Great Celestial Master Chapter 20

Except that the Yin Qi was too strong and the whole forest was quiet and even a little strange, they didn’t encounter anything unusual when they went deep. However, the special searchlight in LAN Yuzhuo’s hand may be affected by Yin Qi. It can only illuminate a few meters around. Further away, it seems that it is directly swallowed up by darkness. The light disappears directly into the darkness, which is enough to prove that it is not quiet under the quiet appearance.

With a compass in his hand, LV Jingming tried to find out the source of this strong Yin Qi. However, the pointer on the compass turned wildly without control. I don’t know whether it was affected by Yin Qi or the golden light in Siyang’s hand just now.

Looking at the compass in his hand, LV Jingming couldn’t help asking, “senior, can you sense the source of Yin Qi? I don’t know whether the compass is affected by Yin Qi, or whether the breath hasn’t dispersed after you shot, so some can’t find the direction.”

LAN Yuzhuo said, “we should take the female ghost with us. She has been trapped here for hundreds of years. She must be quite familiar with this area. She may know something about the strange here.”

Without waiting for Siyang to speak, LV Jingming explained: “The female ghost had to stay with Jiang Meng. A man with seven souls can still keep his mind. I thought it was the reason for the suppression of talismans. Just after I saw the mark on LV Jingming’s arm, I realized that it was because the female ghost had a contract between them, and the spirit on the female ghost had directly contacted Jiang Meng’s soul, so During this time, Jiang Meng’s soul will not disperse so quickly. Once the female ghost leaves Jiang Meng’s side, I think even if there is an elder’s talisman suppression, he will soon lose his mind and fall asleep again. Unless we can find the three souls he disappeared in time, he will really never wake up again. ”

Si Yang smiled at the speech: “Lu Daoyou is still careful.”

LV Jingming hurriedly said modestly, “if the elder didn’t tell the female ghost to stay, I didn’t think of this layer. Thank you for your advice.”

LAN Yuzhuo doesn’t want to be looked down upon by Siyang, or he doesn’t want to give Siyang the impression that he is not good at learning, So he subconsciously explained: “Lv Jingming’s master has traveled around the world, almost all over the world. He has been taught what he has experienced for decades. Apart from others, his theoretical knowledge of our generation in Xuanmen is definitely one of the best. My master specializes in talismans, so my talismans are better than him!”

It’s normal for a little girl to be competitive. Only when she has a competitive heart can she make progress. Therefore, Si Yang doesn’t mean to praise her: “she must be proficient in professional skills. She’s not afraid to travel all over the world in the future. It’s good.”

LAN Yuzhuo blushed and suddenly realized how he was competing with a child. He felt ashamed.

As he was talking, the compass in LV Jingming’s hand suddenly turned wildly. The little five emperor money that Lan Yuzhuo had been holding tightly also trembled slightly. The lamp that could still illuminate a few meters away seemed to be swallowed up by the black fog for a moment, and went out with a loud sound.

Almost subconsciously, they took Siyang as the center and took their magic tools to guard around.

At this time, a light came out of Siyang’s palm, and then slowly hung in the air. Although it was not as bright as day, the visible range was several times larger than the searchlight just now. At least everything within a radius of more than ten meters could be seen clearly.

LV Jingming and LAN Yuzhuo subconsciously looked up and wanted to see what the shiny thing was. However, with their actions, the remaining light of their sight inadvertently swept to the ground. A black shadow as high as one’s calf was too conspicuous in the light.

They were surprised and instinctively took out a talisman. However, when they looked carefully, they were frightened by the things in front of them and subconsciously retreated half a step.

The black shadow in front of them was a Buddha statue, a dark Buddha body. I don’t know whether it was stone or some kind of jade inlaid in the eyes of the Buddha statue. At this time, those eyes were staring at their three outsiders.

The dark forest, filled with Yin Qi, suddenly cut across the Buddha statue in the middle of the road. Even if LV Jingming and LAN Yuzhuo subdued demons and played ghosts for many years, they were still annoyed by the scene at this time.

LV Jingming read the mantra, and the talisman in his hand was driven by him to fly towards the Buddha, and brushed the ground and pasted it on the forehead of the black Buddha. But the next moment, a faint green flame lit up and burned the talisman completely.

LV Jingming clenched his chest and said to Siyang, “senior, my bodyguard Buddha is burning. This thing is very fierce.” This is a euphemism. When his elders gave him the Jade Buddha to protect his body, they said that once the Jade Buddha is hot and wants to live, they should run quickly.

Si Yang carefully observed the black Buddha: “Lu Daoyou has extensive knowledge. Have you ever heard a legend like this black Buddha?”

