Great Celestial Master Chapter 163

Liu Yi, 22, has just graduated from college. His previous life plan was to leave Zhongdu after graduation, find a living job in a small city, and then pay a down payment for a house with some money saved over the years, and then find a gentle and pleasant woman to marry and have children. For so many years, the attitude of the Liu family towards him has long been cold. Although it is difficult to give up the existence of the family sometimes, it has been frozen for a long time, and the reheated heart is also cold. But today’s everything knocked heavily on his heart. It was treated coldly, ignored, even biased. It was more hurtful not to be given up directly in person.

Liu Yi thought he would be uneasy when he went to a strange place with his master, who was still a stranger to him, but he didn’t expect that after he left with this man, he calmed down, especially calm. He didn’t know what he was liked by others, but in the short contact just now, his master was very powerful. Maybe it was because he brought himself out in such a desperate situation. No matter what he would face in the future, now, his instinctive heart was close and a trace of peace of mind he didn’t find.

Si Yang directly brought people back to Putian mountain. He felt that the earth was really a strange place. There seemed to be no restrictions here. There were people, ghosts, gods, Buddha and even half demons. It’s just a whim to collect Liu Yi. Let’s investigate his mind first. If you can, you can accept it. There are half of the demon’s blood in his body. It should be much faster to cultivate than people. If the mind can be cultivated, it will also be a good help.

I’m afraid I can’t recognize all the disciples and grandchildren when they go out. He’s good. He’s come and go. So far, only two of them have been accepted. One of them has yet to be investigated. People are so angry than others.

When he returned to the mountain, Li Zezhi was practicing his sword. The set of sword moves that he practiced skillfully was very lively. Seeing Si Yang, he immediately ran over happily: “master!”

Si Yang said, “this is Liu Yi. Take him to the heart refining array. If he has passed, he will be your younger martial brother. If not, ask Uncle LAN to take him to arrange.”

Li Zezhi nodded quickly. After Siyang left, he immediately looked curiously at Liu Yi, and then raised a big smiling face at him. It’s great to have a younger martial brother. He won’t be tortured by master alone in the future.

Liu Yi looked at the young man’s bright smile and didn’t know why he felt a little cold.

LAN Jinxiu knew that Siyang had taken Liu Yi away, so he left some trivial chores of the LAN family to LAN Ziming. He left him to take care of his ability. Now no one uses it to the best of his ability. Isn’t it a waste of his skill. When he came to the mountain, Siyang was drinking tea leisurely. Seeing him coming, Siyang waved to him with a smile: “come and try this fruit tea. It’s better than flower tea.”

LAN Jinxiu sat down and inquired about Liu Yi. He learned that Si Yang had solved the blood sacrifice of the Liu family, and his eyes were slightly confused. As far as Si Yang He knows, although he seems to be casual in doing things, everything has his reasons. Like the Liu family, those who hurt others first and themselves last should not be in charge of Si Yang’s temperament.

Seeing LAN Jingxiu’s question, Si Yang said with a smile: “the luck of the Liu family has not been broken. Although it will experience some twists and turns, it will pass in the end. Why don’t I directly break all the kinship causes and consequences with the Liu family for Liu Yi? And don’t you think Liu Yi will be more promising than them and will be looked up to by them in the future? Is this kind of Feng Shui wheel circulation routine very interesting, but the premise is that Liu Yi can pass the heart refining array.”

LAN Jingxiu smiled: “what you like, it must be no problem.”

Si Yang looked at LAN Jingxiu and said, “how’s your LAN family doing?”

LAN Jin said: “it’s very good. They also began to cultivate and support some people. They are all good characters, but they are delayed by their origin, or by being suppressed or the inclination of resources. Generally speaking, although the LAN family is not very good, they still have some good ones.”

Si Yang said with a smile, “if it’s not good, the family will be over long ago. I’m waiting for today. I heard that the exchange conference will begin soon?”

LAN Jingxiu nodded and said, “well, all aristocratic families have been notified. Each family should take out some things as prizes for the exchange conference. The first three, the first five and the first ten have different rewards in turn. I think you will soon be asked whether to participate.”

Si Yang asked, “about when?”

“It should be around October, at least a month or so.” Then he poured fruit tea into the cup that Siyang drank, and asked, “do you want both disciples to go?”

Si Yang said, “if Liu Yi has passed the heart refining array, I will give him hell training, go out and broaden his horizons, and immerse himself in the small family spirit of sesame and mung bean all day.”

LAN Jinxiu looked at Si Yang for a while and suddenly smiled: “how lucky they are to meet you in this life.”

Si Yang also nodded with approval on his face: “isn’t it? It’s a blessing for several generations.”

LAN Jinxiu smiled and said, “the farm will open at the end of this month. I plan to offer some special LingMi lingcai to China as a sacrifice of the LAN family.”

In terms of the filling degree of aura and the essence of these LingMi and lingcai, not to mention Putian mountain, even those in the farm are absolutely unique. Although those Xuanmen aristocratic families have some aura arrays and have cultivated the ingredients containing aura from generation to generation, they are essentially the products of the earth, but they only make those things contaminated with aura, Very little can be absorbed after eating into the body. So when this thing is provided, even if the LAN family has shrunk as a whole, no one dares to underestimate it.

Si Yang didn’t care and said, “just decide your own things.”

