill him, but there were a group of dead attendants and several elders waiting in all directions to find his life gate and plan to kill him.

However, in the face of such a desperate situation, LAN Jinxiu became more and more calm. Over the years, which time didn’t rebound from the bottom of the desperate situation? In particular, there was another person looking at him and waiting for him. He couldn’t lose even more!

For a moment, LAN Jingxiu’s attack became more and more fierce.

Si Yang, who leisurely supported his jaw to watch the war, frowned slightly. LAN Jinxiu seemed to be a little impatient.

LAN Yiqing, who fought with LAN Jingxiu, naturally felt the change. He was not afraid of the sudden and fierce attack. What he was afraid of was the steady and steady attack of his opponent. Some people were fast-paced, and if they delayed for a long time, they would lose. Some people were protracted, and they became braver and braver. This kind of talent was terrible. The change of LAN Jingxiu’s moves doesn’t mean that he is anxious. As long as he is anxious, he will be in chaos.

But now the situation on the court has been quite clear. Together with him, so many people can lose the siege today, and the LAN family deserves to kill the family. So now LAN Yiqing is not in a hurry to solve this problem. LAN Jingxiu has grown to such a level when he doesn’t know. He is indeed a capable person. Today’s battle also let him find his own problems. Since he has a strong opponent, why not make good use of it to hone himself and his dead attendants at the same time. But the premise is that Siyang doesn’t intervene.

Yu Guangzhong, LAN Yiqing subconsciously glanced at Si Yang and saw that he was still leisurely watching the play. It seemed that he didn’t care about Lan’s cautious appearance of life and death, and his heart was slightly relaxed. As long as this person really doesn’t get involved, LAN Jingxiu will die today!

Li Zezhi, who is with Si Yang, has a nervous heart beating. Uncle LAN is going to lose in this situation. I don’t know if LAN Yiqing will be scolded to death by his master if he rushes out when he kills.

When it was dawn, LAN Jinxiu had become a bloody man. The corpses on the ground were all the elites trained by the LAN family. If several elders were not to guard all directions, they might have joined the war. However, they saw that the owners were able to deal with it with ease, but they were not as tight as before. They even showed their satisfaction when they saw that the owners were like cats playing with mice.

LAN Yiqing’s double swords are full of LAN Jingxiu’s blood. Although every fatal place is avoided by LAN Jingxiu, one wound after another increases, and it won’t take long to kill him: “you want to shake the LAN family alone. You’re not unjust today!”

LAN Jinxiu gasped heavily, and drops of blood fell to the ground along the sword body. There was no sign of despair in his dark eyes. Looking at LAN Yiqing, his eyes were still murderous.

LAN Yiqing saw that he didn’t shed tears when he saw the coffin. He suddenly snorted coldly, “if you kneel down and admit your mistake, I’ll leave you a whole body.”

LAN Jinxiu sneered: “it’s not certain who laughs until the end!”

LAN Yi said coldly, “stubborn!” With that, he took back his double knives and slapped them directly at LAN Jingxiu’s tianlinggai.

At the moment when LAN Yiqing attacked, the long sword in LAN Jingxiu’s hand hummed and trembled in LAN Jingxiu’s hand, and the energy generated during the vibration was directly scattered around. LAN Yiqing avoided in time, but was still swept by Yu Wei. He just felt that the five zang organs were grabbed by a huge palm and hurt violently, and almost couldn’t resist a mouthful of blood.

LAN Jinxiu grabbed the long sword that suddenly contended for some reason. He just felt that the handle of the sword was getting hotter and hotter, and he was about to burn his hand. But even so, he still didn’t loosen a penny, and instinctively grasped it more tightly.

At this time, the onlookers outside the court only saw that Lan Jinxiu was shrouded in a layer of power barrier, which exuded a light transparent white. LAN Yiqing was bounced away by this layer of barrier just now, and something appeared in the flesh and skin of LAN Jinxiu’s body for a while. It was like fish scales.

Li Zezhi couldn’t help saying, “master, uncle LAN, what’s the matter with him?”

Si Yang said, “maybe the animal blood is boiling.”

Li Zezhi: “…” it doesn’t sound like a good word.

LAN Yiqing was also confused by this change. He didn’t give LAN Jingxiu time at the moment. An offensive gesture, including the elders around all directions, took out their own weapons and flew towards LAN Jingxiu.

At this time, the powerful dragon Qi that covered LAN Jinxiu would allow these people to close in. When they noticed that the deadly killing move was attacking, their spiritual power suddenly exploded and blew them away.

LAN carefully fixed the long sword in his hand. He only felt that there seemed to be something more in his body. That thing filled his almost exhausted aura again. The fatigue and consumption after fighting for a whole night were like the rapid rise of blood strips. The whole person had endless strength. The soaring power in his body made him want to vent hard, and his way of venting was the group of people in front of him.

