Great Celestial Master Chapter 2

It was raining heavily outside the window, and the originally bright sky was also gloomy. The indoor air conditioner was turned on directly to 18 degrees because it was greedy for cool. It was a very cool environment in this midsummer. After Siyang’s words, I felt a little gloomy.

The talisman bag Cang Yongfeng can be sure that he has never left his side. The outside bag is intact, but the talisman paper inside has become black and gray. Apart from Si Yang’s statement, he really can’t think of such a reason. But Si Yang’s statement really made him creepy.

Zhou Fang carefully pulled the corner of lasyang’s clothes: “is the dirty thing still there? Has it been brought back?”

Cang Yongfeng also swallowed his saliva and looked at Siyang nervously. I didn’t feel anything at first, but now I feel hairy all over.

Siyang shook his head, stood up and took the talisman bag: “the target of the dirty thing is not Yongfeng. Yongfeng should have just contacted it and touched the talisman paper.”

With that, he scattered the remaining Yin on the black ash, poured out the black ash and rushed directly into the sewer. After all this, Si Yang took out a symbol from his drawer. He folded it back and forth, and a five pointed star took shape. Put it back into the talisman bag and handed it to Cang Yongfeng.

Cang Yongfeng quickly hung up the talisman bag and was relieved to hear that the target of the dirty thing was not himself.

Si Yang frowned at him and said, “although the target is not you, from the Yin Qi you brought back, the Yin Qi has a certain kinship with you. In other words, I’m afraid it’s your family who provoked the dirty thing.”

Hearing this, Cang Yongfeng almost had weak legs, which was not as good as the target. Although he didn’t know how strong his roommate was, at least he knew a little about this. If the goal of dirty things is yourself, you can ask your roommate to help solve it. What if your family.

Flustered Cang Yongfeng quickly asked Si Yang for help: “Yang Yang, is it serious? What should I do? Is this talisman useful? Can you give me more and I’ll buy it from you!”

Si Yang shook his head: “this is only a peace symbol, which can only be protected passively. Moreover, you just burned a symbol after you went home for a day, which proves that the thing has great resentment and strong Yin Qi. It can’t be solved by a symbol.”

Zhou Fang was also worried for Cang Yongfeng: “Yang Yang, what should we do about this? Why don’t we go to Yongfeng’s house and have a look.”

Si Yang is a very short-term person. He is the youngest in this bedroom. Of course, he doesn’t count his age in the cultivation world. Several roommates took good care of him. He often ate spicy sauce made by Cang Yongfeng’s mother, and woolen slippers made by Cang Yongfeng’s mother in winter. Now Cang Yongfeng has an accident at home. If he can solve it, he will not stand idly by.

“I must go, but I don’t have a car today. We’ll leave early tomorrow morning.”

Zhou Fanglian hurriedly said, “I’ll go too!”

Si Yang smiled: “aren’t you afraid?”

Zhou Fang nodded and shook his head: “although I’m afraid, I’m so big that I haven’t seen such a thing, and if you all leave me alone in the bedroom, I’ll be more afraid!”

Although Cang Yongfeng was worried about his family, he still smiled and rolled up his inch of hair: “coward.” Then I called home, told my parents to close the doors and windows, and said that I had something to bring my classmates back tomorrow. I didn’t hear anything different from my mother’s voice, so I hung up.

Early the next morning, the three took the first bullet train. Cang Yongfeng is not from this city, but from a rural suburb. It takes almost five or six hours to go back. When we arrive in the local town, it’s already nine o’clock in the morning.

After a night’s adjustment, Cang Yongfeng also calmed down from his initial panic. Seeing that his two roommates came back with him early in the morning and didn’t even eat breakfast, he proposed to eat in the town first, and then hire a car back to the village.

Zhou Fang is a native of the city. He has hardly been to such villages and towns. He sat in the breakfast shop and looked around curiously. Then he asked Cang Yongfeng, “there are always many supernatural stories in rural areas like this. Did you hear any ghost stories when you were a child?”

Si Yang picked up his chopsticks and knocked Zhou Fang’s head: “there is less feudal superstition there. Who stipulates that there must be more ghost stories in the countryside.”

Zhou Fang is a part-time fortune teller and tells others not to be feudal and superstitious.

Just behind the table next to them, a group of people were sitting together for breakfast. One of the younger men heard Si Yang’s words, looked up at him and snorted sarcastically. There was a round faced girl next to the man. Hearing the man’s voice, she raised her head and gave him a cold look. The man who looked a little disdainful just now quickly lowered his head and ate his bowl carefully.

After breakfast, the three of Siyang seemed to glance at several people who were out of tune with the village when they left the breakfast shop.

Because I had received a call from my son before, my father and mother had prepared something early to entertain my son’s classmates. As soon as he saw the tricycle parked at his door, he hurried out. The first thing I saw was Si Yang. Cang’s mother smiled and narrowed her eyes: “what a handsome young man, you are Yang Yang. Xiaofeng didn’t mention you less. Come in, come in.”

