Great Celestial Master Chapter 17

When LAN Yuzhuo came to Siyang’s house with LV Jingming, Siyang was pruning flowers and plants in the small garden. As soon as they entered the gate, LAN Yuzhuo and LV Jingming obviously felt as if they had entered another world. All the heat brought by the scorching sun was swept away after stepping into a certain boundary, and the cool air with a faint aura came face to face.

The two people unconsciously took a deep breath. In addition to the location of several people, there are also some large sect training grounds. They have never felt such a refreshing aura. The most important thing is that all those auras converge just one door away. It is obvious that an array has been set here. A small residential area even set up an array, and I don’t know what means to derive so much aura. They don’t know how to describe Siyang’s extravagant behavior.

Seeing that they were standing at the door, Siyang threw the cut branches into the basket, smiled and asked them, “do you like my garden?”

They found that Si Yang, who didn’t know when he came from the side, quickly said hello to him.

“Brother Siyang.”

“Senior secretary.”

Instead of inviting them into the house, Siyang took them directly to the pavilion in the small garden. There is a cool Pavilion in the small garden of this house. Whether it is winter or summer, it is a good choice to have a rest and enjoy the scenery here. In particular, Siyang has planted a lot of landscape flowers unique to the cultivation world in the garden, which is shrouded by the spirit array, so that the whole small garden can be kept in full bloom in spring all the year round.

When they followed Siyang inside, they noticed the scenery in the small garden. Although it can be said to be colorful, it is not vulgar, but has a kind of bright and profound beauty. Some potted trees with different shapes are placed at will. Obviously, they are not very small, but they have just become the foil of those flowers.

LAN Yuzhuo was immediately fascinated by the small garden, especially the large flowers in full bloom that she had never seen: “how beautiful! Brother Siyang, did you decorate the garden?”

Si Yang picked one from one side and handed it to LAN Yuzhuo. LAN Yuzhuo quickly stretched out his hands to pick it up. But the flower hadn’t reached her hand, and it was slowly dissipating like a bubble.

LAN Yuzhuo’s eyes widened in surprise. Si Yang picked up the flowers and wrapped them around LAN Yuzhuo’s head. LAN Yuzhuo felt that something cold fell on his body and reached out to pick it up, but he didn’t receive anything. Until the flowers in Siyang’s hand completely dissipated and there were no petals left, LAN Yuzhuo couldn’t help asking, “brother Siyang, what flower is that? Will it disappear after picking it?”

Siyang said with a smile, “it’s called fragrant flower. The flower was originally condensed by the faint fragrance. After picking it, it will naturally disperse. However, when the flower dissipates, it will be drenched on yourself. The fragrance will last for a long time, at least for more than half a month. Even the sweat is fragrant, so this flower is also called beauty fragrance.”

Lan Yuzhuo just wanted to say she didn’t smell anything, and a faint fragrance came to her nose. It smells delicious and strong, and it feels chilly, which is much better than what she uses in her synthetic perfume.

Although LV Jingming on one side was very anxious and had no bottom, he kept quiet from beginning to end. He liked how to shout when he had nothing to do. In this way, he was sensible and steady, which made Siyang feel a little better. Therefore, he no longer deliberately cold him and went straight to the main topic: “tell me what the man is like first.”

LV Jingming quickly explained in detail what he knew, Even the photos he took when he went to the camping place of Jiang Meng and their campers were shown to Si Yang: “Jiang Meng’s eight characters can be said to be very good among ordinary people. He has both blessings and longevity, because his mother believes in Buddhism and runs charity for many years. Their mother and son have merit and virtue. I have calculated for Jiang Meng before that he has no major twists and turns in his life. At most, he has lost money for a period of time, but somehow it has become so dangerous now I’m dead. ”

“Do you have a picture of him?”

LV Jingming nodded quickly, turned out Jiang Meng’s recent photos and handed them to Siyang.

Siyang took a look at his mobile phone and turned the mobile phone screen to them a moment later: “isn’t the woman in red sitting by the bed the problem?”

For a moment, LAN Yuzhuo and LV Jingming suddenly had a feeling of ghosts for ordinary people. There were dark winds, shivering, and even a bit of careful thinking and fear.

That photo was taken by LV Jingming himself. At the beginning, he found LAN Yuzhuo and hoped that she could help lead the line to Si Yang. Naturally, he also wanted to make things clear before and after, so LAN Yuzhuo had seen all those photos. But in all the photos about Jiang Meng, they never saw any woman in red. Not to mention that LV Jingming has been in and out of his house many times because of Jiang Meng. If there are ghosts in his house, how can he not find them.

LV Jingming even directly operated the spiritual power and opened the heavenly eye with the help of external force. But the picture in front of me was still like that. There was no one except Jiang Meng, who was terminally ill.

The air seemed quiet for a moment. LAN Yuzhuo touched the goose bumps on his arm: “brother Siyang, what does that woman in red look like? Is she sitting by Jiang Meng’s bed?”

At this time, Si Yang was more interested in LV Jingming’s heavenly eyes and couldn’t help staring at him for a moment. In his eyes, there seemed to be black and white Qi. One was Yin and the other was Yang: “is this yin-yang eye?”

