Great Celestial Master Chapter 162

When old man Liu, a seven year old great grandson, suddenly fell down from the stairs because he was playing at home and died, he would be crazy if he hadn’t been busy when he was young. On the day the little grandson died in the hospital, a niece of the Liu family also died in a car accident, and these people were all marked on their bodies.

Because I don’t know who will be next. Even at home, there can be sudden accidents. The people of the Liu family just feel that they are on the list of the God of death. Anyway, there will always be an accident to cut off the sickle of the God of death. When the situation became more and more urgent, old man Liu came to Putian mountain after encountering various obstacles and asking for help. Finally, he was instructed to ask Siyang for help.

But what the Liu family didn’t know was that the Zhou family’s Bureau was Si Yang’s hand. He didn’t bother to step in and even meet him because of the retribution of harming others and himself. The farm originally scheduled to open this month, because LAN Jinxiu didn’t slowly encroach on the LAN family according to his original plan, but took it directly. In order to rectify the LAN family, LAN Jinxiu was too busy to touch the ground, and the opening of the farm was also delayed, so old man Liu didn’t even touch the corners of the mountain and threw himself into the air again and again.

When Master Liu was ready to kneel down all the way up the mountain, even if he gave up his old life and asked the master to save their Liu family, the fourth of the Liu family came back with an expert.

The blood sacrifice was backfired by Liu Laosi. Although they agreed to it at the beginning and even provided a lot of convenience to the so-called master, now something has happened, which always needs to be borne by one person. Liu Laosi, who had helped to make it happen before, has become the vent of everyone.

What master did he bring back this time? He looked like a master in his thirties. He was short and ordinary. He couldn’t find his face in the crowd. He didn’t look like a master at all. Although the language is not rude, but instinctively feel that it is an unreliable one, so there is less respect in the attitude. If Liu Laosi is not the old son of the old man, he still has some status at home. I don’t know how many people have killed him.

Facing the appearance of those people in the family, Liu Laosi naturally hated them. When he had planned, he agreed one by one. If something happened, it was all his fault.

He glanced at the group of people who mocked him openly and secretly, and then respectfully invited the master into the room.

The eldest brother of the Liu family was also worried about the blood sacrifice, and even put down his work for the time being. At this moment, seeing that his younger brother brought back people, he suppressed his dissatisfaction and said with a smile: “I don’t know what to call this master?”

The humanitarian: “just call me Kun.”

Boss Liu immediately invited someone to take a seat. No matter whether this person is really capable or not, the courtesy should not be less. Otherwise, if they offend the really capable person, they won’t have time to cry.

“I wonder if master Kun knows about the spell of blood sacrifice? I think my fourth brother should have told the master about the situation at home. If the master can help my Liu family survive this disaster, as long as it is within the reach of my Liu family, it will meet the master’s requirements.”

Kun nodded: “since I’m here, naturally there’s a solution.”

Liu Laosi immediately showed some small complacent expressions. He found this powerful figure. If he removed the mark of Liu family’s blood sacrifice, he would have made a great contribution.

When old man Liu heard that his younger son had invited back a master who was said to be able to solve the blood sacrifice, he naturally went downstairs to receive him. Although the master named Kun is too ordinary, the old man doesn’t dare to underestimate it at all.

Compared with his sons, Kun was obviously more satisfied with Master Liu’s attitude, so he stopped detours and went straight to the topic: “there should be someone in your family who is not marked. Is this person there?”

The crowd subconsciously turned to look at Liu Laosi. Liu Laosi quickly shook his head: “I swear by myself and my father’s life. I never said this!”

Old man Liu glared at him, swore it himself, and swore his life, unfilial son!

Seeing that the fourth man made such a poisonous oath, people naturally believed him. Everyone knew that he could live naturally and happily until now because the old man was still alive, so they obviously believed in the master more.

The old man said, “the child is not here. I don’t know what it has to do with the child?” Because there was no mark, he had drawn Liu Yi out of the Liu family. In his heart, he decided that he was not his son’s seed. There must be a problem with the identification that year.

Kun Dao: “The problems involved in blood sacrifice are very complex. You are not Xuanmen people. Just know the general principle. Taking your blood as a sacrifice can not only deal with the enemy, but also absorb the other party’s Qi. Because of the traction of blood, this Qi can only be absorbed by your family. Once the situation is broken, the blood sacrifice will bite back, that is, the person who has your blood To bear, as long as the spell of blood sacrifice is used, it must be extremely vicious, so there is no end except to offset with death. ”

These words were also said by some heavenly masters invited back by the old man, but every time I heard them, I felt like announcing my death, and my heart was cold.

Seeing that they had no questions, Kun knew that someone should have said these things to them, so he stopped talking nonsense and said directly, “the person who has no mark on his body may not be the child of the Liu family, but if he is the child of the Liu family, he is the key to breaking the curse. I need to see it myself and decide how to do it after seeing it.”

After hearing this, the old man directly asked the old general Liu Yi to call him.

Liu Yi naturally didn’t want to come when he received the call, but some things couldn’t be cut off so clean. He even thought about whether he wanted to make a complete end with himself, so he went without much thought.

Kun saw the young man squint slightly and turned to old man Liu and said, “there is blood traction between you. I can tell you this very definitely. Then the way to remove the blood sacrifice spell is on him.”

When Liu Yi heard the stranger’s words, he felt a sudden surprise. He had recognized that he was not from the Liu family. Suddenly, such a person came out to say such words. He looked at his grandfather and saw that his eyes were very complex. He only felt a stab in his heart.

