Great Celestial Master Chapter 16

LV Jingming has a good friend. He has been in the same class since high school. After entering the University, he is in the same bedroom. Although the relationship is very close, LV Jingming’s identity as a Xuanmen Heavenly Master has not revealed too much to that friend, but he will always notice it in his life after spending so long together.

His friend’s name was Jiang Meng. Because his mother believed in Buddhism, he believed in these feudal superstitions. Unexpectedly, he knew that his friend was really a bit of a Taoist, and had studied with him for some time. But in the end, it’s just ordinary people. They want to see those supernatural things with their own eyes, but they can only listen to them as an ordinary story. Life is not different because they have a friend who understands metaphysics.

Later, Jiang Meng had a girlfriend. The relationship was good, and the two portals were quite. They had reached the level of talking about marriage. But just a few months ago, Jiang Meng suddenly contacted LV Jingming and said he seemed to be contaminated with something dirty.

When a friend had an accident, LV Jingming naturally could not sit idly by. He also thought Jiang Meng had gone somewhere he shouldn’t go, so he was contaminated with some Yin Qi. As a result, I came to see that I was accidentally contaminated with Yin Qi. The whole three souls of my good friend were still there, but the seven souls were missing. The non poison of one of the seven souls is no longer in your friend’s body.

The Qi in charge of the body without poison can also be regarded as the essence, Qi and spirit in charge of the body. If there is no non poison, you will not be able to sleep at night, have trouble sleeping and eating, and your spirit will be lax and sick over time. If we explain it from a scientific point of view, if we can’t sleep for a long time and our body functions can’t get enough rest, we will naturally get sick for a long time.

Jiang Meng naturally didn’t know that he was missing his soul, but he couldn’t sleep all night, couldn’t sleep well, his mental state was getting worse and worse, and his face was dark, as if he had been squeezed dry. He didn’t know if he was contaminated with something dirty. Anyway, he began to worship Buddha with his mother, but it was of no use at all.

When his body is so weak that it has begun to affect his normal life, even traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine can’t see well. If he drags on, even his marriage will be affected. He has to find friends to help him.

If you want to recover one of the seven lost souls, you naturally have to find out what happened. After asking, you know that this time Jiang Meng didn’t kill himself, but his girlfriend did. You just don’t know how Jiang Meng got to this extent.

Jiang Meng’s girlfriend likes this kind of ghost thing. She usually pays attention to it through various channels, so she also makes many like-minded friends. It’s not the first time for them to take risks in groups like this. They usually go to some ghost buildings spread on the Internet, and occasionally go to some legendary desert villages.

This time it was his girlfriend. The group had a collective activity again, but this time he had to spend the night outside. Jiang Meng was not at ease. Some of the people who happened to be with him also took their boyfriend and girlfriend, so his girlfriend took him too. Nothing happened during the whole camping process. Except telling ghost stories in front of the tent in the middle of the night to scare themselves, they were safe all night. The next day, they left the field and went back to their homes. As a result, Jiang Meng began this series of reactions after he came back.

A few months ago, LV Jingming summoned the soul of Jiang Meng and was surprised. He even went to the place where they camped in person. Although there was heavy Yin in that place, there were no evil spirits. It was said that even if they died there, it could not have been so serious. But no matter what he did, he couldn’t find the spirit Jiang Meng lost.

LV Jingming himself has dealt with many such things independently. This strange thing is the first time he met. In addition, it was his friend who had an accident. Naturally, he became more and more interested. But just as he was looking for the reason, Jiang Meng’s situation began to change. Originally, he just lost one soul, but slowly, the swallow thief and bird Yin in his seven souls also disappeared.

As a last resort, LV Jingming had to find his martial uncle LV Hesong to help check. LV Hesong met this strange situation for the first time. He lost his soul outside. Fortunately, he lost his soul unconsciously when he was raised at home, unless he was cursed and plotted. But Jiang Meng didn’t have any trace of being cursed. It’s really strange.

Unfortunately, before LV Hesong could understand it, he Boyi’s whereabouts were exposed, and he hurried to deal with he Boyi’s evil animal. Of course, Jiang Meng’s affair was put on hold for the time being.

However, LV Jingming still left a pile of talismans to stabilize Jiang Meng’s situation, at least until he Boyi’s affairs are handled, and his elders have time to study and investigate. Otherwise, he will be allowed to deteriorate, and when he is completely gone, the man will be gone.

So I felt that the startling talisman bought from Siyang’s store could even work for a Taoist like him. LV Jingming immediately rushed to Jiang Meng’s house. If this startling charm can summon the disappeared three souls back, it would be great. Even if it can’t, it’s good to stabilize Jiang Meng’s situation and stop his soul from disappearing for no reason.

It was Jiang Meng’s mother who came to open the door for him. Jiang Meng’s mother felt very peaceful and charitable because she believed in Buddhism all the year round. Because she had a good family, she hardly bothered about trivial things in life, so people naturally looked much younger. However, several months have passed since Jiang Meng’s affair, and Jiang’s mother is old and more than ten years old.

