Great Celestial Master Chapter 18

LV Jingming had told Jiang’s mother that she would ask a very powerful elder to come and help, so when looking at the two people he brought, although each other was very young and looked even younger than her son, they warmly invited them into the door.

During this time, Jiang’s mother was exhausted because of her son. As long as there was a glimmer of hope, she couldn’t give up. The Jiang family originally set up a Buddhist hall at home because of Jiang’s mother’s belief in Buddhism, so the overall decoration style is also unified in favor of Chinese style. Now there are talismans everywhere in the house, and the doors and windows are closed. The whole looks inexplicable and seeping.

As soon as he entered the house, Siyang said, “clear all these symbols, and open the doors and windows to breathe.” If these talismans are useful, how can the woman in red entangle Jiang Meng day and night.

Jiang’s mother subconsciously looked at LV Jingming. Seeing that he nodded, she quickly asked the servants at home to do it.

LV Jingming asked Jiang’s mother to stay outside so that nothing would happen later. One more ordinary person would be more restrained. After entering the room, what I saw was still doors and windows covered with talismans. Jiang Meng lying in bed probably looked much better than before because of the startling talisman, but he was still unconscious.

LAN Yuzhuo almost subconsciously took a talisman to open her eyes, but all she could see was Jiang Meng’s weak Qi. Looking at it, it was like a dying man, which was dark. She didn’t see any ghosts in the room except Qi.

LAN Yuzhuo approached Siyang for a few minutes and was far away from the bed. No matter ordinary people or their Taoist magicians and heavenly masters, they are still afraid of the unknown. They can’t even see it. How should we collect it.

“Brother Siyang, is that there?”

Si Yang nodded. Isn’t he still there? He was sitting by the bed looking at them. However, Si Yang himself converged like ordinary people. The female ghost in red paid more attention to the Taoist people like LV Jingming and LAN Yuzhuo, especially LAN Yuzhuo.

Si Yang sat down in a chair at will. LV Jingming took out the amulet that Si Yang had just given him in the car and pasted it directly on the head of Jiang Meng’s bed. An invisible force shrouded Jiang Meng in an instant. The female ghost sitting by his bed was caught off guard and bounced away.

The female ghost is so easy to get along with. She almost broke her business twice at a time. Now she really brought a powerful guy. How can she give up so easily. After being bounced off by the talisman, the whole momentum changed. He stretched out his sharp nails and wanted to rush at LV Jingming.

However, although LV Jingming can’t see the female ghost in red, as a member of Xuanmen, how can he not have one or two real good things on him? The female ghost was bounced away again before he was even close.

LV Jingming didn’t feel much. The Jade Buddha on his chest was slightly hot. He knew that it must have been his actions that provoked the female ghost and what the female ghost did to him. However, the Jade Buddha was only slightly hot, which proved that the female ghost could not harm him at all. Therefore, he didn’t do anything, but woke up the sleeping Jiang Meng.

Si Yang saw the female ghost pounce on LV Jingming. He didn’t know what treasure was on her. He even protected her from the spirit of LV Jingming. Others can’t see that the female ghost in red is not affected, but they can see that it hurts people’s eyes to see a woman pounce once and be bounced off once and again. Simply wave your hand and a golden aperture directly trap the female ghost. She can’t move.

Then the female ghost knew that the real expert was an ordinary man who couldn’t feel his Taoism at all.

LAN Yuzhuo noticed Si Yang’s action, but he couldn’t see anything. He had to ask, “brother Si Yang, the female ghost?”

Si Yang pointed to the corner: “it’s surrounded.”

LV Jingming just woke up Jiang Meng. Hearing this, he hurriedly said, “senior, do you just have to cross the female ghost to Jiang Meng?”

Si Yang looked at the person who was weak in bed and opened his eyes: “there is a reason for everything. If the cause of this is your friend and you go to surpass other people’s relatives and creditors for no reason, it is not Yin virtue, but sin debt.”

LV Jingming quickly apologized when he heard the speech: “sorry, I’m impatient. Thank you for your advice.”

While talking, Jiang Meng also woke up completely. With the protection of the talisman, he was away from the female ghost in red. Jiang Meng’s improvement was ruddy to the naked eye, and he could even sit up and talk in a moment.

“Jingming, thanks to your talisman, I feel really heavy these two days. I’m no longer floating like before. It’s like I can be blown away by a gust of wind at any time.” Then he noticed two strangers in the room and said, “are these two?”

LV Jingming said, “it’s master Xuanmen. It’s not easy to invite him to show you. But now I have something to ask you. You’d better not hide anything from me, otherwise we can’t save your life.”

Jiang Meng hurriedly said, “I didn’t hide anything. I told you everything that happened those days.” He coughed because he was weak and in a hurry.

