Great Celestial Master Chapter 21

There are evil spirits and Demons hidden in the stone statue. Because of the difficult living environment, it is not easy to find such a natural shelter. It is probably due to luck, and because it is buried deep in the bottom, it constantly absorbs the vitality in the mountains and forests to cultivate and slowly cultivate Taoism. However, with the more and more serious human damage to the environment, the vitality in the mountains is gradually lost. If you want to practice, naturally you have to do something else.

There is nothing better than swallowing the human soul and spirit. And swallowing a hundred human beings is not as useful as swallowing a Taoist priest with Taoism. If it hadn’t been the first time LV Jingming came here, he was busy absorbing the stored human souls and couldn’t come out in time, he would have done it to LV Jingming last time. So this time, when LV Jingming and LAN Yuzhuo stepped into this mountain, they became the target food of evil things again.

Unfortunately, if there was no Siyang today, they would come so rashly. Maybe they would really become the dish of the evil thing. Ordinary people who have practiced for more than ten or twenty years can’t compare with the evil thing that has practiced for hundreds of years. Especially now that the Xuanmen is declining, even the talismans in their hands can deal with ordinary little fierce ghosts. If they deal with such natural evil things, they can only die.

But now it is the evil thing that doesn’t have eyes. It’s good to hide quietly when they go up the mountain. Si Yang is not the Heavenly Master who takes catching ghosts and subduing demons as his responsibility. As long as he finds the three spirits of Jiang Meng, whether his evil things harm people or not, he won’t do his business as long as he doesn’t commit it. As a result, those who are good and immortal still have to come out and die in the middle of the road. Who can blame?

No matter how fast the evil thing is, it is also a evil thing growing up in a peaceful and prosperous era. Where is Si Yang’s opponent fighting in the big environment.

Siyang gently raised his hand, and the evil thing was blocked. Seeing that the situation was bad, the dark evil things began to release wisps of black smoke. When the smoke left the body of the evil things, it turned into floating souls.

The illuminated pearl on the top of everyone’s head was not affected by the Yin Qi from beginning to end. The light made the Yin Qi in the dark mountain forest seem foggy and strange. At this time, countless floating souls suddenly appeared. LV Jingming and LAN Yuzhuo caught ghosts for the first time in many years.

When they were stunned, Siyang threw a bundle of rope at LV Jingming: “is it OK to tie up these souls?”

LV Jingming hurriedly said, “no problem!” Then he took action with LAN Yuzhuo. There are so many souls, both living and dead. If Jiang Meng hadn’t come here, I don’t know how many innocent people would have died in vain. What’s more terrible is that this evil thing will grow up completely at that time, which is also a super disaster.

When they went to collect the soul, the evil thing turned and ran away. It had lived for hundreds of years. Although it had not been able to cultivate the body, it still had a mind. It thought that if these souls were released, these human heavenly masters would be busy collecting the soul, and it could take the opportunity to escape. But I didn’t expect that before it could move, a terrible whip was pulled on him. It was so painful that he was going to be scared!

After LV Jingming and LAN Yuzhuo tied all the souls together, the black gas on the evil object almost dissipated and turned into a cyan gray unknown object, a round fog and no entity, but each whip can whip a porcelain solid.

The two men came with a bundle of souls. Seeing that the evil thing had been unable to move by Si Yang’s uniform, they were relieved: “brother Si Yang, we’ve done it here.”

Si Yang glanced at him and said, “have you found Jiang Meng?”

When he said this, the two people who were busy binding their souls for fear of running away one remembered that they didn’t seem to see Jiang Meng. LV Jingming looked back and frowned: “these are complete souls, not scattered souls.”

LAN Yuzhuo was also a little confused: “what about Jiang Meng’s?” With that, he couldn’t help asking the evil object Tuanzi who was beaten by Si Yang, “where are those scattered souls? Have you eaten them?”

As soon as LAN Yuzhuo’s words were asked, a dark wind blew in the mountains and forests, and there were some slight hisses.

Si Yang translated for the evil thing and said, “it says it doesn’t eat scattered souls. It always only eats complete souls. Scattered souls are not delicious.”

Evil thing:… It’s so unjust!

This time, people are in trouble again. Why is it so difficult to find the three souls.

Si Yang shook his head helplessly: “wait.” Then he closed his eyes and directly let go of the search of God’s knowledge all over the mountain.

Divine sense is an invisible and tangible thing. Although LV Jingming and LAN Yuzhuo can’t see it, they can obviously feel a powerful force sweeping over them at the moment when Siyang releases his divine sense. Just as the two people were frightened by the feeling of that moment, they heard Siyang say, “I found it.”

LV Jingming hurriedly said, “where is it?”

Siyang opened his eyes and turned to look in the direction of the stream: “over there.” They hurriedly followed Siyang and went all the way to the stream. Siyang stopped, but they still didn’t see Jiang Meng’s three spirits.

