Great Celestial Master Chapter 167

The Xiang family is also one of the aristocratic families after all. Although the Xiang family’s family style and habits are somewhat evil, the names of the four families all depend on the children of the family and fight with their own strength. The inside information is slightly less than that of the other three families, but there are still many dependents behind them. Even if it is the situation of the LAN family, LAN Jingxiu is young after all, and Si Yang is not in charge here, Therefore, some families saw the embarrassment of the elders of the Xiang family, and spoke to warm up the scene one after another, trying to divert everyone’s attention.

However, those present were not human spirits, and not many people agreed. They all ate their own, so they were inexplicably more embarrassed.

The action of the Xiang family is a slap in the face to the LAN family and LAN Jinxiu. If the owner of the Xiang family doesn’t come today, LAN Jinxiu gives the same gift as several other owners. Although they won’t be dissatisfied, they will have less views on LAN Jinxiu. However, LAN Jinxiu only gave the elder his share, which is typical of slapping him back, and the Xiang family can’t make use of the topic. There are only two pills in the elder’s gift. There is no farm black card. It is obvious that the farm does not intend to do family business in the future.

Some people who have a good relationship have a cup with each other. When they look at each other, they understand each other’s ideas. They ask themselves that compared with many Xuanmen families, they have rich heritage and abundant resources, but such ingredients full of aura are also available. The Xiang family doesn’t know why they didn’t save Lan’s face. If they know what the Xiang family has lost today, they don’t know whether the old man Xiang Guangcheng will become angry and frustrated.

Ignoring the embarrassment of the Xiang family, LAN Jinxiu directly raised his glass and had a hot drink with the people. After that, he threw a heavy weight: “I think everyone can’t know more about the identity of master Si.”

As soon as they heard this, some of them put down their chopsticks and looked at LAN Jingxiu seriously. Some of them seemed casual, but their attention also focused. Although they don’t know the degree of Si Yang’s current cultivation, the status of monk alone is much higher than them. Now, in terms of Chinese formal, I’m afraid there are only three monks, two foundation builders, and Si Yang, an orthodox monk with unknown cultivation.

Monk LAN Jin: *** The strength of the position has improved, and the Xuanmen can become more and more powerful. Therefore, in the future, our farm will also provide some pills used by friars. You can buy them according to your own needs. As for the varieties of pills, you will send an introduction manual later. In addition, with the black card, you can get the pills refined by Heavenly Master Si alone. If you have herbs, you can get them. If you don’t have herbs, You can exchange what Heavenly Master Si looks up to. ”

The pill used by friars is undoubtedly very attractive to people. However, they are only familiar with the pill often used by Chinese heavenly masters, so they don’t have a detailed concept. Therefore, they are excited and curious, but they are still stable.

LAN Jinxiu looked at the people who had just given the black card and continued: “for example, building the foundation pill can be refined with the black card, such as breaking the ban pill, rejuvenation pill, Zhuyan pill, etc. these heavenly masters are better at it.”

When they heard the three words “Jidan”, they just felt their heads buzzing. Even those of Linggu Temple and Lushan sect couldn’t sit still. They almost lost their voice and asked, “you mean Jidan?! is there really Jidan in the world?”

LAN Jinxiu said with a smile, “of course there are. This is the pill used by monks. It’s easy to refine such pill with the cultivation of Heavenly Master.”

Some homeowners who were at the critical point couldn’t sit still at once and asked repeatedly, “those like us who haven’t learned the orthodox Dharma and always have a diaphragm with the Dharma can also use the foundation Dan?”

LAN Jingxiu smiled and said, “I also asked Heavenly Master Si about this.”

The people quickly listened with their ears open. This is a major event related to their cultivation. They have always practiced according to the word of mouth of the previous generation. They have no chance to get the guidance of real monks. At the moment, they are afraid of missing a word.

“Master Si said that some people enter the Tao by martial arts, some by perception, some by Buddhism and some by Taoism. No matter what form it is, it is an accumulation of power. Since it is all power and metaphysics are a kind of power, why can’t they enter the Tao? But people instinctively feel that they don’t practice orthodox Taoism and can’t cross the barrier, whether in cultivation or in mind , I set limits for myself. It’s more and more difficult to break through the past. Although this foundation pill may not be able to make people break through that boundary, it can always loosen the collaterals and feel the artistic conception. With more feelings, it’s easier to break. ”

Without waiting for how excited the people were and whether they digested his words, LAN Jinxiu reiterated: “special pills can only be obtained with a black card, and the Heavenly Master is not right for the card, so please have a good life and custody of the black card. In the future, the black card is so precious that naturally no one can ask for it. Except today, the black card in the future will only be sent out by the eye edge of the Heavenly Master.”

