Great Celestial Master Chapter 19

No matter how to justify lying, the mark on his hand can’t deceive people. LV Jingming can’t believe that his friends who have known each other for so many years should deceive him. Even if Jiang Meng really promised the female ghost to marry her before, he regretted afterwards and told him the truth, he didn’t have no room for turning around. But Jiang Meng lied to him at the beginning, so that he lost three of his seven souls. If he drags on, the three souls will disappear sooner or later.

No, LV Jingming suddenly said to Siyang, “if the female ghost just wants to marry Jiang Meng, it can trick him into committing suicide, but now Jiang Meng’s three souls are less than three. If it’s less, Jiang Meng is not only dead, but also scared. She can’t become a ghost at all. How can she make a husband and wife gift with her?”

Jiang Meng eagerly grabbed his friend’s hand: “really, Jingming, our friends for so many years, don’t you believe me? Even if I really regret saying that, I will tell you honestly, but I really didn’t say that!”

Si Yang called back the seal and turned to look at the female ghost: “have you photographed Jiang Meng’s three souls?”

The female ghost quickly shook her head and looked bitterly at Jiang Meng, Her eyebrows were sad and said: “Meng Lang really said to me that he would marry me as his wife, so I was able to follow Meng lang. but I don’t know why Meng Lang’s soul dissipated. The talisman that the childe brought before couldn’t suppress Meng Lang at all. If I hadn’t sacrificed treasures every night to stabilize Meng Lang’s soul, Meng Lang would have dissipated. Until the childe brought the soul calming talisman the day before yesterday, Meng Lang’s situation was slightly different Better. ”

Because the female ghost could not hear what the people in the room said, Siyang had to report it. The people in the house were surprised at this. Who could have thought that she was a ghost who killed her life, but she became a benefactor who helped save her life?

However, the female ghost’s words can’t be believed until they are confirmed.

Si Yang thought about it and said to the female ghost, “since Jiang Meng promised you, and you haven’t hurt anyone, take out the things that can cover your breath from you. Have you ever hurt anyone? As long as there is no cover of the treasure, we will see clearly. You can rest assured that as long as you have a clear conscience, we will never touch you.”

The treasure is the support of a female ghost. It can’t be easily taken out, but now she can’t help it. And for Jiang Meng, female ghosts are really affectionate. She also knew that if she wanted to save Jiang Meng, she had to listen to these heavenly masters. And she also wants to know why Jiang Meng forgot their vows.

The female ghost took down a teardrop shaped jade pendant from her neck. Because she was surrounded by Siyang and couldn’t move, she had to reach out to Siyang. When the jade pendant broke away from the female ghost, they saw a girl in one corner of the room.

The girl was different from what was seen in the photo. She was wearing a smoky blue chest length Ru skirt, which looked very slender. She didn’t have a complex bun, but simply tied up her hip length hair with a silk ribbon. The young girl looks young. It seems that she is in the double ninth year. She doesn’t have the slightest hostility and evil spirit, which is enough to prove that the female ghost has never hurt anyone.

This was originally thought to be a fierce ghost in red. As a result, it was too different from what I imagined. In the photo, because it is a spiritual image, we can only see the general outline of a woman in red, so people are somewhat surprised to see the prototype of female ghost.

However, as a member of the Xuanmen people, we do a lot of catching ghosts. Naturally, we will not underestimate this female ghost because she has a beautiful face and no hostility. She’s not a modern person. She’s dead for hundreds of years. It’s hard to deal with ghosts who have been practicing Taoism for hundreds of years.

Si Yang checked the pendant of the teardrop and smiled: “it’s a good thing.”

LAN Yuzhuo came forward curiously: “what treasure is this?”

Si Yang said, “does cangyu know?”

LAN Yuzhuo thought for a while and said a nonsense: “is it the name of a kind of jade?”

Si Yang explained to her with a smile: “The mountains also have five tunes, nine rivers flow out, and the North flows into the river. There are many cangyu, which is the origin of cangyu. It is written in the ancient mountain and sea Sutra. It is written that Gongyang and Jiyu are used in the sacrifice of the three mountain gods of Taifeng, Xunchi and Wuluo. This Jiyu is derived from cangyu, and the jade pendant is very similar to a cangyu I have seen before, and There is also a trace of faith in it. The ancients were extremely awed and worshipped extraordinary people and things. Therefore, there were many miraculous legends in ancient times. The essence of the mountain may be the so-called mountain god of the ancients. At that time, because people were unknown, the nature of faith became more and more pure. An ordinary jade can become extraordinary after being worshipped by faith for a long time, Not to mention the jade originally full of aura. ”

LAN Yuzhuo couldn’t help but stare: “is it refined? Brother Siyang, do you mean that the jade is refined?”

Si Yang said with a smile, “there are so many spirit objects that can become essence. It’s just that the jade gives birth to some spiritual knowledge and will instinctively protect the owner. Therefore, the female ghost may have worn the jade pendant before she died. After her accidental death, the spirit jade instinctively protects her soul and can even escape the investigation of practitioners.”

The female ghost nodded and said, “this is the relic left by my mother to my body, so I wear it on my body from urination.”

