Great Celestial Master Chapter 165

When Kun found that there was a layer of boundary outside, his face suddenly became very ugly. He didn’t expect that the current Chinese Heavenly Master was so rich that he could lay such a large boundary at hand. He knows the skills of the Chinese Heavenly Master. He likes to burn all kinds of power into a piece of yellow paper. However, this Rune paper is really easy to use, and it is also very easy and labor-saving. However, how much ability can draw a powerful rune? Such a large border is definitely not what ordinary heavenly masters can draw, and I don’t know which black sheep is so wasteful.

Looking at the people around him, Kun killed for a moment. If it’s just himself, it should be no problem to escape. If you take him, I’m afraid there will be some trouble. And his goal is only a black box. He doesn’t care about his life and death.

Aware of each other’s thoughts, Xiong Xiaohua said, “the magic box has been refined by me. If I die, you don’t want anything!”

Kun smiled at Wen Yan. Is that something that ordinary people can refine, but he didn’t refute Xiong Xiaohua’s words. Since he wants to follow him so much, it’s good to give him a shield. Push it out when necessary, and he has a better chance of getting away.

Thinking so, Kun touched the ring on his hand, and then put a black cloak in his hand: “put it on, it can isolate the breath.”

Xiong Xiaohua has a long mind and uses magic to isolate his direct contact with the cloak. Who knows if there will be anything on the cloak. During this period of time, he has avoided the pursuit of the secret service department. He can almost be said to travel north and south, and has increased a lot of knowledge. Naturally, he is more alert to people, not to mention that he is obviously running for the magic box.

Kun didn’t mind seeing Xiong Xiaohua’s behavior. As early as the moment when he first came into casual contact with Xiong Xiaohua, what should be done had already been done.

The magic box should be regarded as a kind of spiritual tool, a thing that really has its own intelligence. However, with the birth of intelligence, with independent consciousness, without the feeding and refining of its owner, it instinctively wants to get more power, so it slowly goes astray. Although I don’t know how long this magic box has existed, it can bewitch people to achieve its own purpose now. It should have existed for thousands of years.

Such a good thing can be obtained by a waste who can’t cultivate in vain. Even if you get the power by virtue of the magic box, that power is only a drop in the bucket compared with the real purpose of the magic box. Thinking of the fool who came to China for a few months, younger martial brother almost wasted his cultivation. Looking at the magic box he has already got, Kun can’t hide his complacency.

Before he was satisfied for too long, LAN Jinxiu directly appeared in front of them and stopped them. Xiong Xiaohua looked at the person in front of him and frowned slightly. He always felt that his figure was familiar.

Kun was completely unfamiliar with the man in front of him. Although he looked very young, he didn’t dare to underestimate it. He was severely frightened by a young man at Liu’s house that day. Now China is very different from the one he had been in decades ago.

Kun looked at the man behind him and then looked at the man in the way: “I don’t want to be an enemy with you. I think there should be no hatred between me and you. I don’t care about this man. How about letting me go immediately?”

Hearing this, Xiong Xiaohua’s face changed: “you!” Then he subconsciously touched his arms, the magic box in his arms was still there, and then turned and ran away.

LAN Jinxiu’s aura coagulated and grabbed Xiong Xiaohua directly. Xiong Xiaohua has also been honed by those who pursue and kill him. He is no longer the old loser who can’t even resist and be rubbed by others. Seeing LAN Jingxiu coming close, his backhand is a block, and the magic gas in his hand is corrosive. This aura is the food of his magic box. It’s a big deal to release the magic box and swallow all these guys today.

Kun on the other side immediately ran in the opposite direction with Xiong Xiaohua. Seeing that the person blocking the road did not chase him, he was immediately happy. As for the boundary, it’s a big deal to release some treasures and slowly erode them. Anyway, with Xiong Xiaohua’s current ability, he can resist for a few minutes.

When Kun was anxious to break the barrier, Siyang leisurely appeared behind him. Looking at the clusters of insects trying to bite a hole out of the barrier, he said, “insects are so fun. You all like raising insects.”

Kun was shocked and turned around to see that it was the young man who took Liu Yi away from the Liu family that day. He was a little flustered for a moment, but he soon calmed down, Said: “I don’t make excuses in front of the wise man. Today I really came for the things of that man, but I was found when I bought my hand in time. Now that man goes after things, I don’t want to participate in it or be an enemy with you. If I encounter it in the future, I will take a detour?”

Si Yang smiled: “yes.”

When Kun was about to breathe a sigh of relief, he listened to the humanity: “but give me your things first.”

Kun said, “that thing is not on me. Your people are coming before I have my hand.”

Siyang shook his head. When Kun thought his previous small moves were seen through by him, Siyang said, “I’ve never done anything in vain. Now that I’ve done it, I must get something. Even if I don’t like it, it’s good to keep it for others. So I want to leave and leave your storage ring.”

Kun’s hand tightened and said, “why should Taoist friends kill them all.”

