Great Celestial Master Chapter 22

When LV Jingming sends off the living soul one by one and crosses the dead soul, the day is about to dawn. Under such continuous and high-intensity operation, LV Jingming has collapsed and paralyzed on the ground, and his spiritual power has been exhausted. This is still under the condition that Lan Yuzhuo also helps together.

Seeing that the sun was rising and the light was gradually dispersing the darkness, Siyang took back the spirit beads that had been hanging on the heads of the people and went to the place where the exhausted two people were lying to have a look at them.

LAN Yuzhuo lay on his back and looked at Siyang. He said weakly, “brother Siyang, wait a minute. When we take a breath, we’ll go down the mountain.”

LV Jingming pulled from one side of the bag for a long time before turning over a small bottle and pouring out two pills, one of which was handed to LAN Yuzhuo. LAN Yuzhuo took the pill and swallowed it directly. He struggled to get up and began to meditate.

Seeing that Siyang seemed to be looking at the porcelain vase in his hand, LV Jingming hurriedly handed it to him: “this is a special healing pill made by the LV family pharmacist. If you like it, I’ll prepare more when I come to the door to thank you another day.”

Siyang took the porcelain bottle and poured out one. A pill was about the size of a child’s thumb. The pill was brown and the medicine smell was not strong. It brought a trace of very weak spiritual power. However, this extremely weak is still a starting point for him and for these warlocks on earth today.

Siyang poured the pill back and gave it back to LV Jingming: “how much does this pill cost in Xuanmen?”

LV Jingming didn’t think much. He said honestly, “there are three deficiencies in the Xuanmen. There is a price for the pills, talismans and magic tools. The talismans are better. They can be made artificially. There’s no need to say more about the magic tools. Because the materials needed for the pills are becoming more and more scarce, the price is also increasing year by year. There are ten or ten thousand pills in a bottle, but if there is no channel, it’s difficult to buy them with money.”

Si Yang suddenly thought of his two offers in tens of millions, and suddenly felt a little guilty. Was the price too high: “so the price is expensive in the Xuanmen?”

LV Jingming nodded and said, “naturally, it’s expensive. This time, the elixir is needed for daily cultivation. Generally, it needs at least three or four bottles a month. If it’s a talisman or pill pharmacist, you can use it to return the aura in the elixir when refining things. It will make your spiritual power more abundant, but the consumption will naturally be greater. Therefore, the cost is not small.”

Si Yang originally thought that people in Xuanmen should be very rich. After all, everyone is different from ordinary people. For example, that talisman can sell for millions. Making money is not like playing. And in the novels he read, a pill can cure cancer patients, you can touch the jade in the stone, and you can pick up a big leak at the antique market. Now, how does it sound different from the Xuanmen in his cognition? It seems that everyone is not as rich as he imagined.

LAN Yuzhuo, who adjusted his breath a little, heard their conversation, I couldn’t help it: “Although people in Xuanmen seem to have more abilities than ordinary people, they spend more time on cultivation. It may be easier if they have the help of the sect and family. If they are halfway monks or small families, it is not easy to really cultivate a Heavenly Master. Once they cultivate, they are like a bottomless hole burning money, so in fact, it is not easy There are many fortune tellers who have some real skills, but they have to perform on the streets because of life. ”

Even if the Heavenly Master has the ability to surpass ordinary people, he still needs to eat, drink and Lazar. Most of his life is spent on cultivation. It’s good that they are recruited by the state with a little ability and background. They have a “salary” every month. They have passed through so many dead souls and saved so many living souls like today. As long as the logistics team verifies and confirms, they can also reward some pills. On such a piecemeal basis, it’s OK to maintain daily expenses.

There are also those large families of sects. Although they look very large, they really have a lot of resources to cultivate a Heavenly Master. Naturally, the family is trained by the best talent. Most of the others with a little talent need to rely on their own efforts. Some people in the family who can’t practice will make money from business. They can use the money to exchange for the shelter of this big family, and the big family can also use the money to cultivate their children. It is a kind of family cooperation.

But money is not so easy to earn. Everyone is destined to get only some things. Even if he has the help of Feng Shui, it is only a little better. If he uses evil ways to make money, there is no need to say the end.

Therefore, it is always said that the top-level masters who can make money in the Xuanmen are waiting in line to see the fortune of Feng Shui. But they also have doomed fortune. They earn more and give back to the society. They can only use themselves. It can be seen that everyone is poor.