Mr. Liu didn’t expect that there was a reversal about Liu Yi’s life experience. He had overturned the identification of that year and regarded him as a wild species raised by the Liu family for more than 20 years. Now he was told that he was the child of the Liu family? However, although he said so, he didn’t intend to believe it all, just wait to see if the master has real skills.

The master Kun Chao said, “how to solve the curse is inherited by the school. Naturally, there can’t be too much external humanity. What I can tell you is that the key to solving the curse is on him. If you want to contact the spell of blood sacrifice, give him to me.”

Liu Laosi hurriedly said, “just give this boy to you and the mark on us can be eliminated?”

Kun nodded: “yes, I can absolutely guarantee this.”

Liu Laosi just wanted to promise, but he subconsciously looked at the old man. As for Liu Yi, no one cares about his ideas. His opinions can help his family through this difficulty, which can be regarded as the grace of raising him for more than 20 years.

Liu Yi, with a white face, quietly listened to their arrangements for himself. He wanted to leave, but could the people here let him leave? It was impossible. Even more, as long as Grandpa nodded, even if he interrupted his hands and feet, he would give him to the man who said he could save the Liu family.

The old man pondered for a moment: “is there any other way?” If he is really the son of the third, then the third is such a species.

Kun nodded directly and said, “only he wants to solve the curse.”

The old man didn’t ask whether he would die. As long as he wasn’t stupid, he knew that he would never come back.

The old man closed his eyes, and Liu Yi said hoarsely, “Grandpa…”

The old man sighed, opened his eyes again and looked straight at Liu Yi: “you know the blood curse of the Liu family. You also know how many masters have been invited. Xiaoyi, you should repay the Liu family for their kindness. Can you really watch the Liu family die one by one?”

Xiaoyi, this is the first time that old man Liu called his name in his life. Liu Yi originally thought that those previous lives were enough to interpret the meaning of the word despair, but compared with today, what did those once count.

Liu Yi looked down and smiled, as if he had accepted his life, but to everyone’s surprise, he turned and ran away. There are two people who are close to the gate and subconsciously reach out to stop them, but Liu Yi grew up in the Liu family. No matter whether the Liu family devoted themselves to him or not, they also learned some moves and directly put people down.

However, Kun just stretched out his hand, and Liu Yi felt that countless silk threads were wrapped around him, holding him down and unable to move at all.

Liu Laosi immediately said, “master, you took him away. When can my spell be solved?”

Kun said: “at 12:00, the mark on my body will be eliminated immediately. If you don’t trust me, I can stay here until your spell is lifted, but I need to give me a quiet room without interruption.”

Liu Laosi hurriedly said, “this is no problem. Please go upstairs, master!”

Just then, a sudden wind from nowhere blew the door open directly, and a young man with picturesque eyebrows and eyes and exquisite non mortal came in.

With a gentle wave of his hand, Siyang cut off all the invisible silk threads wrapped around Liu Yi.

Although Kun didn’t know who the person was, he was afraid that the other party would damage his good deeds. Instinctively, he stood up and gave up. It was a piece of powder. It was all poisonous insects. He could die if he touched it a little.

With a flick of Siyang’s fingertips, all the powders fought back at Kun. Kun quickly stretched out his hand to resist and suddenly lost control of Liu Yi.

Siyang turned to look at Liu Yi, looked at him quietly for a moment, and then smiled at him: “be my apprentice, follow me, or stay here.”

Liu Laosi immediately stood up and said, “who are you!”

Before he finished his shouting, Siyang waved his hand gently, and a crisp slap sounded. Liu Laosi was directly pulled away, hit his head on the ground and passed out.

He has the final say, “Liu Yu Lao, who is staring at the human in front of him.” this man should always have a first come in order of arrival. This Liu Yi is a Liu family. His fate is the one who should have the final say.

Si Yang smiled softly: “isn’t strength respected? If you want to talk about coming first and then arriving, I’ll kill you. As for going or staying, China is a country of personal rights and freedom. I never force anyone to go or stay.”

Liu Yi immediately said, “I’ll go with you! I worship you as my teacher!” No matter who the person in front of him is, even if he enters another hell, he doesn’t want to be manipulated by them according to the meaning of the Liu family!

Si Yang smiled with satisfaction: “let’s go.”

Master Liu immediately said, “Liu Yi!”

Liu Yiding stopped, and Siyang didn’t urge him, just waiting for his choice.

Liu Yi was silent for a moment and looked at Siyang: “master, can the spell in the Liu family be solved?”

Si Yang said, “yes.”

Liu Yi said, “can you ask the master to help them? The Liu family has raised me for more than 20 years. Please help me break this kindness.”

Si Yang raised his eyebrow: “if they do this to you, do you want to save them?”

Liu Yi said, “it’s not saving, it’s paying back. In the future, no matter I’m rich or poor, even if I meet the Liu family again, I can straighten my back and have a clear conscience. I don’t owe them anything.”

Siyang looked at the people of the Liu family and waved his hand. The people of the Liu family only felt that there was a thin rain on their face. Before they reacted, they heard the young man’s voice and let’s go.

Boss Liu subconsciously opened his clothes and looked at his shoulder. The mark on it was gone.

Kun instinctively wanted to stop, but the young man so easily broke the bite back power of the Liu family. This strength made him afraid. After a little hesitation, the two men disappeared directly.

Kun squinted at the door. It seemed that the water in China was really deep. His younger martial brother fell unjustly in China.


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