Seeing that the visitor was LV Jingming, Jiang’s mother quickly invited him in. Although LV Jingming is young, she has real skills. If the child hadn’t been helping their family, her son Xiao Meng would have disappeared long ago.

Jiang Meng’s father left early and left a lot of family property, enough for their mother and son to have enough food and clothing. When Jiang Meng grew up and took over his father’s career, life went smoothly. I just didn’t expect that there was such a big barrier in the hit.

As soon as LV Jingming entered the house, he asked Jiang Meng about his situation. Jiang’s mother sighed lightly: “Xiao Meng has been ill and can’t even get out of bed. She has been sent to the hospital before, but when she went to the hospital, the situation deteriorated more and more seriously, so she had to go home again. It may also be that the runes you gave have calmed his situation. Xiao Ming, have you found a way to save Xiao Meng?”

Looking at those expectant eyes, LV Jingming couldn’t help but feel sour. In the past, when studying, Jiang’s mother often made delicious food and sent it to school for him and Jiang Meng. It can be said that as long as there is Jiang Meng, there will be his share. Now his old friend was in bed in pain, and his loving aunt was worried and worried. He couldn’t say anything about it.

“I found a talisman. Although I don’t know if I can find the three souls of Jiang Meng, the talisman has strong power. At least it can suppress Jiang Meng’s soul and won’t lose it.”

Hearing this, Jiang’s mother was full of spirit: “really? That’s great!”

When he came to the room, Jiang Meng, who used to be very strong, was now thin and out of shape. The whole person was lying in a daze. There was a large bag of milk white nutritional injection hanging on one side, which was injected into his body bit by bit to maintain the function of his body. LV Jingming called several times, but he couldn’t wake people up. The girlfriend who led Jiang Meng to become such a girlfriend came to see and take care of him every day at the beginning, but as Jiang Meng’s situation became worse and worse, Jiang’s mother became more and more reluctant to see his girlfriend, and the girl slowly stopped coming. This relationship was obviously dead.

LV Jingming took out the startling talisman from the wooden box. According to the instructions, just stick the talisman paper on the chest of the person who needs to startle, but LV Jingming first urged the talisman paper with his spiritual power. When the shock symbol was pasted on Jiang Meng’s chest, a breeze suddenly rose in the room with closed doors and windows. Jiang Meng, who was lying on the bed, also moaned and slowly opened his eyes.

Jiang’s mother rushed over: “Xiao Meng! Xiao Meng, what do you think? What’s wrong with your body?”

Jiang Meng slowly shook his head and wanted to open his mouth to speak, but he was too weak to make a voice.

LV Jingming read the spell and put his fingers on his eyes. Only then did he see that the weaker and weaker breath on Jiang Meng’s body had slowly become solidified. LV Jingming took out a piece of talisman and blessed it with the power of talisman. He saw Jiang Meng’s breath more clearly. In his eyes, the Qi representing three souls was more substantial and was tightly stitched up by a trace of spiritual power like a needle and thread.

Seeing that Jiang Meng’s soul was becoming more and more solid, LV Jingming began to drive away the talisman again, dispelling the Yin Qi on Jiang Meng that could not be dispersed for some reason. After the whole operation, Jiang Meng, who was originally dizzy, could already sit up.

Jiang’s mother hurriedly poured a bowl of millet porridge and fed it to him. Even if the nutritional injection can maintain the nutritional needs of the body, she has been unable to eat, and the stomach can’t stand it.

Jiang Meng looked at LV Jingming and gasped, “Jing, Jing Ming, have you found a way?”

LV Jingming did not hide it from him: “There was something wrong in the Xuanmen before and they were almost destroyed by the regiment, so now maybe all the masters who can think of ways to save you are healing in closed doors, but don’t worry. There is someone else to ask, but I don’t know that person’s temperament, and I don’t dare to guarantee you. I bought this talisman from that person, which is obviously very useful to you. Remember this talisman. Don’t leave me. I’ll do my best Go find the man. ”

Jiang Meng also knew that for his sake, his friend had done his best. Even if he couldn’t save him in the end, it was his life: “thank you.”

LV Jingming smiled: “if you can pick up this life, it’s not too late to say thank you. Well, it’s not easy for you to wake up. While you’re still a little energetic, talk to your mother. Your mother has really worried about you for a long time.”

Si Yang, who is drawing symbols at home, received a call from LAN Yuzhuo. He talked to her with a mobile phone in one hand and painted ghost symbols on the symbol paper with a jade pen in the other hand.

At the end of the last stroke, the mantra on the rune paper flashed a light, and a rune became: “go to the place where you lost your soul. If you can’t find it, it’s swallowed by something. It’s useless to find me.”

“Brother Si Yang, the situation on his side doesn’t seem to be a simple psychosis. He said that the startling charm taken from you can only suppress his friend’s somewhat vain soul, but he can’t summon the missing three souls back. He really has no way. Moreover, the soul of the person he said is still disappearing, and those martial uncles and elders in his sect are closed for adoption because of he Boyi It’s hurt. Why don’t you help him? ”

Anyway, I have nothing to do recently. Maybe I can go out and catch two ghosts back. Si Yang relaxed and said, “let him come over.”


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