This time, those who got the black card quickly put the black card close to them. If they didn’t get it, they began to calculate their contacts. If they need it in the future, can they borrow it for a time. The elder of Xiang’s family changed his face green and white, but he also had a long memory and didn’t talk any more.

In any case, the opening of the farm is tantamount to opening another door to the Xuanmen, and the farm has become extraordinary in the Xuanmen because of its dishes, pills and the nearest channel to contact Siyang.

At a banquet, everyone returned with a full load. Finally, only two family owners, Lushan sect and Linggu Temple asked to see Siyang. When they made a request, LAN Jinxiu received a message from Siyang, so he took these people directly to Putian mountain.

The mountain is separated by different places. The aura of the farm has made them look sideways. Walking all the way to Siyang’s residence, the aura is more and more rich and pure. Even Shanji is thinking whether to often come to Siyang for tea in the future, not to mention how itchy the other people are.

Shanji and Siyang have known each other for a long time. After saying hello, he took his seat under the guidance of Li Zezhi. The owners of the LV and Yao families saw Siyang for the first time, but from the gifts they had just received in the farm, they were more and more afraid to trust him and respected their predecessors.

Si Yang said with a smile, “just praise your friends. I know the purpose of your coming today.”

Qian Lianliang of Lushan sect hurriedly asked, “is he Boyi really alive?”

He Boyi’s cancer has poisoned the whole Xuanmen for half a century, and the Xuanmen has suffered heavy losses. At the beginning, Shanji and others almost died together and wanted to eliminate their existence. Originally, I thought that he Boyi’s affair could finally come to an end. I didn’t expect that it is resurgent now. That guy is almost as immortal as fighting.

Si Yang said, “I’m sure he Boyi is dead.”

This said that he Boyi may not have died of Siyang, but now it is Siyang who said he was dead. This made everyone confused. Before they thought it over, they heard Si Yang say, “if I guess right, he Boyi’s original death was also a good play arranged by him, or his death was in his plan.”

The crowd was stunned and Shanji said, “what does this mean?”

Siyang Road: “There is a secret method that can turn death into life and turn soul into spirit. The spirit bred by nature is strong and long-lived. However, the forming conditions of such naturally bred creatures are very harsh, which is more difficult in this earth with thin aura. However, if it is man-made, it is not impossible to absorb a large amount of vitality and essence with the gas of national fortune. The condition is to be fed with blood essence When the time is ripe, he Boyi will naturally come back from the dead, get rid of reincarnation and become a natural spirit. ”

Hearing this, the people were speechless for a long time. He Boyi didn’t know when to start laying this chess game. I’m afraid it’s not easy to collect those bone nails. The conditions for forming bone nails are quite difficult. He also collected so many pieces, and even dared to give up his life for a plan that I don’t know whether it will succeed. Whether it’s strategy or courage, he Boyi is really terrible.

Lu Pu, the master of the LV family, said: “now we have found a lot of bone nails. Isn’t the array he laid broken?”

Si Yang shook his head: “I’m afraid he had planned it long ago. The bone nail has been buried for decades. The game he set is not only the game of accumulating and nourishing the spirit, but also a seal. If the bone nail is not found, he can slowly absorb his strength and break the seal he set on the day when it takes shape naturally. At that time, it is possible to live the same life as heaven and earth. If it is found, every time he pulls out a seal A bone nail is equivalent to helping him remove a seal. When all the seals are removed, that is, when he Boyi comes back from the dead, the strength of forced regeneration will be slightly worse, but it is also enough for him to leave the human body and become a powerful spirit. ”

This situation is neither pulling nor not pulling. He Boyi has planned every move they can take.

The owner of the Yao family frowned and said, “as long as it is an array, there must be a way to crack it. He wants to breed a spirit with external forces. Naturally, there is a carrying body. This body should be at the eye of the array. If we find the eye of the array and solve this body, will we break his plan?”

Si Yang said: “in theory, it should be possible, but what you can think of, I’m afraid he can also think of. Do you think with his mind, he will leave such a flaw and wait for you to break his life?”

Shanji said, “then we can’t do anything.”

Si Yang smiled: “I took your money to solve he Boyi for you at the beginning, but I didn’t expect it was his calculation, so it’s not over. You release the news to find the bone nail. Instead of waiting for him to take shape slowly, you’d better help him. When he comes out, I’ll calculate this account with him.”


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