Great Celestial Master Chapter 166

When the secret service department found out that the bone nail may be related to he Boyi, he thought about many possibilities. It is possible that he Boyi has a secret successor, or what game he Boyi did before he died, but he didn’t think he Boyi was still alive. Therefore, when Si Yang said this, even LAN Jingxiu was stunned.

At the beginning, Si Yang helped the Xuanmen people to save their lives, and sent out spiritual tools to wipe out he Boyi. It was the town where the eminent monks of Linggu Temple sat and gathered the strength of the people to kill he Boyi. How could he still be alive.

When the crowd looked at Siyang, Siyang shook his head: “I’m just an idea in my heart for a moment, but the whim of a man of practice is usually right. He Boyi is very likely to be alive. As for how he survived and what the bone nail wants to do, I don’t have a clue yet.”

Shan Hexuan said, “will it be a double again?” At the beginning, he Boyi fooled the whole Xuanmen by pretending to be dead. It’s not impossible to do it again.

Si Yang said, “it can’t be a double. If it was a double, I can see it at a glance. His accomplishments can’t hide from me.”

LAN Jinxiu threw Xiong Xiaohua into Shen Ran’s hand: “well, let’s go back first. As for he Boyi, if he doesn’t die, he will come out one day and kill him again.”

This attracted Shan Hexuan to look at him, and Shen ran looked at him without concealment. To say that Lan Jingxiu is now the most legendary figure in Xuanmen. Although he was born in the LAN family, the LAN family has thousands of children and doesn’t pay attention to him at all. He is famous in the Xuanmen because of his evil spirit. It’s a miracle that he can still live.

Later, he seemed to bring money with him. He was simply a god of wealth. His career was bigger and bigger, and he made more and more money. For his sister, most of them contributed to the LAN family, which made many people sigh. If he is a normal person, his achievement is probably higher.

But no one thought that the weak, poor and helpless guy had Siyang’s blue eyes. Yes, Shen ran also felt that the LAN family must have offended Si Yang, so Si Yang directly supported a dying man in the eyes of the world to overthrow the whole LAN family. This slap on the face is not just a slap, which makes people fear Siyang. At the same time, they sharpen their heads and want to get close to him. If they have a good fortune, they will be regarded as moving towards the peak of life at one stroke.

What Shen ran hasn’t had time to tell Si Yang is that he is still nominally under the banner of Si Yang’s ghost servant. It can be said that the ghost servant’s entry into the secret service department is unprecedented. It’s only because he looks no different from ordinary people and his cultivation is good. In addition, he was still a “Heavenly Master” before his death, so it’s no problem to have Si Yang’s recommendation. It’s precisely because he is Si Yang’s person, Now the whole two groups are focused by the above. The resources that used to be biased towards the first group are slightly biased, and many people still want to change jobs to the second group. However, those who obviously changed jobs with a purpose were rejected by one muscle. Their two groups should be refined and not measured. Now the two groups can be said to be a sweet cake, and everyone wants to have a bite.

Si Yang smiled at LAN Jingxiu. He didn’t know if something happened during this period had tempered his mood. Compared with his previous caution, he had to take one step or even calculate a hundred steps. Now he seems more casual. However, this may also be the confidence brought by cultivation.

Seeing LAN Jingxiu looking at himself, Siyang said, “let’s go home first. We’ll talk about anything later.”

Hearing the word “go home”, LAN Jingxiu’s mouth turned up unconsciously.

When LAN Jinxiu was busy with the opening of the farm, Si Yang stayed on the Putian mountain and read various books. Although there were not many books on Chinese Taoism, the books in the immortal world were complete. It was not said that he could directly find out the purpose of he Boyi, but as long as there was a little side-by-side basis, he could figure out what situation he Boyi was laying out.

The opening day of the farm was very lively. LAN Jinxiu directly sent invitations to several prominent families in the Xuanmen as the owner of the LAN family. Some people were willing to make friends with LAN Jinxiu. After all, there was a Si Yang behind him. Even if he didn’t look at Si Yang, LAN Jinxiu’s courage to overthrow the whole LAN family on his own was by no means an idle person. Now the Xuanmen is declining, For a promising young man like LAN Jinxiu, even if he gives up his lower body to make friends, it will only be beneficial and harmless. For example, the LV and Yao families of the four families are the owners of the family, who personally bring the elders and excellent children of the family to celebrate.

And the Xiang family of the four people also don’t know whether they don’t like LAN Jingxiu or Si Yang. They only come from an elder or an elder who is always responsible for communicating with others outside. The elder of the Xiang family probably didn’t expect that a little LAN Jingxiu, who had withdrawn from the four main stages, could bother the owners of the other two families to come in person, so he quietly contacted his family. Of course, in the end, the Xiang family didn’t come again, which was enough to express his attitude.

Although this is just a small farm opening, this is also the first time LAN Jinxiu appeared in front of the public after the LAN family changed its owner. Even if there is no direct statement, the opening of the farm is equivalent to his new owner’s official announcement of taking over the LAN family.

LAN Jinxiu doesn’t post for everyone. Several families and sects naturally want to post. As long as the wind rating is good, even if his family background is not obvious, he will also post. Today, LAN Jinxiu sees who has come, who hasn’t come, and who has been sent. Naturally, he also cares about how to deal with each other in the future.

The farm is not big, but it is definitely not small. Because the dishes provided in the farm are relatively special. Previously, it was planned to have more people corresponding to the Xuanmen, so two areas were specially opened. However, today, because it is the opening ceremony, there are no restrictions. Just pay a little attention to the seats. Ordinary people are slightly separated from the Heavenly Master. However, those who can be invited are not without eyes, so they won’t make trouble today.