He has been popularized the current situation of the mysterious gate of the earth, and Siyang is quite unspeakable. He thought that these people who came into contact with Taoism would regard the money of ordinary people as nothing. After all, it was too easy for them to get money. Who knows, it was not what he thought. I think the gold and silver things that he thought were dirty when he stepped on his feet were so difficult to earn in today’s Xuanmen. Could it be that the world outlook should be updated with the change of the world.

Si Yang silently accepted the new world outlook setting, withdrew his thoughts and looked at the two people still sitting on the ground: “have you recovered?”

LAN Yuzhuo also took out a small bottle from his bag and smiled at Siyang: “I probably need another one.”

Si Yang didn’t participate in the rest. After Jiang Meng’s three souls turned back, the forgotten things that night would naturally come back. If he personally promised to marry the female ghost, whether he regretted it later or not, it was his own cause and effect. This little thing is not worth taking care of.

Back home, Siyang saw the pink fresh peaches on the table in the exquisite wooden box. The peach fragrance overflowed. Even if there was no aura, it smelled very attractive. After half a day’s effort, the six big peaches in the wooden box disappeared. Siyang wrapped the beautiful pink lollipops with peach flavor in transparent cellophane and put them in a large glass jar. Until there was the last one left in his hand, he decisively stuffed it directly into his mouth. Well, the peach flavor is rich. It is worthy of being the lollipop made of six peach peaches.

On the other hand, LV Jingming and LAN Yuzhuo act separately. LV Jingming needs to quickly send the three souls back to Jiang Meng’s body and investigate who did it behind it. LAN Yuzhuo has to go back to the logistics department to report the matter, as well as the evil object sealed in the wooden card. I’m afraid a lot of things can be rewarded for such a live evil object. When she gets the reward, she will send it to brother Siyang to let him pick it first. Brother Siyang doesn’t want it, and she will share it with LV Jingming.

A few days later, Si Yang received a short message of money remitted into the account. According to the remitted account, it should be the so-called reward of the state. It’s only 100000. Compared with the reward given by he Boyi before. But Siyang, who knows the current situation of Xuanmen, doesn’t dislike it. It’s not easy for everyone. It’s good to give such a little meaning.

However, Si Yang didn’t want to make money this time. It was an unexpected fortune to get a so-called bonus. Therefore, when Cang Yongfeng and Zhou Fang had a break on the same day, Si Yang asked them to have dinner together.

A man wearing a expensive suit, but still unable to hide his haggard body, almost nodded and bowed to LAN Jingxiu begging for something, but it seemed that Lan Jingxiu had no intention to talk to him. The two bodyguards around him directly came forward to separate the man.

Seeing LAN Jingxiu leaving, the haggard suit man couldn’t care to lose face in public. He shouted: “Mr. LAN, please help me! Will you take another look at this cooperation case, Mr. LAN, I’ll ask you to take a look!”

LAN Jingxiu, who had reached the steps, looked back. Although he didn’t see any unhappy expression on his expressionless face, he also had a kind of indifference that would repel people thousands of miles. The momentum of his whole body, even the burly bodyguard, could be set off as a background board. The man who was still struggling and shouting at the end seemed to be choked by someone and couldn’t make a sound.

LAN Jingxiu glanced slightly at the document in his hand and said coldly, “Lan is not a charity hall. Your plan is not in line with LAN’s development prospects. It’s normal to be rejected by the formal process. Mr. Song, business is business. I don’t think you don’t understand this truth. Instead of doing useless work here, you’d better go back and think about how to minimize the loss.”

The man surnamed song murmured almost hopelessly, “what else can we do except declare bankruptcy? Hundreds of employees are about to lose their jobs. Mr. LAN, as long as you inject a little money, you can bring the company back to life. I am willing to sell all my shares to you at a discount.”

LAN Jingxiu coldly withdrew his eyes: “I have no obligation to help you feed the hundreds of people.”

However, in the next moment, LAN Jinxiu, who was going to leave, was frozen in place, because not far from him, he looked so handsome and suffocating in casual clothes. Siyang, who was still drinking with a drink in his hand, was looking at him with a smile.

LAN Jinxiu: finished, finished. Si Yang saw his cold, ruthless and selfish appearance just now. What can he do to make him believe that he is a positive, enthusiastic and kind-hearted young man? Wait online. You’ll spit blood and die a second late!


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