Great Celestial Master Chapter 161

Bus explosion killed 27 people, but none of them survived. Such big news broke the news circle less than half an hour after the incident. After some people who witnessed all this calmed down at the scene, some hurried to get fire hydrants from the store with fire hydrants nearby to help put out the fire, and some hurriedly took out their mobile phones to take pictures of the scene, Soon the news spread wildly in the circle of friends.

The cause of the explosion is still under investigation. It is said that the scene is terrible. When it explodes from the inside of the car body, the people on the car can have a whole body. Some of them can’t even put together the body.

In this case, if Zhou Fang and his colleagues are not on the scene, they may be able to just watch the news and do what they should do. But after witnessing the scene, there is no mood for a party. In addition, the place where it happened has been surrounded, all vehicles detour and pedestrians can’t be released for the time being. Li Hao can’t even come in, so the originally good party broke up before it started.

Although the reason is still under investigation, another statement was soon uploaded on the Internet. In addition to some videos and photos of the scene, there is also the body of a black-and-white cat in the flower bed. Some people said that he witnessed the driver crush the cat first, and then the bus exploded. For a time, all kinds of supernatural versions came out, which made some timid people look creepy. The events before and after this were too coincidental. In addition, the cat was a supernatural thing in the eyes of many people, which was even more miraculous.

Some good doers even found people who had been on the bus before but got off after killing the cat for an interview, so various unscientific statements spread more and more. This time, there were videos, witnesses and some people who escaped from death. All kinds of added fuel and vinegar said that this was probably the first time that the whole people had been superstitious since the founding of the people’s Republic of China and the breaking of feudalism.

In a private cemetery, a group of people dressed in black and white flowers were holding a memorial ceremony around a tombstone. A young man dressed in dark casual clothes and holding a bunch of small daisies came over, which was particularly out of tune with the group of people with white flowers in suits. The man did not squint, put the little daisy in his hand on the tombstone, and looked at the old man with a kind smile on the tombstone. His eyes were dark. Grandma is gone. I’m afraid no one in the world loves him anymore.

Just as he was about to leave, several rebellious people surrounded him. One of them looked at the man coldly and said, “I said Liu Yi, this is my Liu family’s private cemetery. Do you think your surname Liu is my Liu family?”

“I heard that you were on that bus last time. Are you a disaster for thousands of years? After so many people died, why are you still there? Your life is really hard.”

“Maybe it’s him who killed his third uncle. It’s not normal for him to kill his father and mother.”

“Hey, don’t talk nonsense. It’s not sure whether the third uncle is his father or not.”

A 17-year-old girl behind the group, with a sweet smile on her face, said something very stinging: “I used to hear the old servant say that brother Liu Yi had a problem with his birth. I don’t believe it. Although he doesn’t look like his third uncle, he was born and grew up in the Liu family, but I heard that there was no mark on brother Liu Yi this time?”

The Liu family and the Zhou family were sworn enemies. At the beginning, they were related by marriage, but the daughter of the family was killed by the Zhou family’s son. That was the only precious daughter of old man Liu, so the beam naturally came to an end. In addition, their two families are rivals in their careers. After all, everyone wants to compete for high positions, but there are only a few seats. If someone goes up, naturally someone goes down. During that time, the Zhou family had a strong fortune, good luck and promotion. The Liu family seemed to be descended by the God of mildew. Without saying all kinds of mistakes, even sitting at home would bring disaster from heaven. Therefore, they were jealous and hated the Zhou family.

The Zhou family actually feels guilty about the Liu family because of the death of their daughter, so many things can be let. But there are some things that must not be retreated, otherwise the Zhou family would have been gnawed without a whole body.

Later, the Liu family didn’t know where to hear that the grandson of the Zhou family, who had the most high hopes, fell in a magic trick and was about to die anyway, which also made some people in the Liu family think wrongly. Since you can’t squeeze each other on the right road, you have to spend money from behind, so there is the matter of eight horses.

Who knows that it was a sure thing to plan for such a long time. I don’t know which step was wrong. The Zhou family noticed and didn’t say, and invited an expert. Cured the short-lived boy, broke their array, and even the cause and effect should be on their Liu family.

Mr. Liu has four sons and one daughter. The eldest son is developing best now. Although Mr. Liu has retired for many years, some contacts are still there. Therefore, he spared no effort to help the eldest son to a high position. The second son is OK. He is taken by his eldest brother. His position is not high or low. Some places are still worthy of words. The third son died early, and the fourth son was an old son. There were several older brothers pressing on him. He was a little arrogant and his ability was a little worse. There were a lot of unorthodox thoughts. It was him who moved his mind at the beginning.