“Is Jiang Meng’s three spirits here? But brother Siyang, I didn’t see anything.”

As soon as Si Yang waved his hand, three transparent figures appeared in the middle of the stream that was just empty and almost disappeared. Looking carefully, it was indeed Jiang Meng’s three souls. The three souls were just like enchanted souls. They stood in the stream and let the stream flow through their bodies. The stream that kept flowing not only washed away the three souls, It also took away the anger that dragged the noumenon in the three souls.

The three souls and seven souls were originally one, and there was an invisible traction between them. Although Jiang Meng lost one soul at first, in this naturally formed pattern, as long as people who know Taoism move a little, even if there is only one soul traction, they can constantly attract the remaining three souls and six souls. With the continuous loss of vitality, the attraction of noumenon to the soul decreases day by day. When the soul is completely separated and the anger dissipates, the person will naturally die.

As soon as Si Yang raised his hand and grabbed it out of thin air, he immediately flew out of the water a small stone with a big palm. When Si Yang turned the stone over, the eight characters of Jiang Meng’s birthday written in blood red vermilion on it.

LAN Yuzhuo said, “it’s actually man-made, but brother Siyang, why can’t we see it even if we open the heavenly eye? Is there a magic weapon here?”

Si Yang didn’t explain much, but said, “you look good. Look at the situation in this area.”

LAN Yuzhuo subconsciously observed according to what Si Yang said, but LV Jingming had taken out the compass to investigate all directions. After observing for a while, they almost said at the same time: “eight door lock array?!”

The trees on both sides of the stream don’t know whether they were planted naturally or deliberately instructed by Taoist people. At first glance, it seems nothing, but some trees can accommodate one or two people, while others are closely planted together, which can’t pass people at all. There are only eight paths that can pass.

LV Jingming looked at the compass and said, “these eight paths are exactly the right direction. It’s impossible if they weren’t deliberately planted.”

Siyang nodded: “This stream flows through the middle. It is the upper and lower roads that connect Yin and Yang, and there are eight gate arrays on both sides. There is no sunshine in the depths of the mountain forest for a long time, and the trees that block out the sun will inevitably be too gloomy over time. Therefore, this can be regarded as the yin-yang road. On the yin-yang Road, how can you two living people see ghosts, especially the heavenly eyes opened with the help of external forces , if you see it, it means you are not far from death. ”

As soon as Siyang’s voice fell, a dark wind blew from the mountain, and they had goose bumps all over.

Si Yang put the stone into LV Jingming’s hand, and handed the evil object in his hand to LAN Yuzhuo: “I think you can handle the later things by yourself, and I don’t care.”

LV Jingming bowed deeply to Si Yang: “thank you for your help. If it weren’t for your help this time, I really don’t know how it would end today.” LV Jingming said with some caution, “please wait a moment. These souls need to be sent back as soon as possible.”

Siyang nodded and casually found a big stone to sit down. LV Jingming began to send back souls, a spell and a rune, but at present there are at least hundreds of souls, I’m afraid it will take some time. Seeing that Lan Yuzhuo sealed the evil thing into a Yin wooden card, Si Yang planned to help. Si Yang said, “the heartless stone just now is a good tool refining material. You can keep it. If someone in your Xuanmen can refine tools, maybe you can refine a useful magic tool.”

As soon as Si Yang said this, LAN Yuzhuo naturally hurried to pick up all the broken stone statues and held them over: “since it is the material for refining, this thing is solved by brother Si Yang, it naturally belongs to brother Si Yang.”

Si Yang said with a smile, “take it yourself. It’s useless to me.” It can be said that this kind of material is very common in the cultivation world. It really can’t reach Siyang’s eyes. What’s more, the high-grade materials in his soul house are piled up like a mountain. These stones are too white to bend down.

Seeing that Siyang didn’t want it, LAN Yuzhuo took off the bag behind him and put pieces of gravel into the bag. It’s not easy to put them all in, and then take them out to light them.

Seeing that she was holding the lit talisman to disperse Yin Qi a little, Si Yang couldn’t help looking at the mountain filled with Yin Qi. In this way, she had to disperse to what year and month.

However, everyone has their own responsibilities. Si Yang didn’t intend to intervene. However, looking at the fog like Yin Qi, Si Yang suddenly thought of LAN Jingxiu. Then the ghost took out a palm sized thousand petal lotus shaped spirit jade from the soul house.

As soon as the Lingyu was taken out, the Yin Qi in the whole mountain forest gathered in an instant. After a few breaths, all the Yin Qi that didn’t belong here in the whole mountain was sucked clean. And LAN Yuzhuo’s sign hasn’t been burned yet. He looks at Si Yang foolishly.

Si Yang looked at the jade lotus in his hand as if it was stained with a little black. He wondered silently whether to make an array to turn Yin into magic. Although it’s a little troublesome, it seems a pity to die for the once-in-a-thousand-year demon cultivation body.


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