LV Jingming said, “there are thousands of Buddha statues in the world. I can’t see who this Buddha is just by the carving of the black Buddha. However, with the black stone as the Buddha body, the overall Buddha statue shows an extremely uncoordinated strange feeling. It is likely to be an evil god. In ancient times, there were many evil spirits in the mountains, and some places would suppress it with evil gods.”

LAN Yuzhuo suddenly said, “the female ghost said that this area used to be a town hundreds of years ago, and then the plague killed the city, and such an evil God appeared here. Could it be that someone deliberately put it here to suppress it after the dead city?”

Si Yang shook his head: “if it was put here, how could it be that no one has found it so far? Don’t many people like supernatural exploration? Look around, there are a lot of domestic garbage, which proves that someone has camped here, but has never found this stone statue, which proves that the stone statue has only appeared recently, and even more likely, it has just run out.”

The two people who said this had a cold hair: “brother Siyang, what do you mean by running out just now?”

Si Yang pointed to the stone statue: “look, the third eye is open.”

When they heard the speech, they looked at the stone statue with only two eyes. I don’t know when a gap slowly opened above their eyes. There were something similar to eyeballs in the gap, which was really like the third eye.

LAN Yuzhuo read the mantra and urged the little five emperors’ money in his hand with his spiritual power. When the five emperors’ money was full, he wiped his two fingers on the money and then fiercely split at the black Buddha.

The little five emperors’ coins are five ancient coins forged by the five emperors of the Qing Dynasty during their reign. They contain the Dragon Qi, national fortune of the five emperors and the power of people’s faith. Therefore, when urged by spiritual power, they can stimulate the noble righteousness contained therein and remove all evil things of time. They are the most widely used magic tools of Taoism.

Unfortunately, the little five emperors’ money didn’t seem to work at this time, because when the little five emperors’ money split into the black Buddha, the three eyes of the black Buddha suddenly opened, and a black evil spirit shot out from the third one, split the attack of the little five emperors’ money, and suddenly attacked the three people in front of him.

LV Jingming and LAN Yuzhuo instinctively took out the talisman to resist, but Si Yang stretched out his hand and directly formed a barrier for the three to resist all the evil Qi released by the black Buddha. The Yin Qi around seemed to become more intense, and the black Buddha with all three eyes open seemed more strange. His eyes staring at the three people became more and more secluded.

Si Yang turned to the two and asked, “how do you solve this evil thing?”

LAN Yuzhuo said, “if you can kill on the spot, solve it on the spot. If you can’t solve it, find a way to seal it and take it back.” After saying that, he seemed to realize that the current situation could not be solved by the above two methods, so he said: “if it can’t be solved, quit, set up a boundary, and contact a more powerful Heavenly Master to deal with it.”

Siyang Road: “Everything has a heart. Even a small stone has a stone heart, but there is a kind of heartless stone in the world. It is dark and naturally heartless. It is a kind of material for refining tools, because mindlessness is equivalent to an empty shell. When refining, you can inject anything you want into the empty shell, but this heartless stone is right and wrong in the era of monks in the past It’s common to see that refining spirit tools can’t even reach the grade, so most people at that time refined heartless stones into puppet tools. ”

After Si Yang finished, Combined with the current situation, it is speculated that: “The stone statue in front of me looks at the traces of carving workers, and the carving tools used should be relatively fine, so it won’t be too old. According to the female ghost, I’m afraid it was haunted by the evil spirits here after the death of the city. Taoist priests came to deal with it. The stone statue is like an empty house. Because of the belief and sacrifice of the masses, it should be the righteous God who first lived in it. It’s true Once supported one side of the people, but the progress of the times has led to the thinning of this pure belief. Without the worship of faith, there is no God to rely on. Naturally, this empty house is replaced by evil things. ”

LAN Yuzhuo didn’t understand and said, “brother Siyang, you just said it might have just run out?”

Si Yang said with a smile, “I can’t help running out when I smell the smell of food.” As soon as he finished speaking, the stone statue on the ground was controlled and collected.

For a moment, the whole mountain forest began to shake violently, the wind was strong, and the Yin Qi soared. A shrill cry like a smile echoed in the mountains and forests.

At the same time, the calf high stone statue was sucked over, and Siyang slapped it up, and the stone statue fell apart in an instant. Without shelter, an invisible shadow leaps out. However, the shadow did not fly towards Siyang, but turned and fled. Of course, evil things who already have Taoism and even independent ideas can realize that this is a hard stubble in front of them. Don’t run now and wait to be collected.

Si Yang slightly hooked his lips: “want to run? It depends on whether I agree or not.”


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