However, the fourth is really a little smart. He feels that he can’t pass his hand on some things, so he pushed a poor relative who is a little close and stays behind his ass all day. So when the master they invited was killed by the master of the Zhou family who broke the array, the poor relatives who directly contacted the master also bled to death.

The fourth of the Liu family knew that the matter had been exposed. When he saw that the follower died, he couldn’t help cursing. He also realized that he was smart and didn’t fight. Otherwise, he might be the one who died now. At that time, he didn’t realize the seriousness of the matter. He just felt that he had to spend money to find a better one. But from that day on, similar patterns appeared on their families.

Master Liu also knows some people in the Xuanmen. He gives a lot of offerings every year, and exchanges them for some pills for health, some spiritual tea and other things that are not available in the world. Seeing that everyone in the family had this strange mark, he quickly asked the master to help him look at it.

Although the Heavenly Master is not very powerful, he still has some vision. At a glance, he can see that it is the reverse bite of blood sacrifice. It was a relative of the Liu family who had been hanging around with Lao Si before. He was regarded as the nephew of Lao Zi Liu, so the blood sacrifice was directly retributed on them. If the blood sacrifice was not lifted and retribution came, the Liu family would only die slowly one by one.

This time, the whole Liu family panicked. Others didn’t calculate it. They even wanted to take revenge on their own family?! All of a sudden, the fourth of the Liu family became the target of public criticism.

Just a few days before and after this incident, when old man Liu asked for someone to find someone who could crack the blood sacrifice, his wife, who was originally a tough man, woke up one morning and found that his body was a little cold. They didn’t know whether this was the retribution of the blood sacrifice, but old man Liu was almost ten years old for a moment. The Liu family had something wrong, which made him more and more flustered.

However, there is a different kind among them, that is Liu Yi. In fact, there have been some bad rumors about Liu Yi’s birth. His father is the third child of the Liu family, the son who died early, and his mother is a woman with a bad birth. At first, Liu Yi’s mother strongly opposed it. After all, Liu Yi’s mother met his father only when she worked in a place that was not very clean, but later, Liu third insisted that his father could not defeat his son, I had to promise.

As a result, Liu Laosan died unexpectedly shortly after his marriage, and Liu Yi’s mother was found to be pregnant for more than a month, but they had not been married for a month. At first, the old man was afraid that the child was not the seed of the Liu family, but he was afraid of blaming the woman, so when Liu Yi gave birth, he directly identified it as Liu Laosan’s son, Then Liu Yi was taken home to raise.

Although it was confirmed that Liu Yi was from the Liu family, because the old man felt that his mother had killed his son, he was not so dedicated to Liu Yi. Slowly, there was a rumor that Liu Yi was not the child of the Liu family at all. However, no one would be foolish to say this in front of the old man. It has always been private, so no one stopped the rumor at all.

What further proves this point is that there are marks on the people of the Liu family during the blood sacrifice. Some people say they want to see Liu Yi, but Liu Yi doesn’t have it at all. At this time, even old man Liu began to doubt the identification report of that year. But now is not the time to investigate these, so Mr. Liu ignored them directly.

However, the younger generation of the Liu family have enjoyed bullying Liu Yi since childhood. If they catch this practical “evidence”, they will not ridicule it completely.

Liu Yi himself didn’t know whether he was from the Liu family. When he was a child, he asked his grandmother, and she said yes, he believed it. But when he found that he really didn’t have the mark of blood sacrifice, he was cold, but he was also a little relieved.

At this time, in the face of their undisguised malice, Liu Yi glanced at them coldly: “yes, I have no mark on me, so I don’t have to worry that I will die young if I don’t invite an expert to solve the curse.”

The leader immediately stood up: “then get out of my cemetery. Outsiders are not welcome here!”

When some elders heard the news here, they immediately came over and glanced coldly at Liu Yi. He looked like an enemy: “what’s going on? It’s in front of your grandmother’s grave!” Seeing Liu Yi’s eyes, the knife is cold. But for so many years, Liu Yi grew up in this vision and has long been used to it.

Liu Yi glanced at them, turned and left. Grandma was gone. There was nothing worth remembering about the Liu family.

Liu Yi doesn’t have a car. This is a private cemetery. No one can come here. Therefore, there is no bus nearby. Liu Yi can only walk down the mountain by himself.

LAN Jinxiu, who was rarely busy, came to Si Yang, but was caught as a driver. With their divine knowledge and ears, they can naturally know what happened in the cemetery. Seeing Si Yang staring at Liu Yi, LAN Jinxiu asked, “is there any problem with him? Or do you want to find a younger martial brother?”

Si Yang said, “can people and cats have children?”

LAN Jingxiu was a little silly: “huh?”

Si Yang touched his chin and looked at the distant figure and slightly raised his eyebrows.


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