A few days later, while Liu Yi was still struggling in the heart refining array, Zhou Fang ran to Putian mountain to find Siyang. This is Zhou Fang’s first visit to Putian mountain. He thought that Siyang wanted to develop rural scenery in such a mountain. However, the rural scenery on the mountain is really rural, but the rows are comparable to the houses of villas, and the magnificent houses on the top of the mountain that are almost like palaces, which surprised him while watching. Those who have the ability will enjoy it. Where is it to live in a farm? Obviously, they live in a big ancient castle.

Si Yang smiled and looked at him as he entered the Grand View Garden. He joked: “I don’t know why Zhou Da busy took the time to come today without going to the three treasures hall.”

Zhou Fang sat beside Si Yang uneasily and looked at him like a little daughter-in-law: “just want to ask you something, or if you’re too lazy to move, introduce some heavenly masters you know. Do you remember the bus explosion at our last party?”

“Of course I remember what happened a few days ago. What’s the matter?”

Zhou Fang said, “isn’t it because of you that I pay more attention to some supernatural things? I also pay attention to several supernatural anchors, that is, the previous bus incident, which said it was the Revenge of killing the cat. The anti orthodox is very terrible. Then several supernatural anchors plan to engage in a joint activity, that is, to see the ghost.”

Si Yang knows that some people like to die, and he has heard that many die. However, he has never paid attention to these boring games. When he heard Zhou Fang’s words, he asked, “how can I see you? I want to buy a symbol to see you?”

Zhou Fang shook his head: “no, it’s just playing games. At the intersection where there is no one at midnight, put incense on a bowl of white rice. After the incense is burned, eat the fragrant ash bibimbap in the bowl, and then you can see the ghost.”

“Then the place chosen by those supernatural anchors is the intersection where the bus exploded. The usual traffic flow in that place is not large. In addition, so many people died at once. At night, many people would rather take a detour than take that road. Then the group of anchors chose that place to burn incense. Damn it. Anyway, after they engaged in this joint game, the click through rate soared , I don’t know how many people brush gifts every day and urge them to play quickly. Just two days ago, the anchor group invited them together and held a live broadcast. ”

Si Yang raised his eyebrow: “then what the hell?”

Zhou Fangdao: “I don’t know if it’s a damn thing. Don’t you want to burn three incense sticks on the white rice? The anchors brought a handful of incense. When they burned it for the first time, the one in the middle suddenly broke. At that time, many people felt scared and told them not to play, but it was also because the click through rate was higher and the gifts were brushed more. Where several anchors were willing to give up, they changed three sticks to continue and tie the knot If all the three incense sticks were broken this time, it was really a supernatural event. However, those anchors probably have seen many supernatural events at ordinary times, so they can accept it and continue without giving up. Anyway, I tried many times before and after, but I didn’t burn it completely. However, there was a lot of ash on the rice, so I didn’t burn it at all. I mixed the rice directly, and several anchors ate it separately. ”

Si Yang said, “you can also watch the live broadcast of death. If the first incense is broken, apologize and leave.”

Zhou Fang said: “the more topics there are, the more attention there is. If you pay more attention, you will make money. Some online popular anchors earn millions a month. Even those who work hard want to earn this benefit.”

“And then?”

Zhou Fang was probably frightened by the live broadcast that night, Up to now, I feel creepy when I think of it: “then they finished their meal, the street lights began to flash, and several anchors made an atmosphere there. They said that they suddenly felt cold, felt heavy, and heard some strange sounds. Anyway, they didn’t leave until more than two o’clock.”

Si Yang took a sip of tea and asked, “what do you want to do today?”

Zhou Fangdao: “Yes, there is a girl I like very much in that group of anchors. Don’t get me wrong. It’s just ordinary. The girl came out of the countryside. Before, she only told some ghost stories, and she wasn’t as fancy as other anchors. This time, because Xiaomi had a good relationship with one of the supernatural anchors, and the anchor didn’t dare to go with people he didn’t know, so he took Xiaomi Accompany me. At that time, Xiaomi was outside the field and didn’t participate in their games. She just helped them record the live broadcast with their mobile phone. The next day, those involved anchors didn’t go online. At that time, someone said that they must have provoked dirty things and had an accident. But in the evening, Xiaomi went online and said that she would collect the themes of ghost stories recently, and then go online after collecting them. The time of going online will be notified by Weibo. As a result, on the same day, a supernatural anchor playing the game jumped directly from the building. ”

“I’ve been paying attention to Xiaomi for several years. Anyway, I started when I knew you were involved in this field. At that time, Xiaomi just started to be an anchor and set up a group. Now there are old people who have been paying attention to Xiaomi for many years. We often chat in the group and know everyone very well. Xiaomi cried in the group and told the truth What’s the matter? She didn’t even dare to go out of the hotel room. She also called her best friend to accompany her all night. Even when she went to the temple at noon, she felt cold. She also met a master. The master said that she was very dirty and had a lot of things to follow. It was too messy to deal with. She doesn’t know what to do now. ”

Si Yang said, “and then?”

“Then I sent Xiaomi the website where you sell talismans. Xiaomi poked me in private last night and said she bought the talismans in a hurry. Then she really felt cold. But she wore the talismans for a long time and they burned to ashes. So she asked me if I could find the boss who sells the Talismans or a master who can help her solve things, or she would want to jump out of a building. You know I only know you, don’t you You don’t need to go out after such a small thing. Introduce me to a reliable Heavenly Master. ”

Si Yang was really too lazy to take care of such small things, so he contacted Deng Yang. This kind of thing is also within the scope of the secret service department. But unexpectedly, when an anchor jumped off a building to commit suicide, the secret service department has paid attention to this matter, and the person sent to investigate is Deng Yang, but now Deng Yang is missing.


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