LV Jingming nodded and said, “those who are born with Yin and yang are heaven’s reward for food, but there are few people with such talent. At present, only three people know about Xuanmen. Therefore, if we encounter anything on weekdays, we can use external forces to open the heavenly eyes to observe Yin and Yang.”

Si Yang looked at his cell phone: “but you didn’t see it when you opened it.”

LV Jingming immediately had nothing to say. He didn’t see the things in the photo, even the things in other people’s homes. He didn’t even feel it at all.

Si Yang pointed to the artificial fountain in the small garden: “you two, go and wash your eyes with the water in there.”

They were stunned, looked at each other, and soon went to do it. The fountain is not big. There are even Koi swinging their tail leisurely in the pool. A trickle of water winds down from the rockery. They washed their eyes with water and felt cool on their eyelids. When you open your eyes again, the whole world will become different.

Originally, it was just the yard with flowers in full bloom. At this time, it was shrouded in clouds. Those flowers were windless and automatically. From time to time, they scattered a piece of bright things from the petals into the clouds. Look at Si Yang sitting in the pavilion. Maybe he was entrusted by the swirling fog. There was a kind of immortal smell. They even lost their eyes for a moment.

Si Yang smiled at them on his side: “you only have five minutes. Don’t you hurry to come and see the photos.”

They immediately remembered their business and quickly came to look at their mobile phones. However, they turned pale at this look. In the mobile phone, in all the photos taken by LV Jingming after Jiang Meng’s accident, there was a woman in red. The woman either sat by Jiang Meng’s bed facing the camera, or slept beside Jiang Meng. A thin and pale hand touched Jiang Meng’s face. In almost every picture of Jiang Meng, there was this woman in red.

LV Jingming couldn’t stop looking at the photos he had taken at the camping site before, but the photos that looked very gloomy were clean and had nothing.

Before LV Jingming spoke, LAN Yuzhuo frowned and said, “brother Siyang, is this ghost very powerful? Otherwise, why didn’t Jingming feel anything in that house before, and didn’t even see the female ghost when he opened his eyes? And Jingming’s martial uncle also went to see it in person and didn’t see anything. What should we do about it?”

Si Yang smiled and said, “you have to tie the bell to solve the bell. Have you really figured out all the things that happened in the camping that night?”

LV Jingming carefully recalled that Jiang Meng had never mentioned women or said anything unusual: “does he still hide from me?”

LAN Yuzhuo snorted: “why don’t you ask him again? If this is the case, Jiang Meng still hides from you, then he obviously doesn’t want to live, and you don’t have to spend so much time trying to save him.”

LV Jingming’s face was slightly hot when LAN Yuzhuo said it. He took great pains to ask for help everywhere. If the final result was that his friend was bent on concealing and using, not to mention his own feelings, he owed a debt of gratitude for this, and he could not help feeling guilty and sorry for the person he asked.

However, after knowing his friends for so many years, LV Jingming was still willing to believe his friend’s personality, so he brazenly said to Si Yang, “senior si…”

Siyang smiled: “let’s go. I’ll go with you to have a look.”

LV Jingming quickly stood up and bowed deeply to Siyang: “thank you, master!”

LAN Yuzhuo also said, “can I go together? I also want to see what kind of ghost is. Even the Heavenly Master can’t feel it. I’m not afraid of the suppression of talismans.”

LV Jingming came by car. The car stopped at the door. When the three went out, they just saw LAN Jinxiu coming with something in his hand.

LV Jingming naturally knew LAN Jingxiu, but now he looked like an ordinary person and opened his eyes in surprise.

LAN Yuzhuo glanced around his brother and wondered, “brother, are you looking for brother Siyang?”

LAN Jingxiu nodded boldly: “my friend sent some fruit. It tastes good, so he sent it to Siyang to taste it. Are you going out?”

LAN Yuzhuo nodded and said, “I’m going to catch ghosts! I’m stealing from brother Siyang!”

LAN Jingxiu frowned slightly: “nonsense.”

Si Yang said with a smile, “take the fruit in. There are um… Small things at home. I made some tea just two days ago. Take a can back and try it.”

LAN Jinxiu noticed what Siyang said, but he nodded and watched them get on the car and drive out of sight before pushing the door in. This was the first time he entered Siyang’s house, although the master was not there. The first thing I saw was the beautiful little garden. LAN Jingxiu stopped and looked for a while before entering the living room.

Compared with the outside, Siyang’s home, even the small open-air garden, is extremely cool, but it is not as cold as when the air conditioner is turned on too low. The body feels very comfortable.

LAN Jinxiu put the fruit on the tea table in the living room. Before he could appreciate the decoration of Siyang’s house, a palm sized paper man came out carrying an iron jar bigger than its body.

LAN Jingxiu was prepared. He thought a ghost would suddenly appear. Unexpectedly, it was such a small paper man. Compared with a ghost, the small paper man looked a little cute.

LAN Jingxiu took the tea can, looked down at the little paper man, thought for a while, and said, “thank your master for me.”

The master was not at home, and he didn’t treat much. He took the tea and left. The little paper man was sure that he had left, and with a slight pull, he lay on the tea table like a lifeless piece of paper.


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