Although Si Yang didn’t appear, he asked several of his ghost servants to come down to help. This is also an attitude in the eyes of outsiders, which proves that Lan Jinxiu has a good relationship with him and is also a platform.

Naturally, the farm is mainly for eating, and the banquet guests are also in the catering hall. Naturally, this aura is slightly lacking. Although it is not as good as the cultivation field of some aristocratic families, it is not too much. Some big aristocratic families are quite calm. They just feel that such a large spiritual array in such a farm is a waste, and they are vaguely surprised by Siyang’s handwriting.

Many small aristocratic families are surprised. They don’t have the details of those big aristocratic families. Their cultivation resources are all stuttered. The aura here is heaven for them. Before eating, I decided to come often in the future. Even if I ordered a table without eating, two or three hours of practice would be enough to get back to my roots.

However, when the dishes come up, they don’t think so. Compared with what is absorbed externally, where is it so direct to eat. At this moment, even the people of several aristocratic families can’t calm down.

Before, the monks of Linggu Temple bought part of the farm work on Putian mountain. They know the aura of the dishes at the foot of the mountain best. Sometimes when the farm work is done well, Jingrou will give them some dishes and rice every quarter and bring them back to the temple. Compared with the mountain, the aura of the spiritual dishes in the farm is still so poor that a group of big monks eat calmly.

The first one who couldn’t help it was the LV family. The LV family had several contacts with Siyang and got along well. Although they didn’t have any contact with LAN Jinxiu, since LAN Jinxiu was a person of Siyang, they were also friends of the LV family, So LV Zhengchu, the elder of the LV family, directly asked LAN Jingxiu, “I heard that the dishes in the farm of the LAN family leader are divided into two kinds, one is an ordinary dish and the other is a special offering. I don’t know what grade these are today?”

LAN Jinxiu said with a smile: “the special dish is the spirit dish planted on Putian mountain. It grows by absorbing aura and watering spirit liquid. It is small and refined, so the quantity is limited. Today’s banquet is the ordinary dish in my farm. Later, we will serve some special fruits for you to taste.”

What was on the table was just ordinary dishes. This time, the people became more and more curious about the special offering. LV Zhengchu asked again: “it’s so rare. If you want to eat in the future, don’t you have to book it a long time in advance?” As long as they have that condition, who doesn’t want to eat them every day, and an aristocratic family like them can’t even afford a special offer, so it’s natural to ask clearly how to buy them.

LAN Jinxiu smiled: “it’s an honor for me to win the favor of all the owners of my farm. Although there are few special supplies, it’s still no problem to book one day in advance with a black card. The small gifts for all the owners have already been prepared. Black card is one of them. I hope you don’t dislike it and take care of your younger brother’s business in the future.”

With that, LAN Jinxiu glanced at Jingrou. Jingrou immediately understood and directly asked people to serve special fruits and vegetables. It’s a species that absolutely doesn’t exist on the earth, because after cutting the plate, you can’t see the shape of the original fruit, but the flesh of the fruit is crystal clear, and there is a strong to substantive aura, foggy and immortal. This fruit plate is available on every table, and the one on the other side of ordinary people is also a special offering, but the richness of aura is slightly worse, otherwise ordinary people can’t bear to eat. If there is a problem, it’s still their fault.

As soon as the fruit plate was on the table, people at all tables looked straight. Some auras that can be directly absorbed in the dishes are quite rare. The special items are like eating auras raw. Not to mention ordinary people, even the owner can’t sit still. If they can eat even one piece of such pulp every day, their cultivation can grow thousands of miles a day.

In addition, a group of beautiful maids filed in with trays filled with exquisite gift boxes, and then distributed them to everyone present one by one, almost everyone has a share.

Some people can’t wait to open the gift and have a look. It’s two snow-white pills. Although they don’t know it’s pills, Just smelling the fragrance makes people feel comfortable.

LAN Jin said: “this pill is a pill specially refined by the Heavenly Master Si. It is a kind of medicine with three poisons. Now the aura is thin, and we can only practice with various pills. After eating it for a long time, there are naturally some sedative toxins in our body, and this pill can force out all the hidden Dan poisons in our body.”

Before everyone was shocked by the skill and strength of Siyang and LAN Jingxiu, they listened to LAN Jingxiu: “in addition to two one product pills, there is also a marrow washing pill in the thank-you ceremony of several other house owners.”

The people directly took a breath of air-conditioning and washed the marrow pill. Isn’t this something only in legend? However, since LAN Jinxiu just said so in public, it won’t be false.

After giving everyone a reaction time, LAN Jinxiu continued: “I don’t think I need to say more about the pill effect of the marrow washing pill. Because the refining materials are rare and valuable, there is no way to refine too much. I’m afraid only a few house owners and several masters of daomen Buddhist temple can bear the power of the marrow washing pill, so please forgive me if you don’t get the marrow washing pill.”

The owner of the Yao family first said, “the LAN family is kind. I remember you and master Si for such a heavy gift.”

LAN Jingxiu answered with a smile, and several other aristocratic families who received the marrow washing pill responded one after another. Those who didn’t get the marrow washing pill were itchy, but at least they also bought this pill, which was also a very good thing. Today’s trip was really full.

At this time, the elder of the Xiang family suddenly said, “LAN, why is my Xiang family’s gift only two one pill?”

As soon as these words came out, the originally good atmosphere suddenly solidified, but LAN Jinxiu looked at him with a smile: “several elders in other families got a pill, and elder Xiang’s two pills were OK.”

The elder of the Xiang family was about to ask why he didn’t give them the marrow washing pill, but suddenly realized that their owner didn’t come at all. The inquiry immediately stuck in his throat and his face was red.


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