Siyang smiled and said, “Hello, uncle and aunt. I’m sorry to disturb you today.”

When he inadvertently contacted his father and mother, Siyang’s fingertips moved, removing the entangled Yin Qi from them. Fortunately, it was discovered early and eroded by this Yin Qi for a period of time. Even if the source of the problem is solved, the two old people will be seriously ill.

Cang Fu appreciated Zhou Fang’s strong young man and patted him on the shoulder: “don’t bother, don’t bother, you’re welcome to come and play often.”

Cang Yongfeng’s home is an old-fashioned house with a large hall. Behind the hall are several rooms. Out of the back door is the kitchen. Just as Cang’s mother asked Si Yang and Zhou Fang to sit casually, a woman with a big stomach came in through the back door with two bowls of boiled eggs in sugar water.

Cang Yongfeng said, “this is my sister.” He hurried up to help.

Sister Cang has a big belly, but she is very thin. Her face is not very good. She doesn’t seem to be good at communicating with others. She cringes at seeing two strange young people, but she still tries to smile at them with kindness. However, the whole person has a sense of disharmony.

Even Zhou Fang, a man who didn’t understand anything, felt a little uncomfortable looking at her, so he subconsciously looked at Si Yang.

Si Yang seemed to have found nothing. He put a smiling face of school grass level fans who didn’t pay for their lives, and suddenly won the favor of all the people in the Cang family. Even the father, who didn’t like the Milky boy very much, liked him again and again.

Seeing this, Zhou Fang turned his head silently. He was really good when he looked good. This face looking world is so realistic.

After Zhou Fang and Si Yang ate the bowl of sugar and eggs under the warm hospitality of Cang’s parents, Cang Yongfeng took them directly to visit the house. Seeing his son entertaining his classmates, the two old people were busy preparing lunch.

After checking inside and outside, before Si Yang spoke, Zhou Fang couldn’t help asking, “Yang Yang, how do I feel that Yongfeng’s sister is a little wrong? Is it my illusion?”

Cang Yongfeng felt uneasy when he heard the speech and looked at Zhou Fang, But he still explained: “My sister was pregnant with a child when she first got married. As a result, the child seemed to be a little bad when she was five or six months old. She directly induced labor. After that, my sister may have hurt her vitality. She has been in poor health for several years before she became pregnant with another one. However, this one is a little unstable. She has been lying in bed for the past few months and has been taking birth protection medicine, so she doesn’t look very good 。”

Cang Yongfeng said and looked at Si Yang: “Yang Yang, do you see what’s coming? Is it really my sister?”

Si Yang nodded: “Zhou Fang’s intuition is very accurate. Indeed, there is something wrong with your sister. This problem involves causality and is a little troublesome to solve. But now let’s go around the village. You should bring some relatives here. If the situation is not solved well, your whole village will be affected.”

Hearing Si Yang’s words, let alone Cang Yongfeng, even Zhou Fang took a cold breath. Almost subconsciously, I felt that there was an extra ghost spirit around me, and I felt that I was watched by many evil ghosts. It didn’t feel warm until it was close to Siyang.

Cang Yongfeng’s face turned pale. He thought it might be that the family didn’t know where to get some dirty things. Sticking a talisman or sprinkling some water or rice could drive away evil spirits. But now listen to what Si Yang said, that thing may be really difficult to deal with. However, seeing that Siyang was still calm, Cang Yongfeng was still calm. At least he was not frightened.

Small villages like them are almost related to their families. However, with more and more young people going out to work these days, the whole village seems a little too quiet. If the purpose of this visit is not to solve the dirty things, such tranquility may also give people a pleasant feeling. But now, I always feel a little strange.

After confirming the conjecture in his heart, Si Yanggang was ready to tell Yongfeng about Cang’s sister, and he heard Cang Yongfeng’s phone ring. Cang Yongfeng uses a fake machine, and the sound amplification is very serious. Just listen to the phone. Cang father said that a group of people came to his family. It seems that he wants to do something to his sister and let the three of them hurry home.

As soon as the phone hung up, the three hurried back home. As soon as they entered the door, they saw the Cang mother holding her trembling daughter behind the Cang father. The Cang father was angry with three men and one woman.

The three men and one woman they met in the breakfast shop in the town this morning, because apart from one of them is older, the other three are handsome and beautiful. They look like stars, so Cang Yongfeng and Zhou Fang are very impressed with them. Seeing this situation, Cang Yongfeng hurriedly ran forward: “who are you! What do you want to do in my house!”

Brother was in trouble. Naturally, Zhou Fang wouldn’t stand idly by. He ran over and stood next to Cang Yongfeng. I looked at the strangers with a hard face.

The only girl among the four looked at the crowd and said, “I know it’s hard for you to believe this, but this girl is not pregnant with a normal fetus, but a vaginal fetus. If we don’t solve it as soon as possible, once the vaginal fetus is born, your whole village will suffer.”

Hearing this, Zhou Fang and Cang Yongfeng, who knew something about the situation, jumped in their hearts and subconsciously looked at Siyang standing behind the crowd.


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