LV Jingming said to him, “what I reported may be a little wrong. You tell your predecessors about the previous things again. Only after we know the situation in detail can we know how to solve it for you.”

Jiang Meng nodded and repeated the matter from beginning to end.

Although he believes in such superstitious things, he will not deliberately pursue them, but his girlfriend likes them very much. At that time, he just decided to go with his girlfriend because he was worried that it was unsafe for her to sleep out at night.

It is said that the camping place used to be a cemetery, not an ordinary cemetery. There is an abandoned air raid shelter away from the camping place. In the past, there was a military base in the air raid shelter, which was the territory of the Japanese. Many Japanese once did human experiments there, and then dumped all the dead people here and burned them.

However, this kind of thing is only a legend. Someone has been to the air raid shelter to investigate. No matter how in-depth investigation, they have not found the so-called base, and this place has not been occupied by the Japanese before. Therefore, the legend of this place seems to deviate from the facts. But anyway, this area is really cloudy, and there have been some human lives and supernatural events. It is really a good place for those who dare to die to camp.

They first bought food for the night, and then drove deep into the wild forest. Some of them were setting up tents and some were making a fire. There was no difference in the whole process.

After dark, while baking and eating, everyone was talking about ghost stories from the Internet and the supernatural events that had happened in this area.

Hearing this, Si Yang interrupted him and asked, “do you remember what stories you told? Is there a female ghost as the theme?”

Jiang Meng thought for a moment and said, “I just talked about some folk rumors. Many Unofficial Rural histories are naturally themed with female ghosts, but they are all online and nothing special.”

Si Yang continued to ask, “what about you? Did you tell any ghost stories?”

Jiang Meng shook his head affirmatively: “their group of people are enthusiasts who love supernatural events. They usually pay attention to these news. I don’t pay much attention to these things after graduating from college, so I just listen.”

Si Yang nodded and motioned him to continue. But nothing unusual happened behind. We sat in front of the fire and talked until the clock turned. Someone suggested that he wanted to play a supernatural game, but the atmosphere was too gloomy. They did not dare to continue to die, so they went to sleep in their tents.

He didn’t know whether others had done anything at night. Jiang Meng only knew that he had never happened until dawn.

Hearing Jiang Meng’s statement, Si Yang looked at the female ghost: “if you can’t say the reason why you hurt people, then be prepared to be scared.”

The female ghost knew that she was not Si Yang’s opponent and had long stopped struggling. Hearing Si Yang’s words, she wanted to cry: “you said that my body was poor and wanted to marry my wife. My body didn’t mean to harm Meng Lang, but stayed here and waited for Meng Lang and my body to make a couple’s gift.”

Si Yang looked at Jiang Meng strangely when he heard the speech. Besides him, the people in the house could not see the female ghost, and naturally they could not hear the female ghost. Seeing Si Yang’s face strange, LAN Yuzhuo hurriedly asked, “what’s the matter, brother Si Yang? Did the female ghost say anything?”

Si Yang said, “the female ghost said that Jiang Meng pitied her and promised to marry her.”

After hearing this, Jiang Meng quickly struggled to explain, “what’s the matter? How can I feel pity for a female ghost and promise to marry her! I didn’t encounter anything that night!”

When the female ghost heard Jiang Meng say this, her eyes widened and looked at Jiang Meng incredulously. The atmosphere in the house became intense with the change of the female ghost’s mood, and the decorations in the house were blown to the ground with the sudden Yin wind.

As soon as Si Yang raised his hand, he suppressed the female ghost again, turned his head and looked at Jiang Meng and said, “if you really promised others, they will take your life and force you to go down and get married.”

LV Jingming looked at Jiang Meng eagerly: “you don’t tell the truth!”

Jiang Meng was so anxious that he was about to cry. There was really nothing wrong. What would he say.

Seeing this, Si Yang took out a seal: “Since you each insist on your own words, let me verify the truth of your words. If you really promise the female ghost to marry her, a contract has been formed between you and her from the moment you promise. Everything you have done must leave traces. As long as there is a contract between you, you will show the seal of the contract, so as to see the truth of your words.”

As soon as Si Yang finished speaking, the jade carved seal in his hand flew out of thin air and shrouded over Jiang Meng.

A golden light suddenly flashed in the seal to shine on Jiang Meng. However, the next moment, Jiang Meng responded with a light on his arm.

LV Jingming quickly took Jiang Meng’s hand and looked at it. He saw a mark like a winding line on his arm, showing a faint red under the golden light.

Now, it’s clear who’s true and who’s false. Jiang Meng saw the mark on his arm and was even dumbfounded. His face was pale and the whole person was numb.


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