LAN Yuzhuo looked at Jiang Meng and the female ghost: “you two haven’t been married yet. It seems that your concubine’s self claim is wrong.” It’s awkward to hear a little girl under the age of 20 claiming to be a concubine or something, okay.

As soon as these words came out, the female ghost trembled slightly, her slender eyelashes fell, but she was silent.

After seeing the female ghost, Si Yang was curious, but his eyes were full of strangeness. He thinks that he still has this vision. It is naturally impossible for an ordinary mortal to deceive him, but it is strange that one person and one ghost stick to their own words and have the mark of contract on their hands.

“What happened that night? Why did you say Jiang Meng promised to marry you?”

Hearing Siyang’s question, the female ghost blushed slightly, But he said it honestly: “The place where I was trapped had a plague hundreds of years ago. Later, the soldiers blocked the city gate to prevent the plague from spreading, but there was no doctor or medicine. Finally, it became a dead city. I became a lonely soul unable to reincarnate because of this jade pendant. I watched the changes of time and dynasties here for hundreds of years. Although there were people here for a long time, I could only be silent Silently watching and listening to the changing world outside, I am full of curiosity, but I can’t leave because of this jade pendant. ”

When the female ghost said this, she slightly raised her eyes and looked at Jiang Meng. She even had a silk feeling in her eyes: “that night, a group of young people came to sleep at night. I listened and listened to them tell some strange stories. Unexpectedly, after they fell asleep in the middle of the night, Meng Lang’s soul was separated.”

Has the soul ever been separated? A Prajna is that after the soul is separated, unless someone helps, it will all get lost, so it’s the female ghost who helped him?

People are thinking, Just listen to the female ghost continue: “I know that a person’s soul will be harmful to his life if he is away from me for too long, but I have been trapped and locked by jade pendant for so many years. In addition to the earlier years, there are some spirit objects in the mountains. I have been alone for nearly a hundred years. Suddenly, a person who can see me and talk with me, I, I became selfish. Instead of sending his soul back in time, I took him to tell me about the outside world The world. ”

It seems that Jiang Meng misunderstood, The female ghost looked up and explained to him: “I just kept you for a while. I sent you back with the power of the jade pendant before dawn. It won’t affect you. You said a lot to me that night and told me how wonderful the outside world is. You also told me that you have a Heavenly Master friend who might help me get rid of the jade pendant. You said that you would take me out of here. You said that if I couldn’t in the end Reincarnation, marry me in the dark, so that I can also be worshipped by incense, so I can always follow you. ”

LV Jingming looked at Jiang Meng, who was already dumbfounded, Speechless said, “if what she said is true, you should be responsible. If it’s a ghost marriage, if your eight characters match well, as long as you are sincere and operate well, it won’t have any impact on your daily life, especially this kind of female ghost with a little spirit may help you.”

Jiang Meng quickly interrupted his friend’s popularity of ghost marriage: “but now it’s not about whether to get married or not, but why do I forget that I’ve left my soul and why my three souls are disappearing?”

“Go to the scene and have a look.”

LAN Yuzhuo and LV Jingming nodded, but just before they went out, Si Yang suddenly asked, “what happened to the others you were with that day?”

LV Jingming said, “I have checked all those people. They have not been affected. Only Jiang Meng is the unlucky ghost.”

Siyang didn’t say much when he heard the speech. He returned the processed jade pendant to the female ghost, and added a restriction on the female ghost: “you can continue to stay here to protect Jiang Meng. I have banned you. As long as you dare to have evil thoughts, you will lose your soul. This jade pendant is also banned. Even if you wear it, it won’t hide your breath.”

The female ghost didn’t disappear after taking the jade pendant. She just nodded when she heard Si Yang’s words. Without that layer, the circle that trapped her didn’t run around. She was quite obedient.

After they all left, there were only sober Jiang Meng and female ghosts in the room. Because of the amulet at Jiang Meng’s bedside, the female ghost couldn’t get close to him. Looking at Jiang Meng’s strange eyes, there was no warmth and tenderness that night, so she couldn’t help lowering her head sadly.

Jiang Meng also didn’t know how to treat the female ghost. At some point, she was also her life-saving benefactor. Moreover, it seemed that the female ghost didn’t take the initiative to provoke her. After thinking about it, she whispered to her, “well, do you watch TV?”

The female ghost looked up at the speech and smiled gently at Jiang Mengyi.

Before, Jiang Meng’s camping place was a little far from the city center. When they arrived at their destination, it was already dark. Looking at the dense forest, LV Jingming frowned: “I came here myself a month ago. At that time, the Yin was very normal and there was nothing unusual. How can it be like this now?”

LAN Yuzhuo almost subconsciously took out his five emperors’ money dagger and held it in his hand: “the strangest thing is not this, but the Yin Qi here has been so strong, but you and I haven’t received any news from the unit. This is still the area of Zhongdu.”

As soon as Si Yang stretched out his hand, a golden light flew out of the palm of his hand, and Sheng split a clean road from the strong Yin Qi: “you can’t see a reason standing here. Go in. Everything has a reason, either a person or a ghost. If you catch it, you can catch it.”


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