No one can figure out how the original good situation went down sharply. LAN Jinxiu, who had just been defeated, was like a sudden transformation. He suddenly turned red like a super Saiya.

Many of the dead attendants who came up for a while died under LAN Jinxiu’s sword. This kind of rolling seems to kill the elders of the LAN family. Even when LAN Yiqing came forward, he was subconsciously unable to let go. But if he didn’t kill LAN Jingxiu now and give him time to recover, it would really be the time for the LAN family to destroy the family.

When resisting LAN Jingxiu’s almost violent attack, LAN Yiqing regretted it very much. When he could kill LAN Jingxiu, he should kill directly. However, it’s too late to regret. The strength of LAN Jinxiu, who has completely integrated the power of the dragon, has soared. Now it’s the first integration, and it suddenly broke out. Even the friars who built the foundation can kill LAN Jinxiu at this time, not to mention LAN Yiqing.

LAN Yiqing understood that things were out of control and hurriedly said to Si Yang, “Si Daoyou! This man suddenly went crazy for some reason, which would inevitably cause unnecessary casualties. If you and I work together to subdue him first, the gratitude and resentment between our LAN family and him can fight again sometime!”

Siyang chuckled and said in a leisurely tone, “I can’t intervene in your LAN family’s housework. I’m just idle and bored to see the excitement.”

LAN Yiqing only felt that the blood gas in his body was churning fiercely. This Si Yang was the bane of the LAN family: “this man has obviously been possessed by evil. If he doesn’t suppress it as soon as possible, he will certainly cause more trouble! Si Daoyou, now is not the time for personal gratitude and resentment. LAN Jinxiu is confused at this time. Once he runs out, he doesn’t know how many innocent people will be hurt!”

When LAN Yiqing was looking for various reasons to interface and hoped that Si Yang could suppress it, LAN Jingxiu’s long sword directly stabbed him in the face. LAN Yiqing suddenly dodged and avoided being stabbed into a big hole in his face, but he was slightly swept by the sword. The scar directly cut half of his face from his ear to his chin.

LAN Yiqing painfully covered his bloody face. The elder and the dead waiter rushed up one after another. LAN Jin swept away the long sword, and the sword Qi directly swept away those people like fallen leaves. The other hand slapped LAN Yiqing several times in a row, directly destroying his muscles and veins.

In the voice of the people crying out for the master of the house, LAN Jinxiu pointed to LAN Yiqing with the tip of his sword: “kneel down and beg for mercy, I can leave you a whole body.”

LAN Yiqing stared at LAN Jinxiu: “kill me, you don’t want to live. Once the balance of the four people is broken, what else do you think you can do!”

LAN Jingxiu smiled at the speech: “who said the balance would be broken, just a new owner.”

Like hearing a big joke, LAN Yiqing laughed directly, and the scar on his face became more and more ferocious: “it’s up to you! Do you think you can decide the LAN family if you kill me!”

LAN Jinxiu looked at the crowd, and the people he saw instinctively retreated. LAN Jinxiu curled his lips and smiled: “it doesn’t matter. If you kill the whole LAN family, I don’t care.”

LAN Jinxiu’s voice fell, and a man came in outside the hospital. Everyone seemed to see a ghost. The man went directly to LAN Jingxiu and looked at LAN Yiqing. His eyes were sad, but he still knelt down towards LAN Jingxiu and shouted, “master.”

When the elders saw LAN Ziming, who should have died, they couldn’t believe: “elder!”

“Big brother! How can you!”

LAN Jinxiu pointed his sword to the elders. One of them immediately stood up and said, “kill if you want! Let me obey you, it’s absolutely impossible!”

The people didn’t even see LAN Jingxiu’s moves when he brushed the ground. The man poured out of his blood and fell to the ground.

Seeing that the murderous God was not joking, all his faces were white. When someone saw that the opportunity was fast and that the elder had defected, he immediately knelt down and shouted to LAN carefully.

Finally, only a few elders who are still alive and who are loyal to LAN Yiqing’s family elders and death attendants are still insisting in the field.

LAN Jin said, “do you want to end it yourself or let me do it.”

LAN Ziming said in a loud voice at this time: “master of the family, the destruction of the family needs to establish prestige and kindness.”

Someone directly bah: “Lan Ziming, we don’t want you to plead, kill if you want! Do you think everyone is as cowardly as you!”

A flash of sword light flashed, and several people fell down. LAN Jingxiu looked at LAN Ziming: “leaving a whole body is my kindness to them.”

Looking at his former brother, LAN Ziming painfully closed his eyes. Since he chose the new Lord, he had expected that this day would come, but the LAN family could not die and the blood of the LAN family could not be broken.

In the courtyard, except those who died, they were those who knelt down to LAN Jinxiu. LAN Jinxiu fought against the light, bathed in blood and raised a smile towards Siyang. From then on, the LAN family completely changed its master.


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