With a pure smile on his face, Si Yang said, “since ancient times, there has been a saying about buying road wealth. How can you kill everything if you leave your life? Do you take the initiative to hand it over or let me do it myself.”

Kun Leng looked down and said, “in that case, let me see the ability of your Chinese Heavenly Master.”

Without waiting for Kun’s action, Si Yang gently waved, and then a translucent flying insect like a butterfly stopped on his hand. On the green and slender fingertips, there was a beautiful creature like an elf. This picture is really beautiful, But Kun didn’t want to hear what he said: “I found that people here, whether Chinese or foreign, like to play with insects, so I raised one. We’re better than who’s insect. If you win, I’ll let you go.”

In the biological world, the more beautiful it is, the more dangerous it is. When the translucent butterfly comes, Kun’s heart subconsciously rings the alarm, but now he has no other way but to fight.

The butterfly in Siyang’s hand is a kind of changeable insect. If it is divided according to the level of spirit beast, the changeable insect is in the golden elixir period as soon as it breaks its cocoon. It can conjure up all kinds of fairyland and confuse people’s hearts. If it can’t be broken, it will naturally die in the fairyland. However, this kind of insect is not very good, that is, in addition to eating spirit stones, what they love most is all kinds of poisonous insects. The more poisonous and powerful they are, the more they like to eat.

For those of Fu Kun’s level, of course, there is no need to spend spiritual power to decorate any illusion. The small wings blow for a while. The thousand change insect, which was only a finger in size, directly turns into a large creature twice as tall as people. The long mouth rolls up, and most of the poisonous insects attacked by Kun are swept away in an instant.

When LAN Jinxiu came by holding Xiong Xiaohua, who had been beaten half to death and picked his hands and feet, he saw a huge and beautiful creature devouring groups of ugly insects. That Kun was even more fierce. Seeing Si Yang, he flashed and wanted to sneak attack.

Shua, the sword light flashed, Kun directly covered his arm and screamed, and there was a bloody broken arm on the ground.

Siyang looked at Kun and stretched out his hand. The broken arm on the ground dissipated directly into soot, and the storage ring in his hand was directly thrown into LAN Jingxiu’s hand by Siyang: “take it, no matter how small the mosquito is, it’s also meat. Although this storage ring is not big, it’s good for your sister.”

As for LAN Jinxiu, as his younger brother, how can there be less configuration of such foreign objects? Si Yang has given LAN Jinxiu one before, but it is not a silver ring, but a bracelet with relatively simple shape.

Si Yang beckoned. The insect that ate Zhenghuan became smaller again. After flying around happily towards Si Yang, it stopped in the palm of his hand and disappeared. Si Yang looked at Kun: “what are you going to do with this man?”

LAN Jinxiu gave him a cold look: “kill it. Anyway, I didn’t have a good intention to come to China.”

Hearing this, Kun, who originally wanted to give up his baby and only wanted to stay alive, gritted his teeth and planned to give up his flesh and run away.

However, at the beginning of his thought, Siyang’s fingertip bounced and a touch of spiritual light bounced on Kun’s forehead, imprisoning his whole soul. If he dared to abandon his flesh, he would be terrified.

Kun hated the person in front of him and his younger martial brother. He came to China for less than a month and didn’t do anything at all. He died here.

Si Yang naturally couldn’t control what he was thinking at the moment. The person who should be caught also filled his house with insects, so he waved and the border was withdrawn.

LAN Jingxiu naturally didn’t bother to toss about this kind of thing, but of course good things should be cheaper for his own people, so he contacted Shen ran and came to get the work.

Shen ran had been searching for breath with Shan Hexuan to trace it nearby. It was only because Deng Yang disappeared in this area and there were many heavenly masters here, so he didn’t come here. He rushed over immediately after receiving LAN Jinxiu’s call.

Although he didn’t catch this man, it was still in his hands that he solved a case that had been tracked down for a long time in group two. Therefore, Shen ran was flattered by boss Siyang and brother LAN. He was so excited that he jumped up and down like a little bee.

Shan Hexuan looked at the man who had broken his arm: “this man should be a zanpeng’s senior brother.”

LAN Jin said, “it’s all up to you.”

Shan Hexuan nodded at him and then looked at Siyang: “Deng Yang disappeared in this area. Later, the Ministry sent many heavenly masters to look for people. As a result, they didn’t find it, but they accidentally found a bone nail.”

Before Shan Hexuan said the rest, Shen ran hurriedly gathered around Si Yang and whispered, “do you remember he Boyi, who was solved by you before? That’s the one who messed up the whole Xuanmen circle.”

Si Yang nodded and naturally remembered that his villa was easy to earn because of he Bo.

Shen ran said, “only a small part of this matter is known. I’m afraid that the news will cause chaos. I studied the bone nails for a long time, and then speculated that he Boyi made the bone nails. But now he Boyi is dead, and I don’t know what he did with these bone nails.”

Si Yang frowned slightly and said, “what if he Boyi didn’t die.”


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